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After I wrote and titled this chapter I marvelled at God's timing again. The L (7 turned around) triumphed on 7.7. in Book 7, Chapter 7.

7.  A L Triumph

All my best intentions to ignore numbers, names, or other data were becoming useless. Am I refusing to let go, which is what my family urges me to do? Deep down I am convinced IT is God. IT is the work HE has called me to do. Many around the globe are beginning to see IT. Anybody doubting or questioning why IT is taking so long? Be encouraged:

"He who calls you is faithful, who will also do it" (1. Thess. 5, 24).

There are sceptics, even religious experts, who say: "You can't just pick a scripture and apply it to your situation! The above was written to the Apostle Paul to believers in Thessalonica almost 2000 years ago. What does it have to do with you?"

Fair question! I agree to a point. It is possible to use scripture to suit yourself in any situation or to justify doubtful actions. How then do we sort out the scripture which is just history, to one which we can draw guidance and strength from for us today?

This is a core issue and central to every Christian's journey. One fundamental principle applies to all who believe God's Word:

Without first having made your peace with God, without accepting the bible with all it's irrationality, without an unreserved commitment to an intimate walk with God you cannot just search for a suitable bible verse and apply it to your situation. It may lead you up the wrong path.

Another core issue, equally important, is the question: Does God speak to humans? If so, how does HE communicate HIS will for a believer in a given situation?

In a previous book I have touched on this subject. I refuted the notion by mental professionals that all those, who are in any way influenced to action by voices inside their head or otherwise, suffer from schizophrenia. All diligent Christians, applying the teaching according to Romans 8, 14 (the sons of God are led by the Holy Spirit) must therefore be classified as schizophrenics.

Likewise, there have been cases, where believer have heard a clear, audible voice and later realized it was supernatural, God's Spirit was speaking. 

This is just what happened to my close friend, Jack, who I have known for 25 years. When he tells his story, his eyes fill with moisture. It was real:

Driving home from church late one Sunday morning he stopped at the traffic lights near Holden Hill Police Station. An audible voice spoke to him: "Go and see Gordon." Gordon was an elderly friend of his, whom he saw once a week or so.

At first he was not sure, who this voice was, or if indeed he should react and obey this clear command. The lights changed to green. The same voice spoke, loud and clear: "Go and see Gordon."

This time Jack did not hesitate. He turned around and drove to Gordon's house. Jack knocked on the door a few times. No answer. Luckily, the door was unlocked. As soon as Jack opened it he felt the heat from the gas fire. It was hot

Jack called out his friend's name. Relieved that finally help had arrived, Gordon called back from the kitchen. He had been laying on the floor all night, after slipping the night before.

There is no question, friends, the Holy Spirit spoke to a human, because a specific task needed doing at that time. Nothing psychic or weird about my friend Jack, who at the time was still working as driving instructor.

Again, a rationally thinking doubter may suggest: Why then did God not prevent the old man from falling in the first place, or at least help him get up again? Could HE not have controlled the situation without speaking to Jack supernaturally?

On the surface this sounds like a plausible question. However, on this side of heaven, where indeed there will be no more sorrow and pain, we are still exposed to all that humanity brings. We are not puppets on a string.

Let me ask any rational thinkers, how they would view the following scenario, a hypothetical story our rescued man, Gordon, could have told?


"Last evening I was reaching for the biscuit tin in the top cupboard. I slipped and fell down. I tried to get up, but couldn't. After an while I started praying: Please God, send somebody to help me. A moment later an angel, dressed all in white, appeared from nowhere. Without a word she stooped down, held my hand and I was on my feet in an instant.

In a flash, the blond angel of mercy was gone. There wasn't even time to ask her to fetch the biscuit tin in the top cupboard.


Friends, you know I am imparting truth in a humorous way. Those who don't want to believe in the power of a supernatural, loving being, God Almighty, will regard what happened to Jack, as crazy. It is not rational to admit there is a power beyond our human understanding. But there is, always has been and always will be.

Minutes before writing this I verified the story with Jack. He said that he had been a Christian for 35 years and had never before or since heard God's voice audibly as in this story.

During my journeys I never claimed to have been guided by an audible voice. The way God led me on the surface all looked normal, completely rational. In the background, however, I knew God was at work.

