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The timing of publishing Book 15, Chapter 3 on May 31 was not planned, at least not by the writer. Surprises, such as this have happened from Day 1 of my 'accidental writing career'. God forbid, that we should fail to appreciate them any longer!

This chapter is, as readers probably expect, filled with digits 1 3 5 - unplanned magic. We celebrate a major sporting achievement in Adelaide and take a short, one week trip to Victoria. Predictably, odd things cross our paths that made it into the diary.

We stand side by side with a former Prime Minister, before reaching new heights in Melbourne and traveling on into Victoria's high country. Enjoy reading, but more importantly - find and follow your calling. 


3. Finally - One Won

In the previous chapter two words surprised us, because they had appeared very timely at the launch of this book. 'Follow me' matched Heed the Call, the title of this my fifteenth book, so perfectly. It happened again a day after publishing the previous chapter.

This time four words, the subject of a bible study in four parts, could not have fitted better. Take a look:  


When God calls you - Vision Christian Media - Word for Today May 1: 

Text: When God Calls You (1) 'Give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord.' (1. Corinthians 15:58)

A career is something you choose; a calling is something you receive. A career is something you do for yourself; a calling  is something you do for God. A career promises status, money and power; a calling promises ...

The reading continues ... difficulty, suffering and the opportunity to be used by God. As example the writers tell of the late Chuck Colson, whose life turned upside down, after he was implicated and jailed following the Nixon Watergate affair. His career was over; the end of the road for him.

However, while in prison Colson's calling was just beginning. God used him to bring hope to many prisoners. God did not stop using him after his release. Colson gave himself fully to the work of the Lord. His suffering birthed an organization called Prison Fellowship, a world-wide organization, which to this day is showing Christian love to many inmates and their families. Colson said: "My greatest humiliation - being sent to prison - was the beginning of God's greatest use of my life."

As I reflect on my life, at the lowest point, when I had lost my job, my sanity and my dignity, God stepped in and turned things around. Without those terrifying experiences, my early struggles, including incarceration in a mental asylum etc, I may never have started writing.

How my chapters impact people, or to what extend, I do not know. All I know - I heed the call and give my all. The rest is in HIS hands. 

- - - - - - -


Approximately six weeks into Australia's A-League football season I had to make a decision about actively supporting our team, Adelaide United. The Reds under their new coach Guillermo Amor had had a very bad start to the 2016 season. In the first 8 weeks they suffered five losses and only managed three draws. After three weeks of competition they had dropped to the bottom of the ladder and stayed there for five weeks.

Fans felt disillusioned with the new coach. They might have loved his name Amor, but not the results to that point. Was it a good move to appoint the Spaniard, a former top player for FC Barcelona?

I almost decided to rest my support for the team at this low point. But what kind of football lover would only show interest when his team wins? Instead I renewed my membership and continued as I had since the A-league's season one.

Let's reflect briefly on the first A-League season back in 2005. In Book 4, Chapter 19 you can read the story how I took a 3400 km road trip to witness the first A-League goal scored in Newcastle, NSW. It was at a time when the number 1 and 26 played a big role in a Royal Commission, at least in my book.

Only recently, eleven years later, did this thought come: In the alphabet letter 1 is first, 26 is last. In the biblical book of Revelations (Ch.22 V.13) Jesus is described as the first and the last.

In hindsight the decision to keep supporting my football team in 2016 was a good one. In a remarkable turn-around, starting at round 9 (coincidentally, this was around the time I rejoined as a member) the Reds started winning. As if a magical something had come into play, a fairytale was in the making. The boys started winning match after match. They only lost one more out of the next 20. 

Finally, for the first time, Adelaide won the Premier's plate at the end of the regular season. The success came with a little 'help' from their arch-rivals Melbourne Victory, who held Brisbane Roar to a 0:0 draw after a crucial fight for top spot. 

The scene was set for a first time ever grand final at Adelaide Oval. (In the A-League, after the regular season, the first six teams play off to decide the ultimate champion.) At the end of the 2015/16 season Adelaide United became IT.


Adelaide Oval, 1.5.16 - Western Sydney Wanderers vs. Adelaide United 2016 - Grand Final.

Some irresponsible Wanderer fan had smuggled flares into the ground and ignited it before kick-off; hence the smoke. 

