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Within 36 hours of publishing this chapter Australians are voting in a general election. Since voting is compulsory, I felt to inform readers on a core issue, same sex marriage. The issue goes beyond relationships - the very foundation of our society is under attack. Our children need role models. We must teach them right from wrong!

We take a short trip into the Adelaide Hills, observe things during church meetings and even take an excursion on an Austrian Lake, albeit only via postcards. 

At the end read a stirring account of the worst policeman in Australia, who got away with murder for 30 years. Sad, but true! Can God forgive such an unkind man? 


4.  Kind ER / LE surprise.

"I heed the call and give my all. The rest is in HIS hands."

This poetic sentence from my previous chapter appears to have resonated well. Usually, soon after publishing another chapter in my unusual, religious numbers journey, my sensitive mind perceives things. Since these are never in the form of direct feedback, verbally or on facebook, which I don't bother with, IT shows in more subtle ways:

On the morning of June 1st, 2016, the day after Chapter 3, a sports star on a TV show admitted to struggling with asthma. Footage of her running showed her wearing jersey No. 1110 - goes well with One won!

A TV presenter on another channel casually mentioned the name Robbie. Did he like the story in Chapter 3 of the mistaken Robbie?

An excavation of engravings in London, according to a segment on the ABC on 2.6.16, pointed to the (possibly) earliest mention of the city of London. One presenter asked: "Could they have had scratchies as early as 53 AD?" The word scratchies and No. 53 immediately resonated in my brain.

I sent a brief comment to the ABC. In the PS I mentioned one of those incidents, which happens regularly* - a word spoken on TV, the same second I was writing it into my diary.

Hi all,
who would have thought they had scratchies in AD 53? Like Solomon said – nothing new under the sun!
Kind regards,
PS  The same second as ... spoke the word: “Amazing...” (at 8.18 AM CT) I wrote the letters A M A Z I N G into my diary! Is that amazing, or what?

(*It happened again on 16.6.16, read on).

A most remarkable 'feedback', perfectly timed a day after 31.5, also came via the ABC. An interviewer on Radio National had the comedian and writer Adam Spencer as his guest. Spencer's books delve deep into the world of numbers. (A man after my own heart, perhaps?) 

Not only was the timing of this gentlemen's interview (possibly a repeat) remarkable, his numbers were too. Right at the beginning of the broadcast he told about the time he moved into a new place. The address was No.155. On the first meeting with his new neighbours he could not contain himself, telling them what an interesting place they live in - at No. 153 ! (Please don't ask why, I can't recall; our 'why' comes later in this chapter).

The most striking link to the chapter I had just published came in the form of a front page headline in the newspaper. I perceived it to refer directly to the first sentence in this chapter: "...the rest is in His hands". 


IN THE LORD'S HANDS, Adelaide Advertiser 1.6.16 - Front page.

Reading my bible later that day, I happened to come across a verse in bible with a perfect connection the above headline to May 31:


"My times are in Your hand."

(Psalm 31, 15)

<<< The child pictured is one of two, 5 and 6 years old, tragically killed, together with their mother. Domestic violence is on the increase. Authorities are asking why.

There are even television ads, trying to educate society. What about sending children back to Sunday School, where they learn right from wrong?

How the world needs the saving message of Jesus more than ever!

Nobody knows their time on earth. You don't know what will happen tomorrow. This is why in my writing I often add the words 'God willing' when referring to a future undertaking. This thought comes straight from the bible: "Instead you ought to say - If the Lord wills, we shall do this and that." (James 4,15).

- - - - - - -

On 3.6.16 the Lord willed me to drive into the Adelaide Hills early that morning. A Channel 9 Television crew was presenting their breakfast show from the historic 'German' town of Hahndorf. At 2.22 AM that morning, after waking to go to the toilet, a thought came. It all made perfect sense suddenly.

The middle of the night brainwave centered around 369, that day's date, 3rd June, and the TV channel number. When planning a five-day road trip, I wondered, what place would organizers choose to go to and why on that day? 

The day before (on June 2) it had been the Hunter Valley, the area around Newcastle, New South Wales. Watching that broadcast I had taken note of an advertisement for an accommodation package-deal at $ 120 per night.

That night, suddenly, the number 120 and the name of the place, Hunter Valley connected. It took my mind back some years, to Newcastle and the amazing incident where No. 963 had taken center stage. In my Book 6 in Chapter 22 readers will find a picture, right at the end, of car registration plate VNT 963 (New South Wales).

