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Besides the many spelling errors in the previous chapter, now corrected, the name of the Germanwings pilot is incorrect - not Sonnenheimer, but Sondenheimer. The first three letters and the six at the end are correct. In between, accidentally, code d n, which happened to feature in that same chapter!


A picture in the media in the aftermath of the Germanwings disaster grabbed my attention: It showed the pilot, who caused this tragedy, jogging in a race. Suddenly, letters and numbers came...


In recent chapters I have not written much about the former magistrate still in jail. Another high-profile personality was facing a judge, also on sexual charges. Are the two cases linked?


A strong message for all, surrounding number 2, will end this chapter (and book).


"The Lord is a God of justice:" (Isaiah 30, 18)



10.  Justice is MINE

The day after uploading Chapter 9, writing my diary as I watched a US TV show, a picture flew by. Did I really see the letters DU? They only stayed a few fleeting moments, then disappeared again. Since DU played a big part in the chapter just published, I got my phone/camera ready, in case the letters would appear again. They did. Take a look:

Presenter on NBC TV Show Today, Rockefeller Plaza, New York. 


As this breakfast show is broadcast from inside the NBC Studios, onlookers, watching from the Plaza, are visible through the window. Many hold up signs to greet their friends back home, who may be watching. (One morning in 2012 I was among those looking on.)

O D U  (O YOU) made me take above photo off the TV screen. Later I saw Y. (More y to follow).

- - - - - - - 

At the end of my 2012 USA visit I had my old Giant bike stolen in San Francisco. I suspected that a gang operated in stolen bikes. About six months before this writing the above TV show set a trap for a would-be bike thief in San Francisco. The cameras were rolling as it was stolen. A day later the reporter traced it. It had been sold hundreds of miles away. Just what I had suspected.  

- - - - - - -

The tragic events in the French Alps, at the end of March 2015, caused shock waves around the globe, especially among those involved in air travel. The irony of it all is the fact that the very remedy, which was meant to make impossible any future 911-style, man-made air crashes was to blame! The cock-pit door was locked shut!

It brings home the fact that no matter how much research and resources are spent on air safety, or general public safety, or law and order - the human mind controlling circumstances is the most important factor. In the past few years, and more so since the Germanwings catastrophe, it seems to me that mental health is being talked about more than in the past.  

When I recall my own journey, how little help I received to be understood and respected, it does not surprise me that those without an anchor to hold on to, try desperate measures to be heard. 

In 1. Corinthian 2, Verse 11 the bible questions the human mind: "Who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man's spirit within him? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. (NIV Bible). 

But it does not end there. There's more, otherwise the gap between God and man would remain. Verse 12: 

"We have not received the spirit of the world but the Sprit who is from God, that we may understand ... ." 

The chapter ends in the profound thought that we, Christians who follow God's ways and the teaching of Jesus, have the mind of Christ! (Verse 16).


<<< Pilot of Germanwings plane running as No. 1380. Sponsors of the race - Nella.


When I saw this photo on the TV screen this and the number made me think.


However, after scanning this photo I noticed the runner behind - No. 202... ! (Read on for 2220).

                                                         Pics. ABC TV

Number 50 = L always reminds me that the Christian cross consists of four letters L. (On the day of starting this chapter 14.4 I happened to chauffeur two people. One lived in Amber Court, the other in Ambler).   

<<< Light plane crash, Venice, California, March 5, 2015. Thankfully, movie star Harrison Ford, who was injured in this crash, recovered remarkably well. (below).


More of my thoughts: The letter N, written on a t creates number 4 1 4. That's why I started this chapter on April 14! Recently, another thought came regarding this:

The name Newton, after changing position of one letter, looks like this:

Ne twon

(Read on for more ten ESP)

What a perfect introduction to Easter! At this time every year, perhaps more so than Christmas, the life of Jesus is on the mind of those who adore the Saviour. It is easier to think of an adult as the champion, who came to free us from evil, rather than a new born baby. 

