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This chapter concludes Book 15. It was written during the week, when Australia's East Coast was hit by the worst storm in many years. God is calling Australia to heed his call and turn back to HIM. 

Two mystery circles will puzzle us.; the solution soo simple!

We shall take a short, overnight bike tour during hot weather. Drinking water is important. A message from the bible, from God Himself, confirmed it!


15.  Cool Water 414

As I write the first few lines of this chapter the eyes of Australians are turned to North Queensland. In the last few days cyclone Debbie has been developing in the Pacific Ocean. The storm, described as a monster, has moved ever so slowly toward the coast and is starting to impact islands around the Whitsundays. 

Because of its slow speed residents had much time to prepare. One quarter of the town of Mackay has been evacuated. To make matters worse a king tide is expected to flood many low lying areas. The nervous tension is evident, not only on social media, but by this misprint by a professional journalist. Brisbane's Courier Mail online:

 "Mr Blazak said. “We expect there to be powerlines down, rooves (sic) damaged, trees uprooted and large flying debris.”

This discovery of the misspelled word roofs, in the bigger picture of things, sounds like I am majoring on the trivial, instead of thinking of those thousands of frightened people, terrified children, destroyed property etc. But there is a reason; and what's more, when the storm calms again, out of devastation can come much good.

In times like these people become aware of their human frailness, their helplessness in the face of the almighty power of God. Many will experience his unfailing love, despite the destruction. They will emerge strengthened in their faith, knowing HE is there in the middle of the storm.

- - - - - - -

Pic: Getty Images

<<< Bowen Qld, 28.3.17


Airlie Beach, Proserpine

and Bowen were hit badly

by the monster storm. Winds up to 260 km/h left the area look like a war zone. 


The damage bill to crop and infrastructure could reach $ 1500000000 (1.5 billion Dollars)


<<<  Channel Nine TV LI..

Two of the major TV channels sent crews into the destruction zone. Normal programming was suspended. 


During the writing of this chapter Debbie unleashed its fury on the Qld. coast and continued south, causing major flooding right down into NSW.  

- - - - - - -

Two days before this chapter, how ironic, the theme in church was: Jesus calms the storm. This was not because the preacher knew what was coming. It had been announced in the church bulletin the week before. But God knew!

In a short story in Mark 4, 35-41 the bible points clearly to who is in charge of everything, including the weather! The message that morning was simple - God may seem far away when we go through the storms of life. If we have faith in HIM and call on HIM, HE has the power to avert disaster! 

It makes me think, how many North Queenslanders prayed as the storm approached? Did anyone sincerely pray and believe God could direct a storm to turn away and blow out to sea? The story in Mark's gospel, preached on Sunday 26th March 2017, certainly inferred this thought.

- - - - - - -

The mention of above misspelling of the word rooves, (instead of roofs) was not to dwell on the minor. No, it was because I knew beforehand that I was going to start this chapter with events leading up to the above Sunday sermon. 

All started with a comment I emailed to a TV breakfast show on Friday 25.3.17, followed by two more emails that Saturday and Sunday, topped off by magic on the church screen that same Sunday. What started with 00 ended up with oo. (Read on). 

- - - - - - -

15% OFF for 15 DAYS ONLY!

<<< AUDI emblem.


On the evening of writing above text (when I had no idea why OO kept coming up, and where it was leading to) this advertisement came on the television screen. Was I going nuts or did I hear correctly?

Early the next morning, after rising at 5.13 AM ... if I were to write the time as 2.15 AM I'd be writing fiction; not me... it all made sense, perfect sense! The connection is so plain, it doesn't take an Einstein brain to understand. (Read it at the end of the chapter).

- - - - - - -

Before delving into these details of my emails to the media, a slight diversion: In an ABC online report I just came across, is this surprising result of a long term study. "The research paper says that a hurricane with a relatively masculine name is estimated to cause 15.15 deaths in the USA, whereas a hurricane with a relatively feminine name is estimated to cause 41.84 deaths." (Source: Xavier La Canna, 28.1.16)

How strange! No gender equality here! Maybe storms should be named after ITs - Hurricane Computer, not Katrina; Cyclone Lorry, not Larry? 

