Epilogue to Book 10   

Written / published 12.5.12



But there is more.

Hasn't this been the story in my stories? After writing and publishing I see more. All I can say - God reveals things in HIS time.

I looked and pondered, in one word I surveyed, the last picture in the previous chapter. I had written that I placed tape across the atlas to mark a path I intended to take to Anderson. This was not the full detail. To place a line across the atlas I had actually cut a piece of paper, which I then taped onto the page. 

Quit unintentional, this piece of paper looks rather like an arrow pointing to a town. For the first time, unless I had forgotten it, I looked at the bottom of this paper. It points to a town - Columbia. 

This name was also that of the doomed space shuttle,  the one which crashed over 9 years ago. It was one of my very early supernatural encounters, as I saw it, which later formed a code - 123. Remember, it was on 1.2.03?

But there was more. Also in the previous chapter a picture shows a box of bible study material. Nothing has changed since I took the photo. But I saw something else just above it - a direct link to Anderson and another word from the previous chapter. Take a look what I found on the day of writing, again totally unplanned, just above this box:


Bible study material in my office, beside my P/C. 

On the shelf above my bible readings file - John O Anderson

If I recall correctly I won the book many years ago in a phone contest at Adelaide's Christian Radio Station Life FM.

Take note of the title (not shown in picture): ROAR in Sodom - the Church's Needed Voice.

The blue colour on the right is the book, which many years ago I bought at a garage sale. The pressed flower is still inside, on the page of Psalm 22,8.


This discovery could not have been a more timely than today, for two reasons: One, was there not a mention in the previous chapter about a roar, the anniversary of a tsunami, and a football team called ROAR? 

Secondly, only yesterday I expressed my view on a matter, where I used the word Sodom, a symbol of a lustful people, whose morals had fallen to such a low level that God destroyed them all in an instant!

As I write the media is riding in the wave of the shock announcement by President Obama. His personal opinion now favours gay-marriage. The word Sodom came to mind immediately, when I heard the news. The western, civilized world, is being deceived by Satan in a big way. Let me explain:

Many people may well say, (I would too) I favour same-sex marriage, if it was a choice between two things - a man having sexual relations with many partners on a regular basis or two men, who make a commitment and stay with one partner.

But does this mean I am in favour of a marriage between those two? No ! Those celebrities and leaders, even church leaders, apart from those who are gay, who endorse President Obama's view, have been tricked by the oldest trick in the book. Clever salesmen use it all the time. 

They will first give you the hard-sell. When they worn down your defenses, they ask: "Do you want to buy one or two dozen?" Before your brainwashed mind has time to think and say, I don't want anything, you agree that you prefer one dozen to two dozen. But really, you did NOT WANT ANY AT ALL. 

People, please think, think and think again! Marriage is not a religious issue. It's a cultural institution on which mankind was been built on. Undermine this foundation and you will ... Sodom!

Why not choose life instead? The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life* through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 3, 23). 

*As I typed life, on the radio a male voice sang the word 'life' ("Jesus gave me a new life and I owe it all to Him". Gospel Music Selections). Love it!

- - - - - - -


Recently I was reading one of my ancient chapters, Book 1, Chapter 45. It was the chapter where I had decided to forgive the person, who had deeply hurt me at work. Later in that chapter I was astounded, as I heard the wonderful hymn, When I survey the wondrous cross, played by a police band. Here is what I had written:


Two days later I was going to be in a celebration of a different kind. It was Friday, Sept. 27th 02, always a day of high ‘fire danger’ in my week. My diary says: “On Friday (am) I prayed to God what was in store for us today, I expect something Fridays, Wow, what a whopper was in store.”


Suddenly, almost ten years later, I saw how prophetic this writing was back then. Can you see that the only numbers, besides the 0, are 272. Why I had written high 'fire danger' I don't know, but the number 272 links directly to a massive fire - Australia's worst bushfire ever.

Friends, let's not ignore God. Think and ponder, survey' the wondrous cross and ALL Jesus has done for mankind. How can anyone reject HIM? To those who chose to remain indifferent to Jesus' offer of eternal life, those who think they live a good life and don't need to be saved, may I ask: Do you love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind?

If you can't truly say yes, you fall short, you are choosing your way. You choose to live forever separated from Almighty God. Such a decision, or not to make the decision for Jesus, is the most important decision you will ever have to make.

 This is why Jesus calls this (to love God with passion) the first and great commandment. (Matt. 22, 37, 38).

- - - - - - -

Melbourne's Docklands


In 09 (note the number) I attempted to obtain a visa to enter the United States. Something went wrong. I must have said something wrong to the Consulate official, possibly giving the impression that I was planning to work over there, not just visiting. Whatever, my application was rejected. Because of this failed attempt I was not able to simply go online and obtain a regular tourist visa now.

On Monday May 7th 2012 I found myself on an 11-hour train journey to Melbourne to again apply for a visa. As my wife drove me to the station I noticed a small black car (note, a car) in the lane beside us. It traveled with us for a considerable distance. The registration plate consisted of these three alpha numerics - JB 4. 