Another example of God working quietly in the background: I the previous chapter I briefly mentioned that I was writing about the name Hunter. I had found it odd that my wife in the background was talking to her mother, when I heard the name IAN (NA WON) mentioned. Since those letters fit into this chapter perfectly, I explain the circumstances:

My mother-in-law did not hear a voice from heaven - at 3.15 PM exactly, phone up your daughter and talk to her. Mention the name IAN loud and clear. No. My mother-in-law simply talked about sending a card to a distant relative, named Ian, whose sister had passed away. Again, the supernatural was in the timing. (Read on, where I went for a well-timed coffee break - pure magic).

If I had to give this principle a name, I'd call it supernatural rationality. It takes a child-like faith to see it. God lives and works today with supernatural rationality. 

- - - - - - -


Lithograph by Joseph Alberts  1888 (120 years ago)

Five squares in different shades of blue - What is art?

To appreciate  works of art one must have an open mind. To see the code 518 (above the picture) one must have a really opened-up mind (... s 18..)

A debate is raging in Australia at present - is a photo of a nude 13 year old a work of art, or should it come under the law protecting children? What is art? Should art have morals?

To express anger in a film script, using the words 'Jesus Christ', I was told may also be regarded as a work of art!

Chapter 4 in my book 'But now I'm found' expresses my anger over this ruling.

- - - - - - -


My outside the square observing mind had to deal with code 185 many times, ever since Oct. 18, 05 (Story in Summary to Oct. 05).

How strange, the moment I wrote above paragraph it happened again - a family member handed me the mail for today - it came from Walkerville, postcode 5081, same as Collinswood, which we shall visit later this chapter.

A good example, where the 518 code hit my brain, while driving!

On 7/5/08 on The Golden Way, Golden Grove I noticed beside me a vehicle registration plate (not in order) XTG 518. Seconds later, after turning into The Grove Way another plate, right in front  - XLG  518  Code:  TL.

On the day of writing my Suzuki odometer clicked over to 264 648. Not that I am constantly monitoring such trivia. I only notice it, because the tripmeter, at that same moment showed 111.1. I was driving north, past the Enfield Hotel, returning from an eventful morning. I had been to an outside broadcast by Adelaide's ABC Radio 5 AN. (More of AN at the end of the chapter, in Collinswood).

Here is the story I hinted at in chapter 6. An invitation had arrived in my inbox for a function on Wednesday 4/6/08. A famous wild-life guru, Terri Irwin, was to speak at Adelaide's Ridley Hall, Wayville. It was free entry that night. I smelled some fun. I got it. Not so much during the seminar on conservation, rather on observations after the event.

Listening to Terri's talk on the environment and wild-life I sensed the same passion her excentric late husband Steve Irwin had displayed. As is customary at the conclusion of a public function there was opportunity to ask Terri or the panel a question. Many in the audience did.

Had I done so, I would have probed into the one aspect I never hear mention by conservationists. Be it in regard to the environment, or whales, or climate or wild-life, the source of IT ALL, the creator Almighty God, seldom gets a mention. Could not the solution be found by asking the manufacturer? Enthusiasm for the creation causes many to worship creation, rather than the power, who created IT ALL.

I wasn't going to mention this, but since the day of writing is 4/7 I feel compelled. Walking back to my parked vehicle an advertisement on a bus stop looked me in the face. It was huge. The young people depicted were larger than life-size. I could not really overlook it. I casually read that it was for a radio station, on 104.7 FM frequency.

My car radio was tuned to 1323 AM. After driving away, for whatever reason I pressed the FM button, which in an instant switched to a different station. Guess, which? It was MMM, the one on the advertisement. They broadcast on 104.7 FM.


What co-incidental timing. Around the same hour as typing this I received notification for an event promoting my football team Adelaide United: The event is proudly supported by Triple M 104.7 and will be hosted by Kym, Ali and Dzelde. Those three radio stars were the people pictured on the advertising on Unley Road. Another radio station with triple letters is JJJ (read on).


It was a mild winter evening. Why not a brief walk around Victoria Square, the central point of Adelaide's CBD? I didn't have to search for a car park. I spotted one at the north western corner, opposite the post office. After locking the Suzuki, about to walk away, out of the corner of my eyes I noticed - 185. I had parked right outside 185 Victoria Square. A creative cafe owner named his Cafe on the ground floor 'One ate five'. (This was one street away from the Adelaide Markets).