- - - - - - -

On Friday 24.3.17 a gentleman named Mark (well timed) started the annual Tour de Cure fundraising bike ride on Mount Hotham. Having only recently visited Mount Hotham the report on Channel Seven's breakfast show drew my attention.

That same morning a controversial politician made comment regarding Muslim immigration to Australia. Pauline Hanson announced her stance on the issue in her usual, blunt manner. She created the hash tag #prayformuslimban. It sounded OK without the last three letters. I typed a brief email to the TV station, the first in a few months:

"We can do one better, Pauline: Pray for Muslims - fullstop!"

In the PS I could not help referring to the Mount Hotham event. Not only had I been there a few months earlier, some years ago I cycled the same route the Cure de Tour was riding through Omeo.. Only as I typed the following tongue-in-cheek suggestion did my brain come up with 'me' and 'OO':

PS  If Mark ever gets tired of his job, I'd be happy to volunteer, especially the bike rides. They'd be through Dinner Plains by now. eagerly waiting.


The next day (Saturday, the date was 25.3.17) I couldn't help myself commenting on another mind boggling news story. A breakthrough wonder drug NMN had been developed and successfully tried on mice. It is claimed it could prolong life by 20 %. 

Scientist Dr. Lindsay Wu, who is only 33 years old, claimed to have been using his miracle vitamin pill for a year. He feels fine. If trials go well the drug could be on the market in three to five years. In his opinion the aging process should be recognized as a decease. (Source: Herald Sun Sue Dunlevy 24.3.17) 

Watching the brief report again of the Channel Seven breakfast show I was thinking: Why they make such a fuss about a live-longer pill, but never make mention of the possibility all have - to live forever? I sent a brief email, asking this question and quoting this scripture:

 "And this is the promise that HE made to us; eternal life." (1.John 2, 25).

But there was another reason for this second email. I was sure I had heard a mistake, spoken by a TV presenter (not Reaso, I think her name was Angie). She read a news item of a horrible attack on two overseas backpackers, allegedly carried out by ..."a 6 year-old man..." ; no t y.

The very next news item was illustrated with the word FOOTY in large letters. It may sound crazy, but some brain cells in my head immediately took TY from footy, which left FOO on its own. (Read on).

On the third day, early in the morning, this OO mystery showed up again on the same TV show. As the sports results scrolled along the bottom of the picture I noticed a blatant mistake. That's why I paid closer attention and took two pictures off the TV screen:


Pictures off the TV screen, Sunday morning 26.3.17.

<<< The cricket score did not look promising for Australia that day: All out for 300 on Day One.


The very next sports result matched somewhat: 3 - 1.


But it was an error! Central Coast played Adelaide United the day before. We won 3:2, not 3:1. 

My brain took in:  300 / 1  minus  3 / 1  =  00.

But there's more: A 31 match, just as I snapped the photo - unplanned timing - WIN 31, Love it!


Two hours later in church, a fiction writer could not have composed a better scenario, what came next. But readers should know me well enough to know, I don't make up stories. I write as it was, what I saw, what took place, just as my simple mind digests it all.

Long time readers will also know the slogan I lived by in my very early books: If things don't add up, speak out. My hat-trick email to the TV station that Sunday morning pointed to not only the simple error above (Adelaide won 3:2, not 3:1) but another anomaly. The weather presenter the day before misread the max. temperature in Adelaide. The screen showed 33 as he read: "Adelaide 30".

Most of my emails include a PS, which I see as an opportunity to pass on a message, often a coded message. In above email I added a sentence, which referred to an item I had viewed the day before regarding a short working week: 

"PS Icelab in Canberra only work 4 days. Caleb loves that I."  

I had played jumble words with Icelab and saw Caleb in it, in a nanosecond.

Here comes the bit, which may sound like fiction. Sitting in church, singing the song displayed on the screen at the front, my mind wondered: Will that cable hanging from the ceiling tease my me again, as it had so many times? It did. 

Despite what anyone thought, I took this photo:


  Lord, let Your light, light of Your face, shine on us.

Not only did the cable highlight O O, they came together with the letter F.

Was not the word light prominent in the last chapter? It was. Why do people not want to walk in the Light of the World - Jesus - that they may be saved, that they will have life?

