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It has been a while since I used the word 'epiphany', meaning 'God showed up'. In this first chapter of my new book, God showed up time and again. Just look at the above graphic, the staff of the shepherd points right to the letters he. It just happened, without me planning.

HE, the good shepherd, is at the centre of my world. Those who think it is numbers and sport (football) can be forgiven for thinking so. This chapter is filled with the round version football (soccer) and numbers. 

We shall also take a brief visit to Sydney. But it was not the football match I went for, but a Sunday afternoon walk, which was the highlight. Enjoy the journey, follow the path HE wants you to tread. The destination is up in the air.


1.  Search the Word

"That's odd!"

How many times has my mind thought that, and questioned things to try and make sense of the world around me? How often do I hear or see things in my daily life, things that either don't make sense or somehow link, often in surprising fashion, to other aspects of my life?

More often than not, these links consist of numbers (NOS) or a number. Seventy-two, for instance, which came on Easter Thursday 2016, the day before commencing this chapter. (Details later). 

The next question, in logical sequence, is: "Why is that so?" 

My sharp mind, an attribute I had since childhood, causes me to react very swiftly. At other times it takes hours, days or even months to see a connection. My diary is filled with material of this nature. Revelations often come, while writing diary or in prayer. My rational mind, trying to find an explanation, has three choices as to view what is taking place: 

One, it's all nothing, co-incidences happen, get over it! (This is the way my wife is coping with it all, when I try and point out how God showed up).

Two, the paranoid remnant inside me thinks - there are people, readers of my stories and followers, who purposely arrange circumstances to show passively that they believe in what I write and what I do. (But then, why the secrecy?)

Three, circumstances develop and unfold because there is an all-powerful God in heaven, who controls what I see or hear and guides my thinking through HIS Holy Spirit. (If God is interested in how many hairs are on my head, why should HE not care, when I ask HIM: "Why is this happening, God?" HE may just enjoy popping by and say: "Hi, I'm here." We call it epiphany (Read on).

During a recent, brief visit to Sydney as I walked through the throng of tourists at Circular Quay, I spotted this slogan on a little girl's T-shirt: "Everything happens for a reason".


Was there a reason why a photograph I took on January 8th 2016 turned out germane? 

As I was looking through our lounge room window I admired the picturesque, colourful sunset. It was worthy of a photograph. When I viewed it later, scrolling through the photos I had taken, what a pleasant surprise? My Samsung captured some meaningful colours:

Colour-rich sunset in Adelaide, meaningful if you're German.

Does it not look very much like ...? 

... the German (DE) flag.    ( 

Despite having lived in Australia for almost half a century and aquired citizenship, there's a remnant feeling of belonging whenever I see these colours or anything linking to the country of my birth.

(Read on, how red and yellow surprised, a few hours after typing the above). 

- - - - - - -

The evening before commencing this new book was Easter Thursday 2016. The date was 24.3. (Alert readers will already have calculated NOS 72 and 27). That evening in Adelaide a significant sporting event took place. Australia's National Soccer team, the Socceroos, were playing a World Cup qualifying match at Adelaide Oval*.

Their opponents was Tajikistan, not exactly a giant in international football. Neither is Australia, but that evening they played like champions. Five minutes before the end Australia was leading six goals to nil. I was thinking: If they score one more, it will be the perfect number. So it was. Former Adelaide United player Nathan Burns (No.10) scored three minutes before the end.

What a great score - 7:0! The first goal came in the 2nd minute. In the 70th minute substitute Rogic scored a great goal, and another only 2 minutes later, in the 72nd minute. 


*On writing here I linked to another number, which has been significant in my earlier writing - 57. OVaL = 5O (L) plus 7.

Socceroos celebrate after a great win (previous game!) Pic.

The latest (29.3.16) - After I had uploaded the above image our Socceroos played their second World Cup qualifying game. After winning earlier, as mentioned, 7:0 they scored another 5 goals to beat Jordan. (What will they achieve next, after walking all over Jordan - walk on water?).

Below: Why do some players, after scoring a goal, run to the corner flag to celebrate?

Answer: It's the colours that attract. Makes sense! (Pic:                         

- - - - - - -

Red and yellow are also the colours of Australia's Surf Live Saving Organization. When I first came to Australia swimming on a beach was something really special. But I recall being warned many times: "Swim between the flags, swim between the flags!"

