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Abbreviations, such as LOL, OMG or BTW are useful for slow typists. As I was writing this chapter I thought of another, one I could use often, ISH - It so happened. ISH, in this chapter the letters IS show themselves off, creating some magical moments.

Every first Tuesday in November the whole continent of Australia grinds to a halt, while everyone within reach of a TV screen watches a horserace. Its name surprised.

Read about two Bobs, one who is a million Dollars richer, and another who lost all his worldly riches. We meet the new UN secretary, plus two beauty queens; one came from nowhere.

Lastly, kings make an appearance in their true colours and special number. 


8.  A L man ID

The fallout following Chapter 7 should not have surprised, but it always does. What I mean by fallout are the peculiar allusions that pop up after publishing a chapter. The date of Chapter 7, 2nd October or 2.10, was responsible for quite a few of these. They inevitably surface from all kinds of directions or situations, often on the TV screen or other media. 

The day after publishing was Labour Day in Australia. Ever since arriving in this country I had wondered, why celebrate such a day, but then, just on that day, everyone gets a holiday?

In Adelaide the weather was still extremely unpleasant. For the first time ever I had to use sandbags to stop the inflow of water from a neighbouring property. It certainly was not a day for going out. So, like many would have done, I stayed home in the warmth of the lounge and entertained myself.

ISH, as I was being a couch potato, exercising my brain with a book of crossword puzzles, a surprise came. Take a look:


Crossword magic   >>> 


Labouring through the book of crossword puzzles I brought back from Europe last year, I came across the name Altman; the same one I had just written about in Ch 7. (Only, mine is spelt with two n.) Totally unplanned - after scanning - two letters n showed on the far left).


Next I saw page No. 102 - a perfect fit.

Altman (the US film director) has the first name Robert. Later in this chapter you will again read about the name Robert, or Bob for short.

(The above segment was written on October 29th, three days before the event reported below).

Fast forward to Nov 1st 16  (1 1 1 1 plus 5 +1) we have a winner! No. 17 A L Man ....

Below: The German-trained horse Almandin wins the richest horse race in the world - the Melbourne Cup.

It was the jockey's 2nd win, the owners 5th, of this prestigious race.

ISH, that morning, about about 5 1/2 hours before the start, I met with the number 25. I had made a donation to a radio station of $ 25. 

(Had I known that No.17 wins I would have saved myself $ 8). 

After making the don.ation over the phone, I remembered to ask the gentleman for his name: Don. (Trump that!)

(The other Don is hoping for a BIG win exactly a week from the time of this writing, rea don!)

- - - - - - - 

Bob Gass' daily Word For Today, which I read after finishing Chapter 7 on 2.10, happened to be the 2nd in a series of 7. It was titled 'God Is'.

 "Lift your eyes ... to the heavens; who created all these." (Isaiah 40:26 NIV)

<<< The second in this series on 2.10 we find in the second sentence the word next.

 That same day I had decoded it as: 10 inside TEN?

Text: God is' (2). Many of the world's greatest thinkers believe that God not only exists, but that He created the universe and its inhabitants. So the next time someone tells you that only simple, uneducated people believe in God - don't buy it. Dr. Robert Jastrow, founder and director ..." 

Please note! This Robert is not the one I referred to earlier. When I alluded to that name earlier, I had no idea that in the next graphic a Dr. Robert J. was to appear! 

The Word for Today continues... 

"Dr. Jastrow, the founder and director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies at NASA, writes in his blockbuster book, God and the Astronomers: The astronomical evidence supports the biblical view of the origin of the world ... 'Pierre-Simon *LaPlace, another of the world's greatest astronomers, said that the chances of a universe coming into existence without a Creator were like the chances of a set of writing implements being thrown randomly against parchment and producing Homer's Iliad. The evidence for God as opposed to the evidence against Him as the creator of this universe approaches infinity to one. It can't be measured. So rejoice: God is. 

*Love the name ... PL ace!

Do our children learn this in school? If not, life is meaningless! Little wonder many young people have no hope for the future, no motivation to do good, to love, to live a godly life. If only humans would be absolutely honest with themselves, accepting the fact that they are not in control of anything, not even their next heartbeat! God is!

ISH, half a day after writing the above paragraph I could not help myself, but take a picture on the screen in front of the church before the service. As if God insisted on confirming that HE really is. The date was 30.10.16!

