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We continue our road trip up Australia's Pacific coast. My travel reports are only brief, not aimed at holidaymakers, who need detailed information. I find it far easier to write about the unusual car crash we came across on our travels.


The second part of the chapter delves again into cables, something which developed and continued years ago. Amazing messages, which I write as messenger, just the way they came. 


At the end we join a triumphant man in the fight for truth in the media. The truth, especially told in an official capacity to the public, sets people and prisoners free! Love truth to triumph.


12.  Hi Trump! 

Our week in the south of New South Wales was one of the most enjoyable, relaxing times my wife and I had in a long time; no commitments, no time schedules, but plenty of time for walking, sightseeing and crossword puzzles. We shall solve one in a moment, but first let's take a visit to a unique private zoo, situated near Mogo, about 15 kilometers south of Bateman's Bay.

The weather was perfect for the outdoors, sunny and warm. The zoo boasts the largest collection of primates in Australia. During our two hour visit we watched them being fed. Even more spectacular was feeding time at the lion's den.


<<< Southern White Rhinos wander the Savannah plains alongside the majestic Giraffes and zebras. Mogo Zoo is passionate about the conservation of endangered species and believes that through education, combined with its involvement in various global breeding programs, they can make a difference to the world’s threatened species.*



*What do Christian Churches have in common with zoos? Both should be passionate about saving endangered species, and through conservation of the true saving message, should educate people globally - world mission). Except, the threatened species is the human race, not animals*. (If there will be a place for them in God's new world, nobody knows).

*The next chapter, God willing, will include a story, where an animal made a perfectly timed appearance. 

A sign outside one animal enclosure explains to visitors, in poet form:


My ancestors are gone, sold as skins,

to decorate homes and other things.

Their parts used in 'medicine' remedies and such,

What happened to the missing letter, in the last word of the last line?
"This is causing the end for ..s."

The sign had been there long before a new US President had been elected, otherwise one could read things into it...?

(Read on for another missing letter sign at the zoo, plus a little Trump, later in the chapter.)

- - - - - - -

From my previous trips riding my bike along that spectacular coastline, I knew that the Pacific Highway passes through many lovely towns and villages. The landscape is lush and green, vast meadows to make it ideal dairy country. The region is famous for its cheeses. The blue waters of the Pacific is a perfect playground for fisherman, surfers, or families coming down from the mega metropolis Sydney, about 200 kilometers north.

Besides Batemans Bay we visited smaller places like Moruya and Bodalla, where Isobel spent much time in the former cheese factory. I strolled in the other direction and inspected the 'Jesus factory', if you pardon the expression.



<<< ALL SAINTS Anglican church, Bodalla. This lovely stone building stands high on a hill. The views from the tower, which I couldn't climb, would have been superb.

Maybe, the church includes the word ALL, because the name of the town does?  


A place not to miss: Tilba Central.

Strolling through this historic, heritage listed village takes visitors back to a bygone era. 

My wife resting in Bate Street, Central Tilba. 

How weird is this: The building she's sitting outside displays this sign: Looking Glass GARELLY.


A dyslexic sign writer's mistake? New-age humour? Or a way of creating interest in your art gallery?

  (Above view on Google Streetview. Strange, not one result on Google for Looking Glass Garelly.)

Tilba Central is one of those places you enjoy so much, you regret not being able to stay longer. Breathing in the atmosphere in lovely villages like these, I remind myself that there is a place waiting, for all who believe, which is hundred times more wonderful, rest assured!

The shop/restaurant in Tilba Tilba, two kilometers along Corkhill Road, was just being renovated. So we had a picnic instead. Afterward, only a stone's throw away, we spent at least an hour enjoying the famous Foxglove Gardens, planted from nothing 30 years ago. 

View from Foxglove Gardens toward Mt. Dromedary. 

