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(Graham Kendrick)

God is a God of miracles. You will find plenty in this chapter. And may you see many more along your journey with HIM. In this chapter we meet the inventor of Miracle Mops. Her name ends in NO; perfect timing in her appearance on TV here in Australia. It's a No. What else?

OUR DAILY BREAD also again created timely magic. I don't plan this. HE does. Our great God knows, HE guides. There is a brief walk down memory lane as we revisit a cyclone a decade ago.

Enjoy and be blessed as HIS word goes forth and brings light and life.




In the previous chapter I gave only one example, from the hundreds mentioned in the Bible, how God knew what would happen in the future. He had inspired the prophet Zechariah to write, half a millennia earlier, what mode of transport (a donkey) Jesus would be using to enter Jerusalem prior to his crucifixion.

Let me begin this chapter with an example, how God, knowing what was to happen, inspired me to name this, my fifteenth book, Heed the Call; not 500 years prior, but one week before publishing the previous chapter. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that HE was behind the big surprise, which waited for me on the evening of publishing the first Chapter.

The two word headline in Our Daily Bread Bible reading could not have been more appropriate, or come at a better time that day. Not only do they fit Heed the call perfectly, they could replace the title on the graphic of the shepherd leading the sheep: Follow Me. 

Take a look at God's amazing, inspired title and timing:


ODB - Thursday March 31, 2016: Follow ME. 

"Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men". (Matthew, 4, 19)

Better to face THE Book and follow ONE - Jesus, than to follow dozens on Facebook. 

The only regret people have, after deciding to follow Jesus, is that they had not heeded the call earlier.

- - - - - - -

On the morning of commencing this chapter (26.4.16) it happened again. As if God was drawing attention to Himself, wanting to remind us that HE is there, watching all we do and not only when we do wrong. As always, I write as it was, fresh on my mind what took place only hours ago. Readers will have to judge for themselves, if it's just co-incidence or whatever. It all makes sense as I marvel at our almighty, all-knowing, all-powerful God.

After finishing breakfast around 8.45 AM I started updating my diary. The first sentence I wrote, documenting events for Monday 25/4, Anzac Day, was: "Only became aware late evening that today was the 17th anniversary of the launch of my mission". The very same second as I wrote the word 'that' the presenter on TV spoke the word 'that'. My antenna went up! 

The very first time this phenomena happened about 15 years ago. Moments after I had typed the words 'supernatural powers' into my keyboard, a voice spoke  them on radio. From then on it had happened many times. 

When I noted the exact time into my diary, the digits 8.46 didn't hold much meaning at first.  However, after the TV screen changed and showed another person in the studio, it all started to fall into place. This man's name and the time 8.46 AM suddenly linked to a major weather event a decade ago. In a brief email I explained what had happened:

Email to Sunrise, Channel Seven - 26.4.16, 

Subject: Old mate remembered

Hi all,
This old mate wrote the word ‘that’ into his diary, when at the very same second Kochie spoke it before grilling Larry and the girls.
I noted the time on the clock – 8.46 AM. It could easily turn into 486, which reminded this old mate of a storm in North Queensland.
It happened 10 years and one month ago, devastated much of Australia’s banana crop around Innisfail (Postcode 4860) and caused 1.1 billion Dollars damage. The cyclone was called Larry. Lest we forget!
Kind regards,
Dieter, Adelaide
PS Lowering the turf at Adelaide Oval 3 mm is not a good idea. Many older spectators, especially watching from the top rows find it hard to watch play now. Another 3 mm lower would made matters worse!  

The letters after my signature indicate an anomaly I had seen on the same show two days before. The newsreader (Nat) read a car registration plate ... 7, when on the screen it showed ...Z. 

The PS refers to an earlier item on that same TV show. In a jovial manner they reported, as I understood this most laughable matter, that the turf at Adelaide Oval is 3 mm too high to meet soccer standards. (A most important match is scheduled to take place on May 1st. Watch this space!)

The numbers 10 / 1 (years / months) and the damage bill 1.1 Billion, came as a surprise after checking with Wikipedia. Numbers shall never seize!


How could I ever forget, indeed Australia will never forget, the time when we paid $ 15 for a kilogram of bananas, following cyclone Larry. At the time it was a huge story; not only in our nightly news bulletins, but also in my autobiography. I still marvel how God had dropped the postcode of Innisfail - 4860 - into my mind as I was praying, pointing to the sad decisions by politicians regarding the RU 486 abortion pill. (Book 4, Chapter 34). 