Take a look at the words Christmas Goodies (donations of food for the month of November). Just from where I was sitting in church the microphone cable touched only two letters  i &  s.


Four letters, far right: is and es, German for it. (Sie verstehen, ja?)

Amazing, how it all makes sense: God is good, God is it! 

O, even the numbers match, totally unexpected magic:

Psalm 136, 1: "Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!"

- - - - - - -


Antonio Guterres >>>

A few days after the previous chapter, where Nos. 1315 featured, this gentleman was reported to become the new secretary of the United Nations. 

His name starts with GUT and ends in (German) HE IT.

What is the gentleman thinking about, holding his chin? "Big job ahead!" Or perhaps: "Which horse should I put my money on in the Lisbon Cup? Love the name Lisbon! [Is] L is good! 


- - - - - - -


<<< On October 11th I went to a funeral. A client of our German Seniors group, 103 year-old Hildegard, born on 31.1.13, had died. It was a fun event, at least for me. I found this, without even trying. Looking for a parking space in my green Suzuki (ISH) I spotted one just around the corner from the funeral parlor, right in front of a yellow Suzuki. Bingo! SA Pokemon! 

The funeral hymnal Song 111 needed 0 to make that day's date.

Based on Job 14: 13 - 15 the first verse of 'He Will Call' speaks of life's struggles and briefness, before asking life's most important question: 


"Life like a mist appears just a day, then disappears tomorrow. All that we are can quickly fade away, replaced with tears and sorrow. If a man should die, can he live again?"

Job 14, Verse 15 fits perfectly into Book 15: "You shall call and I will answer You!"

The answer to the question is yes. In order to really live, to live eternally, one must first die to self, give themselves over to God and live for HIM under HIS Almighty power. Friends, stop looking for pokemons, search for the Living God instead! If you're sincere, you will find HIM! 

"And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for me with all your heart. I will be found of you." (Jeremiah 29, 13-14a)

- - - - - - - -

nta Jesu ? Means what?

On the television screen one morning a young lady was interviewed, promoting her first book: 'Live a Beautiful Life'. The former TV presenter, model and winner of Miss Universe Australia in 2010 shares her favourite recipes, tips for health and fitness and how to look good. As the title says, her Health and Beauty Bible aims to inspire and motivate women to be beautiful and live a beautiful live.

So far, all-good. However, stunning looks and physical fitness is not what makes women really beautiful. There is an inner beauty, which stems from a different kind of diet, a different kind of fitness and does not depend on expensive make-up, perfume or torturous workout.

But most of all, this kind of beauty does not age, rather it matures and flourishes forever. The genuine Health and Beauty Bible calls it godliness.

"For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for the present life, and the one to come." (1. Tim. 4,8)

STOP PRESS! (ISH - TUM) Amazing timing! The day before publishing I moved a piece of furniture for my mother-in-law. As I did something fell to the floor, something beautiful. This photo:

Guess who?

Clue: Born in 1858, sorry ...1948! My mother-in-law's daughter, aged 19. We all call her IS.

She could have married royalty. Why she married a poor German immigrant remains a mystery.


So what does nta Jesu mean? It's simply the name of the above mentioned author, Jesinta, cut in half and the two sides switched. I photographed it off the TV screen.

- - - - - - -


Here's another quiz question, from the TV screen (Channel 9):

'Anthracite' is the name of a type of what? Crustacean, flower, star or coal?

The answer, I happened to know it, is D: Coal. When I grew up in Germany the winters were freezing.  Our form of heating up the sandstone walled flat was briquette, coal or anthracite.

- - - - - - -


Shortly after publishing the previous chapter on 2.10. there was another surprise meeting with two numbers 10. They came out of the blue and in blue. Here's how it happened:

At our church's recently opened Men's Shed, a place where I spend much time, I took on the task of restoring a broken church pulpit. It needed gluing broken timber and re-varnishing. As I was preparing to apply varnish, to avoid dripping any on the floor, I went to fetch some newspaper from our warehouse. A lady, whose name starts with J. handed me a stack of newspaper to use. 

Ready to paint I placed sheets of the newspaper on the floor under the timber. Suddenly, my eyes fell onto two numbers; you guessed it - two numbers 10. Have a look:


About to start with the paint brush - 10 for $10 suddenly stared at me - out of the blue, in blue! 