In my previous books much happened around Easter time. It was no different in 2015. In church on Good Friday, April 4th, the leader announced the hymn we were going to sing. My mind went back to September 2002. In Book 1, Chapter 45 you will find the moving story, how the hymn When I survey the wondrous cross' had crossed my path.

On Good Friday 2012* my passion for the cross, this sacred, universal symbol of sacrificial love again was stirred. In my books I wrote about it, marvelled at it, even cycled the shape of a cross, thousands of kilometers in length, in the USA in 2012. My fixation with the letter L and the number 50 started after seeing the cross as consisting of 4 L.                                                                                   (*Correction: 2015).

Nothing prepared me for what came right at the beginning of our Good Friday church service. Had I known I would have had my phone/camera ready, as I had done before, to document what I saw. It all sounds repetitive, as if duplicating the letters DU, which had appeared on the church screen in the previous chapter. 

Except, on the day we remembered Christ's death, right in the first verse of the first song, two different letters showed right behind the microphone cable. I recorded it in my diary, as I remembered it:



ON      WHICH       THE       PRINCE

OF    GLORY     DIED ...


Within a few hours of  >>> composing the above (on 15.4.15) I changed my shirt to attend a function in church. Only as I did up the buttons did I realize I had chosen this shirt: y d. God works magic! 


Easter Sunday brought more surprises. In the morning I had sent an email to a TV station, after following a 'lost boy' story for a few days. In the previous chapter I had asked questions regarding missing persons. In my mind, inventing missing person's reports could satisfy our hungry news media to fill the demand by the public for entertaining stories. If they are true, who cares?

Just now, reading in my diary about the lost boy, two names strike me - Eildon and Candle. I struck out doubled-up letters. The remaining letters - i c a o, or perhaps,  c i a o ?

Also, around the same time, a teenage girl was reported missing, allegedly abducted by her former boyfriend broke into her house (at 6 am?) with a machete, but took her away at gunpoint. Another report mentioned that the get-away vehicle was a Mitsubishi Outlander. The same report further on reads: "...police found the Nissan SUV that was used in her abduction earlier that day." ( 

So was it an Outlander or a Nissan?

The teenager's surname was given as Huxham, but she was "also known as ... Kunst." (In German Kunst means art, but it can also mean magic!). As I had suspected, Ms. Kunst was found safe and well soon after; so was the lost boy near Lake Eildon. Happy endings all round.

The reason my doubts antenna (Nanu, what's this?) went up was the registration plate of the silver Mitsubishi Outlander, in which the 18-year old was allegedly taken - VIN 789. In chapter 9 I had just written about the name Swan - in Chapter 7, 8 and 9. From swan to won takes only a little imagination - remove s, change a to o. 

In a very strange twist, a lady reporter on TV, who links to Swan, made a very brief correction in her reporting. She read a sentence and was going to say man, but stopped at ma... before correcting herself - woman. 

Take ma out of woman = won.  

- - - - - - -

Being Easter Sunday, having the word won on my mind, I sent a brief email to a Queensland newspaper, pointing out that two different vehicles were mentioned in the abduction report - Nissan SUV and Mitsubishi Outlander. I ended with a short sentence: "The whole story sound (sic) rather bizarre."

What I spotted next, only half hour later driving to church, sounds equally bizarre. But luckily I had my camera ready to document it. On the corner of McIntyre and Milne Roads, a vehicle had stopped right in front of us at the traffic lights, only metres from our destination:

<<< Easter Sunday morning, corner Milne / McIntyre Rds.


This registration plate seemed to say HI. Numbers 978 rang a bell. When I realized it was a Mitsubishi Outlander, it all made sense. 

