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Before finally concluding our 2016 holiday the two sports I follow, football and cycling, provided drink for thought - by the cellar door. We visit Australia's Riviera, drop briefly into Brisbane and many places on the way home. There always is something to see. When things don't add up I take a picture or speak out! In this chapter I did much of both!

The day of publishing our summer is officially over. However, the gauge on the back verandah shows again 40 deg. C. 



14.  God's true colours

God forbid that I should ever get used to HIS all-knowing, almighty, supernatural leading with a power, unfathomable to mortal man! 

When I prepared this chapter on the morning of Feb. 25th, 2017 I had no idea that the reading in 'Our Daily Bread' was to start with the name Caleb. Two young men will, in a moment, feature in this chapter. One of them is named Caleb. 

But more than that - the key-verse in that day's edition is taken from the Old Testament Book of Numbers, Chapter 14. How perfectly it fits into here, into Chapter Number 14!

"Because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it." (Numbers 14 ,24).


Text: Caleb was a "wholehearted person. He and Joshua were part of a twelve-man reconnaissance team that explored the Promised Land and gave a report to Moses and the people. Caleb said: "We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it. (Num. 13:30) But ten members of the team said they couldn't possibly succeed. In spite of God's promises, they saw only obstacles (VV.31-33).


If you are an ideas-man or woman, who does not hesitate to make suggestions to other group members, you know that there will always be some, who only see obstacles. Ten limited minds around the table say: "It's too hard, it can't be done". Only two are influenced by a different spirit, who says: "We certainly can do it!" Such confidence is for those, who follow God wholeheartedly. 

If only those, who think they don't need God to live a successful life, would learn to rely on Almighty, all-knowing God! Their desperate struggle for success, for lasting inner peace and life fulfillment would end at that moment!

- - - - - - - 

If 22 year-old sprinter / cyclist Caleb Ewan follows God wholeheartedly, I do not know. He certainly has his whole heart in his sport. In January 2017 Caleb won four of the six stages of our international bike race, South Australia's famous Tour Down Under. He came first in stages 1, 3, 4 and 6. 

Overall winner, however, was Richie Porte, who took the stages that included hill climbs. The Tasmanian champion rider's amazing speed, racing skyward up Torrens Hill and Willunga Hill, gave him a 48 second lead. This was sufficient to be regarded as 'almost certain winner', even before the final race on Adelaide's street circuit. Porte went on to claim his first Tour Down Under title:


<<< Richie Porte on the winner's podium - Stage 2, Paracombe.


Taking this picture I had no intention to show the letters c ons, it just turned out that way.

Likewise, the letter B* hidden behind the flowers, leaves only MC. It figures: The Son is the MC (Master of Ceremonies) of the whole world).

<<< Visitor from far away?

This spectator's T- shirt advertises the Buck and Badger Restaurant in Madison WI. "Come to our neck of the woods" (Been there, Bk 11,4).

Here the number 1 is hidden - the full address is 115, not 15 State St.

*A peculiar thought, which involved the letter B, came to me recently. I had accepted an invitation to attend a men's group, one I had once been part of, but not for a few years. Most men knew me and said hello afterwards. A group of three men stood together talking.

I almost left to drive home, after chatting for a few moments with two other gentlemen in the car park. But something inside prompted me to turn back and also say hello to the small group of three.

Almost a week later it came to me - their surnames all start with the letter B. After this 'revelation' came another: The two men I had chatted to earlier were both called Allan. What does it all mean? (Another trip to Madison?)

- - - - - - -

At Paracombe the Tasmanian BMC star rider Richie Porte made history on another level. In my diary on Wednesday 18th January I read that I was at the hairdresser for a haircut. Talking to the barber, I casually mentioned that I'd like Porte to win that day's race. So it was.

The reason I wanted the BMC rider to win was my intention to wear my BMC shirt and watch the finish at Paracombe, just as I had done two years earlier. (Bk. 13, 7). There were parallels between the 2015 Tour and this years, 2017. As I did back then I donned my BMC shirt, mounted my GIANT (at Hope Valley) and cycled up Ansteys Hill to the finish line. 

I had about 15 minutes to chat to my friend Richard, working as security guard, before Richie Porte powered up Torrens Hill to the finish line. He won by 16 seconds. Two years earlier another BMC rider won at Paracombe. Dennis Rohan had beat Cadel Evans ...

(I just googled it) ... by 3 seconds! Love 3 and 16 ... and 48!