At the time, back in South Australia, my mother-in-law Agnes also drove a vehicle with registration plate VNT 963 (SA- registered). It was a 120 Y. That's why!

TV's Today-Show presenter Karl, in Hahndorf 3.6.2016

"Don't stop the music, there's more!"

I'm not sure, if this is what the Lederhosen-dancer was saying, but there was more, more car registration plates! En route to Hahndorf, on the Southern Expressway, a vehicle drove just ahead of me, about the same speed. Why is this vehicle, a white Sedan, constantly staying in the right hand lane, I thought? As former driving instructor I knew the law - only stay in the right-hand lane for overtaking!

The registration number of this vehicle indicated it was from New South Wales. The first two letters (in my code) were see, ... 63 KS. I immediately decoded 63 as that day's date, but never gave KS another thought, until driving home.

KS fitted perfectly into the bigger picture - the initials of above  show-dancer Karl Stefanovic.

Driving back from Hahndorf, for my voluntary work with the German Seniors group, I had the distinct feeling that I was meant to be in Hahndorf that morning. 

- - - - - - -

The familiar phenomena of writing a word into my diary, while it is spoken on TV, happened again on 16.6.16, the day the tragic murder of British MP Jo Cox shocked the world. That morning I started a new diary. My daily observations fill one up every 2-3 months. The very first word I wrote into that new notebook was 'overnight'. Just then a reporter on the ABC TV spoke the word 'overnight'.

Very early that morning I picked up another peculiarity, while listening to the radio. A female BBC reporter was reading their 6 PM (London time) news bulletin. My sensitive mind picked up a slight, barely noticeable correction, something I thought was out of place for a newsreader at the highest level of her profession. She started saying PRIS.., before correcting herself - JAIL.

My interpretation: IS PR - YES L 1 (won or is ONE).

To a creative mind the simple letter I can be many things, from pointing to yourself to the number 1 to the word ONE; written in italic font it can become a forward slash /. In the English language the little word 'one' has lots of meanings - number one, a close relationship (we are one) or even a name for God Almighty. 

Three days after, on 19.6.16 my paths crossed with the word, where it describes God as ONE. It came in the evening, during a meeting my wife and I attended in the Salvo's Congress Hall in Pirie Street. Adelaide   


<<< Meeting on 6.19, ACH.

The bible reading that evening was from the Book of Deuteronomy. It was Ch. 6, 1-9. The passage urges readers to obey God's commandments and to teach them to our children. Verse 4 says: "Hear O Israel, The Lord our God, the Lord is ONE. 

<<< Odometer Hyundai 19.6.16: In the car park of the same building, after above meeting, we were about to drive off. I put the gear shift into D, when I noticed the digits on the dash. I marveled at the odometer 91609, and the trip-meter reading - 153.1. Immediately, I put the vehicle back into P and took the photo.

Hey - I just saw this: In small font the letters d and p (96 as mirror image) were that of my logo when I owned driving plus (Motor School). 

What amazing timing to appear here with number 916 ...!

<<< Messenger Press,, free antiques appraisal 18.6, 10 - 2.

Here was the opportunity to have my century old postcards, some from the battlefield of World War 1, valued. However, the event went from 10 AM - 12 noon. I arrived at 1.15 PM.

Above announcement in the newspaper was a misprint. The digit 1 had been forgotten. Fortunately, the antiques expert stayed back and the trip was not in vain. Pity, I'm still no millionaire!

But I AM    -     WHY?

Those whose Lord and Master is NO.1 is more than a millionaire! Without HIM you can do nothing. (John 15, 05)

- - - - - - -

Salvo Historical Society Meeting - 20.5.16

At the time I took this picture for no particular reason. The letters WHY just happened. There are four reasons why it's part of this chapter:

One, obviously, the unplanned letters on the right. Two, the lyrics of the song on the screen. After scanning the picture for this chapter I noticed that the lyrics on the screen included the word kind three times!

Three, the day before commencing this chapter, the word kind was a key-word in church (read on).

Four, during the same church service two days before this chapter, the strange phenomena - the microphone cable hanging from the ceiling, covering certain letters, happened again. Take a look how I remember viewing the letter Y (in bold) from where I sat that morning:


I will pray for You

I will pray for You

I will pray for You

    pray   for    you.