But there was more, something I am trying to make sense of, but struggle to explain. A few minutes after Larry and the TV Show team had received my email, a guest was interviewed in their studio. It was an actress, who had written a book. When I heard the title, I wondered, did I hear correctly or am I dreaming? The title could not have been more fitting into the overall picture.

Minutes after my 8.46 AM email would have arrived at the TV station I clearly heard the presenter say: "Stay tuned, after the break; in about 4 minutes we interview a lady, who brought up 6 children under 8."

Did I stay tuned! I not only stayed tuned, I was stunned and made sure I would not miss the interview and snap above picture of the book the lady had written:


<<< Six under Eight,  by Madeleine West.

Who would have known that immediately before this live interview in their studio, talking about raising 6 children und 8, my 4, 6 and 8 email would arrive in their studio? I certainly, clearly did not. But God (77) knew. HE knows the beginning from the end.

- - - - - - -

On Sunday April 10th my wife, her mother and I did not attend our regular place of worship, but my mother-in-law's former church. As soon as the preacher, Pastor Newsham, opened his sermon with John 3, 16, I recalled waking that morning at 6.31 AM. Nothing to blog about, yet.

The next morning we again were watching the same Channel 7 Breakfast TV Show as above. A news item from the USA, a first-time ever golf event, featured those famous, biblical numbers - 3 and 16. It happened during the US Masters golf championship in Augusta, Georgia. In the US it was still Sunday 10th.

As I understood this first-ever magic, 3 golfers, in the same round, shot aces on the same green - Hole No.16!  The website of the US PGA lists the names of the three - Shane Lowry, David Love III (a little ironic?!) and Louis Oosthuizen. 



<<< Ace on 16th!

Had Oosthuizen's ball not hit another, it may not have created this magic; the third ace, on the same hole, within two hours at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia.


A further first-time-ever twist came the morning following. As I was updating my diary I recorded what had transpired. Just as I scribbled the words 'first time ever' they were spoken, at the same second, during a TV ad for Burns for Blinds.

But it wasn't this, which made me email the Channel Seven TV Show once again. No, there was another 1613 observation floating around in my brain that same time. For a day or two a name stood out on a supermarket docket my wife had received after shopping. I happened to come across it accidentally (no God incidental). 

I can't recall if my initial interest was the total $ 13.16* or if it was the unusual name, that of the check-out person. Take a look:

*Correction: Should read $ 16.13


Served by Justice >>> Total $ 16.13. Now we know, why there is no justice in South Australia! Justice is working in the supermarket, instead of the court room.

I assumed this to be a  misspelling. Justine makes more sense. If so, it's code c n.

On editing I noticed: Near the misspelled word Light Ry - 1550!


Out of curiosity I visited the supermarket some days later and asked a staff member, if a person worked there by the name Justine. The young lady said yes. Then I explained about the strange name on the (above) docket, which I had forgotten to take. This time I received a strange look. After a short hesitation, already walking away to return working, she added: "We have one of them too."

 That day, as has happened for the past 15 years, justice was hard to find in Adelaide!

The 1613 sequence in the first-time-ever golf story led me to email the TV Breakfast program.

Date: 11.4.16

Subject: Magic on the 16th


Hi all,
How amazing! For the 1st time 3-holes-in-one on the 16th hole!
Those numbers reminded me of the shopping docket I came across a few days ago. My wife’s purchase came to $ 16.13. Nothing strange, except what I saw next. The checkout person serving was named Justice! (I will check if it’s meant to be Justine.)
A thought came: Justice for mankind’s sin should be death. But God is giving everyone another chance – John 3, 16. This verse was the very first quoted in church yesterday: God so loved the world, he gave His only son, whoever believes in Him, has everlasting life.
Kind regards,
Dieter, Adelaide
PS Maybe the shopping docket and the magic on hole 16 at the US golf championship was God reminding all of His amazing love!


While on the subject of funny names, another name two days later, on the same TV show, perplexed me somewhat. A gentleman from New Zealand had won a huge amount of money by simply registering his name and codeword. He was there ready to heed, sorry to take the call from the TV crew: "You have won $ 40 000!"

I took a photo of his name on the screen. Would you not agree that a man by the name Here win i, winning such a big sum, is truly incredible?


Herewini is a proper name of Maori origin in New Zealand. Here  win i won big on April 13th,16.

If He ... heeds the Saviour's call and follows HIM, he will be a real winner!

Judging by the way justice has been lacking for someone I have written about since Book 1, perhaps its easier to win $ 40 000 Dollars in a TV show than gaining justice for an innocent man? 