Another parallel I could not very well ignore, because I had written about it in Chapter 7, Book 13: "The weather could not have been better, 27 deg. C, bright sunshine, light winds." That it again would be sunny and 27 deg. C. in 20I7 deserves an (Aussi, Aussi) OI, OI, OI.

- - - - - - -

Changing sports - it is very rare that a football match at a professional level is re-scheduled to a later timeslot. But on 2.10 (Feb. 10th 2017) kick-off time for the game between Leicester United, sorry Adelaide United and Perth Glory was not 7.20 PM, but an hour later. That Friday was the third day in Adelaide, when the maximum temperature exceeded 40 deg. C.

Had I known earlier about the changed starting time I would have spent more time proof reading the chapter I had just published. (My apologies for the spelling errors and upside down AUM picture, now corrected).

Arriving early at the stadium was no drama. That evening I had my bicycle in the rear of my Suzuki. It provided opportunity for an hour's exercise, a welcome change from sitting, working on the computer all day. I had just taken my seat at Hindmarsh Stadium, when on the large screen an advertisement was shown. I was flabbergasted.   


<<< Cellar Door Fest - 24 - 26 FEB.

(This festival is taking place as I write.)


As soon as I heard 'Cellar door' how could I not have recalled the chapter I had just published two hours earlier? 'Cellar door' in the RD Magazine had provided a little magic.


Hey - my math brain just kicked in - doesn't 24 and 26 add to 50? 

If so, how prophetic! Adelaide that night received its biggest loss at Cooper Stadium ever - 5:0. (Cooper is a brewery nearby).

To make those happy, who don't drink beer, but love numbers, AUFC could have let one more goal in - 6:0 would have been a good match that night. The official number of spectators - 6006!

In an weird parallel to British Premier League Champions Leicester, Adelaide United last season caused a sensation. Lingering last on the table for 8 weeks, they managed win after win to become A-League champions for the first time. Leicester City's similar rise to success was labeled as 'the greatest sporting upset ever, or the best football fairy-tale of history'. (Source Wikipedia).

In the current season Leicester only won 5 matches, while Adelaide managed 3. The English club sacked their miracle-working coach, *Claudio Ranieri, days before this writing. (I'm not suggesting anything here, merely stating facts.)

*Another fact (peculiar, but well timed): On the morning of publishing this chapter, on March 1, is was reported that after sacking coach Ranieri Leicester beat Liverpool 3:1. 

With my limited knowledge of soccer coaching I see this problem: After achieving the prized trophy, a number of experienced players left the club to take up lucrative contracts elsewhere, i.e. Craig Goodwin. The coach is left with younger, often inexperienced players. They have big boots to fill, which in Adelaide's case, resulted in a disastrous season so far. 

To make matters worse, Adelaide captain and goalkeeper, Eugene Galekovic, is out with an injury at the present. I regard him as one of the best in the A-league. 

Replacing Mr. AMO(R) may not be the answer. Renaming Cooper Stadium 'the King Power stadium' may do the trick? Isn't king power better than booze? (Just kidding?)

Readers should be asking: Why did he put the letter R in brackets? There is a reason, there always is, read on. 

- - - - - - -

At this point let's rewind the calendar a few months to the interstate trip of Nov./Dec. 2016. After the weekend visit to Sydney my wife and I drove most of the day to the north. We made an early start, while there was only light traffic. Exiting the mega-city on the harbour was a breeze, compared to the nerve wrecking traffic gridlock on arriving.

Our destination was Burleigh Heads, just across the New South Wales - Queensland border. This stretch of coastline could be called the the Australia's Riviera. We call it the Gold Coast, which is also a large metropolis. The central city, Surfers Paradise, is just ten kilometers to the north. In 2018 the spotlight will be on the GC, when the CG (Commonwealth Games) will be held there.

The accommodation we had secured was right on The Esplanade, around the corner from Goodwin Terrace:


<<< Regis Apartments,

Burleigh Heads.


Considering that we paid far less for this 2 bedroom 2 bathrooms, 3-balconies, spacious unit, overlooking the ocean, than we had for an average motel in Wollongong, it was a good choice. (We had placed a bid in a travel auction). 

<<<  Burleigh Heads, Beach on Goodwin Tce.


During my early morning rides to Surfers Paradise (in the distance) the feeling of "I could live here" was very strong.

Despite wearing yellow the person in the foreground (DF) does not belong to the Little Lifesavers - the big Lifesavers, yes! 

