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How often in Australia would you be hearing the word 'Lederhosen' on radio? Not too often, I guess. The day after I had uploaded the previous chapter, which included a man dancing in Lederhosen, I heard the word on ABC Radio. 

This chapter starts with two grumble emails to ABC TV. What I noticed in a children's program left me bewildered, why a scriptwriter would dish this up to three year-olds. We also discover a new code, born trying to solve a difficult puzzle.

In 2016 both Australia and the USA suffer from election fever. We clean up the aftermath of the vote in AUS and take one look at a finger-pointing man in the USA, who wants to be hired. It fits the new code!

It's winter in Australia. Enjoy the break from bike-riding and football, except one small alpha-numeric twist.



5.  Middle of... DNA

"Jesus Christ, it's Jason Bourne!"!

A few hours before writing this chapter these two names, coming from the television set, made me sit up and take notice.  As we do most days, while eating breakfast, my wife and I were casually watching television. At the very end of a short movie trailer a male actor called out "Jason Bourne", blaspheming as a prefix . Now I knew which movie it was from.

Why did the scriptwriter of J.B. have to use J.C. to put emphasis into the scene? Why break the Second Commandment and upset those viewers, who still hold that name in high regard? For a brief moment I too felt offended, but then, thinking a little deeper and wider, the two names do match, looking at them in a creative way:

Yes (Ja) a son was born, destined to become the Saviour of mankind. His name was indeed Jesus Christ. 

In a brief email to the ABC program we were watching, I tried to make the same point:

Dated 28.7.16, Subject: Jesus Christ, that's Jason Bourne.

Hi all,
I just tuned into your program, when moments later I heard this: “...Jesus Christ, that’s Jason Bourne!”
Whilst blaspheming should be banned from movies, this one could pass, if understood correctly. Ja means, yes in German. And yes, a son was born, God’s son to save the world. Hail, the world needs you!
Kind regards,
D. Adelaide

Those who know the movie and the Da Ninci code will understand, why I wrote Hail and signed off as D.

Above email did have a PS, something I include in most of my emails. It touched on the subject of alleged sexual abuse, which at the time was very much in the forefront of the media. The allegations were against George Pell, the prominent Cardinal, who lives and works in the Vatican. The ABC's 7.30 Report was the first to air these fresh allegations.

Because the ABC was one of the very first media outlets I had blown the whistle to regarding jailed, former magistrate Peter Liddy, I could not remain silent. On numerous occasions, since 2003, including a personal, handwritten letter to the Managing Director, I drew attention to a possible miscarriage of justice; all to no avail. Since I never had a reply, the gentleman and his staff, obviously, did not think that a man, serving a 25-year jail term, possibly innocently, was important enough to investigate.

My cynical mind thought of one reason, why: If the truth came out that many abuse allegations were invented for financial gain, it would weaken the cases of others.

In the PS to above email I tried to once again draw attention to the case of the jailed magistrate. But I went one step further:

PS One question, while I’m here. Why is the ABC so fervent in chasing George Pell, while totally ignoring clear evidence of doubtful accusations against Peter Liddy, imprisoned for the past 15 years? Please request a copy of this document, if you doubt my findings!
Address: (here I inserted my full residential address). 

(I won't hold my breath, when checking my daily mail delivery).

Moments after sending above email,  a news headline appeared on the bottom of the TV screen: "Pell demands probe into police, ABC over sex abuse allegations."


It looks like I am not the only one, who points the finger at police and the ABC?

Readers only have to go back one chapter in this book to learn how corrupt police can be! As far as the ABC is concerned, I wonder what the motive of our publicly funded broadcaster is in their pursuit of the cardinal. If it's to expose the truth and to find justice, why have they ignored my whistle-blowing in the Liddy case?

If I ever were to receive a request, I'd be prompt in sending a copy of the Prisoner Assessment Report of Mr. AGW. (Bk. 7 ,26), who clearly stated as a 19-year old he had never been abused as a child. This criminal person's abuse allegations seven years later provided the most weight to sent the magistrate to jail. Surely, all would agree the man should be asked, why he said he had never been abused!