After a prayerful stroll, circling the Square I had another look at the huge 'For Lease' sign on the wall of No. 185. The letters of the Real Estate company I read as AM STRANGE, with only one letter swap. That's me!. In my strange way I went on to decipher the 150 sq. meters for lease on the 10th floor, as code 115.

Those digits had struck me. Only two hours earlier, when leaving home the digits 115 showed on my dashboard, the Suzuki's tripmeter. (Call it strange, I'm writing what I observed). This was the beginning of an eventful drive home, if you can call my interruptions eventful.

At the corner O'Connell / Tynte Sts, North Adelaide a small car was partially blocking the roadway. A quick glance, carefully driving past, my brain picked up 851 in the licence plate. Having just left 185 Victoria Square this stirred my possum. I did a U-Turn, parked the car and ...

That's when the fun with data really started. Without even trying I parked again right near a huge real estate sign. In huge letters their phone number started with 8 305 ... a few 8's completed the number. (I would need a 8 in a moment).

Next to the huge for lease sign was ARMANI, one of about 3 or 4 Thai Restaurants in North Adelaide. A few steps away, another restaurant with a familiar name -  Fellini. (In the previous chapter, in South Yarra, Melbourne I had taken a walk and crossed the road at Fellini's).

I again crossed the road at the Fellini corner ...

Hey, let me do a corner kick here, no a penalty kick! I had only ever been to Fellini's once. It was during a night no football fan in Australia will ever forget. Our national team was playing for a place in the final 8 !!! in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Hopes for an upset win against Italy were high that night, where I watched the match with a few young people from our Enfield Church.

In the final few seconds of the match Italy scored a controversial goal, which has been talked about ever since.

The very first goal scored in the 2006 World Cup was a cracker by German striker LAHM. He scored after only 5 minutes !

Two years later, in the 2008 European Championship in June 08 LAHM again scored a remarkable goal. This is why I mention it here. His goal this time came in the 90th minute. Germany won the match to qualify for the grand final.

If you allowed me to look at 5 & 90 as 950 those Italians (some Romans) did it again. When you see it - say AH ! LM = 950 in Roman numerals.

- - - - - - -


Not Abba's Fernando - Spain' s Fernando Torres

(Photo: Denis Doyle, Getty Images)

The Spanish wonder boy scored the only goal of the grand final to make his king and his whole country happy. He scored on purpose to tease the Germans - TOR is the German word for goal (also for gate).

 God loves football. Do footballers love God? I think so. Fernando, Spain's Number 9, may not have been on his knees then, but after scoring his winning Tor, Fernando raised his hand and looked up into the clouds ...

I notice something else that day: The colours of the two country's flags both include yellow and red. The German flag, in addition, features black.

The win by SPAIN became Germany 'spain. 

- - - - - - -


Back in O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, I again crossed the street at Fellini's. Was I walking a script somebody had written? Was I a robot? Was my brain controlled from a remote location, by someone pressing buttons? If that were the case, I'm available to be pushed around, gladly, scoring free kicks and converting  ... penalties).

The white sedan was still parked very awkwardly, blocking part of the roadway. There must have been a minor crash, but I did not notice any damage. A young couple, embraced to keep warm plus, was standing on the footpath beside the car. Only then did I read the correct registration plate ... 051.

It was not for me to question the young couple about their mishap (or why they were embracing). I took a short walk instead. One block north the price of fuel at the petrol (gasoline) station was 163.9 cents per litre. In March 2005 I had also been to this place. The price of petrol back then had been 107.7 cents per litre. I shall never forget that evening, pure magic, which led me, guided by supernatural rationality, to a concert by US superstar CHER. (Book 3, Chapter 28).


Recently I made a discovery, a totally wild link between CHER, the date she performed in Adelaide and a snack food. It came gradually, while observing a TV ad for Cheerios over a number weeks. One night it clicked:

CHEERIOS: I took E and turned it around to create a 3. After shaking it all, with only a smidgen of imagination, I could read CHER310S.