"The essence of the garden is one of peace, tranquility, romance, fairy tale like charm and quaint English elegance."     (

Instead of returning via the busy Pacific Highway, the coasts major north/south corridor, we followed the sign 'Scenic Route' (Tourist Drive 6). I was a great move. Despite being unsealed, there was no problem, as we slowly meandered through the Eurobodalla rainforest, crossing numerous small rivers, via wooden one-lane bridges before joining the Pacific Highway. Like in above gardens, all was so quiet. We felt we were the only tourists in this part of the world. 

Out of curiosity, looking at a sign Tuross Head, we took another detour to see what the place looked like. The small town's location, on the headland between Lake Coila and Tuross Lake again featured much stunning scenery.

The next day, Friday 25th Nov. 2016 we started another leg of our extensive road trip, traveling north toward Sydney. Milton did not only have a nice name, but I recalled it from my 2013 bike ride along that coast. A strange incident took place as my wife and I casually strolled along the main street.

Outside a shop called Bella I clearly heard a person introduce herself to another: "I am Lee". In M I L ... it made sense. (In the mega chapter 5 in Book 12 you will find more Milton magic.) 

Cruising north on the Pacific Highway later that Friday we briefly left the highway for a 'walk down memory lane'. I wanted Isobel to see the town of Gerringong, situated spectacularly on a hill above the Pacific. Even from the main shopping center one can enjoy magnificent, sweeping views in all directions. I remembered it well from three years earlier, eating lunch on a bench seat during my Canberra to Sydney bike ride. (See picture in Bk.12, Ch.5.)


View from Fern Street toward Werri Beach and Red Cliff.

What a backdrop for a playground. How many milk crates can the children stack on top of each other?

I liked the colours of their uniforms - the German flag. With the blue of the crates they become the South Australian colours.

The latest: Talking of playing games - moments before publishing this chapter Adelaide United (in red) played Wellington Phoenix (black shorts, yellow tops) at Hindmarsh. The referee wore the identical blue as in above photo! 

- - - - - - -

That night we had booked a motel near Woollongong, affectionately called The Gong. It was the night, a miracle took place. We first heard a report on television: Two teenagers, 17 and 18 years old, had crashed their vehicle at high speed, catapulted through a guard rail and rolled several times down a cliff. The Illawarra Mercury on 26th Nov.16 reported on the miracle escape. 

“Remarkably the young men somehow managed to wrangle free from their mangled Toyota Hilux utility which came to an abrupt stop perilously close to the ocean below.”

One witness on TV (I just replayed Channel Seven's report) wears a cap with a big letter R. Makes me think: wrangle / mangled - minus R = WMD. 

The teenagers not only scrambled from their Toyota Hilux, almost unhurt, they were able to climb up almost100 meters to the top of the cliff - in the middle of the night (12.30 AM). 

The article states not once, not twice, but three times that police think speed was involved.

In earlier books I had many times 'researched' car crashes. When police mentioned 'speed was involved' it sounded silly. Car crashes always involve speed. But why was there not one mention of alcohol as a crash factor? Surely, the insurance company would like to know. No mention of a breath test. 

I also found it puzzling, why the newspaper does not give the names of the two miracle escapees? Their mate's name is spelled out in full? "Josh Farrell rushed to the scene the next morning." 

Farrell: "They (his mates) are very lucky to be alive. Coming here and seeing this I wouldn’t expect someone to be alive or even paralysed,’’ Mr Farrell said. ‘’I'm happy my best mates are still alive. One has gotten a broken hand and that's it.’’

(Source: Illawarra Mercury online) 

So one scrambled up that steep cliff with one good hand. (What was his name? First name would be sufficient.) And why bother to visit the crash site? Why not first visit your best mates first to hear their story and celebrate? 

It so happened, our route north was going to go over that bridge on the same morning Josh Farrell was inspecting the scene. I had planned to travel that way to show Isobel the impressive structure of Sea Cliff Bridge. (In Book 12, Ch.5 you will find a picture).

Crash scene - Sea Cliff Bridge, Nov. 26th, 2016

There was still debris strewn around the crash scene. Note the broken guard rail and safety fence! I would have thought these may have slowed or even stopped the vehicle from going any further? 