One final question I would like to ask the ABC: If there were allegations of sexual abuse in your headquarters in Sydney, would you pursue the matter with equal vigor and energy, as you do the abuse by clergy?

Over the past few years in Australia a Royal Commission had been hearing submissions regarding child sexual abuse in institutions. Such lengthy enquiries cost millions of Dollars, not the least because the professionals involved charge horrendous fees! But what has this Royal Commission achieved? 

If it has merely exposed and focused the spotlight onto the sad state of human nature, as if we did not know how barbaric godless humans can be, it's money wasted. The Bible in its very first book spells it out like this: "...the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth..." (Genesis 8, 21) 

Because of mankind's evil deeds (sin) and its consequences (death), there is the need for a Saviour. God sent HIM, so that "... whoever believes in HIM shall have eternal life!" (John 3, 16). His name is... not Jason Bourne!

- - - - - - -

Jacob born!

Our second grandson, Jacob, was born on 18th July - 3.6 kg, 51 cm.

Praise be to God! 

How can anyone doubt the beautiful works of the Great Creator, the marvel of a newborn baby?


On the morning of becoming grandparents again my wife and I were looking after our 3 1/2 year-old grandson. He wanted to watch a pre-school program called Playschool. Watching  the story of Goldilocks with him turned out to be very different to what I had expected. For a few moments I thought I had misunderstood this 'modernized version'', but my wife beside me assured me, I had heard correctly.

Let me explain, what transpired (from memory): The handsome Prince, in the form of a bear, was out walking, looking for love. Anyone, whose foot would fit the slipper would become his 'love'. He came across the first love-object, a princess. He tried on the slipper, but it would not fit. 

Next, the prince came across another prince (a male!). Again, he said he was looking for love and tried on the slipper. Still, not the right size! Finally, a third try and the slipper fitted (a pig)! The prince and found and married his love.

Walking along with his new bride, they met Cinderella. Passing by they called out to her: "One day you also will find your love", to which Cinderella replied: "I don't need anyone, I have all of you!" 

(End of story).

Moments later, after switching channels, on ABC breakfast it was reported that this children's program was celebrating their fifty years anniversary! (Aha - their Goldilock's wedding?)

The above script disturbed me to the point, I had to vent my anger to someone for such a perverted storyline, dished up to our youngest, most impressionable children.

Email to ABC, dated 18.7.16 - 8.38 AM, Subject: Cheeky monkeys:

Hi all,

a little earlier we were watching the celebrated pre-school program Playschool for just a few short moments with our 3/12 year old grandson.
The story of Goldilocks was a little twisted, obviously to brainwash even the youngest of children.
The Prince was not looking for a person, but for a princess, a wife! Another man should never have been in the race! To top it off, when they met Cinderella – she brainwashed our children to shun men altogether! Not every woman needs a man!
Very sad, how subtle the ABC’s script writers brainwash our young children. If anyone were to suggest to instil in them a love for God, for obeying the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus, they would be shouted down by the same mob that cried: “Crucify him, crucify him!” (They were in for a big shock three days later!)
I feel sad for the next generation of Australians. (Our second grandson is born, possible the minute I am writing this).
Wake up ABC, wake up Australia! Our children deserve better!
Dieter Fischer
(Address supplied)

 PS  I’d love to say – congratulations to Playschool for 50 years, but if this is what they teach now, they should have stuck to the cheeky monkey stories.


How ironic, shortly afterwards we found out that around the time of this email our grandson was born at 8.44 AM.

- - - - - - -

Our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, got his Federal Election on July 2nd, 2016. He had been unable to pass certain legislation through the Senate, so this was no ordinary election, but a double dissolution. Members of both Houses of Parliament (the House of Representatives and the Senate) were dismissed and had to be re-elected.

The result was so close between Labor and the Liberal/Nationals coalition, it took a week for a clear winner to emerge - a re-elected Liberal / Nationals government.