- - - - - - -

In recent months there was not much time for solving crossword puzzles. That's why one particular one, on the evening of Easter Sunday, had me wondering: what amazing timing! If dy (pronounce *die) fitted Good Friday, a cross-word on Easter Sunday did even better:

(*WOW ! After writing the above paragraph I thought to reference the weekly magazine, where the cross-word (below) is located. To my surprise, I had not taken much notice before, the title and the date of publication could not fit more perfectly into Ch.10, Bk.13:

Die Neue Frau, dated (9.) Oktober 13.

Question: Is there a publication called Der Neue Mann? We could give the New Testament this title. 

Calling it 'Die Neue Mann' would be bad grammar! 

Cross-words - Easter Sunday 2015

On the evening of Easter Sunday, after two very blessed church services, I tried to solve the above crossword puzzle. Suddenly - I stopped in my tracks. 

ERLOESER - translated REDEEMER - what perfect timing, just on the day our Lord rose from the dead. The biggest victory ever to redeem mankind ! 

But how about DU (R) and NU, words from the previous chapter?

(At the time I did not know how MINE - same word in English and German - was to show off later.)

*Just as I typed the word mine, it was sung on the CD playing: Rick O sings 50's and 60's classics: "Pretty woman, be mine ..."


Exactly one week later, on the way home from church, a vehicle overtook us in the next lane. One word, displayed in large pink letters in the rear window, immediately had my attention - MINE. The entire sentence read: The world is MINE.

HI The world is MINE >>>


I found it amusing, because at church we had just been singing: "I'm in your hands." And to the best of my knowledge, it was not God, who was driving this little Suzuki along Adelaide's Main North Road, displaying this strange slogan.

That same evening, the date was 12.4. just before going to bed I read my Daily Bread bible reading. Considering, it was written months before, you will understand my surprise when, on the day of taking above picture, I found the word mind in the headline:

That Is *Mine! Our Daily Bread Sunday April 12

...Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, claimed to be the Nile's owner and originator. He and all Egypt boasted, "My River is my own; I have made it for myself." (Ezek. 29, 3,9).

 Friend, you could be king of Egypt or display any kind of boastful words on your car windscreen, please remember: It is God who made everything and everything belongs to HIM. 

*How weird - just here - the song on another CD playing now: "Mine eyes have seen ..."  (Track 10, Battle hymn of the Republic, - CD ARC 15  Love is a beautiful song - The Dave Kelly Orchestra). 

- - - - - - -

As I write in mid April 2015 Adelaide is experiencing its first real rain, after a long, dry summer. It's a dull, drizzly afternoon, just the weather to write something off my chest, which needs addressing. I am aware that I must be careful writing on legal matters. The case I am about to report on, after visiting the courtroom personally, is still ongoing.

1455 days after being arrested, as our Adelaide Advertiser put it, the then acting Police Minister for South Australia, 42 year-old MP Bernhard Finnigan MLC (equivalent to Senator) finally had his case heard in court. 

I did not know what to expect on Monday morning 13.4, as I took my GIANT in my Suzuki to North Adelaide, parked by Christ Church and pedalled the rest of the way to the Samuel Way Building. I wondered, would the public be allowed to watch? If so, would there be room in the public gallery, since it's not every day that a sitting Member of Parliament and former Police Minister, was facing court?

Initially I was directed to Courtroom 5, before the correct chamber, Court 3. The door was open, obviously I had missed the first session, as I walked in during a short break. A few minutes later, after proceedings restarted, I wondered, where was everybody? There was no other spectators in the public gallery, until a few minutes later, when two more people tripled the number of Adelaidians, who took interest in the case.  

Why had Ms. Chapman, the Opposition Spokesperson in legal matters, stated a day earlier: "He (the accused) is a public figure, the public wants this resolved. The public will be relieved that it's finally started". (AdelaideNow 12.4.15 9PM).

Judging by the courtroom attendance, three spectators and the rest court security, legal officials and the media, I was wondering on what basis Ms. Chapman had made above comments? The public obviously did not show any interest in the case. The little interest there was would have been created by the media, which needs and loves stories, where prominent people misbehave sexually. 