Queensland has never introduced daylight saving time (summertime). The Esplanade at Burleigh was busy with bike riders and joggers, even at 6 am. Everybody seemed to be out to exercise, as was I on my Giant every morning. The sun, high up, made 9 am, feel like midday.

On Wednesday 30.11.17 we took our Hyundai for a short trip to the 'Hinterland'. Australians use this German word, lit. translated 'land behind, beyond', for forests and hills away from the coast. The best known tourist town on the Gold coast hinterland is Mount Tambourine. 

That's where it happened. As soon as we arrived in the main street, I could not help noticing the vehicle parked right in front of us - car registration YLT 315 (slightly altered). There was a sticker or badge attached with the word Hinterland (hint Hi NT..?)

My wife Isobel disappeared into the first souvenir shop, which made it less problematic for me to photograph what I spotted next. Take a look, here's why the earlier AMO(R). Love, yes!


<<< Souvenir Scrabble letters (on sale.)


Outside on a table were these letters, strangely arranged:

Clockwise - I AM OSSI ... Anti-clockwise ISSO.

Love the 1s and 3: We could create 30 Nov (that day's date) or simply March 1st. - the date of publishing! (On Editing, another date: 30 MAI)



<<< Whispers Fashion Store. Lovely colour blend, pink house with natural carpet of blossoms.


(I just noticed a vague similarity in these colours to the letters in the previous photo. (Unplanned, even a touch of green in both pictures). 

A little later a special rego-plate crossed our path in the mains street of Mount Tambourine - O.. L SON !

- - - - - - -

Staying in our luxurious apartment at Burleigh Heads, we were reluctant to leave it and visit Brisbane, about an hour away by road. The last time Isobel had visited the Queensland capital was with her family before we were married. Should we take the train, which would be taking much longer, or should we drive and risk heavy traffic and parking problems?

In the end it was a good decision to take our car and drive on the M1 Freeway right into the city. How lucky (blessed) we were to spot a vacant three-hour meter parking in Margaret Street, right near the Botanic Gardens. This gave us sufficient time for a long stroll through the lovely Botanic park, across the Goodwill pedestrian/cycle bridge, along South Bank before meandering back to the city for a meal.

Brisbane's South Bank features a beach right in the city

We found a quaint Cafe, in an Arcade off the Queen Street Mall, where we sat down for a light lunch. Our table number was 28. My wife ordered our meal, which came to $ 28.20. (If I'd had my way, I would not have bothered with the 2 tens ..., just kidding).

- - - - - - -


<<< Flame Trees, Burleigh Heads (my flame is resting on a seat).

Our four days in this lovely neck of the woods passed very quickly. (Unlike four days sitting, writing a chapter on the computer ...?)

Didn't I read somewhere - to find out, how long one minute can be depends on which side of the toilet door you're on? (Luckily - our unit had 2 bathrooms, ha ha.) 

<<< BE GOOD!


Here is a registration plate that does not need decoding. This car was parked right opposite our unit as we left for Nimbin.


There a sign in a souvenir shop read:  TODAY is a GOOD DAY. It was.

Please note again, the colour match!

When I snapped the photo I had no idea that the rear lights of the motor car would match the shorts and top of the lady walker in the background. (I still have that rainbow on my head - at the end of our journey, we shall again meet 'the cloud'.- Rev. 10, 1.)

Not that I needed any reminder to be good. As Christians we are not called to be good, but to seek (and do) the perfect will of God. 

Here's a perfect scripture to match above statement: " transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."

(Romans, 12, 2)

The date we departed Burleigh Heads was Dec. 2. If I were to get a hundred dollar every time my wife reminded me on this trip, regarding the speed limit, I'd could afford to retire in a luxury unit on the Gold Coast! She was well meaning, however. Overseas visitors be warned, in Australia the penalties for exceeding the speed limit, or running a red light, are horrendous. Possibly $ 500 for just a few kilometers over. In Germany the equivalent may be $ 30?

Tweed River and Mount Warning


Something happened that morning, which makes me smile, especially since I had highlighted the letter B earlier in this chapter. Studying the road map before leaving I came across a very funny place name. I briefly mentioned it to Isobel, but thought nothing more of it until about two hours later. 

As mentioned, we were driving back south, inland to Nimbin. The car radio was tuned to Brisbane Radio 100.3 FM. At 8.50 AM I became aware of a song title being played: Dum Dum. This title by Brenda Lee goes back in the charts to 1961. It became No.4 on Australia's Billboards top 100. (Source: Wikipedia)


<<< Not until weeks later did I realize, we had actually driven through a place called Dum Dum, due east of Mount Warning.