- - - - - - -


<<< Cellar Door, Riesling bike trail, Clare Valley, SA.

Turn the calendar back to March 3rd, 2017, two days after publishing chapter 14. Passing this cellar door sign on my Giant I had to take a picture - Open 10-4 SUN 11-4. 

I'm glad I dismounted my bike and took this picture. At the time I did not even notice the top left corner emblem - OO.

- - - - - - -


US Attorney General >>>

That Friday my dairy further notes that on television this gentleman was  speaking at a news conference. He was wearing a reddish tie with white spots, two of the surprising, matching colours from Chapter 14.

A further scribble in my diary, an observation which lasted a mere nanosecond, reads: Bus crash Melb - into Cafe - Bus Fleet No. 401 !!


- - - - - - -

The month of March 17 in South Australia provided beautiful weather for anyone enjoying the outdoors. I took the opportunity (on 16/17th) for a short overnight bike ride into the Barossa Valley, about 70 km north-east of Adelaide. The original plan was to travel south, but the thought of climbing those hills made me change at the last minute.

It was a good decision. A strong tailwind made it for very pleasurable riding, on both days. Lately I had considered updating my 15 year old GIANT. I bought it 4 years ago, when it was already 11 years old. While pedalling against the wind I promise myself to research bikes and buy a new one. Then, a tailwind blows and I think: I don't really need a new bike.

That night I camped in the beautifully grassed Nuriootpa (Nuri for short, please note!) Caravan Park. It was only a short stroll into town that evening. The setting sun provided beautiful colours, painting a pretty picture on my walk along the North Para River. It was just like the previous visit, described at the end of the previous chapter.

What better place to buy dinner than at the same place, where my wife and I had ordered fish and chips; the place where the No. 75 linked up in great surprise?

This time I learned something more. The proper name and address of this take-away cafe is NURI Chicken ... at No.57 ...

There were not many customers. I still received a ticket - No.71. My purchase came to 5 Dollars. The two numbers started my creative side of the brain to play a game, while waiting for my order:

Take the 5 7 from 5 7 1 = 1.

Take the first three letters of NURI; in German they mean ONLY.  

Only 1. Love IT. 

- - - - - - -

Before leaving the campsite the next morning, all packed up to ride to my next destination, I had a brief encounter with a fellow camper. He sat in the spotlessly clean camp kitchen on his own. He wore a blue hoody, a jacket with a hood, which almost hid his face. It looked like he was carrying as much baggage on his mind, as I carried on my bicycle. His sadness was almost tangible.

Inside me I felt compassion for this man, but I didn't know anything about him. Before leaving I said only a few words to him: "If you need help, you can ask God. HE answers prayer." He said something, which I took as a sign that he agreed. I prayed for him a few times that day.

Only five minutes into my ride, leaving Nuriootpa on the Old Kapunda Road, I remembered something: I had forgotten to take a good drink of water before leaving. My bike riding son Jon always tells me I ought to drink more water when riding.

About two seconds, maybe five, after the thought - drink some water - my eye caught a glimpse of sign on the opposite side of the road: Drinkwater. It made me smile and immediately stop pedalling to have a good drink:


Road sign, Old Kapunda Rd. Nuriootpa: To Drinkwater Cr.

<<< This picture is off Google Street view. 

The missing T, something we also encountered in the previous chapter, is a mystery.

Love the name of MI L Way (Av).  

At the place I stopped to take a drink, without dismounting my GIANT, I looked up and saw another street sign, but only the last 4 letters of it. (More drinkwater in a moment).  
<<< BETH Av.

In German BET means pray. I remembered, how only minutes earlier I had encouraged that hooded man to pray.


The full street name, I found out after taking the picture, is Elizabeth Street. It so happened, the lady who this street is named after was mentioned that same morning on television. I had watched a segment in the camp kitchen only a few hours earlier.

Authorities in the United Kingdom were planning strategies to put in place, if HM Queen Elizabeth was unable to fulfill her duties any longer, i.e. serious illness or death. 

The royal lady may be 90 years old, but if she drinks plenty of water and takes Dr. Wu's NMN wonder drug, she could live 20 percent longer than her mother, to 120. If Dr. Wu had his way, 90 years would be called middle-aged.