The teams are seen on far left, standing for the singing of the national anthem.


Adelaide's football (soccer) fraternity had never seen anything like it. The newly renovated and expanded sports ground, the Adelaide Oval, was packed to almost capacity on that unforgettable, sunny Sunday afternoon. A sea of red jerseys provided a colourful contrast to the lush, green grass and blue sky. The cheers of 50119 excited football fans provided a carnival- like atmosphere long before kick-off. 

I was especially happy just to be there with two of my sons. We all witnessed a thrilling football match with No. 24 (Kamau) scoring the first goal for Adelaide. The crowd went wild; and again, even more so, after No. 8 Isaias placed a free-kick, perfectly into the top left corner, leaving the Wanderers goalkeeper and his team stunned. 

Equally superb was the Wanderer's fight-back goal*, a cracker of a shot after the break, which beat even Adelaide's captain and super goal keeper, Eugene Galekovic, and created much excitement in the stadium. The opponents from Sydney were known for strong come-backs.


*Researching for this chapter, watching the replay, the digits 1 & 2 amazed me: Here's how:

Above goal brought the score to 1:2. The cracker shot was by No.12 Neville, scored in the 12th minute of the second half.


There was plenty of time, over half an hour, for the Wanderers to equalize. The team from Sydney's West tried hard, but failed to break Adelaide's defense. Much to the relief of the crowd the third goal for Adelaide, just before the final whistle, sealed the match for Adelaide. It was scored by No.7 Sanchez, the Spaniard's 7th goal for the season. Adelaide United, for the first time in their 13 year history, became Australia's football league champions.

The timing of it all struck me as having been arranged just for this page: 

Kick-off had been scheduled for 15.30 hours on 1.5. The final score was 3:1

You are reading it in Book 15, Chapter 3, published (God willing) on 31.5.

- - - - - - -

Those digits 1 3 5 have run through my books since Day 1; as regular reader will well know. When they appear, something inside makes me react. Late last year I reacted, committing my wife and I to sponsoring a child in the Philippines. 

The way it came about was, in my world view, arranged by my unseen, almighty friend and manager, to use a non-religious phrase.

Following an information session regarding child sponsorship, those participants who wanted to sponsor a child, could select one from a gallery of displayed photos. There were dozens to choose from. I happen to wander across the room, as my eyes fell onto this picture, the first one I looked at closely:

Our sponsored girl in the Philippines

Her date of birth 30.1.05, obviously, was what first attracted my attention. Later I took a closer look at her name - it started with A L and ended in madle. 

Anybody who knows Schwabian, the dialect spoken in southern Germany, knows that one can add the letter le to almost any noun. Madle translates simply into 'little girl'.

- - - - - - -

At the time of writing (May 2016) a famous, rich actor Mr. Depp has been making headline news on the world stage. He publicly insulted Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Joyce, making a very derogatory comment about his looks. It was clearly in retaliation for receiving a fine from our authorities for illegally bringing two pet dogs into Australia on his private jet. The reason I mention this here is the meaning of the word depp. In southern Germany they call a person of low intelligence a depp.

It raises the question: Is it correct that one does not need to be very intelligent to become rich and famous; or good looking to become a politician?

For the answer we should look neither to Hollywood nor Washington. Depps are everywhere. And for these let me quote 3 bible verses, keeping in mind that in God's eyes our IQ or our looks are of very little importance: 

"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all ..." (James 1, 5). 

"Wisdom is with aged men". (Job 12, 12). Aha - Altmann! (Bk. 1 ff.)

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Psalm 111, 10.)

- - - - - - -

At this point in the chapter my wife returned from her voluntary work at the Op-Shop. Casually, I asked her what the takings were for the morning.  Having written only hours earlier, that digits 1 3 5 run through my books, her answer surprised: "153 Dollars."

- - - - - - -

This figure surprised me not merely because of what I had already written, but of a story I was about to write, which ends in just these three digits 1 (0) and 53. It happened just over a week before this writing, on Friday May 20th. As I was riding my bicycle in a northerly direction from our place I suddenly remembered a message I had to pass on to my mother-in-law, who lives south of our place. I changed direction immediately.