(Now readers know, why the letter B fits in so perfectly!)

Google Maps: Dum Dum NSW, Postcode 2484. At the time, I recall my wife talking about her Aunty AMI*, who was from that district. 

*Those letters, again!!! As I typed, Isobel, who was sitting on the correct side of the toilet door, called out to me the name of her Aunty. (Did she have a smiley face? Ha, ha). 

- - - - - - -

We only stayed an hour or so in Nimbin. It was long enough to endure the culture shock, which was worse than it had been in 2009, when I had visited the hippy town for the first time.

Our lunch stop beside the river in Ballina brought back far more pleasant memories. As I did all along that coastline I kept pointing out to Isobel certain places and experiences from my cycle adventures. At Ballina I had unpacked and dried out all my wet gear, which had gone through a flood.

That night we spent in Woolgoolga, another lovely seaside tourist town. Only after we had checked into this particular motel did I take notice of the name - Rosebourne. Our next prolonged stay was at Isobel's family's beach shack at a place called Hat Head, about 50 kilometers north of Port Macquarie.

For some reason my wife did not share the same excitement in visiting the shack or the district she was brought up in. I was fascinated as I took pictures of the street where she was born. The house she grew up in had been relocated, but her Primary School in Smithtown, as well as her Kempsey High School, all still existed. 

Driving through Smithtown, Postcode 2440, I could not help taking notice of a parked vehicle, registration number DF 2440.

- - - - - - -


<<< Souvenir door mat -

A Fisherman lives here ...


Two questions arose after looking at this doormat. 

One, who and how many kilos weight is the best catch* of his life? (I know blokes living with BIG catches!)

Two, why place the price sticker $30 right on top of the TH, which leaves the letters WI ? Now, in which neck of the woods have we seen WI a while back?

*Best catch and big catch  >>>


It so happened, weeks ago we had arranged a visit from old friend on 28.2. It's been years since he and his wife had been here to dinner.

They love fishing. He sent this recent photo, showing his best catch (wife) and a big catch (queen snapper). Amazing timing!


Pity, born with the name Fischer, I never have been a keen fisherman.

Hat Head is a Mecca for those enjoying both river fishing and those with big ambitions in the ocean. Our highlight was the long, ten mile long, sandy beach, which we had mostly to ourselves. It had been decades that I swam in big waves, while Isobel read her favourite magazine, relaxing in a folding chair on the beach. (I think, the magazine is called - Dream Adventures, maybe not, ha ha?) 

- - - - - - -

Fingal Bay, New South Wales

While Isobel is  reading and dreaming, a group of 'Little Lifesavers' is having a lecture.


Our next major destination was 300 km south. Neither of us had visited Nelson Bay and Port Stephens. (I had travelled through on my bike tour in 2008). En route we dropped in to visit one of Isobel's cousins. They were the same people I had stayed with, where I experienced the 'Amazing Love' story. (Read it in Book 7, Chapter 16).

Our choice of accommodation again was a winner, a spacious unit with panoramic views over the town and across the bay to Hawks Nest. While I did plenty of bike riding, Isobel enjoyed the shops downtown. Second-hand shops have become a bit of a fashion in recent years. I bought myself a pair of shorts and made a perfect catch at Vinnies:

A day after my leather watchband broke, I was almost going to a jeweller to have a new one fitted. Browsing an op-shop I spotted a silver one, brand new, exactly my size! Even the lady volunteer serving agreed: "It was meant just for you!"

<<< Lighthouse / Museum

Hard to believe that this 1872 lighthouse started by using four kerosene lamps, placed on a wooden tower. 

In 1876 they were moved into the octagonal building, where this light saved many from shipwreck. It was then called 'Inner Light'.

The lighthouse keeper's cottage has been transformed into the Inner Light tea rooms. The views are fantastic. After admiring the historic, maritime artifacts in the small museum and a chat with a volunteer, I noticed the visitor's book. In a moment of inspiration I felt prompted to sign my name and add this little remark: "How important is the Light!" (Read on! It proved to be an inspired thought.)

- - - - - - - 

One of the stretches of road I dreaded, was the bypass around Sydney, especially after the previous nerve-wrecking experience. Never before had I just driven through or around this huge, jam-packed city. Thankfully, I need not have worried, the relatives we had visited had not only told us how to best navigate the place, but assisted in registering our vehicle online to be able to use the toll-roads, the M 7 and M 2. It was all good.