Readers may find my connections overwhelming in number. I can't say I'm sorry about it, because soon after came another one, made of stone! En route to Kapunda, only 20 kilometers away, in a little cafe I enjoyed a relaxing 1/2 hour, under a shady tree, sipping a latte and eating scones. As I admired the stonework of the historic building, I read the name of the Cafe: Connections. 

The small chapel was originally the Branson Memorial Church. The Uniting Church, according to the volunteer lady who served my coffee, still holds monthly services there.

Continuing my ride on the Greenock Road I watched a most intriguing spectacle, performed by a large flock of sheep in a paddock on my left. I had never seen anything like it. The whole flock of perhaps a hundred, maybe more, all came running toward the road, the road I was riding on. It was as if they were being chased or driven, but there was no one.

At the pace they were running, and the speed I was riding, it looked like we would meet up. When I reached the spot, where our paths almost crossed, I realized where they were running to - a small dam to drink water! 

Not all sheep managed to secure a position to drink. A certain number did. (Read on). As quickly as the flock had arrived, after the lucky ones slurped some water, they all turned and ran back into the middle of the paddock, where they had come from. The whole weird show had lasted no longer than 90 seconds.

(A possible explanation? Maybe one sheep saw my yellow visibility vest approaching, and thought I was the farmer and it was feeding time? One sheep started running, all followed). 

Anyone for a drink of water?

Please note, I did not crop this picture at either side, only top and bottom. The reason I say this is the amazing number of sheep on the water's edge, who managed to get into this photo: 15.

But there's more. Count the number of sheep, which have their heads down, drinking water - 2 lots; 7 on either side of one dumb sheep, staring suspiciously at me, the photographer!

Later, a distant thought in my brain registered 'seven sheep'. It took only a brief research on my website to find a chapter with 2 pictures, showing 7 sheep on each. (Thank God - seven sheep - Bk.12, 10).

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life." (John 10, 27).

- - - - - - -

Only moments earlier, riding the same road, I had taken another photo. I'd been astounded at the size of two enormous haystacks in a field. They were situated on each side of a steel structure, which looked like it was still being erected:

<<< Stacks of Hay


Easy to see, South Australia's farmers had a record harvest in 2016/17. Why not build a bigger barn?


But does anybody thank the Lord for this great result?  

In the gospel of Luke, Jesus told a story about a farmer, who reaped just such a bumper crop. His harvest was so large, he did not know where to put it all. So he decided to build bigger barns to store all his surplus grain. He assured himself: "You have plenty of grain laid up for many years, take life easy, eat, drink and be merry." But God said to him: "You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get it all?"

Jesus continued, teaching them to not worry about this life, what to eat, what to wear. Sadly, isn't his what our society today is mostly concerned with - special diets, fancy cooking, elegant fashion labels etc. etc. Being preoccupied about these temporary things, little thought given to the heavenly. What good is earthly wealth, if you neglect your eternal soul? 

The date when I took the haystack picture above was March 17 (3. 17). It so happened, in Luke 3, Verse 17 we read about another harvest, gathered into a barn:

"His winnowing fork is in His hand to clear the threshing floor and to gather the wheat into His barn, but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire."

John the Baptist foretold the coming Messiah. He called people to repent and follow Jesus, whose saving message will be accepted by some (wheat). They will live forever with HIM in heaven (HIS barn). Those who reject HIM (chaff) will be burned up and thrown into the fire.

- - - - - - -

In April 2013 I had cycled the same loop - Para Hills - Nuriootpa - Kapunda, except in a clockwise direction. (Bk. 11, Ch. 22). In that chapter I had written that at a T-junction in Kapunda, I had to make a decision - ride straight home or "do another quick run up the main street before heading out?" I had chosen to ride up the main street, where I found a ten cent coin outside the supermarket.

Four years later, after above encounters with sheep and hay, I entered Kapunda about midday on that Friday 17th March 17. Opposite the Thrifty-link hardware store something round and shiny caught my eye. It looked like a ten-cent coin. It was a ten cent coin.

Had I not the night before read up about my 2013 trip, I may not have made a connection. Is it amazing to be finding two identical coins, four years apart, in the same town?