Pic (not cropped on left):

<<< Labour Party Election Bus 

I'm not a Labor voter, but agree that people should come first. What about children - are they not people? Do they not have rights, like the right to a male father and a female mother?

Q: Can we use political slogans and tell lies? Can we see codes in them? A: Yes we can!

Code EN  es:

The election results for the new Senate took even longer to become clear. Almost a month after the election, as I write, the final figures have not been announced. Redistributing preferences under Australia's voting system, is such a complex task, it usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

But there could be another reason, while it takes so long. I found this out as I volunteered (on July 20th - interesting date, read on) to observe the Senate election vote-counting process in Thebarton, an inner western suburb of Adelaide. It was an eye opener.

I had understood that if a ballot paper was in any way defaced or unclear, it would straight away become invalid and not included in the result. During the afternoon at the busy counting center, watching ballot papers on dozens of computer monitors, I learned that this does not apply to the white Senate voting papers, which lists all Senators in every State. That's why it is often very, very large, with dozens of candidates to choose from.

To fulfill the basic requirement for a valid vote, writing number 1 - 6 in six boxes above the line, should not take the brains of an Einstein. It had been advertised on television for weeks leading up to the election. Compulsory voting still seemed to be beyond the skill of some adults. Take a look at some voting papers:


<<< Senate voting paper.

Democracy or democrazy?

To be confronted with the task of filling in such a big document is obviously beyond many citizens, who are forced to the ballot box to do so.     (Pic.

<<< Lee Lin Chin for PM.

The popular SBS newsreader, no doubt, would have little trouble being elected into the Senate. People naturally vote for candidates they know, or think they know. (Pic. SBS)

<<< Another journalist, radio host Derryn Hinch, was successful in entering the new Senate. If Beyonce were on the ballot paper, under our compulsory voting system, she may well have won a seat. (Don't think the Animal Party did too well).



What surprised me most, during the hours of watching ballot papers appear on TV monitors, was the extent to which votes are taken seriously by officials. Even when the ballot paper had been scribbled with a rude comment or enhanced with a sketch of male genitals (there were quite a few) it still counted, if the voter had correctly entered at least one number 1 into a box.

But can a voter be taken seriously if he or she writes a four letter word (F***U) into every box, but correctly places a 1 or I into the box of the SEX Party? This is exactly what I observed and asked the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) official, if the vote still counts. He said: "Yes."

It makes me ask: "Are we taking democracy, and compulsory voting, too seriously in allowing frivolous votes such as this, let alone register a political party called the SEX Party? Should disinterested, uninformed citizens or those with low IQ even take part in electing our political leadership?

Thank God, ultimate, eternal Government rests on the shoulder of ONE, who was elected by God, forever! (Isaiah 9, 6).

On the night after scrutineering in Thebarton I woke, heeding a call to the toilet. During this short interruption of my sleep a thought came: "The election date 7.2 and the date I volunteered as scrutineer 7.20 sounded interesting, only 0 difference!" 

I was just turning to go back to sleep, when I felt prompted to check the time. The clock radio showed 1.27 <<< 72 won! It was that day's date -  July 21! Loved it!

But there was more. The digits 2 7 featured again in spectacular fashion in Adelaide later that same day: The maximum temperature reached an incredible 22.7 degrees Centigrade, the hottest July day in 4 decades. 

- - - - - - -

Following elections in South Australia there is another task to be done besides vote-counting, remove election posters. Politicians and those who wannabe, are still allowed to place large posters onto roadside posts. Around every election there are calls from environmentally friendly sources, even road safety experts, that this practice ought to stop. 

I don't have an opinion on the practice, but can't see how a relatively small billboard could cause somebody to crash their vehicle. Likewise, why would the photo of a person, only with their name and party on it, spoil the environment any more than a poster 20 times the size, which reads: "Do you want longer lasting fun in bed"? (We had these not so long ago, which used different wording).