Had I not done so I would not have passed the major intersection, the one I reported on in the previous chapter, the Liebherr (Masters) corner. In passing, right in the middle of that busy cross road, I spotted a set of keys. At first I ignored it, thinking what good would it do if I collected it? But my conscience nagged to return and pick it up. I could possibly hand it into the police station?

I returned to pick it up, mindful of fast moving peak hour traffic. Luckily for the owner, his set of keys came with a tag, displaying his name and phone number (disguised for privacy) It also included a remote car door opener.



How this young man, Ben, could lose a set of keys in the middle of a busy intersection remains a mystery. I was able to contact him. The next morning he picked them up, explaining that they must have fallen out of his bag, as he was driven home from work.

But there was something else attached to the keys. A blue bottle opener with a company name written on it: NOBLE and SONS. In the back of my mind the name Noble registered. Not only did I recall somebody, who works or worked there, but this person happened to be present in church way back in 1999, when I was at the lowest point in life (Bk. 1, Ch. 9 and 10).

To refresh my mind I read Chapter 10, where indeed the name Noble appears. Tear welled up in my eyes, tears of joy and thankfulness, how God had so wonderfully brought me through those difficult times. 

Continuing my writing, turning to my diary for information, my eyes fell onto a graphic. It had been printed in our church newsletter on Sunday 15.5, less than a week before I found above keys:

Diary: Graphic from Church Newsletter 15 May 2016

'Change the world' with a key ...?

I pasted this picture into my diary, because it reminded me of the digits 1 10, featured in the previous chapter.

A closer look revealed a missing letter? What is a keying?

 Below: The microphone cable at church, on Sunday 1/5 highlighted the missing letter above the church platform. 

John 1, 14: "And the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth*." 

The word became flesh in the form of Jesus Christ, who lives on the earth showing the world how to live. HE is the truth. HE'L changed the world.

(*Is this strange or not? The same afternoon after writing this I took a ride on my GIANT. As I was waiting at the red traffic light an ambulance, lights flashing, sirens blaring, turned from the the Salisbury Highway into Spains Road. It was ambulance No. 114). 

- - - - - - -

The incident of my key find at the Liebherr corner had a sequel. After you read it, you will agree, the timing of it, Bk.15, 3, could not have been more appropriate. As finder's reward the young man gave me two scratch tickets worth $ 20, with the possibility of 20 winnings. , 

Unfamiliar with lottery tickets I learned that to check if you win a prize (first prize $ 300 000!) you had to scratch out numbers. If three out of five numbers were the same, you're a winner. If so, to find out how much you have won you have to scratch another panel on the right. Take a look at the one winning combination:

Winning numbers on scratch ticket: 53 53 47 53 19 - $ 10.00

For the first time in my life, to the best of my knowledge, I won on a scratch ticket. How peculiar, in Book 15, Chapter 3, uploaded on 31.5 the winning No. is 53! It made me $ 10 richer.

The win went into the offering plate the next morning. Oops ... gambling money in the Salvos offering...?! 

(Pardon the quality. It's a scan from my Samsung phone / camera, another first by necessity. At present, mildly frustrated, I'm unable to transfer images from the phone camera to the P/C. On editing: It appears to be a cable issue!)

- - - - - - - 

My diary is filled with peculiar things I see or hear; so much to write, so little time! How can somebody spell Ousiders wrong (PHCC) or suffer the paint of imprisonment (APN) or speak the word allowed (all owed - BBC/TF) by mistake? 

There is the possibility they are just simple errors, nothing more. At the same time they occupy my mind. Perhaps they are codes, a leftover from my struggle to prove my sanity?

Only three hours before writing this paragraph I heard (code?) 3 / 5 during the Hour of Power, a TV program broadcast from Shepherds Grove, California. I used to watch very regularly many years ago. 

A week earlier (on Sun 22.5.16) I had risen to use the bathroom just before 5 AM. I decided to stay up and watch the program, something I had not done for many months. That morning Robbie* told a humourous story, which I would like to retell:

*Grandson of Robert Schuller.

When he was first in love with his now wife, they both attended a home group. He looked forward to it, especially to seeing the pretty girl every week. But he was not sure, if the young lady had the same feeling for him. 