What did Josh Farrell mean when visiting the crash scene: "Seeing this....?

We stopped and looked carefully. From the roadway above, the vehicle was not at all visible down that cliff. 

A final question: Why should witnesses contact Crime Stoppers, as the newspaper article urges. Onlookers would not know, if the driver was drunk. And a criminal act, like another vehicle running them off the road, has to be ruled out. The driver failed a left hand bend. If it were a right-hand bend, oncoming traffic could push one off a cliff!

On scanning above picture I noticed the peculiar, strangely placed sign erected by Lifeline. Located close to the broken fence it reads: Hold onto Hope, there is help!

Somebody that night helped those boys, if indeed the story happened as reported. Later in the chapter we shall revisit media matters, which lack in accuracy, to say it diplomatically. How these discrepancies, pure fabrications or deliberate omissions can occur is a mystery.

- - - - - - -

After my wife and I spent the weekend in Sydney I discovered a big blunder in the Monday edition of a major Sydney newspaper. Nobody had obviously proofread the page. (Details in a moment). 

We had driven straight from 'The Gong' to Sydney and visited my wife's brothers. It took us half day to just reach Sydney. The traffic was unbelievably heavy, despite being a Saturday. Later we found the reason. The train line south was closed for repairs. That evening I went with a friend, who came down from Newcastle, to Allianz Stadium. It so happened that my Adelaide United was playing.

The two teams were not well matched: Top of the table Sydney FC, who had not lost a game, played against bottom of the ladder, Adelaide. The Reds had not yet won a game! 

At the final whistle the 0:0 draw was more like a win for the visitors from Adelaide. (As I write Sydney FC has remained unbeaten in 17 games. They are favourite to win the championship. Ironically, Adelaide are the reigning champions.)

My wife bought a newspaper on the Monday after, to read on our long car journey north. It was disappointing to find that the Daily Telegraph's sports section had a total of 9 pages devoted to Cricket and the NRL (Rugby). Only one single column was devoted to A-League soccer, consisting only of statistics, and even they were wrong.

Take a look at the A-League Ladder after Round 8:


Daily Telegraph, Mon. 28/11, Page 48

Where are the Mariners, the team from the Central Coast? They are either the 6th or 7th team on that table. (Please note - Wellington and Melbourne Victory had only played 7 games. A match had to be cancelled because of an earthquake in New Zealand).

Let's play with the Wanderers numbers, the GD (goal difference) and PTS (points) columns:

4 9 6 8 add to 27.

If we extract 486, Number 9 is off-side! (Play on ...)  

It is a pity that one of the most widespread and popular ballgames in the word, soccer, receives so little attention from Australia's media. Maybe, herein lay the reason top players leave to play for better pay and recognition in Europe, China or Japan?

My guess is that most Australians know that AFL player/coach Kevin (Vine+K) is 69 years old, has the letters AM after his name and was born one Christmas Eve last century! But how many know and could explain the simple off-side rule in the world game they call the real football? (Just kidding). 

- - - - - - -

Since the final digits in above ladder, bottom right, contain the three digits 1 3 and 6, it is a good time to backtrack and show that other sign from the Mogo Zoo earlier:


But I did not take the picture because of these numbers, but because of the word Numl .r, which should read Number.

The missing section creates the letter l (small L), which is part of the word be. This takes us to the picture, promised at the end of the previous chapter. (At that time the above Numl .r was far from my mind.)

I had worked all day, written about trivial stuff with so much detail, I almost started to doubt my sanity. So I went for an hour-long ride through the suburbs. As the oxygen stimulated my brain it was still reprocessing things, like number 690, which popped up in the previous two chapters. Likewise, the revelation of HEB (B HE) only had happened minutes earlier.

Judge for yourself, if I was justified in being gob smacked when I passed a vehicle near a street called Galleon Drive:


S096 BL*  >>>

9 6 has received much attention in recent chapters.  If S were to become a 5 - 50 matched the L at the end; 5096 could become the Postcode for Mount Paran (Para + n) Hills.