I shook it again - voila: CHER 1503. CHER performed in Adelaide on 15th March (plus 1 concert on the 16th).


One final code at North Adelaide on the way home on 4.6.08 - a German word...

A sign with the name of a tiny street behind the Fellini Restaurant had a German sounding name: Lohrmann. I saw before. Not until writing this did I link the German word Ohr with it's English translation - ear.

Small word - BIG story !

- - - - - - -


A breakfast TV presenter, whose colour lipstick matched the fingernails, told this joke. (Forget lips or nails).

 A middle-aged lady one day went to the toilet. A strange noise came from the toilet bowl - click, click, click. She didn't know what it was. The next day, the same noise puzzled her, click, click, click. She was getting worried.

The third time it happened she went to the doctor, who examined her. The doctor discovered source of the clicking on the spot. She was discharging coins with her stool.

"But don't worry," the doctor said, "it's nothing. You're just going through the change."

I'm not telling this because it's such a super joke, no. I immediately remembered that I had a postcard in my collection, which would fit perfectly and put a smile on someone's face, perhaps?


I scanned and emailed this card, Serial No. 533, posted from Bad Tolz, Bavaria, 31 years ago, yesterday.

(The postcard depicts a colour drawing of a fat Bavarian, squatting and discharging gold coins).

Text: Als Geldscheisser war ma scho recht. Free English translation: When coughing up money, I was all right!

(Aha! Now I know how Bayern Munich finances their big purchases of football stars!)

The postcard's background: My aunty sent it from their summer holiday. She and my mother had had a disagreement. The postcard was a subtle reminder from her sister-in-law, how good and convenient they had been while lending her money.

If the picture on the front suited the joke, the numbers on the back were just as perfect. They could not have been a better match than for the TV station I was sending it to.

I only noticed them, after I had emailed the postcard, then gone back to watching the TV show.


(Below: rear of above postcard)

The date on the postal stamp is 6.7.77 (I noticed it on editing - what amazing timing for today 7.7, right in this chapter!?

 Note the last four digits of the TV program's talkback phone number 1800 777 6777.

The first five digits include the postcode of Bad Tolz 817, the town, where the card was sent from.

The postcode Esslingen/Neckar, where we lived at the time, matched that of the TV Channel - 7. Postcodes were simple in those days.

Text of postcard: "Dear Paula and Wilhelm, Many greeting from Bad Tolz, where we are holidaying for 14 days. Weather not good. Rain. From Amalie and August."

(As I edit on 7.7 Adelaide is having it's best rainfalls so far this winter).

I pointed out to the TV station that the postcard is genuine.  The name of my aunty' Amalie must not be viewed as Am.a.lie.

Her name is positive - it fits into this chapter perfectly:          ie am a L.

ie comes from Latin id est = that is !

(Later during a church service I saw more: ID - cross IT)

- - - - - - -


(Back to Adelaide, where it seldom rains)

Still writing about 4.6.08, on the way to the Wayville event, (it was one in a series, called Stirring The Possum) I had been listening to parliament on the car radio. My L.ohr (L.ear) picked up a few worrisome comments from a debate in the House of Representatives.

The debate was regarding a bill to recognize same sex marriages, to remove any discrimination in regard to tax laws and other laws deemed discriminatory. Conservatives like myself, we're called right-wing ratbags by the left, suspected such laws as the start of a gradual slide from what is natural, normal to that which is plain wrong. Not only Christian believers, many older folk with common sense and basic morals would agree that only a man and a woman make a married couple.

The new Labor Government's policy, as I understand it, was to give same sex-couples the same status as a man and a woman, except the privilege to be legally married.

The first speaker I tuned into was the MP for Moreton, Mr. Perrett. His speech sounded so passionate on the subject. He even disclosed that his own family had to deal with one son, who preferred boys to girls. Not only that, Mr. Perrett was obviously a pious man. He spoke openly about going to church and even mentioned the bible.

This is where the MP became unstuck theologically. Here is the sentence I heard on the radio, as he presented his speech to Parliament (quoting from Mr. Perrett's website):


"To all those people who will insist on quoting the Old Testament to me, I say two things. Firstly, I am pretty sure there was actually a sequel to the Old Testament. Secondly, I ask you to invite me to your church, temple, mosque or local hall to talk about this legislation. Do not condemn me until you have had a chance to have a yarn and understand my motivations."