Reports in the Finnigan case, leading up to this trial, kept pointing to the fact that the MP did not resign and was still receiving his $ 153 000 per year salary. This fact alone stirred up the public against this politician. The tabloid press has perfected this art for decades. The Liddy case, which I will come to in a moment, is another good example.  

The Finnigan case, as I understood the matter, in a nutshell:

MP Finnigan was charged with two counts of trying to access child pornography, by typing terms into the Google search engine, which were leading to online images or videos, which are against the law to view.

As Prosecutor Mark Norman presented to judge Millstead MP Finnigan's offences, which allegedly took place 3 1/2 months apart, I was thinking: Surely, one can't call this an addiction? 

Defence lawyer Michael Abbott QC counteracted by stating that the first offence, viewing illegal material, lasted for 18 seconds, the second one only 15 seconds. He pointed out that given the evidence before the court, it will be impossible to prove, if his client intended to access illegal material.

When a senior expert* in electronic police matters was called, the judged asked all to leave court. The reason, as I understood, is that very graphic images were to be shown. The case not only proceeded in closed court, but there also was no jury. The trial from start to finish was to be before a judge alone.

*This senior expert in electronics, who I have known since he was a child, was the only witness to give evidence, He is a young man, about the age of the defendant (42). 

I can imagine, if there were jurors, would they understand the complex issues involved? Would they feel, considering the triviality of the matter, what a waste of time! I would agree.

What ever was in the mind of lawmakers and police, when they decided to harshly punish people, who view child pornography? (Mr. Finnigan could get five years jail). But producing and viewing porn of older young people is OK? Would sending people to jail for viewing stuff online help any children, who are exploited in the manufacture of it? 

Would not the time and public money spent on detectives, lawyers, judges and court officials be far better spent to track down and punish those who produce, who distribute and who make big money out of dubious websites? 

A police officer, who engaged in a conversation with the entire public gallery, all three of us, pointed out that it was impossible to stop material from being posted on overseas controlled websites. He also mentioned that it was impossible that somebody could have hacked into the accused MP's computer and placed damning material into the hard drive.

I ask, how then did the police break into the MP's computer? If they can do it, why not a hacker from elsewhere? Clever, nasty elements have succeeded in hacking into big websites. (Sony is one, which comes to mind.)

I had pictured such scenario long ago; the possibility that somebody with a grudge, could remotely access my computer, place illegal material on it, then have me arrested for possessing it? Another question: How can anybody prove, who operated the keyboard, when typing searches into Google?"

The police officer admitted to us that Mr. Finnigan's offending was at the lower end of the criminal behaviour scale. Why then this witch hunt? I thought to myself.

What puzzles me, on the day of writing - April 17th, 2015, the ABC TV news did not mention the Finnigan case at all in their 7 PM bulletin. Yet, the Advertiser Newspaper must be regarding the MP's misbehaviour of such public interest, the editor of the newspaper, placed a big, fat two-word headline on its front page: 

GOOGLE DEFENCE. Finnigan points finger at online search giant in porn trial. 

Excerpt from the Advertiser, April 16th, 2015, online 8.27 PM:

Mr. Finnigan's defence reads like this: "Material uploaded, into a person's web browser, by a pop up may open in a separate window underneath or behind that being viewed. If material was being downloaded on a tab behind the front screen, it would not be visible. That would mean, potentially or possibly, that the user never saw any (of the material).

[Electronic Expert] Mr. Taylor agreed that was possible ...


To the casual reader it may appear that my motive in writing this is to defend a viewer of online pornographic material. Some may ask: Do I know this man or have I an interest in his being found not guilty?

No to both questions! I never met the gentleman, until I saw him in court that day, and have never spoken to him before or since. 