 *AUS 10 cents, date on coin: 1986.

<<< Since we had earlier made mention of HM Queen Elizabeth II, why not show a picture of the young lady?

Shown here is the actual coin I found. The black mark (!?*) by the letters US is original and permanent.

- - - - - - - 

My ride home, after an extended visit to the Kapunda Museum, took me along the infamous Kapunda Road. It's the road after which a Royal Commission was named, the KRRC, Kapunda Road Royal Commission. I was part of this high level enquiry and thought about it, while riding that very stretch of road, where cyclist Ian Humphrey was allegedly hit at high speed by a drunk driver. (Bk.4, Ch.15). 

Many questions still remain unanswered in my mind. I am not convinced the public has been told all the facts in this case; neither in debacle surrounding magistrate Peter Liddy (PL). I believe the two are linked. PL was known as a particularly harsh judge. When drug dealers were before him in the courtroom, he handed down long prison sentences.

A police officer, who spoke at one of our Neighbourhood Watch meetings, made this shocking statement. In plain language she told us: "We will never win the war on drugs." 

It surprised me. Why would a professional crime fighter publicly admit defeat against the underworld and outlawed motorcycle gangs? For the residents of our suburban Neighbourhood this did not sound reassuring at all.


As I rode my Giant past the Freeling turn-off a small sedan turned onto Kapunda Road. The interstate registration plate made it into my diary: ... DF 075 (slightly altered). A few minutes further south, it must have been very near the crash scene, my eyes spotted a black something in the grass, just beside the road. It looked too clean, too fresh to be just rubbish. I turned my bike around and picked it up:


<<< Black beanie

This woolen hat looked too clean to having been exposed to the weather for long.

In March in Adelaide not many wear a beanie, too hot.

The yellow embroidery - INVINCIBLE EMPIRE* 1 % had me intrigued. It's the motto of an outlaw motorcycle club. But 1 %...? 

(*It so happened, two days before this writing, for the first time ever, I had been for a meal and meeting at the Empire Hotel. I sat next to Jan.)

Whatever 1 % is supposed to mean remains a mystery. Even Mr. Google failed to reveal the secret. But because this mathematical symbol includes two oo, it fits well into this chapter. But it only deepens the mystery, where are the two circles leading to? What do they mean?

The answer came early in the morning, during the week composing this chapter. It took the simplest code anyone can learn - turning letters into numbers (A1, B2, C3 etc).

Using this method, the solution to the puzzle is children's play: O is the 15th letter of the alphabet. This chapter happens to be the 15th in Book 15.

Expressing letters into numbers also works in reverse; any number between 1 and 26 can become a letter. Soon after the 0 / 15 puzzle solution my stimulated mind remembered that I had woken up that morning at 4.14 AM. The picture of my 'N on the cross' symbol flashed across my mind. That's when I, perhaps for the first time, saw the letters D and N as 4 14.

<<< The letter N inside a cross symbolically represents the number 414.


D = 4th letter, N = 14th letter.


These two letters, D and N, were one of my earliest discoveries, a decade and 1/2 ago, after my journey entered into the realm of codes. They represented the difference in the names LINDY and LIDDY. At the time my wife and I were attending the ENfield Baptist church.

I do not intend to repeat it all, sufficient to say that people around me thought I had gone crazy, while I simply wanted to make sense of it all. So many questions arouse: "Why Lord, why is this happening, why this number right here? Why this place name, just at this particular time?

Today I am asking the same question: "Why this massive storm right at this time, when I am writing this chapter? Why did the storm make landfall in Bowen? (One TV station interviewed an emergency worker named Chris Field). 

Could it be, God is speaking to the people of Australia, showing HIS almighty power, albeit with tragic consequences. Is God calling people, all people, not only those unfortunate victims of this destructive cyclone, to repent and turn back to HIMSELF? 

What is there to repent of, many will ask? A brief, theological answer is found in this verse: "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God'. (Romans 3, 23). To be human is to be a sinner, guilty of breaking God's laws. Because of mankind's lost state, all need the Saviour. 

God provided HIM. Salvation, the path to eternal life, is via Jesus' dead body and the acceptance of his resurrection. Sadly, fewer and fewer Australians are willing to submit to God and walk this path.