Reading car registration plates has been a habit from my early childhood.


May I indulge and repeat a story from 2002? During a visit

to Germany I spotted a car registration number E - AU 560 in Essen. I was gob smacked, because of another, which immediately  sprung to mind. In the late 1960's our choir master at church drove a Renault 4. It carried ES - AU 560.


Here in Adelaide, AUS, on the other side of the world, five decades later, I have lived at the same house for 33 years. Bus Route 560 passes right by our door.  

But there was more ... 

...another major reason, why I was gob smacked with above S096-BL.. As soon as I spotted these digits I knew what I had just scanned onto my computer - an extract of a crossword puzzle, ready to insert it onto the page. Perfect timing produced this magic, well planned by the unseen author of my books:.


German Crossword    >>>

on Page 113:            


November 21 was a Monday. On ABC TV Paul Barry presented his Media Watch. In his introduction he briefly mentioned Yoko Ono. (I can't recall why). But I remembered that I had come across ONO in my crossword puzzle that same afternoon.

But take a look at the four letters on the far right - BLOS - then compare it with the car registration plate S096BL.That why felt compelled to photograph it an hour later on that bike ride. 

How about the six squares, bottom left - ONOSOS? How many possibilities for wordsmiths to create ...?!  

(Can you see _I I_  SON?).

- - - - - - -

Almost to the hour, as I started writing this new chapter, our daughter and her husband were starting a new chapter in their life. Together with their two boys they were schedule to arrive in Darwin, the capital city of Australia's Northern Territory at this time. Our son-in-law accepted a transfer, a promotion, at his place of work. It may be for two years, or even for four.

As grandparents of our only two grandchildren my wife and I made sure to see them off at Adelaide Airport. Two things I must mention, which in my mind stand out as another twist in my story. Why these twists happen during normal, routine events in life, such as seeing family off at the airport, I do not know? All I know, they provide food for thought and material to write about.

The first twist came on the day of their departure, the day before this writing. My son in law briefly mentioned that a mini-tornado had hit a suburb in Darwin. The storm hit the very suburb they will be living in. online reports: 

"A ‘MINI twister’ tore through a Palmerston street and left a trail of destruction for residents and SES volunteers to clean up. Tree branches along Rose St in Gunn were twisted and ripped from their trunks in what residents described as a “tornado-like” winds."

Reading the name Rose I recalled the previous chapter. The name Rose arose in the New South Wales town of Wagga Wagga.


<<< Expert Data  Cabling.


The other twist came in the form of this three-word sign. Walking toward the the airport terminal I noticed this A4 laminated sheet of paper on the ground. It looked very clean, as if it had not been there very long.

The word cabling did it. It made me take this picture. Cabling reminded me of one of the stories in this Chapter 12, which I had planned to commence later that day, Jan. 25th 2016.


It started at the time of the inauguration of the new US President, Mr. Trump. Leading up to the important occasion, one day my creative mind suddenly saw the difference between the words Trump and Triumph. It's hi. 

Not that this was a huge discovery to elevate my mood to any kind of high. No, I simply pondered the thought for a few days. Perhaps it had come, because for many years all my emails, except personal messages, start with: Hi all. 

I'm sure there would have been many people, especially Trump supporters, all of whom were on a big high, whose playful minds came up with this hi wisecrack. But I am pretty sure, not that I could prove it, that I was the only person in the world, who experienced a magic hi on Sunday, January 15th, about a week before the big blonde's inauguration. 

Sitting in church that morning, listening to a sermon on the subject of thankfulness ..., 

Stop Press:

*On the morning of publishing this chapter, just before finishing and final edit, I watched about 3 minutes of television while having a quick coffee.

On Channel Ten Robbie Schuller was preaching. The entire time I tuned in he spoke on gratefulness.

Two points I picked up: 

One, when you are going through hard times thank God. Not for the hard times, but thank HIM for whatever you can think of during the crisis. 