Later on the train, walking around the carriage, stretching my legs and not thinking of  anything in particular, the letters BJ 4 struck me. Not only that, but I must have walked into carriage (or car) number 4. Whatever, this is what I saw and took a photo of:


Label on a storage-container for toilet paper

 BJ 4 CAR A.

I felt somewhat silly, taking a photo in front of passengers, outside the bathroom, of a container that stored toilet paper. But really, isn't taking pictures of your surroundings a normal human activity, as normal as using toilet paper? (Only the motive in front of the camera, and the texture of the toilet paper, varies.)


The next morning I had to make my way to No. 553 St. Kilda Rd. as I had done three years prior, almost to the day. To start the day I visited the newly restored St. Mary's Star of the Sea Cathedral for a few minutes of prayer. At the finish I walked outside and again, a registration plate took my interest: ...535. 

An hour or so later I needed to be, and I was, at No. 553. On the way, however, another surprise. Walking down Victoria Street a shop took my attention. It was a place that sells aboriginal art, including dot paintings. In recent months I had made friends with an indigenousness lady, a very good artist. She had sold me one of her dot paintings at a very good price. We have become good friends since. They have a lovely granddaughter.


Glenziva, born early 2011

                                                                       (Foto and publication with permission)


I took closer look in the shop window of the aboriginal artwork, where I saw this:


Aboriginal artwork - signed R.Whyman 09. 

Yes, why, man, did I not get that visa in 09?

God works in mysterious ways. The good news is my application this time was approved. 


At the US Consulate, after more than one security check, I walked into the waiting room. Where will I sit. I chose a seat right at the back next to a young lady. After about 15 minutes we engaged in a conversation. She was a doctor from Iran, a Muslim and believed in God. She worked in a hospital emergency department. 

I saw on her ticket that her number in the queue was 049, mine was 046. In the folder from three years earlier, on 11.5.09 to be precise, I had sat in the same waiting room. My number back then was 046. 

Looking through this 09 folder I found the letter, where the bad news of my rejection for a visa was conveyed. (The story is in Book 7, Chapter 25). Only now did I take a closer look and found a strange link.

Take a look:

Scan of US Consulate Visa Application rejection letter (2009).

Text: We regret to inform you that you have been found ineligible for a nonimmigrant visa under Section 214(b)...

(How weird is that, I just recognized the two last digits 4 b from the writing above ...)

The story in Book 7 of my previous US Visa Application included an observation, a 2 4 code. Here is an excerpt of that chapter:

A picture on the back wall puzzled me, I had sat right under it for some time without noticing it. At one time during the long wait, I looked at the picture, a photograph I think, a little more closely and thought, how odd it was. All it showed was a wall of an ordinary looking house, 2 windows at the bottom level and 4 windows on the top.

(End excerpt)

Using a little imagination I interpret 214 as 24 *Won.

I flew back to Adelaide that evening knowing, all stops were now go! Reading the on-board magazine of Virgin Airlines I learnt that the word won is a homonym. It came up in a quiz. 

Q: Which is the odd one out: Ate, Fore, Mime, too, won.

A: Mime. The others are homonyms, words which are spelt differently and have a different meaning, but sound the same.

(I just vaguely recall another quiz, where question 12 has as answer 21. Weird, I thought. Even weirder - in another quiz in the same magazine one answer added to 1221 ?) 

- - - - - - -

Melbourne - Flinders Street Station

It was perfect autumn weather in Melbourne on May 8th, 12, just as it had for the visit of HM Queen Elizabeth the year before. And take a look at the lady, who happened to walk into my photo. She wore the same colour as did the queen that day. (Ch. 10)

Getting around the city I used the same bicycle hire system as in Brisbane. For a couple of Dollars I had a bike all day, half-hour at a time. In Melbourne you don't even need to go online to register. All you need is a credit card. (For convenience, I carried my own helmet, but you can hire one for $ 5).    

- - - - - - -


Reflecting on life in Adelaide, after a ten-books marathon run, I am aware of the many unresolved issues and the many unanswered questions. The first one, the one which started me on this most unusual journey was this:

"Where is the boundary between co-incidence and God-incidence? If God is interested in the minutest details of our lives, why should HE not be involved, when the earth is removed, when the mountains shake with its swelling, when the waters roar and are troubled?"

The very next question in my mind is this: "If God loves justice, why has nobody in Adelaide responded positively, with action and/or words, to the reasonable, logical argument in favour of Peter Liddy, my imprisoned friend, who I never ever was able to speak with?"

Why did nobody in Adelaide, no journalist, politician, police officer, lawyer or church leader agree and call for an inquiry, after Rhonda Firla died? (The story surrounding her death is in Chapter 2).

I shall step aside for awhile. God will continue to do HIS work whenever, wherever. HE is in control, not any man. A message I received sometime last year, one which I have never told anybody, is was this:

 IT will take years more and IT will be a team job.

God's people must stop their puny, silly arguments over trivial matters, unworkable rules and unnecessary  rituals. They must start praying for HIS kingdom to come!

Come IT will, in HIS time.

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