But there has also been an official departure from Christianity under way in Australia. What is happening to truth in the media, justice in the law courts, 'thy will be done' in our Parliaments? Like much of the western world, our society is moving down the dangerous path of political correctness, godlessness, secularism and, how frightening, Christian persecution!

Opinion page, the Adelaide Advertiser, 30.3.17 P.13:

<<< Innocent Christians are thrown to lions of left:

After reading Bolt's examples of Christian's persecuted by the political left, and his writing in their defense, I felt I had taken a big gulp of fresh air.

If there were cables hanging down, I could see 'hi l' or 'a o' even 'n f'. 

Above image depicts arrows piercing the already crucified Christ. Even without these arrows, Christ dying on the cross and rising again, became history's greatest victory.

In a brief email I thanked Mr. Bolt for his article and what a breath of fresh air it was, reading it. On one point, however, I disagreed with the well-known journalist. His conclusion at the end reads: "The Barbarians are winning again. History tells us this cannot end well."

On that point I replied: "... the Barbarians only appear to be winning. The leader of the Christian community, Christ Himself, has already won the victory of all victories. True Christians know the outcome at the end, because they have read the last chapter of the book. For them its all good and ends well. They enter heaven to eternal life. The left will be left behind, thrown into the place prepared for the devil and his angels."  


Let me list some of Bolt's examples, how Christians in Australia are treated today:

1) “A former Greens candidate and a Melbourne same-sex marriage group attacked IBM and PwC for hiring Christians who were members of Christian groups that also did not agree with same-sex marriage. IBM caved. Managing partner Mark Allaby quit the board of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute, a training organisation set up by the Australian Christian Lobby. Now they’re turning on Macquarie University. Gay rights activist Michael Barnett has told the university it was a “bad look” to hire senior research associate Steve Chavura, also a member of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute.”


2) "But Christianity is not under siege from just Islam and same-sex marriage bigots. The Greens want to strip churches of their legal “right to discriminate”; actually the freedom to insist their employees live the faith."

An atheist at the reception of a Baptist Church office? Madness!

3) "A Greens candidate even took the Catholic Archbishop of Hobart to Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Tribunal for stating the church’s defence of traditional marriage."

Just  because you believe that marriage should be between a man and a women, you can lose your job, your career or be dragged into court! (Not Nazi Germany 1936, Australia 2017).

4) "Actress Rachel Griffiths told ABC radio she was “elated” that arsonists had burned down the beautiful St James Church in Brighton because it had decades before had a paedophile priest."

If this is not hate speech, what is?

5) "The ultimate symbol of what’s happening? SBS banned an ad made by Christians defending traditional marriage, yet ran one by Ashley Madison for a dating service for adulterers."

"Recruiting sinners to enjoy the breaking of the seventh commandment 'Thou shalt not commit adultery, is OK. But promoting traditional marriage, which has proven to be far healthier and promises a longer life expectancy than gay marriage, is not OK. Hypocrites! 


Unlike the actress above, I shall never say: "This serves you right". One principle, as natural as growing a garden, stands forever: "What you sow is what you reap." How easy would it have been for God to redirect the monster storm away from Australia's East coast?

It makes me cringe, when I hear high profile politicians and media personality say: "Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims..." Is there anyone who sincerely prays?

- - - - - - -

It so happened, unplanned, that Our Daily Bread bible reading for 31.3.17, the day before N day, fits here perfectly, to conclude Heed The Call, Book 15. David McCasland quotes Isaiah 55, Verse 1. He writes that some invitations that arrive in the mail he ignores. But when one came for a gathering to honor a longtime friend, he replied immediately: "Yes, I accept." 

 Isaiah. 55:1 >>>

"Come all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat."

More drinkwater!

This invitation is repeated in the last chapter of the Bible: "...let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life." (Rev. 22:17).

The Greatest Invitation

Come, you all ...

"God's invitation to find eternal life in HIM is the greatest invitation of all time! Invitation + Desire = Acceptance."

Who could refuse this greatest invitation from the ONE, who won the greatest victory?

"...walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called..." (Ephesians 4:1)

"But the water I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life." (John, 4, 14).


End of Book 15


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