May I ask Mr. P: "What is the sequel to the Old Testament? If you mean it's the New Testament, then I can assure you that according to Romans 1, Verses 25 and 26 the Apostle Paul, not Perret, must be followed. But I agree, anybody who condemns another, simply because of the views they hold, should be condemned!

The Good News is clearly stated in the first verse of the Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans (those Italians obviously needed a lesson):

"There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus."

If you, Sir, or anybody who confesses to base their life in the life of Christ Jesus, no matter what views they hold, whatever their colour skin or whichever way their hair falls, is not condemned!

The next morning after I had heard Mr. Perrett's remarks from Parliament House, I expressed my view in an email. As I do, if at all possible, I suggested an alternative, a solution to the problem, which of course would require a whole new mindset and a generation to implement.


Email to the Member for Moreton, dated 5/6/08:

Dear Mr. Perrett,

May I comment on a remark I picked up during your speech in the House last evening 4/6/08. Regarding the rights of gay people to be treated equally you mentioned, as I understood it: There in another book after the Old Testament in the bible.

Nobody disagrees so far. But if you were inferring that God, who said in the OT suddenly changed His mind in the NT you are totally wrong. Your Minister on Sunday will confirm that God is the same, yesterday today and forever.

I view gay people as victims of a lie. The lie is that they are normal: "It's OK to be gay. Don't worry about it."

God's wonderful creation made them male and female.

If homosexuality were regarded as a biological condition, which can be treated with early intervention, children as early as ten years could be treated with early intervention programs. Telling boys they are OK and its normal to be attracted to another boy, seals their fate for life, a very troublesome road for some, as you well know.

A boy of ten may be attracted to the pleasure of sex after another gay man dragged him into it? Have studies been conducted, has early intervention ever been proposed?

I know of cases where gay people turned around and are now living happy, yes normal, lives.

I can understand why your Government wants to remove discrimination in law and finances etc. Nobody ought to hate people with a handicap and make life more difficult.

Is sounds like to me your proposed laws are trying to minimize harm, rather than solving the root cause of the problem. To legitimize that which God calls an abomination is not the way to go.

Strange world we live in. Gay people fight tooth and nail for their right to become married couples, while normal young couples go the other way, they never marry, just live together.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  Doing it our way, not God's way, ultimately leads to shipwreck. Ask Jonah.



I sent a copy of this email to the Member for Hughes, Danna Vale, who spoke after Mr. Perrett. She verbalized what many opponents of same-sex legalization argue (Italic - from her website):

... the government is changing the definition and special status of marriage to give those in same-sex relationships equal treatment when it is not necessary to do so to achieve the alleged objectives of this bill—that is, to give equal treatment to same-sex relationships, and not a disguised tactic to weaken the status of marriage by diluting it to merely a partner arrangement.

I understand Mrs. Vale is saying here: If the government gives same sex couples the same rights as normal, married couples, it turns a husband or wife into a mere partner.

(I hate being called my wife's partner! Germans even go a step further in this madness. They call them 'Lebensabschnitt's Partner', meaning - Sectional Partner, i.e. partner for this section of their life. No wonder they lost the football).

At this point, one can logically ask that, if the objective of this bill is to offer equality of treatment to all relationships other than marriage for superannuation and taxation purposes, why should such relationships depend on a definition that describes the sexual nature of that relationship. At this juncture, one can honestly ask: what has sex got to do with it?

Mrs. Vale made a good point here. Why indeed, if two people who live together are granted rights regarding the other partners retirement benefits, why should this not be granted to sole brothers, sisters, aunties, nephews etc. who live together without any sexual involvement?

During Terri Irwin's talk at Wayville I had heard her mention Moreton Bay figs. This enforced my resolve send above email to the Federal Member for Moreton, whom I had heard speak on radio minutes earlier. When the word Moreton a third time appeared on my radar, the very next night on the TV Show Getaway, I felt I had scored a Moreton hat-trick.

- - - - - - -


A little game during editing: On the morning of publishing this on 7.7.08 I was listening to the daily radio program 'Insight for Living'. The preacher told the story of Nabal from the Old Testament!