When after entering the crowded room one day, he heard his love call out: "Robbie, why don't you sit here with me?" He could not believe his fortune. Was this a dream. Robbie very quickly responded with a wave and heeded the call. He wasted no time to move across the crowded room, until ... oops! Another young man sat right beside 'his' girl. It was her cousin Robbie!

Her name is Hannah.

(Amazing? Right here in this chapter, approx. 8.20 am, Sunday 29.5.16 I paused to join my wife for breakfast. Switching the TV on to Channel Seven2, I knew Dr. David Jeremiah from St. Diego would be preaching. What I did not know - what he was speaking about. In the first sentence, after tuning into the broadcast, he was telling a story about a young lady he had fallen in love with ... They made a pledge to write letters to each other, every day.)


Here is why I retold above story of Robbie and Hannah: Five hours after I had heard him preach, telling his funny love story, we went to church. I did not give Hannah or Robbie another thought, until the graphic for the theme that Sunday appeared on the big screen above the platform:

Hannah - ... and the Lord remembered her.

(I only cropped the picture on the left, not on the right. Love is ... Read on for another J).

Whilst in today's western society child-bearing and nurturing seems no longer thought of as noble and important to women, in biblical days it was. Hannah was mocked constantly because she was barren. 

She was desperate to have the stigma removed, which only bearing a child could take away. She made a deal with God: "If you remember me and give me a son, I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life." (Samuel 1, 11) .

The Lord remembered her and answered her prayer (Verse 19). Making a pledge to God is very powerful, if done with a sincere attitude and in faith. Try it. IT works!


It was not merely the name Hannah, which made me take above photo. Moments later, as my mind was still across the Pacific Ocean in Shepherd's Grove, California, the leader Dave (above in uniform) announced the first hymn: "Joyful, joyful we adore thee ..." This is the theme song, sung at the beginning of every broadcast of the Hour of Power.

One detail on above graphic of Hannah had me thinking - how strange the three letters (J and is) came out!? 

 During a recent bible study, as way of introduction, the leader asked each of the small group of a dozen or so, to say a few word about their name. Some knew exactly what their name meant or how their parents came to give it to them.

Having been put on the spot I got a little nervous and mixed up the meaning of my name with that of my son Benjamin - Son of my right hand. My name Dieter has nothing to do with food. It's common in Germany and means 'warrior of the people' or 'army of the people'.

When it was my wife Isobel's turn, she said it was the Spanish equivalent of Elizabeth. Somebody in the group said it meant 'Beauty'. I certainly agreed with this interpretation. (After all, I did marry my Isobel more for her looks than her money, ha, ha). An online source* gave a different, very interesting explanation of the name Isobel: 'Pledged to God'.

Our church's theme, the Salvation Army, for 2016 is 'Deeper and Wider'. If it means thinking deeper and looking wider, that's what I do. 


- - - - - - -

Let's leave our deep thinking for another day and take a road trip instead. The day after Adelaide United's great day of victory in the Hyundai A-League my wife and I took our Hyundai for a week's holiday to - where else - Victoria. We had booked into a place in famous Lydiard Street. Ballarat, a former gold mining town just over an hour's drive north-west of Melbourne. (En route I could not help noticing two registration plates, heavy vehicles, part of the same road works: POP was one, the other ...110).

Unfortunately, the weather had turned very cold and wet. Whilst we arrived early enough for a possible short stroll downtown, we stayed in and watched television instead. The news was not very good on the weather front - Melbourne was expecting winds of up to 110 km/h, according to Kylie, the same TV presenter mentioned in the previous chapter (" about 4 minutes we interview a lady, who brought up 6 children under 8."



<<< Historic Lydiard Street, Ballarat, Vic.

Grand old mansions on Lydiard Street, both hotels and private residences alike, bear witness to the enormous wealth the region once enjoyed.

The television series Dr. Blake Mysteries is filmed in this part of Ballarat. 

Only days before this chapter, my wife and I watched an episode of Dr.Blake solving a crime. Some scenes were filmed at Lake Wendouree, the location of the 1956 Olympic Rowing events, only a few kilometers from the city center.

It was tempting to stay in the warm bed on our first morning. But I rose and took an early morning bike ride around the picturesque lake. Unlike a previous trip in 07 (Bk.6, 18, Picture below) there was plenty of water in the lake this time:

Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, Victoria

What a difference a bicycle makes!