I had, however, emailed him, as I had many other politicians, in years gone by, blowing the whistle in the Peter Liddy case. Regular reader would know the fire burning in my belly, the fury of witnessing first hand, how our legal system, our police and our media failed this man, who is lingering in a South Australian prison, while those who told lies about him are walking free after receiving compensation.

The person I regard as partly responsible for Peter's demise is the same person responsible for above headline Google defence. The editor of the Adelaide Advertiser, Mr. Sam Weir, who in 2001 covered the Liddy trials as court reporter.

I am asking: What is your defence, Mr. Weir, for not disclosing to the public of South Australia the other side of the Liddy case? That the main accuser Andrew Gary W. was not merely flown in from interstate, but had to be brought from a Darwin prison, because he was a career criminal with an eight-page long criminal record? 

Why did we not read that this key witness, who started offending at age 16 or before, stole and crashed a $ 17 000 motor car, while in Adelaide for the Liddy trial?

Why did the public never read the full story of the bribe money, allegedly paid by Peter Liddy to keep quiet? It was not paid in one sum, but two, after which the young victim wanted more!

There is much more, which I read in the Liddy case, but the public of South Australia has yet to be told. 

For instance, a Kapunda women, who allegedly died from suicide, was a neighbour of Peter Liddy. Her son, who spent much time with him, said he had never been touched or saw anything wrong with Peter Liddy. She went to Peter's lawyer to make a statement to that effect. Next, she's dead at 58! Is this not a matter of public interest?

The biggest defence Peter holds, but has never been allowed to bring before any court, is the written statement by alleged victim Andrew Gary W, before a probationary officer. He documented that he had never been abused as a child! Had Peter been given that opportunity, any honest juror would cast doubt on the reliability of accuser and key witness, inmate W.

What is your defence, Mr. Weir, for not reporting the full story back then, or in Adelaide now?

(The Advertiser Newspaper, I must add, is not the only media, who failed to report the magistrate's side of the case. Over the years many have received letters, emails or phone calls about my findings, but never responded positively.) 

- - - - - - -

Front page - Messenger Press 15.4.15. *Chelsee - Cricket player of the seeson!

RTAN are letters on her cricket bat. Codes A to E and minus R, create TEN.

On page 9 I found the full story and another picture, with the cricket bat - SPARTAN; decoded >>> TEN ESP. 

(*Pardon th esp elling). 

- - - - - - -

My motive in bringing the Finnigan case to reader's attention is justice. A fair trial for all, even senior Magistrates or prominent Members of Parliament.

If there is a link between the two cases, it may be this: Mr. Finnigan knew about the Liddy case. He would have, if he read my email correspondence, or the many findings in my autobiography, especially Book 5, Chapter 13 or Book 10, Chapter 2 etc etc. The latter occurred in 2011, around the time Bernhard Finnigan was acting Police Minister. 

Maybe, when he became Police Minister he may have made some noises?

Perhaps that mad blogger from Para Hills, who is playing God, what he writes needs a closer look? If what he writes is correct, [my] police should investigate?

Q: If an investigation were to happen, who would be most embarrassed? Or worse, who could  be found to have acted incompetent or corruptly in this whole fiasco? 

A: The sexual crime squad of South Australia Police (SAPOL), lead at the time by Wally Conti, who so proudly boasted: Our team had to try extra hard to ensure a guilty conviction.

What co-incidence! This same unit, the sexual crime branch of SAPOL started the Finnigan witch hunt, investigating a victimless crime against the high ranking politician! 

When I say victimless crime, this may not be correct. Does child pornography involve victims who have to pose for pictures, or in video footage or what? To find this out, I may just go on Google and type in ... 

Oooops! I better not. I may find myself in court or in jail. Some would love that!  

- - - - - - -

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall   make your free. (John 8, 32) 

<<< truth 318 car number plate.


After attending the Finnigan trial I returned to my vehicle parked near Christ Church, North Adelaide. Right next to my Suzuki a black sedan had taken the vacant spot. The registration plate, put into words read - truth won! Love it!