Only a few hours earlier Rafael Nadal had made history, winning the Wimbledon 08 tennis final.

Somebody loves my game of turning L3TT3RS around !

This chapter, published a day after Wimbledon, was written and titled days before. The letter N (ad aL) is showing off again !

- - - - - - -


On June 5th 08 I went for the final time to the house of Mr. Herzberg, my German friend, who had died on May 8th. Since his passing I had been taking care of his little old house, cleaning out all food, feeding the cat and his birds and to collect his mail. My final chore that day was to place Talon (nice name, except it's rat poison) inside various rooms.

Mr. Herzberg had sick wife. He loved her very much. The old lady suffered a severe stroke early in 2007. Fighting his own personal struggle with cancer and war-injured legs, he still tried to see his wife in the aged care facility at Enfield every single day.

One day I timed him, how long he was taking to just walk from his lounge room until finally driving away out of his garage in his Ford Sedan - close to 1/2 hour. Since I was there with him, I lifted his bad right leg into the car for him. Normally on his own it caused him enormous pain.

His wife appreciated his visits. He would play a video or some German music. A few times, when I visited them both at the nursing home, both were asleep while watching the TV at the same time. Only really hot weather (above 38 degrees or so) would stop Mr. H. from driving the five kilometres to see his wife. In the end his sick, deteriorating body could no longer follow his heart, which longed to see his sweetheart.

- - - - - - -


Heinz Sielmann erzahlt - (H.S. chats)


On my first visit to read to Mrs. H. I took this book "Tiere im Wald". I found it on our bookshelf. I can't recall how it got there, but marvelled at both, the author's Christian name and surname.

Sie is the formal German word for You. Heinz ... do I need explaining?

Another German lady gave me 9 German magazines to read. A few days after reading above book to Mrs. H. I took one of these to read. This very first one had an article about Mr. Heinz Sielmann. He had become a celebrity in regard to wildlife. (Germany's Steve Irwin, except stirring possums instead of crocodiles?)

- - - - - - -


After suffering her severe stroke in January 2007 Mrs. H. could no longer move (except one arm a little). She could not talk or even swallow. The way I perceived things the Herzbergs had kept very much to themselves. To the best of my knowledge no friends or neighbours visited them.

His wife, one neighbour I had invited, a home-nurse, who had cared for Mr. H, four staff from the nursing home, my wife and I came to the funeral. A retired pastor from the Enfield Baptist Church officiated for us. It was a relaxed occasion, yet very professionally conducted.

During my little speech I made a point of reading Psalm 23 in German. I also shared a few details Horst had told me. If anybody could claim he went through the valley of the shadow of death, it was he. He had endured unimaginable suffering. One stint on the war-front was in Stalingrad in temperatures as low as minus 42 degrees. He was wounded five times, he had told me. He also served in France and Italy.

Mr. H. was a paratrooper. In the middle of the night their squadron would be dropped over enemy territory, machine-gun in hand, parachute strapped to the back. Before they reached the ground often they exchanged gunfire with the unseen enemy. After landing the first priority was to find safe shelter and wait for infantry as back. Mr. Herzberg was only 18 when he first went to war.

A few days after the funeral I picked up the plastic container with Mr. H's ashes from the funeral parlour. I had never in my life driven around with the remains of dead person aboard. In a store by St. Vincent de Paul I found the perfect container to place the ashes into; a beautifully shaped and glazed vessel, crafted by the Ballarat Pottery. At ten dollars it was a bargain.

I felt I was the best person to take on the role of guardian for Mrs. H.

- - - - - - -


Lady at the Royal Adelaide Show. (Photo without permission).

Some people are turned on by big books, sorry boobs, others by the smile of a wrinkled face with a crowned head and a sexy hearing aid.

At the time of writing a lady in Adelaide is fighting a court case with a rich home builder. Allegedly, she felt harassed by a remark the multi-millionaire made, as he looked at her 'outstanding assets'. She now wants a million Dollars.

Lawyers love it. The tabloid press fills page after page. Talkback radio thrives on such trash. Even bloggers find some use for controversial boobs stories. (Writing this, I had no idea what was to come, read on).

Please note: The lady pictured is neither Mrs. H. nor the one who is suing for sexual harassment! Then again, she may want to sue me for comments about her hearing aid? Already I lost my job for taking her photograph. (Book 6, Chapter 21).