Coming back to that nice word kind; together with its opposite unkind, it featured in the children's segment, during this church service two days ago:


<<< Children's story 26.6.16: UNKIND

After the leader gave an example of a certain deed, the children had to decide - was it kind or unkind, and run to the appropriate sign. 

Whilst most children know the story of David and Goliath, the sequel teaches a great lesson: Forgiveness.


David's enemy, King Saul, was jealous because of David's popularity. So much so, he wanted him dead.

But David had learned his lesson of forgiveness. Instead of taking revenge for what was done to him, David showed kindness. To demonstrate that David had forgiven Saul, refusing to repay evil for evil, King David tracked down the grandson of Saul, a crippled child Mephibosheth, and took care of him in his Royal Palace. 

If only all children would learn this lesson: Forgiveness leads to peace, revenge leads to war!

It so happened, a day later, on 27.6. on Vision Radio 1116, the same story of Mephibosheth in 2. Samuel 9 was the subject of Greg Laurie's broadcast from Riverside, Ca.

Laurie made a good point: "You can bring down your enemies with kindness. By not seeking revenge, but doing good to them, your enemies will unlikely remain enemies. 

Still in California:

 <<< unlikely (Book by Kevin Palau).

The author of unlikely was guest on the Hour of Power in Orange County, Ca. (26.6.16.) I had risen early and watched the interview, which had taken place on 31.1.16.

When I saw the letters UN and KIND in church a few hours later, I took the picture.

Why am I going into all this detail? Those who know German may already have guessed. In German the word kind is a noun. It means child.

- - - - - - - -

During the month of June 2016 I was taken back to my childhood, over 5 decades ago in southwestern Germany. The Class of 1966 celebrated their 50th anniversary of graduating. Unfortunately, unlike 2012 and 2015, this time I could not be there physically.

However, in the lead up to the event I remembered a collection of picture postcards. Many of them had been given to me by various of my class mates. Why not offer to reunite the decade old postcards, some over a century old, with members of that family?

In the process of sorting the cards I discovered a few things, not the least code ER LE. Long time readers of my books may remember Book 8, when the name Sohn (son) had magically crystallized, as well as the letters ER LE from the names Fischer and Fischle.

It so happens that there are two other class mates, the only other two, who also have surnames, one ending in ER, the other in LE - Roecker / Roeckle.

Sorting the postcards over recent weeks I noted that both, Roecker and Roeckle, had cards in my collection. By pure co-incidence (read God-incident) not only are they names similar, their cards in my collection were also similar:

Take a look at the almost identical cards - same lake, same boat, same hotel, same stamp on the back. Both date back to the 1960s:



Above: Famous Hotel Weisse Roessl, St. Wolfgang, Austria. This is the only card in the collection from Mr. Roeckle:


Card from Mr. Roecker, whose family owned a pub in Esslingen. Roecker gave me 15 cards. English speaking travellers know this hotel as White Horse Inn.

 (In 2012, while caring for a group of disabled people, our group visited the same hotel and enjoyed coffee and cake at a lakeside table. (Bk. 11, Ch. 16). 

Two things, numbers things, surrounding above class reunion struck me as amazing. 

One, 1 / 15 cards! Was it not code 1 / 5, which in the Book 8 class photograph pointed to the names Fischer / Fischle? It was! The same photo became part of the title page of Book 9.

Two, when I emailed a greeting on the 15th of June, a day before the big event, it struck me that the maximum temperature in Stuttgart (mid-summer) was (forecast) the same as that in Adelaide (mid-winter) - 20 deg. Centigrade.

God sometimes rocks the world with weather!

- - - - - - -

Watching Channel Seven's breakfast program one morning, the weather presenter did his gig from Adelaide. (More gig than weather). He briefly interviewed an artist at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, who gave an on the spot 15 second performance. The man impersonated former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, raving on about legalizing gay marriage, blah, blah... (As if the great lady would have agreed to any such nonsense).

On another occasion the same TV show promoted gay marriage in a very subtle way. At the time it was the sports presenter, who, after a news segment on the subject, casually started his sports report with two words: "... can't wait" (for gay marriage to come to Australia). Was it appropriate for a sports presenter to give his personal views, very subtly brain-washing viewers on national TV?