En route to Narrandera, our last overnight stay 750 km away, we allowed a little time for some brief stops. There were a number of lovely, historic towns along the way - Yass, Gundagai, Junee and Coolamon. (Some of these I have visited and written about in previous books).

Verandah town - Coolaman

The shadows were

as we parked our

Main Street and

evening stroll thru


I'm not sure what

a vehicle's reg. No.

missing letter T




Should really have

year to visit the

code is 2701. Right

caravan park. The

swimming pool

getting longer,

Hyundai in the

took a relaxing

this little gem.


I spotted first,

BM 05.C or the

in this picture?


C our house!


waited until this

place. The post

opposite was the

green grass and

looked inviting!

 Checking Google Maps, we were walking back to our vehicle via Mann Street!

- - - - - - -

Q: So why did I write earlier that 'How important is the light' was inspired?

A:  I recalled what transpired on the evening before commencing this chapter. That night (24/2/17) I had just finished writing a letter. In the second sentence I had written: "Churches are meant to be a light in the darkness."

Minutes later, before retiring for bed I read the 'Word for Today'. That day's headline read: "Walk in the Light". The writers, Bob and Debby Gass, quoted the Old Testament, where God spoke: "Let there be lights ..." (Genesis 1, 14) and Jesus, when HE declared: "Light has come into the world." (John 3, 19).


Word for Today, Fri 24 Feb. 2017

Walk in The Light - "If we walk in the light... the blood of Jesus...purifies us from all sin" (1 John 1:7 NIV)

That evening I had been reading some of the submissions that were made, and published online, to the Senate Committee Enquiry into same-sex marriage. One particular document, Submission No. 273 reflected the sad state of affairs in one particular denomination here in Australia - the Uniting Church. (The total number of submissions published was 401. There must have been more, mine among them. I had emailed a letter on Jan.12th, well inside the deadline, and received a 'submission received' acknowledgement.)

This omission is even more puzzling, because I know the person who headed this Committee, a Senator in Canberra, personally.

Submission 273 was by the Rev. Jennifer Burns of the Merewether Uniting Church, Newcastle, NSW. I knew the Uniting Church had very liberal, tolerant views on the subject. But to be confronted with them, seeing them publicly documented in black and white, still was a shock to read. It made me wonder, if she and her other church leaders, have any respect for Holy Scriptures?

Let me quote how she expressed some of her views:

"Marriage has evolved greatly over time as societies have evolved, and continues to do so."

The Reverend obviously does not believe in the first verse of the bible? Marriage from the beginning was between a man and a woman. What evolved was sin, which changed the entire relationship between God and mankind. What possibly could marriage evolve into in the future?

"Personally, I would be willing to marry any consenting adult couple regardless of gender... It is unacceptable to have same gender attracted couples subjected to this discrimination as any discrimination is illegal.”

If discrimination is the criteria which needs to be removed via legislation, what about teenagers under age, who want to marry? What about marrying your brother or sister or close relative? Should they be allowed to marry or are we discriminating against them?

“I do not support them [church ministers, wedding celebrants, business people] having choice in their professional roles to refuse their services to same gender-attracted couples."

Do I hear Rev. Burns correctly? Church ministers, who know their bible and what God says about same-sex relations, should be forced by law to give their blessing to same-sex couples? I'm sure some would rather die. Christians are killed every day for standing up what they believe!

"Giving professionals such choice will likely result in psychological and physical harm.”

Every fair minded Australian must condemn any harm done to gay people. But what psychological harm is there, if a photographer asks a gay couple to find another professional business? He or she may find it distressing to have to be exposed and closely engage in love poses between same gender people. I'm totally honest - I have to look away, when I see two men kissing each other passionately). Do law makers care at all about people like us?

Besides the word discrimination, another deceptive word is often used by the gay lobby - equality. Sure, men and a women are of equal value as human beings. But even four year-old children, once they have realized there are two different genders in the world, can tell the difference. Some modern scientist obviously have a struggle to grasp it?

Civilization to survive needs both genders, male and female. Wouldn't the world be a better place, if both worked together, each playing their God-given role? Let's stop this nonsense war, where no one wins. The biggest losers are children!

In the letter I sent to the Reverend I tried to be as polite as I could, without wavering from the truth:


Subject: Need God's wisdom:

Dear Rev. Burns,

From your website I sense that your church seems alive and active in the community. Christian churches are meant to be the light, shining in the darkness.

This is why it’s sad to see divisions among the churches when it comes to interpreting the scriptures. In your submission to the Senate Enquiry into so-called same-sex marriage I read that you fully support those people, who against all natural principles want to marry.