More real magic: Here I left to have a coffee in the kitchen. Looking over my wife's shoulder for only a second, she was looking at a catalogue by the HS department store.

I thought, how strange I just wrote in my book about boobs, now I see my wife looking at bras. A little later I retrieved the catalogue from the recycle bin.

Here it is: 15 women's bras. Two words dominate OFF (210 %) and SAVE.


I only saw this after scanning: Women's bras? (Do they now have bras for men?)

Hey, did I not mention Berlei in my previous chapter? The top right hand bra is a Berlei.

The first and the last bra on the page, the only one's on the page, are made by Triumph.

NOW I get it! The boxes have letters. The two Triumph's are in box  A & L. Love IT.

Please note, boxes BDF hold two bras.

Box F, the only red one, plus the white one, are not available in Ulverstone and Whyalla.

(Aha, just cracked another code - TASMANIA minus SA? Or TAS minus SA? (Either way Ulverstone and Whyalla's ladies are brassed off ...) 

My wife just walked in, and saw this pic. Her comment: "People will think you're a paedophile!"

Let them. Now, where was I before getting distracted by women? But the coffee was nice and so well timed.

- - - - - - -


Because Mrs. H. has nobody else, I visit her two times a week, where I can. I read her from 'Das Goldene Blatt' (The Golden Page) magazines, play some music or just sit with her for a while.

When I play a bright German melody and hold her hand, I say: "Lass uns tanzen" (let's dance). It's the only time I see her mouth change to something resembling a smile. It makes me smile too, plus .... 

Mrs. H. can think for herself and understand her surroundings. Reading a magazine just recently we came across the name Boris Becker. I asked her: "Do you know what sport he used to play?" She answered immediately and clearly: "Tennis".

Because Mrs. H. can still comprehend, but is unable to conduct any other business, I applied to become her guardian. Mrs. H. had indicated to a German lady, an official from the German Welfare for Seniors, that she wanted me to be her guardian.

If I was appointed it would safeguard her from being exploited by unscrupulous staff or even dishonest government officers.

(Sadly, from comments I heard at the nursing home, this is a fact. I already noticed that some money from her late husband had gone missing).

Thinking that I was doing everyone a favour, taking care of Mrs. H's affairs, I assumed the Guardianship board and the nursing home would welcome my application. Things turned out rather differently.

The nursing home, where Mrs. H. resides had also applied for her affairs to be taken care of, by the Public Trustee. On June 27th a hearing took place at the Guardianship Board.

The hearing about Mrs. H. was set for 12.15 PM. Before this I had an hour to spare after my voluntary work in the morning. I decided to drive to the nearest shopping centre and buy a new shirt. On a table in the mall sat three ladies. I recognized their faces from our church at Enfield. At the time I had no idea, but later I checked their names in the church directory. One lady's name was Thomas, another Royals. We had a brief chat.

It all made sense. Not only the names of the church ladies having coffee, but later those of the panel at the hearing. The translator's name was Thomas.

The hearing was similar to that in a court, but less formal. Thomas tried his best to make Mrs. H understand what was said. After a while he stopped translating certain parts. It was holding up proceedings. Certain technical issues were difficult to understand, even for people with hearing and knowledge of the language.

The outcome was decisive: I was not granted any of the three roles available, had my application been successful.

The first one concerned Mrs. H. lifestyle and medical decisions. To a degree they were out of my sphere of expertise, anyhow. On this point I had mentioned that Mrs. H. would benefit from a place, where there was German speaking staff. The nursing home, who sent three staff to the hearing, opposed this. They argued, it may not be beneficial to move the old lady.

The second role I could have taken on was that of administrator in financial and legal matters. As mentioned, I was not fully convinced the system was safe. Would Mrs. H's interests be pursued with the same passion by a pubic officer than by a friend? Perhaps I was not wise to express mistrust to the panel. But I spoke the truth: "I have seen enough corruption in this city, that makes me think Mrs. H could easily be ..."

The third role, which I was surprised I was not asked to perform, was that of liaison officer. Fact-sheet 24 explains what a liaison person's role is.






A liaison person acts as a 'go between' between the administrator and th (sic) protected person, and can help the administrator make cecisions (sic) in accordance with the principles ... (End text).