<<< But there was more; on the page of this Escape travel section of that weekend newspaper: at the top left corner I spotted THE BEST!  

Not only did we restore the pulpit, I decided to add something special at the front on the pulpit.  Long ago it had come to me - the Christian cross, cut in half, vertically and horizontally, creates four letters L. Call me a L Man, if you must. 

- - - - - - -

Now to the two gentlemen called Robert, or Bob for short. The first Bob is Mr. Day, a politician and respected businessman. As a home builder he had made a significant contribution to the housing industry, for which he was awarded an AO by Her Majesty in 2004. His building empire at the time was worth $ 400 Million. (Adelaide Now, 16 Oct 16). 

In 2013 Bob Day was first elected to the Australian Senate in Canberra and re-elected in July 2016. (I recall the place, where I was, when I heard on ABC radio that he had retained his seat. Just at that moment I was driving past his business premises on Adelaide's Northeast Road.) In October 2016 Bob Day's supporters were confronted with the shock news that his company had collapsed and he would lose his seat in Parliament. (A bankrupt person can not be a Member of Parliament). 

The second Bob is supposedly the best person to receive the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. According to the Swedish Committee it is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. After having been awarded the prestigious award, however, the 75 year old artist failed to respond to news of his good fortune. His silence stunned the world, just as the initial announcement of the song-writer's win had stunned the literature world.

Our ABC Online reported (only minutes prior to my writing here, in Book 15 Chapter 8) the following:

“The notoriously media-shy Dylan had not made any comment on the 8 million crown ($1.5 million) prize…”

On the morning I started this chapter Bob Dylan is reported to have broken his silence. He told the Telegraph, UK: "It's hard to believe, it feels amazing, incredible. Whoever dreams about something like that?"

Why am I so interested in this matter? Is it because of an article a blogger wrote on Oct. 2, 2012 (2220 won!) saying Bob Dylan is still walking with Jesus? ( Or because I had actively assisted in Bob Day's election to parliament?


Two Bobs making news!

Pic: MusicTour.e



For the real reason we have to go back almost 15 years, right to the beginning of my colourful writing career. In Book 1 there was a time when I identified with a deceased policeman called Bob. For a short while I signed my name as Bob D.

With this thought in mind I emailed a suggestion, tongue in cheek, to the media. The timing proved to be crucial. It was one day before commencing this chapter and just before Bob Dylan offered his response to winning the Nobel Prize. 

The final catalyst for emailing the TV breakfast show was a comical headline, which scrolled across the TV screen. An event was to be held with the comical title: Truth Telling Conference. (I'd love to be there, honestly!)


Email to ABC 24 TV, Friday 28.10.16:

Hi all,

Your scroll about a Truth Telling Conference sounds most interesting. Can’t wait! To find the ultimate truth look no further than Bob D, the man who came up with profound song lyrics, got a Nobel Prize for it and knows that the love of money is the root of all evil. That must be why he refuses to accept the big cash award.  Here is the truth: If Bob D. took the money and gave it to his name-sake Bob Day, it would be a win win for all.

Sadly, as Channel Seven’s Bobday Tonight last night showed, Australia still suffers from the tall poppy syndrome. The Adelaide edition seemed to enjoy mocking the generous businessman / politician and delight in his downfall.

No doubt, those mockers were extra delighted, because the misfortune happened to a man, who holds conservative views, who still believes in the ultimate truth, the ONE who shall set us all free.

Kind regards

Dieter, Adelaide

PS  If Bob Dylan does not want that NP cash, as a writer, who once wrote under the synonym Bob D. Fischer, I’d be happy to accept it and pass it on.


Channel Seven's Today Tonight show the evening before had reported on the senator's case. I sensed a mocking undertone in their reporting. Other media reports were no different. As if a company director living in Adelaide was personally responsible if a tradesman in an outer Sydney suburb failed to install a door or window correctly, or built a brick wall that wasn't straight?

As I understand the matter, the one big factor why Bob Day could not save his company from collapse was a 20 Million Dollar payment he had received from a Philippines partner. But the payment turned out to be fraudulent, leaving the Senator with no option but to resign. Those who know the gentleman trust that he will recover from this and get back on his feet. He does not sound like a quitter. 