- - - - - - -


As I write (27th April) a world-wide news story is being reported. After 27 years of fighting, a court in the UK has finally granted justice to relatives and survivors of the 1989 Hillsborough Stadium disaster.


Justice after 27 years   >>>

In a 7:2 ruling, the 96 deaths at Hillsborough, where Liverpool was playing, were declared an 'unlawful killing'. Police was grossly negligent in opening a gate and allowing more spectators into the already crowded stadium. 

Police had consistently blamed the behaviour of spectators to have caused the disaster.

Will it take 27 years before SAPOL (South Australian Police) admits they have erred in the prosecution of an innocent man?

(Source and pic: Adelaide Advertiser, 27.4.16, Page 30)


At the time of writing - April 2016 - a man has been released from prison. During a recent men's gathering I learned about this unfortunate person, and his fight for justice. 

Tony Grosser blew the whistle in 1991 on corrupt police who were dealing in drugs. He supplied information, which put his life in danger. He was put onto police protection*

*Correction: Should read - he had applied, but was denied police protection. 

As happens often with such brave characters, they are systematically persecuted and eventually destroyed. Thinking he was being attacked by criminals, trying to defend himself, during a long siege Tony shot and injured a policemen. He was injured himself. His desperate act to protect himself and his family landed him in jail for almost two decades. 

(Source: Bev Goode on Networked Knowledge,

A report in Adelaide's only newspaper, the Advertiser, paints Tony Grosser as a paranoid, mentally ill criminal. Who would not feel paranoid, having to apply for police protection after having blowing the whistle on corrupt officers?

Is this another case of justice going begging in South Australia? 

God knows! Justice and truth will win the end! 

- - - - - - - 


A brochure in our letterbox advertised some special buys at the opening of a brand new office supplies store in our suburb, right opposite the huge German company with the nice name - Liebherr (lit. translated Dear Sir, Dear Lord, Bk. 1, 37). ) This was not the main reason I took note. My attention was drawn to the front page of the brochure, where only one super special product was featured. Numbers did it again!

Opening sale, super price on Yoga Tab 3 10.1" Tablet.

Early followers of my auto-bio will well recognize numbers 228 and 301. They go right back to Book 1, Chapter 19. From that chapter onward my thinking codes started in earnest. 

In above graphic, note code C : 128 / 228 / 328.

Originally, on the same property was to be a mega hardware store, right next door. It is already built, even painted in a deep blue colour ready for MASTERS to open! Unfortunately, the owners (Woolworths) decided against continuing with their hardware side of the business. No Masters on the Liebherr corner! Dear Lord and Masters would have made such a good match!

- - - - - - -


<<<  Lonely trash bin in Para Hills West! 

The name Caleb at the end of previous chapter provided much excitement from page 30/31 in the City magazine. The date of publishing this chapter was 03.31.

Three days later, what other reason would there be to take a photo of the only trash bin outside a block of units?


As I prepared this current chapter I stumbled across a link from 13/30 to that biblical character Caleb. Question - Who was he? For the answer we need to take a look into the Book of Numbers. (Yes, there is a book in the bible called Numbers). 

The people of Israel had escaped from Egypt and were looking for a place to live. Caleb, the son of Jephunneh was one of the 12 spies sent by their leader, Moses, into Canaan, the promised land beyond the Jordan River. These men were to explore what the region looked like; how fertile it was, what kind of people lived there, how fortified their cities were etc.

When they returned, bringing with them samples of fruit and vegetable, they reported that the place was flowing with milk and honey. Unfortunately, ten out of the twelve spies thought that the inhabitants of that land were strong and big, their cities well built and hard to beat in battle. They did not paint a positive picture, doubting that fighting for this land would lead to a successful conquest. 

But two out of the twelve spies did not see only difficulties, they saw the potential. One was Joshua, who would later lead the people into the promised land. The other was Caleb.

His report is written in Numbers, Chapter 13, Verse 30:

"Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, "We should go up and take possession of the land, for we certainly can do it."

Isn't it typically human? With every one, who says we can do it, there are five who doubt that it can be done. God's own people did not believe their God. They disobeyed and as a result wandered aimlessly for decades in the wilderness, lost.

Before ending the chapter with a thought about the Promised Land, a brief story what had happened a week earlier. On that occasion I turned doubt into action - it worked!

I was picking up my elderly German friend Lore in her Aged Care facility. Our small German-speaking seniors group was going for an outing to the Barossa Valley. On entering the room I saw she was very upset - she could not locate her purse. A staff member was busy, down on hands and knees, looking everywhere trying to locate it. 