One might expect a blatant typing error or two in a blog of an amateur writer. But in an official fact-sheet, issued by a government department ... ?

I felt I would have been the ideal person to act as go-between, since I knew Mr. Herzberg's affairs well, plus I spoke their language. (Hopefully, they will find the right person, who understands what Mrs. H's wants to express, read on).


One fact sheet (Fact Sheet No. 1, actually) states four legislative principles the Guardianship Board acts under, as a guide when making decisions for a person with a mental incapacity. (Guardianship and Administration Act 1993).

One of these considers... "the present wishes of the person, if these can be expressed."

Since I knew Mrs. H could think for herself, I asked the panel, why they don't ask her, who should be her guardian? There was a few moments of confusion, so a female member of the panel (Mrs. ALLWAR, in code) asked Mrs. H. loud and clear. "Is Mr. Fischer your friend?" I'm sure Mrs. H would have understood that much English, but the interpreter asked the question again in German.

Mrs Herzberg, after a slight pause, answered: "Na". Everyone, including myself at first, took it as the English no, albeit in slang. For a moment I was shocked, but didn't show it. I felt angry, suspecting nursing home staff had drummed into Mrs. H what to say.

Next, Mrs. Allwar (maybe her name says it all) asked Mrs. H, if I had been reading (newspapers) to her. Again Mrs. H. answered in the same clear: "Na". (Technically, the answer was correct, I had been reading magazines to her, not newspapers).

Everybody knew then something didn't add up. Yet, nobody queried the anomaly. Neither did I. I felt like the time I lost my other voluntary job at an aged care facility, after taking photos: If they don't want me, I'm not going to force myself onto them.

Thinking about it all later, I tried to find an answer, why would a lady, whom I have done so much for, say I was not her friend? Why indeed, when the lady had indicated to another German welfare officer that she wanted me to be her guardian?

The answer came. It lay in the way Mrs. H. had answered "Na". Somebody with limited English, does not use slang.

Mrs. H's speech is blurred, such that she can't pronounce a J. Her J comes out as a N. Instead of expressing what she wanted to say, the German word Ja (yes), Na came out. (I have since confirmed this with her, my hunch was correct).


How amazing, how the letter N crossed paths with J. In Mrs. Herzberg's case, the N and the J did not have the same meaning, but the opposite!

"But let your speech be yes, yes or no, no. Whatever is more than these is from the evil one." (Matthew 5, 37).


Here is another fact, which makes me bow in awe of ONE, who put IT all together: The location where the Guardianship Board hearing was held.

To the best of my knowledge this high rise building in Collinswood, postcode 5081, only  houses the Australian Broadcasting Commission and the Guardianship Board, which is on levels 7 and 8. From this landmark, the tallest structure north of Adelaide, the ABC runs their local radio station  5 AN.

(I just read on the ABC's website they no longer use 5AN, rather ABC 891. Why, don't they like the number 5 and the letter N?)


The ABC also runs another radio station; on the FM Band. It's still called J J J (Triple J). If they have a studio in the Collinswood building, I do not know. (A presenter's name on their website, however, holds dynamite - Ross Noble (Book 1, Chapter 10 - Noble / Book 7, Chapter 6, Ross Street forms part of an L).

Friends, I did not write all this as a 'somebody-did-me-wrong song'. Far from it. I saw the magic, the bigger picture, how God can use a simple letter to bring to pass HIS plan

Had not the N played such a huge role in my story?

Lindy / Liddy


The little word 'on' became pivotal in an industrial dispute.

The suburb Para (Hills), all that is missing is a N to our arrive at the place where God lives - at (Mount) Paran (Habakkuk 3, 3).

The letter N, inside a t created 414, similar to 144. At Easter 2006 I was led to the Zion Lutheran Church, Angaston = (coded) an N goes on t.


The hearing at the ABC building on 27/6 was scheduled for 12.15. When I wrote the arrival time 12.07 PM  into the visitor's book in the foyer, I saw nothing; not even on leaving, as I wrote 1.20 PM. Only much later, during prayer, did I see who was taking centre stage - the number  7.

120 7 120.   Seven embracing a L -  a powerful duo.


Chapter 8