Since Australia could very likely be holding a national referendum on gay marriage soon, is it not of vital importance that reporters stick to reporting?  Debating and discussing, yes!, But the way the media is forcing the acceptance of gay marriage ("Can't wait...!") onto us, goes far beyond a fair and rational debate on the issue.

Here is my email to Sunrise, Channel Seven, dated 17th June:

Hi all,

Your weather presenter in Adelaide this morning interviewed “Margaret Thatcher”. Very clever,  very funny. But please, should even the weather report now be a platform for promoting gay marriage? Aren’t there enough rainbows everywhere – even in the yard of a Primary School near us!

Kind regards,

Dieter, Adelaide

PS  The original rainbow is a biblical symbol – God promised never to destroy the world in another flood. But that does not mean, HE will not call all one day to give account of their lives, and hand out whatever reward each one deserves.

PPS  How about promoting marriage to young (normal) couples, who just co-habit? They need the commitment of marriage too.


Below, a picture of the school yard in question.


Just what are they teaching our children in school today? Instead of learning right from wrong and about a Heavenly Father, who loves them, and to obey the Ten Commandments, young children are brainwashed into acceptance of the gay lifestyle, or worse, promoting the gay lifestyle under the guise of a anti-bullying program.

What bull-dust will the education experts come up with next and force onto primary schools?

(For a detailed article on the government funded 'Safe Schools' program go to (Seven things you must know). 

There must be thousands of clubs, charities, children's programs, which have the rainbow colours as their symbol. None of them owns it. But to claim the rainbow as symbol for a movement, whose lifestyle is by nature childless, adds insult to injury!

Let's start a campaign - reclaim the rainbow! Whenever a town hall, a post office or other public building flies a rainbow flag, sent the authority a message* that the rainbow was God's magic creation, a promise that HE will never again destroy the world by a flood. Add a reminder that one day each one will stand before the final judge to give account of their lives!

(*I just sent this message to above school and the Daylesford Shire Council, where I had noticed the rainbow flag outside the post office during our recent trip to Victoria). 

- - - - - - -

In my previous books I have written much on the subject of same-sex marriage. Since in a few days Australia is holding a Federal Election, in which the issue is playing a vital role, Australians, who legally must vote, should cast an informed vote!

I agree, what two consenting adults do in private is none of my business. God is the judge. However, facts about life remain facts, biology dictates it:

*(Points 1-6, in part, quotes from an article by Vickie Janson, Endeavour Forum Newsletter No.163, July 2016).

1. Only a man and a women can produce a child. A child finds true identity in their natural father and mother. Who has a right to take away the right of that child to a mother and father?

2. The relationship between mother and a baby is unique. Fathers also play a vital, unique role in nurturing offspring. Even President Obama has on many occasions publicly lamented the pain of not growing up with a father in his own house and pointed to the connection of father-less ness and violent crime.

3. The high cost of father-less ness, children disconnected from their natural father, should be reason enough to strengthen the current marriage laws, not legislate to water down marriage laws.

4. The argument of equality and all-inclusiveness is plainly wrong. Male and female are not physically equal, never will and can be. Men and women each have distinct functions within a marriage. Equal in value, but not equal in function. Men and women, who produce offspring are the foundation of any civilization. 

5. If legalized, same sex marriage would exclude anyone from holding the view that not all relationships are equal. This violates the freedom to express ones conscience, belief, speech and association, the hallmarks of a liberal democracy. Sadly, this is happening already. Brave voices are ridiculed for speaking out against gay marriage (the silenced majority!) Little wonder many politicians avoid the subject. Any courageous dissenters may lose their positions, or are attacked verbally and directly. 

SA's Senator Cory Bernardi, an outspoken critic against gay marriage and the so-called Safe Schools program, had his office ransacked by angry  students!

6. If all relationships before the law are equal, where does a relationship have its boundary? If love is the only factor, mothers love children, brothers love sisters, and what if you love more than one person? Who can guarantee gay marriage laws don't open the door to further redefining marriage? The love argument is based on emotion. How many married men fall in love with their pretty secretary? Should that be the reason for marrying her? Homosexuals now have a right to live as they choose. But they have no right to redefine marriage for all of us. 

7. If I feel and express distaste about seeing two men or two women kissing I get labelled a homophobe. If there is such a thing as gay pride, why can't I be a proud homophobe? A square peg does not fit in a round hole, I'm afraid! What more could the gay community want which they don't already have?