After a futile search for a few minutes we had to leave, the bus could not wait any longer. I offered to lend Lore some money, no problem. We all had a nice day, apart from Lore worrying about her purse.

When I dropped her back we asked the staff, if anybody had found it. No luck - yet. Sadly, in Aged Care Homes things often go missing and there is always the doubt, if an item has been mislaid or stolen.

I was about to leave, when I sensed how Lore was still very upset. Trying to help I said: "Let me have another quick look!" I got down on the floor to check under the bed, which I was sure a staff member had already checked. Nothing under the bed. 

At that point, slightly more desperate and not wanting to leave Lore in distress, I fired off an arrow prayer. It only lasted a second. Arrow prayers are mostly launched under pressure. No time to quote scripture or utter fancy words. God heard. In an instant, out of the corner of my eyes, I spotted a black shape under Lore's bedside table. It was her purse. 

On saying good-bye I assured her that I had prayed and God answered. 

She replied: "I also prayed, why did HE not answer my prayer?"

I assured her that HE DID answer her prayer. But God answers our prayers HIS way, not ours. On leaving I said: "HE did find your purse, didn't HE?" 

But there was more: The theme in church two days later, how surprising, was about things lost! The text was from Luke 15 - three stories about loss - a coin, a sheep and a son! The preacher kicked-off his talk by asking: "Who has ever lost something?" 

Simultaneously he started a picture show on the screen. The first item was, you guessed it - a purse, same colour, same shape as Lore's!

- - - - - - -

Picture first spotted on TV Channel 72.

The End Times and the secret of the Mahdi

- - - - - - -

On the morning of finishing and publishing this chapter, April 30, I woke exactly at 4.30 AM. How this happens, I do not know, God knows. HE loves numbers. A scripture immediately came to mind. It is found in the Book of Isaiah. It matches perfectly, using code 3/5:

"The Lord has given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He wakens Me morning by morning, He wakens My ear to hear as the learned." (Isaiah  50, 4).

If this is the result of a diagnosed bi-polar disorder, I wished more readers would njoy (sic*) this condition!

*I have been using sic, perhaps incorrectly, when misspelling a word on purpose, read on.

- - - - - - - 

The story of Joshua miraculously leading the people of Israel into the promised land, across the flooded river Jordan, was the subject in church on Sunday April 24th, 16. The well chosen hymn that morning "Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah" included the lyrics: "When I treat the verge of Jordan bit my anxious fears subside..." 

The hymn writer must have felt exactly like us; when taking that first step, going where God wants us to go, the fear of the the unknown, the prospect of sacrifice and pain, creates a 'holy anxiety'. At that point, not before we take the first step, God steps in and, often miraculously, works miracles. What HE did for the people of Israel so long ago, HE can do for you today! 

Stop Press:

Readers know when I write Stop Press, something huge just popped up. It did. The day before publishing I happened to spot a name on Channel Nine's Today Show. A lady in the USA went from rags to riches inventing - not miracles - but the Miracle Mop*.

Take a look at her name and N JOY:

PIC: Channel Nine TV

JOY MANGANO - her name ends in NO.

Not only does the inventor come from N Y. but her birthday is February 15. (Wikipedia).

And what better time than to make an appearance in my autobio than in Chapter 2 of Book 15. 

Just noticed after scanning >>> I C HE ... The Masters Planner at work!


(*Not joking - moments before this writing, my wife reminded me that the kitchen and bathroom had not been done for a while. Could I give them a mop up! It'll be my joy to do, while she goes to the gym .... No, sorry to the Salvo store for her voluntary work!) 

- - - - - - -


Back in church, as I listened to the story of the Jordan River crossing, a thought came. The name of the promised land starts with the letters CA. The only other letters are a & n.

(Maybe, this is where Mr. Obama took his slogan from - Yes, we can! Did he ever tell the people of the US - what he meant they can do? If his vision is for same-sex couples to somehow procure children to create a new type of American family, I think his slogan should be: Yes we can do without!)

The thought in church that Sunday opened my mind to the fact that both Caleb and Canaan start with the letters CA.

If what remains - leb (German for live) and a N are brought together, the message becomes: "See and live Jesus!"

Later that day (24th April) I visited 103-year old Hildegard in her Nursing Home in Burnside. She is of the Jehovah's Witness belief - the Great Jehovah guided me to her. HE also guided me home, I believe, as I rode my Giant bicycle through the suburbs of Adelaide.

Turning a corner in the suburb of Marden I suddenly read the street name - Caleb Street.

The Great Jehovah guides! Follow HIM.

Chapter 3