The digits 318, must I repeat it, became a symbol of corruption almost 2 decades ago, after my first ever whistle blowing to Crimestoppers (on another matter), Ref: 1083 (or 1038).

Their phone No. 1800 333 000.



<<< see truth, number plate.


After scanning above picture, I stopped writing for the day. The very next morning, driving my Suzuki west towards Main North Road, this vehicle was right ahead of me. It deserved a picture. I just noticed, it's also black!

I felt I was being followed, online and on the road! 

- - - - - - -

Nobody can argue with the truth I uncovered in Chapter 5 of this book; the five ways a calculator keypad can be used so the numbers always total 2220. At the time, and during the six months since, I did not know what it all meant, nor did I try to work it out. If God had a message in it, HE would have to show me.

HE did. What better time to chose than Easter Sunday. Earlier in this chapter you read that the word ERLOESER, translated redeemer, came at the end of Easter Sunday. The message surrounding number 2220 came very early in the morning, during my prayer. It was a revelation, literally! 

There may even be regular readers of my books, who discovered this before I did. It may have been the fact that number 2 was part of the title of the previous chapter, published not long before Easter, which made me look up verses in the scripture. That's when the 2nd to last verse in the Bible came to life: 

"HE who testifies to these things says: Yes, I am coming soon. Amen. Come Lord Jesus."

(Revelations 22, 20, NIV.)

Two more verses, Verses 7 & 12, in the same chapter, say it again: "Behold, I am coming soon . Verse 14 describes those, who are happy about this news. They have washed their robes (their sins forgiven) and are ready to enter the gate to the new city to meet their Lord and Saviour.

Sadly, others will be refused entry, because they rejected HIM. Their evil deeds are listed one by one (Verse 15). Besides suffering the agony of separation from God, evil doers have to bear forever the consequences of their stubborn refusal to listen and turn back to God. They will be knocking hard for the gate to open, just like the pilot did in that Germanwings aircraft. But it won't open. 

Make your choice to follow Jesus; while there is time, while it is day. The night is coming.

A man whose life changed dramatically in the last few years is Andrew Chan, the convicted drug smuggler. His name has been in the world's media for some years, especially in recent weeks, because he is awaiting execution, unless God intervenes.

Chan recently was officially recognized as Australian Christian Minister during a ceremony in his Indonesian prison. How did he change from convicted criminal to Christian Minister?

A recent newsletter reprinted Chan's remarkable story, in his own words, which was published in Leading The Way Magazine in 2013:


I found myself in Kerobokan Prison. At first I thought it was no big deal, ‘I’ll get outta this’. It wasn’t until I ended up in solitary confinement that I realised I wasn’t going to get outta this. In fact, I figured they were gonna kill me. I had never felt so hopeless and alone before, and decided that if they were going to kill me anyway, I’d just do it myself. I took my t-shirt off and made a noose, and then remembered the Heaven/Hell issue, and decided that if I was gonna kill myself I should make sure I ended up in Heaven

I wasn’t sure how to do that, but figured I should pray. I wasn’t sure how to do that either, so I looked up and just said, ‘God, if You’re real, and for the first time in my life I began to cry and ended up on my knees. I said, ‘God if you’re real, send someone who cares about me to see me.’ I fell asleep like that. At 6.30 the next morning a guard woke me. He said ‘Get up, you’ve got a visitor.’  He took me to the visitor area and I saw my brother. I thought, my Mum must have seen this on the news and sent my brother to see about me, because I knew my brother wouldn’t just come – we don’t like each other. We get along like cats and dogs.