The latest bombshell in the case is a news item reported on our ABC TV on 1.11.16. The Government is considering taking his case to the High Court to decide if Mr. Day should have been eligible for election to the Senate in the first place. Here is what it said:

"The ABC understands the concerns relate to a potential financial interest the former Family First senator had in his Adelaide electoral office, and whether it had breached the pecuniary interest rules for parliamentarians."

How many readers have heard of the pecuniary interest rules? Congratulations if you have; I haven't and to me it sounds like bull dust; some sinister elements scratching the bottom of the barrel to eliminate the opposition. The general public may be unaware of the appalling tactics of the extreme left-wing opposition. 

A group of people, made up of various organizations standing up for traditional marriage, were going to hold a seminar in a Sydney venue. Certain militant gay-lobby people found out about it and phoned the hotel, threatening protests and to boycott the place etc. In fear of damage and retribution the venue cancelled the group's booking at short notice. They had to find another place and meet in secret.

South Australian Senator, Cory Bernardi, unashamedly supports traditional views and is not afraid to speak his mind against the latest 'popular western religion' - gay marriage'. In April 2016 his stance against the so called 'Safe School' program, infuriated some young people. They organized a protest and forced their way into the Senator's office and trashed it. Frightened staff had to lock themselves in another room, fearing for their safety.

April 18th, 2016: Protesters, outside Kent Town office of Senator Bernardi

Photo: Twitter

"Because I can shout the loudest with my big mouth, I am right and you are wrong!"


Protests have always happened, even in Australia. But who would ever have thought that by simply believing in basic morals, in traditional marriage one would reap so much anger? Who would have thought that by expressing that children are best brought up by a male father and a female mother one could have their office ransacked? 

Friends, this is not Germany 1938. It's Australia in 2016! 



During another protest rally earlier in 2016 one female demonstrator gave a speech. She shouted with great energy, demanding that gays have equal right to love who they wished. (So far so good). After she had finished the irate mob raised their loud voices chanting over and over: "We hate Bernardi - and the Liberal Party! "We hate Bernardi - and the Liberal Party! We hate ...." How quickly love turned to hate!

What about those Members of Parliament, who would otherwise vote NO to same-sex marriage, but are afraid of the backlash? The loud-mouths, violent rat bags, often students, who ought to know better, would have their way.

Thankfully, protesters can't intimidate solid believers into keeping quiet. They know what they stand for and keep speaking their mind, despite being ridiculed, mocked or physically threatened. This is why a plebiscite, when all can vote in a real democratic way, is a far better way to resolve the issue, especially in Australia, where voting is compulsory.

There is an argument in the debate saying: "Before we sent troops to Iraq, we did not spent millions on a plebiscite, but let parliament decide!" 

True, but let's compare the two issues! The background information needed to make a strategic military decision, such as sending troops into a war zone, takes expert knowledge of history, political strategy etc etc. 

To judge, if the term 'his husband' or 'her wife' is right or wrong, does not require pages and pages of complex information; only a basic knowledge of English grammar, which is understood by the ordinary citizens.

I'm reluctant to get involved in US politics, but would like to make two comments:

One, Kings reign because God's wisdom puts them there, or allows them to be put there. I have a (perfect) scripture reference to back this up: "By me kings reign, and rulers decree justice." (Proverbs 8, 15).

Two, as a writer I place great value on English Grammar. Donald Trump knows his English grammar. (Sorry, I have no scripture to back this up). 

 - - - - - - -


(Back to the two Bobs). During the week leading up to above email various media had asked the question, why Bob Dylan was not responding to his big win. The question I had in my mind was this: "Would it not be funny, if I were to email the media about the case and this would cause Bob Dylan to finally respond?"

Crazy? Maybe, but there was a reason I thought like this. In early September a Labor Senator in Canberra, Iranian-born Sam Dastyari, had admitted to accepting money (a bribe?) from a Chinese company. There were calls for him to resign his leadership position in the Senate. For a week he refused to do so.

On the morning of Sept.7th, 2016 I sent an email to ABC TV 24, saying the Senator ought to resign. He should have been sacked over last year's vilification of all Americans.

(See Book 14, Ch.4).


ISH, Senator Sam Dastyari resigned his position within the Labour Party leadership that same afternoon. The thought that my email had anything to do with it, sounded outrageous and arrogant. But it's the truth.