The posters, however, become a bit of an nuisance, when they are left hanging for weeks after an election. An email from the party I supported, handing out how to vote cards, asked to please remove any posters still hanging. One day I was driving on North East Rd. (NE RD.) when I spotted and removed a poster opposite the ABC's Adelaide HQ:





Out of the corner of my eye the name of the church / school made me think - co-incidence or code incidence? Another one had been left hanging right outside No.316.

FITWORLD , (note f i t)   >>>


Days later another poster right outside fitworld, a 24/7 Gym. The location was near 316 NE Rd.


On the morning of writing (the picture was scanned the day before) a link to John 3,16 came:

God (the LORD) so LOVED the WORLD >>> LORD plus W [LoVe] = WORLD

- - - - - - -

On 24/7 my (first) wife and I were married 45 years. On that Sunday it so happened I tuned into Dr. Michael Youssef's TV program, Leading the Way. His talk included a tragic example of how some people can't let go of their earthly treasures, even when the consequence could mean death. Excavations in Pompeii had unearthed a women, who had perished after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

Instead of fleeing the deadly inferno, she died, holding onto her precious stones, gold and sapphire! Dr. Youssef only mentioned gold and sapphire by name. The 45th wedding anniversary happens to be sapphire! (My wife wanted to buy me some, but I suggested to wait five years and make it gold. Ha, Ha!)

- - - - - - -

One week later, on the morning of writing and publishing this chapter, Sunday 31.7 I woke as the clock showed exactly 5.00 AM - Time to watch The Hour of Power from California. (Just recalled a T-shirt 'California 55'; so many stories, so little time). The message by Bobby Schuller was, as always, very practical and encouraging.

The key scripture was: "The joy of Lord is your strength!" (Nehemiah, 8, 10). The young preacher brought out again very practically the point that Christians ought to be the happiest, joyful people on earth. Why do some think Christianity, the subject of life and death, is too serious to not enjoy a joke, especially in church. People who smile live longer.

Bobby made a good point, arguing against those who feel hypocritical in smiling on the outside, when they feel miserable on the inside. His point was, should we not also feel a fake, when putting on deodorant after a shower? How about coming to church in blond hair, when in fact it had turned gray years ago?

A scientific study, according to Bobby Schuller, examined cards of former baseball players. Those who smiled, they found, lived an average of seven years longer!

Here I was considering to insert a graphic of a person smiling. The inspired photo from Google images, could not have been more fitting - perfec! 

<<< Stephen Lewis - t 2015


No baseball player, but the late British actor, provides a perfect example of the case in point.

Famous for his hilarious role in the TV series 'On the buses' Lewis featured also in 'Last of the summer wine'. His nickname was Smiler.

 When the actor died aged 88, he had lived 7 years longer than the average male in the UK. (UK's life expectancy is 81 years.)


Of course, the source of our joy should not be British comedy on TV or letting our hair down in Disneyland. That's not the joy of the Lord. That's called fun. The difference between fun and joy is where it comes from. When fun stops often sorrow starts again. 

Christian joy, which remains forever, does not depend on outside circumstances* or stimulation. It flows out from our innermost being, a joy-well that never dries up. This authentic joy is knowing Jesus and being HIS close friend.

*Between finishing writing this chapter and editing, it was church time. Big surprise, as if the publisher of the church news bulletin knew exactly, days earlier, what I was going to watch on TV or what I was going to write about, a few hours before church. God knew! 

Here are two extracts form the front page of the church news:

Text: *Happiness is circumstantial and elusive but joy is not circumstantial. We can have joy even when we're not happy.

Text: A new baby or grandchild is born, and we're all smiles.

 To top off the link to The Hour of Power and Bobby Schuller - it almost makes me doubt my sanity - the final song at the church service, only hours before this writing - was "Joyful, joyful, we adore you ..."

Bobby's message on TV concluded that Christians ought to show joy on their faces. What about, when we go through the valley of the shadow of death; sickness, divorce, financial troubles etc.? Decide to still smile! HE promised to go through this valley with you! Make a conscious decision to do so.

 Just f. it, fake it!

(Sitting in church this morning, my nose sensed that somebody nearby does not believe in faking it. Just kidding).   