Two, worship, which is often misunderstood, can be a gateway to being thankful. Hi Lord! Thank you for this amazing timing, once again! 


... Mr. T. and his triumph were far from my mind - until a particular slide appeared at the front on the big screen. It took a moment to see the link. When I did I took the picture as quietly as I could, regardless of what people around me thought:

Cultivate the habit of being grateful.

I was grateful for having my Samsung in my pocket that morning to take the picture.

One has to ask: "Is someone saying hi? If so, who is it?


One week later, again during church on Sunday 22nd, January 2017, there was an answer to these questions. At least, considering what appeared out of the blue on the church's video screen that Sunday morning, this could be the answer: It's Jesus and me.

Pity that day I did not have my phone camera with me. Later at home I tried to recreate onto my P/C the lyrics of a hymn we sang. Here is what I came up with, the chorus of the hymn 'Knowing you, Jesus'. The screen may have shown a different font, but trust me, the message came over very clearly down that cable: 

Text: Knowing you Jesus, knowing you, there is no greater thing. You're my all you're the best, you're my joy, my righteousness, and I love you, Lord.

What other Christian song fits better in the above than ...(Now) "it is Jesus and me ...?"

(Remember, the letters ES into English translate as - it.)

The greatest thing in this life is to know Jesus, to love HIM and thank HIM for the joy HE brings.


After I saw the letters NOW, twice, in the first line in above song, I suddenly became aware of this: KNOWING - NOW = KING !

Amazing! How can IT be?

 Maybe, we have here a tangible answer to the question I had asked in my early books: What is IT? 

- - - - - - -

While the subject is thankfulness and Donald Trump, may I briefly touch on the difference between former President Obama and the controversial newcomer. The death of Fidel Castro provided a good example.

Mr. Obama commented on the death of Castro: "History will tell the impact this one man has made on so many people." Big deal - the same could be said about Stalin, Idi Amin or Florence Nightingale, if she were male.

Donald Trump released an official statement on November 25th 2016: "Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades,” (Source:

In my opinion, herein lay the reason for the Trump triumph. People are tired of politician's wishy-washy, carefully phrased statements, just in case they tread on somebody's toes. (Too bad Emily's list wasted many millions of Dollars supporting their female favourite).

Another noticeable difference is the attitude of Mr. Trump to the media. He does not mince word's when he labels journalists as dishonest. Whilst I don't know why Mr. Trump made war with this sector of public life he has to live with, one thing I know from experience: The power of the media is such, they can make or break a person.

In previous books I have many times given examples of how media reported one thing, but either twisted facts or omitted vital information. This was very much what happened in the case of the imprisoned magistrate, Peter Liddy. I have written much about this matter and am not apologizing for doing so again. 

Here are some examples of facts that I had researched (shown in green) to compare them with what was written in the press or broadcast on air.

You be the judge, if the people of South Australia have been honestly and fully informed in these matters. (Book 5, Chapter 13 gives a comprehensive report of my findings):



Info made public

The main victim, Mr. AGW, who at age 19 already was in and out of jail, was given leave from a Darwin prison to fly to Adelaide to testify against Mr. Liddy. It was this career criminal's testimony, which carried the most weight in PL's long, long jail sentence.  One of Liddy's victims, a young man was flown in from interstate to give evidence.
He was promised a shorter jail sentence for doing so.  O.
7/9/2001: After the judge handed down the long prison term to former Magistrate Peter Liddy there was silence in the courtroom. Only one lady sobbed quietly as she put her head on the shoulder of the person beside her. I was sitting on the bench in front of her.  TV-News 7/9/2001: There was loud cheering and clapping in the courtroom when the 25-year jail sentence was handed down to the disgraced magistrate.
While in Adelaide, instead of being arrested for skipping bail in SA, AGW was let go free. While enjoying his freedom, he needed transport. He stole an expensive motor car and crashed it.  O. 
When AGW was 19 years old, again in prison, he made a statement to a prisoner assessment officer. In it he described his childhood as uneventful: "I was never physically or sexually abused". (Details Book 7, Ch.26) O.
Another alleged victim of Peter Liddy, (A.D.) promised him that he would visit Peter's lawyer, *Mr. McGee, and give a statement about the magistrate's character and conduct. As a favour in return he asked Peter for $ 3000 to buy a ring for his girlfriend. Three days later, after not having kept to his side of the deal, AD asked for another $ 2000. Later for more money, which Peter refused to pay. AD went to the police instead. 