It's also true that the following morning, after I sent above Bob Dylan email to our ABC, the veteran singer /songwriter broke his two weeks silence. He finally commented to the Telegraph UK on his Nobel Prize win. 

Before it was reported on Australia's TV screens, I knew about it after googling Bob Dylan. I promptly sent the information, just as I had read it online to our ABC TV 24.


Hi all,

In a world exclusive Edna Gundersen, writing for the Telegraph UK, reported on Friday night 28th Oct. 9pm (UK time) that Bob Dylan finally responded to him receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature. The 75 year old will receive his 750 000 award if he can get to Sweden on Dec. 10th.

 Dieter, Adelaide


Out of curiosity, why Bob Dylan would be awarded such high honour, I goggled his Ten Best lyrics. The very first one listed held a big surprise. Written back in 1976, called 'Hurricane" he wrote:

“How can the life of such a man/ Be in the palm of some fool’s hand?/ To see him obviously framed/ Couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed/ To live in a land/ Where justice is a game”

Dylan catalogs the injustices meted out to former boxer and falsely accused murder suspect Rubin Carter in a manner that manages to be matter-of-fact while burning with outrage. Sadly, the publicity it generated wasn’t enough to help Carter — it wasn’t until 1988 that all charges against him were dropped.          (Source:

How incredible, Bob Dylan was speaking out on behalf of a falsely accused, and imprisoned man, a champion boxer. It is incomprehensible, how a man could have been found guilty of murder, twice, spends 20 years in jail and is then found innocent! Rubin Carter became the first president of Aidwyc, an organization assisting those convicted of crimes they never committed. He served from its beginning in 1993 to 2005. 

- - - - - - - -

On Sunday, Oct. 16, 16 our church congregation sang a hymn, which starts and ends with the little word all: "All hail the power of Jesus' name ... and crown HIM Lord of all." During the same service we also sang: "All that I am," a song that got a mention in Book 12, Ch.15. 

ISH that same Sunday morning on TV Channel 72 David Jeremiah had preached about the coming of the anti-Christ and Christ's second coming. As he was quoting a scripture from the Book of Daniel (8, 24) he spoke these words: "He [the anti-Christ] will destroy the mighty ones and also the holy people."

On the TV screen, however, appeared a slightly different text, ending in "...and all the holy people." I saw L = 50, which made sense to me. This is why I had the word all on my mind as we sang those two hymns in church that Sunday morning.

The following Sunday, October 23rd, the same hymn was sung again during worship. ISH a parishioner sitting right in front of me created a little fun. So I snapped this picture:



The hymn shown on the screen has 4 verses. Each one ends with the exhortation to "... crown Him Lord of all." (Sorry, if this made anyone... yawn).

Unless, the gentleman's jersey had something to do with a particular South Sydney rugby team and their sponsor Crown Resorts?

J is good, all good. Take it from one, who lives on Goodall Road.

- - - - - - -

The following story and photos nearly did not make it into this chapter, but a number made me do it. What better story, after a crown, than one about Kings and the king?

On the morning of Tuesday 1.11.16 at the Men's Shed I was busy painting a white door. Somebody, for some reason, wanted it painted bright red. I did, during which my mind recalled a photo I had taken some days earlier. (Pic. below)

<<< The author painting. (Better a red door than a red bank balance!)

A prefect match, colour and number:


Number 1550, in my books is often referred to as IS SO. It was born in Bk 2, Ch.40.


On the evening, after painting the door red, my wife and I were watching a program on TV. A beautiful lady, Joanna Lumley, was visiting Memphis, Tennessee in search of the early history of the man they refer to as The King.

This made me decide to include this story. Glad I did because (ISH) I discovered a link between the king and No.1550. Take a look:


  50 5 1  

The king's name ends in IS.

The first and last letters (ES) which are not Roman numerals, are German for IT. My hometown's car registration letters are ES.

The Christian world expects the REAL KING to return to this world very soon. Nobody knows when. Prepare for IT. IT so happened ...

"For HE has set a day when HE will judge the world with justice, by the man HE has appointed. HE has given proof to this to all men by raising HIM from the dead." (Acts, 17, 31 NIV)


Chapter 9


Please note: The next chapter, God willing, will be around Christmas 2016.