I found this a little hard to do. NO, I found it damn impossible !!!. So in the end I decided it was far easier to walk between the flags. (Ha, ha).

- - - - - - -

At this point in the chapter, Easter Sunday morning, I interrupted my writing to attend church. What came next sounds very much deja vu - been there before, done it before. Please accept that I did not make anything up. As always I write it as it was, trying to illustrate it here. 

My wife and I sat in the general area, where we usually sit at the back, with her elderly mother. The theme of the service, fitting for Easter Sunday, was - HE is risen.

But take a look at what messages appeared, as before, viewing the graphics and lyrics on the screen through cables hanging from the ceiling. I wonder sometimes, if I'm the only worshipper seeing it that way?

(Below: the black vertical line represents the way the microphone cable hung in front of the (left) screen above the church platform.


HE     IS




Resurrection Sunday. HE is risen ... 

...and said HI. 

Note the letters RE right under I. (German ER = HE).


The church service began with a familiar, rousing hymn - O for a thousand tongues to sing my great redeemers praise. Again, the microphone cable covered certain letters. I did not imagine it, nor did my brain search for any message from on Hi (pardon the pun). 

But there were three letters, which jumped out at me - O N E. 




               TO SING MY GREAT


                REDEEMER'S PRAISE

Now we know, who said HI.

What better background than the colours of those (Surf) Life Savers. Imagine the celebrations in heaven, when HE rose to defeat death. The viscous cycle of sin, resulting in death, was broken once and for all.

"But thank God, HE gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ." (Verse 57 - 1. Cor. 15).

- - - - - - -

At this point in the chapter, in the afternoon on March 27th, my football team AUFC, (Adelaide United Football Club) played their final home game at Coopers Stadium. I arrived in plenty of time before kick-off. The very popular northern stand still had empty seats. So I decided to watch the game from there, not from the usual seat at the Vidmar stand.

Moments after taking my seat came another surprise. Considering I had just hours earlier written about, and uploaded pictures, where the colours red and yellow featured, our team played against Central Coast Mariners.


The 'Reds' played the 'Yellows' on March 27. 

I just noticed, on scanning, players 5 and 22 (A 5/22 story to follow, read on). How about the colours of the advertisements at the top? (Almost) red, black, yellow. Even the blue jersey of the referee (almost) matches the billboard.

Another very timely discovery during the match: How could I not smile at the name of No.16 player in the Mariner's squad. His name on the back of his jersey read: L. ROSE. Remember, it was Easter Sunday! (Love it. More NOS 16 sports to come).

Besides watching a colourful football match, it was great to see United win 4:2 to take second spot on the A-League ladder.


Halfway through the second half the Mariners made a substitution. Player 19 came on, No. 6 came off. Seconds later over the loudspeakers the attendance for that afternoon was announced - 10269.

Exactly a months earlier the number of spectators announced at the stadium had spooked my numbers brain; from the moment I'd heard, it all the way home - 12712. The date was 27.2. On leaving the stadium I could not help marvel at a vehicle, parked right outside the southern gate. It was a BMW. Putting 1+1 together I again saw the date in it's 4-digit registration plate: 1127:

That Feb. 27th I was riding my Giant to the stadium. On the way home, on Prospect Road, Kilburn, my quick eyes caught a glimpse of a man walking on the footpath. He wore a T-shirt with large Nos.72 on the front. That's odd, I thought. A second later, still wondering what's going on, I became aware of the exact location. This happened right across from the United Service Station.

Arriving home my wife usually asks me, how United went. I felt like saying: We won 12712 to... Instead I said: "We beat the top team 3:0". About my other numbers I said nothing (0). It may have started World War 3.

- - - - - - -

The universal symbol for Christians, and that of Easter, consists of two straight lines, which I have written much about in previous books. The shape is much like the small letter t. Long ago I saw it as a minus and plus sign joined together. What looked like a big defeat (minus) on Good Friday became the greatest victory ever (plus) on Easter Sunday. Hallelujah! That's why Christians feel like singing God's praise over and over, wishing for a thousand tongues to do so.

Another symbol is used to indicate a cross; the letter X. Three days before Good Friday I had an interesting encounter with X, the Roman numeral for 10. It took place on arriving back from the short trip to Sydney, which I had alluded to earlier.