- - - - - - -

During the month of July, on Sunday 10th, it was my turn, only for the second time ever, to read the designated scripture. It was from the 2nd Book of Samuel, Chapter 22. This scripture reference was given to me many weeks earlier, sometime in June. The person who  asked me to read from 2nd Samuel had no idea that I was to upload a chapter in my autobiography (the previous chapter).

The big surprise came a week after writing and publishing Chapter 4, where the word rock featured in amazing fashion. The scripture I was allocated to read, right at the beginning included the word rock, plus two more times:


<<< 2nd Samuel 22,1,2

Then David spoke to the Lord the words of this song, on the day when the Lord had delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul. And he said: "The Lord is my rock ...

<<< For who is God, except the Lord? And who is a rock, except our God?
<<< The Lord lives! Blessed be my Rock! Let God be exalted, the Rock of my salvation! 


To think that above magic, 3 rocks in 1 chapter, started with two postcards over 5 decades ago!

Friends, living life without God, without humbling yourself and trusting Jesus as Lord and Saviour, is like building a foundation made of sand. No house will stand when the storms of life come. God was King David's rock. Make Jesus Christ, God's son, your rock!  

- - - - - - -

In the afternoon, on a really cold July day, after a hard day's work trying to stop a roof from leaking, I indulged in a rare treat, soaking in a hot bath and entertaining my mind with a Readers Digest Magazine. The Hidden Meaning Puzzle, on page 125 of the June 2016 edition seemed just the activity to relax with.

Instead of relaxing, my brain teased me with a very simple oddity: "Why list four puzzles with letters A, B, C and C ?  Take a look:

Readers Digest, June 2016, Page 125.

Surely, the final puzzle was meant to be D?


 Is  there a hidden meaning in the Hidden Meaning puzzle? Is D meant to C? (Or perhaps the proofreader was not well? Too dement to see, ha ha?)


Two out of the four puzzles were reasonably easy to solve; the top left and bottom right. (Answers below). But OWHER proved rather tricky. Any jumble words I came up with did not make sense. Likewise WEL    L. means what? After a while, when thinking became too hard, I looked up the answer. 

Hard to believe how dumb I was that afternoon. Even after reading the answer to OWHER, I still did not understand its hidden meaning - Middle of NOWHERE. The penny dropped well after I had emptied out the bath water, after seeing the first and last letter N E.

Wondering, if they ever had such a dumbo, who did not understand even after looking up the answer, I decided to email the editor of the magazine. Perhaps, even the ABCC was correct, but my brain too thick to uncover this mystery? 

The specialist's report after my last brain scan gave the verdict in three words: Found absolutely nothing! (Ha, ha, just kidding). 

The other reason I wanted to email the Readers Digest was an advertisement beside the Hidden Meaning puzzle. Why the picture of a pen right there? (The missing letters after PI are LOT, three important letters in my earlier books, describing my NO.1  passion.)

I didn't use a pen, but the keyboard to email the editor of RD Magazine:

Date: 8.7.16, Subject: Middle of Nowhere

Dear Madam,

The Hidden Meaning puzzle on page `125 (Answers page 113) of your June 2016 Edition is rather clever. (I had to put pen to paper to tell you). Even after looking up the answer to ‘OWHER (Middle of nowhere’ did the answer remain hidden. After an hour or so, it came; much like ‘he roa’ = middle of the road!

Kind regards,
PS  Is there a further hidden meaning in those 4 puzzles? They are labelled A B C and C?


As I composed this message, above phrase 'Middle of the Road' came to me. Don't ask where it came from. Reader, thinking it came from nowhere, may be right! But I think it came from somewhere else (heroa minus r).

Could it be the above gave birth to a new code? All words more than two letters have a middle of...  If so, the first that comes to mind actually makes sense: Middle of... ALL.   