At the beginning of my short early morning ride I could not help noticing police opposite our hotel. Two officers were inside a business called 'The Local'. Their patrol vehicle parked outside was registration plate ...551. 

At the western end of Lake Wendouree are the Botanical Gardens, one of Ballarat's tourist attractions. A well known feature among the beautiful trees and flowers is an avenue with statues of former Australian Prime Ministers. The most recent ones are not yet included.


Avenue of Prime Ministers >>>

The good-looking blond on the right is Mr. Kevin Rudd, who was also known as Kevin 07. (The other is the husband of the person who took the photo, her name is... Yes, Is.

Mr. Rudd was Prime Minister from 2007 until 2010 and again briefly from 27.6 - 18.9 2013. Had he been PM only a few days less, he may have been PM for 1000 days. Considering his name ends in D D = 1000 he came close to it! 

Searching Wikipedia for more information revealed a little known fact about Mr. Rudd's adversary, Julia Gillard. It is common knowledge that she became Australia's first and only female Prime Ministers after staging a coup against Mr. Rudd. But did anyone know, she once showed off her private parts in public?

Wikipedia revealed it: "The 27th Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is the most recent addition to the Avenue. She publicly unveiled her bust on 9 October 2014, making her the second Prime Minister to unveil their own bust." 

- - - - - - -


Ballarat is a perfect starting point to visit quaint, old villages and towns in the goldfields region of Victoria. We took a drive to Daylesford (left) and nearby Hepburn Springs, continuing on to Maldon (below).

Maldon, is Australia's first 'notable Town' founded in 1853. It has retained it's original old world charm since the gold-rush days. The center of town remains virtually unchanged.

- - - - - - -

During our short two day break in Ballarat I tuned into their local Christian Radio Station on 103.9 FM a few times. (What a pity, their frequency isn't 103.5 ... just kidding). An entry in my diary records how I enjoyed their program, especially the music. One song particularly blessed me immensely for two reasons. Firstly because I heard it twice during the short time of listening. Secondly, the song title seemed to fit the title of this, my fifteenth book: "Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling..." 

To reach our next overnight destination, Lakes Entrance in Gippsland, we had drive through the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne. As regular reader would know, I had been there many times, seen it all, except I had never been on top of the Eureka Tower.


Below: Melbourne's tourist center around Federation Square and Flinders Street Station. 

Many Melbourne memories go back to that busy city hub: A candle on the steps of St. Pauls, a political rally outside the railway station, Her Majesty the Queen passing by on a tram over Princess Bridge or watching a football match on the big screen at Fed. Square, because we couldn't get a ticket for the stadium, etc. etc. 

Above: View toward Lake Albert and St. Kilda; Port Phillip Bay in the distance. At almost 300 m the Eureka Tower it about the height of the Eiffel Tower.  


Leaving Melbourne at 15.30 hours, before the peak hour traffic, did not result in a smooth exit. Traffic was slow through the suburbs and continued crawling on the Monash Freeway. There was not only one bad crash, which caused the chaos, there were two. The second time traffic came to crawl I lost my patience somewhat. I exited the freeway impulsively at Pakenham, but turned the wrong way, trying to get around the crash site. It was a mistake!

After about 5 km driving south, we ended up on a gravel road, no signs to guide us, no detailed map. As it was getting dark, I came to my senses and returned to Pakenham. After filling up with petrol the attendant very kindly gave us a map, so we would find our way back to the freeway.

Soon we were back on the highway, rushing along for 210 kilometers, with only one toilet stop, after which I reflected: Why am I worried, arriving a little late, when there are no appointments, no pressing duties waiting, and a luxury room reserved for us? 

What about those unfortunate motorists, who may be in pain, lying on a hospital bed or worse, still trapped in their wreck? All their appointments are on hold, they may need months to recover, their life possibly changed forever? We should pause more often and think, what are we doing, and why.

- - - - - - -


Lakes Entrance, Vic. >>>

We had chosen to stay in a great apartment with superb water views., not far from the center of this gem in East Gippsland. The long road trip certainly was worth it.

During our short stay, riding my bike, I counted at least a dozen caravan parks and four mini-golf courses? I imagined how busy the place would be in summer! 