If I read correctly, you and your church, are not only in favour of these new laws, but you also would be in favour of Christian Ministers being forced to obey the state; i.e. give their blessing to gay people or face jail for refusing to conduct their ‘wedding’ ?

How do you justify your stance in the light of Romans 1? The practice of homosexuality is labelled in clear terms: “...uncleanness ...they dishonour their bodies ... exchanged the truth for a lie... vile passion, which is against nature... men burning with lust... debased minds!”

Madam, with all due respect of your choice of belief, the above is not my opinion, but God’s Holy Word. (Romans, 1, 24 ff. New King James Version). If you think, who is this to judge me, read Verse 2 of the next chapter:  “God is the judge against all those who practice such things.”

If Christians, especially those leading a flock, are no longer standing up for the truth of God’s Word, how can they be the a light, shining in this dark, sad world, which is living the way of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Australia’s leaders, religious and political, should ask for God’s wisdom before making laws that alter humanity’s most basic building block, the family.

Dieter Fischer

(Address and Ph. No. supplied)

PS  How strange is it that gay couples go to all this length to get married, when many normal heterosexual people just live together and don’t bother one iota about marriage? 

- - - - - - -


Thank God there are still people, mostly Christians, who stand on the truth of the Word of God. On February 26th a small number gathered on the steps of South Australia's Parliament to pray for the community, especially politicians. 


<<< ARISE Rally.


The banners read: Stop ungodly legislation, God is mighty to save, Jesus is the hope of the nations...

But the one at the bottom deserves special attention. It's part of the prayer, which is said at the opening of every parliamentary sitting day. It concludes with The Lords Prayer.


Could any politician honestly vote for same-sex marriage (or abortion) after earnestly asking God (praying) "What is your will, Lord?" 

If humble politicians are not an oxymoron, they certainly are on the endangered species list. In their arrogance they made laws that allow crushing the skulls of a tiny, unborn, perfectly healthy, near-born babies, but they forbid the cutting down of trees as not to harm the environment. Bulldust!

And those few Christians, who speak up against these barbarians are threatened with laws, that could sent them to jail ! Hypocrites! 

- - - - - - - -


Keep calm! We must complete our journey home!

On the final day of our interstate holiday we took the familiar, tedious highway from Narrandera ( ! ) over the Hay Plains to Mildura to Renmark. If there was an Oscar for the most luxurious, cleanest public toilet in the world, Renmark would win it. 

May I suggest, even if you don't have to, it's worth a visit. I trust you don't get the doors mixed up, and know exactly which to enter!



The evening of Sunday December 11th, 2016 was one of those, where you don't want to go home, but enjoy the final rays of sunshine of the day. Only an hour from home we stopped at Nuriootpa in the Barossa Valley and ordered fish and chips in the main street cafe. It was rather busy. Everyone was given a number in the queue.

As we waited I had an inkling that the people knew us, or about us. If it's a remnant of my past, I do not know. But then ...

... what co-incident! 

NO 75  >>>

Please retain and present when your number is called!

That morning we had passed the exact spot near Narrandera, where on 12.7.07 that strange, L-shaped cloud appeared in the sky. Ever since then number 75 became a holy symbol throughout my books. (Bk 5. Ch. 27.)

One day, my friend, your number will be called. If you have retained faith in Christ who became man, you may enter into eternal life. (Blessed are those, who do His commandments that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gate into the city. (Rev. 22, 14).

This will be followed by a banquet such as the world has never seen. And it won't fish and chips! 


As my wife and I strolled the main street of Nuriootpa, nibbling on our fish and chips, we passed a sign, which didn't make sense. Their upcoming Christmas service was advertised as Friday 25 December. In 2016 Christmas Day fell on a Sunday.

But there was more. The church happened to be the Barossa Uniting Church. The lady Reverend's name, shown on their sign outside, made me take a picture. I saw the simplest of Christmas messages in it:


Christ became man. HE [is] victor.

I do not know, where the Barossa Uniting Church stands, or if the rainbow colours on their website indicates something. One thing I do know - the scriptures! The rainbow colours are Gods!


Let's take another look at Romans:


"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men (AND women) who suppress the truth in unrighteousness."

Rom. 1.18

No excuses - Verse 19: "What may be known of God is manifest to them, for God has shown it to them."

Fools - Verse 22: "Professing to be wise, they became fools."


If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God ... and it will be given to him (AND her!)

(James 1:5.)


Chapter 15