Shortly before landing the captain of the A320 Jetstar Airbus gave passengers the local time in Adelaide - 5.22 PM. About 20 minutes later, as the aircraft was taxiing on the tarmac, a flight attendant again gave the local time - 5.22 PM. Something obviously did not add up. I checked with fellow passenger, who confirmed I had heard correctly. The flight attendant had announced the wrong time.

The next day, two days before Good Friday, while pondering the digits 522, this suddenly came:

5 x 22 = 110, in Roman numerals C X >>> See (the) cross.

On writing another possibility came - code 3/5, if we were to apply it. Change 5.22 to 3.22 to create the date of the flight on that aircraft, March 22.

- - - - - - -

My Jetstar flight to Sydney on 19.3 arrived right on schedule at 15.50 hrs. I had hoped to arrive in time for the 19.30 hrs (nice numbers) football match kick-off, using the ferry from Circular Quay to Parramatta. From the airport to Circular Quay took only 20 minutes; to walk to my YHA (Youth Hostel) at The Rocks, another 5 minutes; check-in was equally efficient. I never had thought I could make it to the 17.07 hrs (5.07 pm) ferry to Parramatta. But I did.

Beautiful Sydney skyline from ferry, leaving Circular Quay.

 In Sydney ferries are an important link in the public transport system. Why catch a train, when you can enjoy a one hour sunset harbour cruise, en route to the football match in Parramatta?


The match at Pirtek Stadium was a bit disappointing, no goals - 0:0. (The same two teams in the same stadium on January 1st, 2016 had also played a goalless draw.) 

Whilst there were no winners that Saturday night, it was a different story the the next day, Sunday 20th March. I made a point of attending church. The Wesley Mission in Pitt Street was within walking distance. Attending their 9.30 am service I learned that in the afternoon there was to be a Palm Sunday gathering, followed by a march from Circular Quay.

In the Christian calendar Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter. Christians celebrate Jesus' triumphant entry, riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. The crowds cheered Him on, waving palm branches, because they thought Jesus was to be crowned their king, freeing them from Roman occupation. Sad to think that the same exciting, cheering mob would less than a week later shout: "Crucify him!" 

Whilst there are various thoughts, why palm branches, the fact that HE was riding on a donkey is very clear: Five hundred years earlier the Prophet Zechariah foretold the event. He was inspired to write down the exact method of transport Jesus was going to use:

"Rejoice greatly daughter Zion, shout daughter Jerusalem. Your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey, a colt, the foal of a donkey." (Zechariah 9,9 NIV).

The bible is filled with literally hundreds of such prophesies, written centuries earlier. All have come to pass, detail by detail. One of history's greatest tragedies is the sad fact that, despite of all the evidence,  a very large percentage of God's own, the people of Israel, as well as much of the rest of the world, still does not believe and follow the Lord.

- - - - - - -

 Bus stop advertisement, Sydney, Circular Quay (Hi 5).

When we believe, we see ...  Australia's biggest bank tells us. A man, who lives in a white house, told us the same thing. So it must be so!

Below: There is somebody else trying to tell us something. He lives in a black tent near Sydney's Central Railway Station. This person is also telling us something. He really believes in whatever he is trying to say. 

One of his posters read something like this: "Passers-by may look at the outside here, but God looks deep into my heart." Couldn't agree more. May I add: And he loves you as much as the man, who lives in the big, white house.

- - - - - - -

It was refreshing to meet up with fellow believers and publicly proclaim Jesus as Lord and King. During the short march from Circular Quay to the Opera House and back a Christian group from Samoa led the singing; fantastic voices. Over and over a hundred voices sang out: "Soon and very soon we are going to see the king ...No more crying there, no more dying there, we're going to see the king."

It felt good to be marching to honour Jesus, rather than marching in protest against some bad law or social evil. The route this march took must be one of Australia's most visited tourist walks. No doubt, people from all over the world, many looking on from the many outside cafes, would have wondered, who these strange people are, waving palm branches, singing about a king they're going to meet?

To be a committed Christian means to be different, to desperately want to do what God wants you to do. If this means marching and waving palm branches or living in a black tent, so be it.

(On Jan. 1st I spotted a sports car on Grange Road. It's registration plate carried six letters: SO BE IT. Interesting!)