When I got to him, he said, ‘Andrew, no matter what happens or how long it takes, I’m gonna be here with you.’ I told him to bring me a Bible. I started in Genesis when I got it but I got nothing out of it. Someone else came to visit me who was a Christian, and I told him I was reading the Bible but didn’t get much out of it, and he told me to read the New Testament. I didn’t even know what that was and told him I didn’t have one. He had to explain to me that it was a part of the Bible, and told me to start reading the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I read through the New Testament a couple of times, but didn’t really notice any change. I just didn’t get it

Just before my court date, I remember reading Mark 11.23,24, where it says that if you have enough faith you can say to this mountain, ‘Be removed’ and God will do it. So I said, ‘God, if You’re real and if this is true, I want You to free me, and if You do I’ll serve You every day for the rest of my life.’ I went to my court hearing and they convicted me and gave me the death penalty. When I got back to my cell, I said, ‘God, I asked You to set me free, not kill me.’ God spoke to me and said, ‘Andrew, I have set you free from the inside out, I have given you life.

From that moment on I haven’t stopped worshipping Him. I had never sung before, never led worship, until Jesus set me free.’ My last appeal is on the President’s desk for review. If he doesn’t grant it, I’ll be executed. It’s not that I fear death, but I promised Him I’d serve Him for the rest of my life, and I feel I have more things to do. So if you want to pray, you could pray that I’ll be released.

(Source: Australian Prayer Network Newsletter 8.4.15.)

Friends, if God can turn a life from drug smuggler to ordained preacher in a prison cell, HE can change anyone, who honestly prays as Andrew did: "God, if you are real ..."

God is real. HE looks right into your heart to see, if you are for real, prepared to give HIM your all. If you are, HE will give you new life, and set you free - from the inside out.

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." (John 8, 36).

- - - - - - -

At this point, friends, on Saturday April 18th I finished writing Book 13, so I thought. But God, who knows the end from the beginning, who knew that my mind in this final chapter would feature the word MINE many times, intervened.

Publishing this chapter would only have taken another half hour, a final check, establishing the links to the previous chapter and Index page and I could rest for the evening. But my mind was restless, as I ate my evening meal. Should I wait until the next morning, Sunday 19th, to finish and publish this final chapter?

Looking back, it was the Holy Spirit, who prompted me to do just that. Before going to sleep I picked up a booklet off the bedside table called Word for Today. It had been posted to me after I made a small donation to our Christian Radio Station, Vision Network. The writers of this daily devotional are Bob and Debby Gass.

In my mind there is not the slightest doubt that this same Holy Spirit, who prompted me to wait until the next morning with uploading, led the writers to compose the devotional for just that same day. I now see the bigger picture, why God right from the beginning of my adventurous walk with HIM, had to teach me this lesson: God's ways are never co-incidental.

Take a look at the Word for Today for Saturday, April 18th. The subject is: Practice being unselfish. Gass writes: "Spiritual maturity is the ability to see and act in the best interest of others. Immature people have difficulty seeing things from someone else's point of view. They rarely concern themselves with what's best for the other person. In many ways they're like children."

The text that followed blew my mind:


10 mine !!!

Text: In Property  Law as Viewed by a Toddler, Michael V. Hernandez describes the world form a typical child's viewpoint:

1) If I like it, it's mine. 2) If it's in my hand, it's mine. 3) If I can take it from you, it's mine. 5) If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way. 6) If I'm doing or building something, all the pieces are mine. 7) If it looks like mine, it's mine. 8) If I saw it first, it's mine. 9) If I can see it, it's mine. 10 ) If I think it's mine, it's mine. 


God is an awesome God. Those who trust HIM like a little child, without being selfish as a child, have nothing to fear. They are safe in HIS hands forever.

As I prayed God gave me a final thought: I recalled the words in the crossword puzzle form earlier in this chapter,

  Erloeser (Redeemer) - mine - ID - PA (Father)

... which led me to this word of encouragement for all:

"Fear not, for I have redeemed; I have called you by your name; You are Mine.

For I am the Lord your God." (Isaiah 43, 1,3.)  


End of Book 13    Continue to Book 14