Answers to the Hidden Meanings Puzzle:

A. Raised eyebrows. B. Well balanced. C. Middle of NOWHERE. C (right). Eating left-over food.

- - - - - - -


On Saturday July 16th, 2016 I did something I seldom do, google a scripture for an inspirational bible reading. The first web page that attracted my attention, perhaps I felt a little low that morning, was *20 Encouraging Scriptures (

*Writing this exactly two weeks later, the headline on that page is correct, but only 17 scriptures appear? The final one reads: "I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me." (Psalm 120, 1 - Love it, read on!). 

I read them all until I came to Isaiah 55, 22:

 "Cast your cares on the Lordand he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken." 

Maybe I had not yet gotten over the Hidden Meaning in the RD magazine? But could there be a meaning after RD? No gap to separate LORD and and!

Reading backwards, the word and reads like the letters used for the very fabric of life - DNA. I recall from school days what it stands for (going from memory): Desoxiribo Nuclein Saeure. In Englisch Sauere means Acid. (Maybe, I'm not so dumb after all?)

The numbers in above digits invited me to play with them. Multiply the (Psalm) 55 x 22 and we arrive at 1210. Now you may understand, why earlier I wrote love it, read on, after Psalm 120.1 

But another number crystallized from the above picture - 96. To arrive at this number we need to use the word and, changed into numbers, i.e. A1, B2 etc.

A N D adds to 19, plus the Pslam (55) and Verse (22) and, voila!

 77 + 19 = 96.

(It so happened, on the day of writing, Australia's AFL Football League is playing their 19th round. The three letters AFL also add to 19!)

The Lord's DNA is recorded in Isaiah 9, Verse 6: Wonderful, Councellor, Mighty (God) Everlasting, Royal (Prince), Peaceful. May I add, Lover of football.

Another peculiarity came to the surface regarding that little word and. Using letters as number a n d  reads: 1 14 4. In previous writing I had highlighted 144 many times (the N inside the cross). My mobile telephone number consists of virtually all 1 and 4, except 59. But 59 easily changes to 14 or 4 (without using a calculator, I hope). 

- - - - - - -


What car badges are shown here?

No hidden meaning, just car badges. Except, how magic, the letter L, which only surfaced after having scanned both badges. (Read on). 

Recently my wife and I attended a quiz night. One of the challenges was to identify a page filled with motor car emblems. Dumb old me was the only one on our table of 8, who knew what model badge is on the left - SEAT.

At the end of the night, there were a few more prizes to be won. One person on each table was a winner, the one with a ticket under their seat. 

I was the one:


<<< Congratulations! Your a winner ...

I was not merely the only one, who knew what a SEAT badge looked like, I won the seat prize!

There is a reason I tell this seat story. This week, for the first time, possibly ever, did I have to repair chairs, where the seats, made of chip board had broken through! Amazing timing! 

Perhaps I ought to have run for Parliament? I may have won a seat?
The reason I included the red badge above, TESLA, is two-fold. One, the letter L unintentionally jumped out at me. TESLA minus SEAT = L. (Middle of ALL).

The second reason for drawing attention to Tesla was the historic event earlier this year (2016) when the first ever driverless-car crash fatality occurred. 

As former driving instructor, who made a living between two L-plates, the idea of motorists negotiating heavy traffic without any controls, sounds fanciful. Driving a motor car in heavy traffic or high speed, relying entirely on technology, takes a lot of faith in those computers. All know they can fail.

The 40-year old driver, killed in Florida while watching a Harry Potter movie, had praised the driver-less technology of his Tesla. Sadly, the very technology he had boasted about, let him down.

It made me think: Why would people in this life trust in technology and electronics, but doubt God and HIS son Jesus, who can safely guide them to eternal life after they die?

- - - - - - -

                                                           Readers Digest March 2005                         

Donald Trump You're Hired! >>>

Love his lavender tie, but pointing the finger at people is, as I understand it, bad manners.

Donald at the time may have had many women on his mind, but not one called Hilary. Now, eleven years later, his headline in our newly discovered middle of...code may well be:

re: U or i, Hilary!

May I suggest another (middle of ...) name as world leader?

It's the first name, the first word in this chapter, under the title!

HE is it. 


Chapter 6