It takes courage to publicly declare you are a follower of Jesus. At the time of writing a shocking news report tells of a large death toll, among them many Christians, women and children, after a suicide bomber blew himself up in Lahore, Pakistan. The victim were targeted simply because they are Christians). 

To heed the call, to believe and follow the humble, radical teacher from Galilee is not a picnic in the park, it's an exciting journey with an eternal destiny.


Palm Sunday March (2010) Circular Quay to Opera House.

Archive Pic:

The Rev. Keith Garner, far left, is the leader of Wesley Mission, Sydney. He appears regularly on television.

It so happened at this point in my writing I opened my email. The only one I received so far this day (30.3.16) was a Christian newsletter. The first item was a press release by none other than the Rev. Garner, shown above! Amazing timing. God showed up, an epiphany!

- - - - - - -

It is sad to notice the trend in western society away from the teachings of the bible. Academics, who claim to have done research, most likely publicly funded, often come up with controversial findings, which defy common sense; or claims are that far fetched, non-academics can't possibly argue against it. 

On the morning of this writing a news item on Channel 9 TV claimed that a fossil of a spider has been found. Science believes the find is 305 million years old. (God must have created it during his early shift, ha ha).

Checking a picture of it online I counted 10 legs. Insects have 8 normally, don't they? Take a reverse look at the word FOSSIL - ISSO between L & F. That means, it must be so!

Another item on TV a few days ago dealt with corporal punishment. What raised the issue was the case of an Adelaide father, who still believed in the old fashioned way of discipline. The forty-three year old Adelaide Air Force pilot, and father of a 12 year-old boy, gave his son three smacks. (Unlike some countries smacking is still legal in Australia)

His former wife, the mother of the child, argued that the physical punishment was too harsh. She reported her former husband to police. (A great way to get back at your ex). The man was arrested, like a common criminal, and charged and convicted of assault.

The 43 year old father did not believe that justice had been done. He appealed the decision in the Supreme Court and won the case. Here is what the appeal judge said:

"Yesterday Justice David Peek upheld that law saying that the man’s previous conviction was “misdirected” on “the issue of parental correction”.

“Some level of pain is permissible” he said  “and in the present case there was little … the mere existence of red marks caused by the punishment does not prove unreasonable correction.”



Maybe the judge not only knew common law, but also knew what the bible says in the matter? Children need discipline. Some may need to feel more pain than others to realize how much wrong they have done.

On Saturday March 26th on Channel Seven's Weekend Sunrise TV a panel of commentators discussed the issue. Psychologist Dr. M.C. clearly stated that studies had shown that physical punishment does not work. (How can one make such a claim, unless one follows spanked and non-spanked children over many years). 

The viewpoint that children don't need physical correction goes totally against biblical teaching. It defies all logic to think that you can reason with a four-year old. 

That Easter Saturday morning I felt to email and make a comment on the subject. There was another reason I emailed the show. For a nanosecond on their screen a misspelled word had appeared. This called for action. Email to Sunrise, March 26th, 2016:


Subject:  Listen to the wisest man

Hi all,

Of course you don’t smack a child for misspelling a word (like propeeler). But if my ten-year old stole money from my wallet to buy cigarettes, a good belting would stop him from getting into worse trouble when he’s older. The wisest man who ever lived (sorry, not Psychologist Mike) wrote this about the subject: “Do not withhold discipline from a child. If you strike him with a rod, he will not die, but you will save his soul from hell.”

None of your panel brought out the fact that some children learn by reprimand, while others may need the extra physical punishment.

Kind regards,

Dieter Fischer, Adelaide

PS  Reel love can be reel tough.

In the PS I purposely used the word reel to match my surname. When I looked at it as re: el I had to smile. What had started it all were the letters e and l in the misspelled word propeeler.


Smacking our children for correction was never easy. Thank God, we did not have to do it very often. And they never believed you when you tried to console them: "This hurts me more than it hurts you." Those words triggered a wailing and screaming performance worthy of a Hollywood movie set. And you had not even applied the wooden spoon yet. You thought: "What a great little actor!"

Every day I thank God for our three sons and daughter. All turned out responsible, hard working, healthy adults working in professional positions.

- - - - - - -

Adelaide Rymill Park, Schutzenfest 2016

Bob Neil, a legend of the Adelaide University Football Club, called the All Backs, sorry The All Blacks, in the queue for a beer.