The mild weather, the sunshine invited us for a long walk, strolling on the esplanade watching pelicans among the fleet of recreational and commercial fishing boats, across a footbridge to 90-Mile Beach (far right).


The entrance to the Gippland Lakes is clearly seen, hence the name.



Taking an early morning walk, on my own, I spotted a soft drink can standing on the ground, all on its own. It looked very conspicuous. I took a picture because it was a Sunkist.

Hey, just researching here I find that my Sunkist story in 2003 in the US is in Book 1, Chapter 65. The date above was 6.5.1 ... (After I had snapped the photo I realized two gentlemen were watching me from the deck of a fishing boat, or perhaps a landing. What did they think of a tourist, taking photos of a discarded soft drink can?)

There is a 6 / 5 story in my diary, thanks to my wife Is, who told me what she had heard on radio that day. She heard veteran political reporter Barry Cassidy say: "One Labor party policy has been kept quiet - they want to abolish 5 cent coins, because they cost 6 cents to produce." I'm good at dates. That day was also May 6th.

- - - - - - -

Pity we only spent two nights, one full day, at Lakes Entrance; far too short at such a beautiful place, in lovely autumn weather. Our next destination, however, also shines at it's best during autumn. Leaving the Gippsland coast on Saturday, 7th May we drove on the beautiful alpine road over Mount Hotham to Bright, Victoria. Regular readers may recall that in late 2010, as reported in Book 9 Chapter 10, I had crossed over this mountain pass by bicycle.


<<<  Bright in autumn colours.

This stretch of our recent trip to Victoria for me became a walk down memory lane. I recalled many places, where I had stopped during my strenuous bike ride in 2010.

My wife and I enjoyed a coffee at Omeo, the start of the serious climb to the top. It was hard to believe that only 5 /1/2 years ago I had covered 109 kilometers in one day, mostly uphill and some in pouring rain.

I had pre-warned my wife that I would like to take the opportunity for a ride, from the top of Mount Hotham down into the OVENS valley. It was dry and mild this time. (Good timing, only a day or so later, Mt. Hotham experienced record rainfalls!) 

That Saturday in Bright, how fortunate, a car rally had gathered in a car park by the river. While my wife did the souvenir shopping I enjoyed the vintage cars. 

This pic.

Two things stood out in my mind. One, in the middle of the car park, on it's own, lay a large woolen sock. I noticed the shape - the letter J. (Even though Is wasn't with me, I did not take a picture, people watching, thinking ...?) The second fact I took note of - the veteran vehicles were mostly Vauxhalls. The very first motor car I owned was a 1961 Vauxhall, Victor.

Hey! A revelation just came: If the letter J stands for HE, the word victor fits perfectly. So do the digits 96 and 1. Read it in Is. 53. HE won.

Echuca on the River Murray was our final overnight stop. Unfortunately, the weather had turned sour again, at least for tourists. The farmers and gardeners probably rejoiced. 

- - - - - - -

A week later, our holiday already a week in the past, a few things happened which filled three pages of my diary. It was Sunday 15.05, Pentecost Sunday in the church calendar, where Christians reflect on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Not that I expected anything special. When I do, nothing happens; but when I forget myself and just follow my creative, active mind things suddenly take place.

Besides the number 1015050 (details private) crossing my path, there was another number, the number 103, which spooked me as soon as I saw it on a registration plate in a driveway. While riding my bicycle in the Adelaide suburb of Linden Park, I noticed a man exiting from his vehicle. Nothing unusual, until I recognized it. The same vehicle not only received a mention in Book 4, Chapter 5, there also is a photograph - registration plate ... 103.

Here is the twist, besides fitting into this months (May 31) chapter: I was only a street away from the Nursing Home, where I visit my old German friend Hildegard. Sadly, she is now bedridden. But at 103 years old, she is doing fine.

A closer look into Book 4 back home revealed the date, the time when I had the experience with vehicle 103 in Chapter 5. It was on 15.7.05. Remove the 7 and we are left with 15.05.

The title of the chapter indicates that the day was planned by the Master. I believe Sunday 15.05 in 2016 also was.

Let's pray that every day of our life we recognize HIS call and follow HIS plan. HE knows best.


Chapter 4