- - - - - - -


Back to numbers - No. 1613, Adelaide, Northern suburbs

I took this picture not long after writing about the big fluke in an international golf tournament - 3 holes in 1 on the 16th! 

Could this be a world record of the number of digits (16) to indicate a house number?

- - - - - - -


(Back to politics)

Since Australian law dictates that eligible citizens must vote, it is only right that all sections of the community are informed politically. The Labor Party, if coming to power in the upcoming election, has promised to make gay marriage legal within 100 days in office. (On the news, hours after this paragraph, a reporter said: "If elected, Labor has promised to make legalized gay marriage their first bill in the new Parliament!)  

The Liberal Party, under its new leader Mr. Turnbull, has shifted away from their traditional, conservative base. The gentleman personally is in favour of gay marriage, as are some of his Liberal colleagues. He wants to put the issue to the Australian people, if re-elected.

In my opinion, unless there is an honest discussion and unbiased media reporting of both sides of the argument, a national referendum is a wasted 160 Million Dollars. And what if MPs still don't vote for (or against) it, after a plebiscite? It comes back to the question of strong leadership, or give in to the mob that shouts: Crucify, crucify ...! 

A vote for the Green Party in Australia is one for saving trees, change the climate and change marriage laws. This ought to be common knowledge among Greens voters. Many, however, who vote for the emerging NXT (Nick Xenophon team) may not know that he also supports gay marriage. In 2013 during a men's gathering I asked him personally. His answer disappointed me.

Readers of my earlier books know this gentlemen. I had often referred to him as Mr. T. In the early, crazy days of my writing, Mr. T was the recipient of a number of my larrikin gifts. The first one was a 'Nothing is too hard for God' basket. 

Maybe, something has rubbed off on the gentleman? He is known for crazy stunts, something the media loves.

While compulsory voting exists in Australia, democracy will only work if voters cast their ballot intelligently, after listening to all sides of the argument. These must be presented on an equal playing field; not 22 media segments in favour and 2 or 0 against! 

Apathy is another democracy killer. People voting for Mr. Hawk, because their football team is the Hawks*, or voting for Ms. Cadbury because they like chocolate, ruins an election, especially when the contestants run neck and neck.


* How amazing! On the day of publishing this chapter (30.6.16) I stood outside the Pre-poll voting place in Modbury, handing out How-To-Vote cards for the Family First Party. Talking to a lady from the NX Team I was telling her exactly that: People voting for Mr. Hawk, because their football team is the Hawks, is unintelligent...

Within a few minutes, a lady walked in to vote. She wore a Modbury Hawks jumper! 



est. 1862



My vote will go to a party and candidate, who stands on biblical principles. There are a handful of Christian-based political parties in Australia. If their leaders were to pray - Your will be done - the first thing they would aim for is to unite as one! They would become a much greater force to truly influence our country for good!

There is Good News: A survey of 3000 voters, conducted by Melbourne's Herald Sun Newspaper, published on 20.6.16, asked among others the Question: Should same-sex marriage be legalised? The result was a clear NO - 64 - 36 YES.

Also note how few of the surveyed support teaching primary school children about transgender awareness - the Safe Schools program! Only 14 % in favour!


Source: Ellen Whinnett, Sun Herald 20.6.16 - 10.30 PM. 

There is a silent majority against SSM. Sadly, they have become the silenced majority! Does it surprise that Labor's Mr. Shorten suddenly did a back flip? On the day of writing this, June 29 - three days before the election - he argued against a plebiscite, which in 2013 he supported. What has changed, Sir?

Shortly after writing this question, Mr. Shorten answered it on national television. He thinks public opinion has changed in three years. 

Above figures, obviously, don't agree with him and what's more - a leader is one to take the lead, not follow whichever the wind blows, whatever gains votes! 

Ultimately, thank God its not politicians, who are in control. It's God's son Jesus, on whose shoulders all Government rests.

- - - - - - -


During the month of June 2016 Australians were both shocked and relieved, when the story of a crooked cop was shown on television. Is there anything worse than police, who join criminals in their evil pursuits to make themselves rich?

I took a special interest in the case for two reasons. Firstly, my bad experiences with the system in the matter of former magistrate Peter Liddy. Secondly, the name of the corrupt police officer (Roger Caleb Rogerson) and that of his latest victim - Jamie Gao.