His story, in my story, is documented in Book 1, Ch. 38. At the time I did not know that his football jersey is No.130. When I took this picture the date was Jan. 30.

One of my sons took me to this annual shooting fest, organized by the German Club - on my birthday.

Another number crossed my path on my birthday. Whoever is responsible how it came about, I do not know, but here it is: 

My wife arrived home from her voluntary work at the Salvo Second-hand store. She told me that she'd had a very good day. The day's takings were $310.50. These are the digits of my birthday, including the year! That's odd! Odd indeed.

- - - - - - -


On the last day of 2015, taking it easy after breakfast, my wife and I were watching an item on the Today (US) show. Normally, after breakfast we would turn the TV off, but since it was holiday time, the TV stayed on a little longer. Glad I did, otherwise I may not have picked up code L. 

How did I pick up code L? Simple, a health expert on ageing was being interviewed about healthy ageing. When she mispronounced the word boldy, before correcting herself - body - the L stood out.  When her name came up on the screen the computer in my brain saw a link to my recently published final chapter of Book 14? (The letters z and RAA).

The expert being interviewed had some good ideas how to delay premature ageing. I have long forgotten what they were, but I knew that there was a far better drug than HGH; it's freely available and far more effective, with only positive side effects.

I had to email the show to tell them:

Email to (US) Today Show - 30.Dec.15 (AUS time 31.12).

Hi all,

Dr.Azar's comments regarding the boldy and aging were very interesting. May I point out the best way to renew one's youth?

It's in Verse 5 of Psalm 103 - Trusting God with all of our life - remembering HIS goodness, accepting HIS forgiveness, pray for HIS healing etc. then our youth will be renewed like the eagles! (No HGH or other drug necessary!)



Adelaide, South Australia


I liked how the date 30 Dec.15 fitted the scripture so well - Psalm 103, V.5. 

"HE satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagles."

- - - - - - -

Five days later, again on the same US TV show, another misspoken word had me engaged in the usual decoding and emailing process. I had to let them know in New York that I had seen and interpreted their code. I won't overload readers' brains with the details, because there was a far weirder connection surfacing that same evening.

The segment on the US TV show on 1.4. (Jan. 4th) was reporting on the US primary elections. One statistic that came up was numbers 58 and 44. I can't recall exactly what they meant, but it was not hard to see that deducting one from the other created 14, that day's date. Adding the numbers equals 102.

That evening, reading my daily bible reading Our Daily Bread for Jan 4 those numbers (14 and 102) suddenly struck me. Take a look in my diary:


Diary Jan 5th 2016 -  ODB bible reading for Jan 4th.


Text: Is He Listening: "Sometimes it feels as if God isn't listening to me. "Those words, from a woman who tried to stay strong in her walk with God while coping with an alcoholic husband echo the heart cry of many believers ...

It really spooked me, how the 'Bible in One Year' figures were exactly those I had noted on the US TV Show, which was broadcast on the same day.


Let me assure all readers - God is listening. HE hears all your words, even knows your thoughts. HE sees all you do. Isn't that a good reason to carefully consider what you say, what you look at, what activity you should engage in?

There are moments while surfing I come across a questionable image. How easy it would be to yield to temptation and click yourself sick. I know HIM who knows me intimately, who sees every URL I enter, every image I click on. HE would be displeased. But more importantly, I would be hurting myself.

Only God knows, what this generation views online. How dangerous, when even small children have access to material far beyond their capability to deal with. Who would let a child near a loaded gun? Yet when they are locked away, allowed to watch material online, which literally leads to death, does anyone care? A major crisis is developing. The results will be devastating when they reap what was sown!

- - - - - - - 

While mentioning Our Daily Bread, how about this unusual phenomenon? The Bible reading for April 28th 2015 was the story in Matthew 8, where Jesus calmed a storm by 'rebuking the wind and the waves'. 

Also on April 28th 2015, the daily reading in Word for Today, a publication by Vision Radio, featured the same subject in Matthew 8, Jesus calming the storm.

We don't need to look far in 2016 to recognize the desperate need for a power, who can calm the raging storms and bring peace into the world. HE can do it by the words of HIS mouth.

- - - - - - -

Late last year my bicycle started to give trouble. It had been going great; no mishaps or even flat tyres since riding around Europe in 2015. Now a problem developed, a frayed gear cable.