(Details in Book 7, 18).

Adelaide Advertiser 15/5/01:

<<< Two payments at different times makes it plausible, what Mr. Liddy claimed: He was being held at ransom, by that young man, who saw an easy way of making quick cash.

A 58 year-old schoolteacher was found dead outside the town she lived in. She had been a neighbour of Peter Liddy. Her children used to go and play at his house. She visited Peter Liddy's lawyer and made a statement that she or her children never saw any misconduct by their magistrate neighbour. Her suicide was totally unexpected. (Bk.10, Ch. 2)

There were no suspiscious circumstances in the woman's death.

*Let me detour very briefly back to 30.11.16. That morning, at random I opened the Book of Psalms. The first verse I read was Psalm 26, Verse 1: "Lord, vindicate me, you know I am innocent." (I am writing this here, translated from German, because the calendar says it's January 26th - Australia's National Day.) 

During the day on November 30, somehow, I became aware of that date. It was on 30.11 (2003) when Mr. McGee, Peter Liddy's lawyer, allegedly killed a cyclist driving under the influence. It led to the KRRC, the Kapunda Road Royal Commission. (Details Book 4, Ch.15).

- - - - - - -

It remains to be seen, how much President Donald Trump is interested in real justice. Are innocent prisoners at all on his priority list? Does he know and care about the deplorable system of plea bargaining, where innocently accused people have to admit to a crime they never committed, only because they have no resources to defend the charges? Or they simply insist on the truth that they are innocent!

I am thinking here of imprisoned Father Gordon MacRae, who did just that. He refused to admit guilt, but insisted on the truth. The price he paid? Decades in prison, innocently, forced to share a dingy prison cell with seven other inmates. 

As I read the latest article by the imprisoned priest, it makes me sick to contemplate what this innocent man had to endure, and still does to this day. (Read it here:

Recently I felt urged to sent a message of encouragement to Father MacRae, thinking that a new US administration may give him some hope. 

To my surprise, I received a quick answer a day later, sent from his New Hampshire Prison. He explained that the inmates pardoned by President Obama were Federal prisoners, mostly drug dealers. The US President has no influence about State Prisons. 

Makes me ask: Will Trump tolerate these gross miscarriages of justice, even when they are not federal matters? Will he make America great again, will he make the US justice system just again?

If what happened a few days ago is an indication, maybe there is hope for America. Their new leader supported pro-life demonstrators, people who believe in the Ten Commandments, especially 'You shall not kill'. One clever slogan read: 'Trump loves the bump' another 'Make America pro-life again'.  

The day before publishing I sent a brief message to Channel Nine's Today Show in Australia, expressing joy in what I saw among the bad news. In the PS I added a little twist, one of those well timed oddities. It happened also on the Today Show, but the one broadcast by the NBC, USA:


Subject: Hi Trump triumph,       Date:  28.1.2017


What a breath of fresh air! People marching for life – and they have the backing of a powerful world leader!

More, please Moore!

Kind regards,

Dieter, Adelaide

PS  Yesterday I wrote in my diary about meeting Mr. Moore (Chris). The same moment on US TV, a tribute to Mary Tyler Moore!

- - - - - - -

In the case of Peter Liddy, as I see it, Australia's media has failed miserably in its primary duty to independently report facts from both sides of the argument. Mr. Liddy, to the best of my knowledge, never had a public platform to tell his side of the story, only the courtroom. And the little that was reported often did not add up. 

One day the truth will set all free, whilst evil doers will reap their reward. Prison on earth is only temporary, punishment in hell is eternal. 

Just think about IT.


Chapter 13