Whilst the TV special report of Rogerson's early crimes were mostly interviews (no CCTV in 1981) the final murderous act of Rogerson and his accomplice was shown clearly on camera:



<<< May 2014, Rogerson, no longer a policeman, and an accomplice lured a young, naive drug dealer into this storage unit in order to kill him for 3 kg of drugs. Three men were clearly identified as entering the unit. Only two came out alive.

Rogerson and his co-murderer were seen dragging a large object, covered in blue tarpaulin, and loading it onto a boat. It was the body of Gao, which only hours later was floating in the sea near Sydney.

The cold blooded murderers must have been so confident, they failed to considered that their crime would be filmed. All of Australia could see it. In 2016, after 30 years of literally getting away with murder, the former cop, now 75 years old, finally was convicted. He may never come out of jail.

The audacity and ruthlessness of Rogerson's crimes were hard to believe. He had lured another drug dealer into an ambush in order to rob and kill him, which he did. He then shoved a gun into the dead man's hand to make it look like he (the hero policeman) had shot the criminal in self defense, as part of his day's work. To add insult to injury, Rogerson received bravery awards for this and other crimes!



<<< Drummoyne, 14.5.81, Warren Lanfranchi shot dead in a laneway, by hero-police man Roger Rogerson.

Rogerson became one of the most decorated, and  corrupt, policemen in Australia.

The dead criminal's partner blew the whistle. She insisted her man did not have a gun on him, only money to bribe Rogerson. She very publicly pointed the finger at the bent cop in a 60 Minutes interview. Still, cunning fox Rogerson talked his way out of it. Why believe a prostitute, rather than a policeman? He now hungered for revenge. The lady was found dead. Her body fished out of a lake in a Sydney park.

A fellow police officer, Michael Drury, unwittingly became entangled in the mess, after Rogerson passed on an offer by a drug dealer - $ 25 000, if he changed a statement in the prosecution case. The honest family man, father of pre-school children, refused to play the dirty game. But now he knew what Rogerson was up to. He now was a marked man. Rogerson conspired to have his colleague shot dead.

A hired killer ambushed the honest policemen at his home and shot him through the kitchen window, right in front of his family. He nearly died, but survived to continue fighting for the truth, which only now, after 30 years is winning out. (One version, I heard it on Richard Fiedler's ABC Radio show, is that the hired killer failed to do it, and Rogerson himself fired the shots at his colleague.)

One really must ask the question - How was all this possible? Corruption among police must have been so wide spread, it became a way of life, in this case a way of death. 

With this frame of mind, after watching the second investigation on television, I could not contain myself, but email to the two TV stations, which broadcast the case:


Subject: Roger.son and, dated 21.6.16.

Hi all,

Starting over a decade ago I have blown the whistle on a questionable criminal case in Adelaide. I asked, if it’s possible that crooked police conspired with criminals to put an innocent, senior magistrate behind bars for 25 years. No one believed that police could be this corrupt.

Does the Rogerson case not prove that even long-serving police can become corrupt? Not only did R’son conspire to murder, he got away with it for over 30 years. Thank God for honest people, like detective Michael Drury, or even a prostitute, who bravely stood up against the evil in person. Where are the fearless, investigative journalists to expose evil here in SA? Will it also take 30 years?

Start the case!

Dieter, Adelaide


Photo: Advertiser Newspaper, 17.6.16 - Page 29. (Rogerson on left). 


It raises the question: Can such a bad person receive God's forgiveness?

The answer is yes! 

But it is far easier to type a few words into a keyboard than to feel sympathy for such a bad man! Imagine, you would be one of his victims, like his colleague, who nearly died because of this bad man? 

When 60 Minute reporter Liz Hayes asked Michael Drury, if he could ever forgive Rogerson, he replied: "If Rogerson were to come and say sorry, he would."

God is just like that. "If we confess our sin, HE is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (1.John 1, 9).  

It takes supernatural power, an understanding of God's love, which is beyond all measure.

In church the story of King David will continue, I assume. Here is a man, who committed adultery, who tried to cover it up, who conspired to have a man killed. Yet, how incredible, God forgave him, after he confessed and truly repented.

It's difficult to fully understand, but there is hope for all. All have sinned. All can be forgiven, even the worst of sinners. 


Chapter 5