Why am I mentioning this? You see, toward the end of 2015 those microphone cables, hanging over the screen in church had been drawing my attention. Now it was the bike cable. (Please rest assured, no letters and messages emerged anywhere behind that cable). 

Around that time, perhaps because of the above, I was reminded of a similar word to cable, one I had stumbled across, prayed about and written in detail in Book 3, Ch. 24. From cable to Caleb only one letter has to move - b. In that chapter, written so long ago, I felt so strong about this that I decided to book a flight to CA that same day.

In early 2016 things moved much slower. God may be slow, but HE is always on the move. Together with the name Caleb the number 16 (no apology about numbers - we live in 2016 after all) played a big role early that year.

Craig Goodwin in action. >>>

Adelaide's No.16 tries to break free from an opposition player. Regretfully, recently I learned that Goodwin is looking for a career overseas at the end of the season. Many good football players are looking for greater opportunities overseas. 

Football is not the only field, where Australians have to go abroad to succeed.

Pic. Getty Images

<<< Jersey NORMAN 21


Watching Adelaide play at home on Jan 16th, the game I shall come back to in a moment, the fan sitting in front of me did something unusual. Before kick-off he changed into this jersey. When Adelaide scored 2:1 I was wondering, if he was guessing the match result beforehand?


(The match ended 3:1 to AUFC.)

There are some interesting jerseys around. During one match I spotted SAVO 50. Using a Norman numeral, sorry a Roman numeral I saw a link to the real 'Red Army'. Another displayed STUART 50 (Trust a L, love it !).

The football match mentioned above was remarkable, because No.16 (Craig Goodwin) in 2016 on 16.1. scored the first goal in a home game.

But why am I making such a big deal out of this? For the answer let's turn the calendar a day forward, when another sporting event took place in Adelaide. The annual, much anticipated Tour Down Under cycle race began in Adelaide. As every year top professional riders from all over the world came to Adelaide to compete in the first race of the season.

A young man from New South Wales surprised everybody. At only 21 years of age he won the opening race, the People's Choice Classic, as well as stage 1 and ... 

Hey! I had not seen this before, until typing here ...

stage 6. You see, the young Australian competed, carrying No. 16. His name was Caleb.

Caleb Ewan,  >>>

Riding in the 2016 Tour Down Under in South Australia, the young  champion from New South Wales, whose name starts with Cal, took out the opening race, plus stages 1 & 6.

Overall winner was another Aussie, Simon Gerrans. 

Pic: Google Images

Where is this all leading to? I hear you think. It's leading us to two pages in a newspaper  magazine, which my wife bought on March 9th, 16 (data 3916). 

The page number happens to be (something I discovered only while writing this - 30 / 31)  the date of publishing this chapter - 31.03. (Sorry, if readers feel that in this chapter they have their NOS full of numbers).

Casually browsing through the pages of this magazine, called 'the City' I started doing the word-search, while eating lunch. Finding the first five words, all starting with B were no trouble. Suddenly magic appeared from nowhere, as if it had all been put together, on a certain page on a specific date, just waiting to be uncovered by the ONE, who called himself 'a See'

The next word was the word CABLE. It was also easy to find. But my mind inadvertently went back to the cables in church, the bike cable I had to replace and, of course, the name Caleb.

Out of curiosity I wondered, where is the word cable inside the word-search pointing to? The letters were in a diagonal line, pointing to the Sudoku challenge. It took only seconds, when some numbers on the next page made an almost perfect match.  

This scan of the word-search page, and part of the next page, makes it all a little clearer.

the City - Magazine, Pages 30 and 31.

The word Cable - marked above - points to a  group of numbers within the Sudoku puzzle - 2 4 6 9 8 3.

They happened to match (0* left over) the 94,623 and 8 (0) on the right, the figures, which "Increase your sales chances in Adelaide". (Real Estate). 

After commencement of this chapter, at Easter 2016, I noticed that the word-search happens to be # 110. We're back at C X.

*On editing, how odd, very odd, this came:

Take the leftover 0 and insert it into the very top left of the word-search, we create >>> LOOK C NO. 

- - - - - - -


Friends, if I were to know exactly where all his is leading to, how to get there and when, life would be less complicated. All will come to pass in HIS perfect timing.

There is ONE who knows the future, who holds the whole world in HIS hand.

We need to trust HIM and follow HIS call.  


Chapter 2