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4.  To the highest mountain

"God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise". (1. Cor 1, 27).

Many times after my outside the box brain interprets what it sees, do I marvel. Many times I quote above verse to myself, trying to make sense of my weird, supernatural world.

To a rational, no-nonsense mind what I see is co-incidental, void of meaning. What I interpret must sound like a derailed mind emptying itself after a crash. But I refuse to live without meaning. God may have a purpose, even in a crash.

If God has decided to use foolish things, so be it. Please note that the verse does not say God uses fools, even though HE can and probably does.

Here are five examples of things I saw, which could be interpreted as foolish. Foolish maybe, but true, nevertheless!


1. An Adelaide beachside suburb, Brighton, pivotal in certain parts my writing, consists of B and right.on. When I view my driving-school website's car crashes I see bees escaping from the rear or a truck. Finally one bee delivers the punch line. Deep down in my heart I know the slogan, the bee, is right on: God's truth prevails !

- - - - - - -

2. The day after writing chapter 2, which was filled with anecdotes about the letter L, I noticed the following: A driving instructor friend, who I used to work with closely, was driving in the lane beside me. His first name is Les (L's). The last 4 digits of his car registration plate are similar to those of the postcode for Para Hills: S 096 (not in order).

- - - - - - -

3. On 3/1/08* I went for a joyride on my bicycle. For no reason I went a different direction to usual, north. About 10 kilometres away in Elizabeth I spotted something as I was riding:


The item was laying on the grass beside the road. It is a tag to identify (ID, please note) a plant after planting it.

I can't remember what I saw first, the tag or the name of the street corner, where I found this, Idmiston Road. 

ID.IM.SON.T - the perfect location, the son, the Rose of Sharon, who died and rose. The Prince of PEACE.

Isn't it ironic that the word we use for the resurrection of the one, who bled to death for us, is rose? How beautiful is a rose, how painful the sting of its thorn.

A further connection from Rose to the Prince of Peace: Before finally killing the innocent man, they made a crown of thorns and placed it on HIS head.


* 1 3 8 are digits which have a number of times surfaced in regard to the criminal element I was pursuing. B 1083 was the reference number Crimestoppers gave me, after I reported a suspicious matter. Crimestoppers phone number consists of 1 3 8, a few zeros in between.

The scripture in 1. John 3, 8 expresses clearly why Christ came - to destroy the works of evil and criminals (Book 6, chapter 16).  

- - - - - - -

4. At a special Para Hills Neighbourhood Watch meeting a visiting speaker, talking about the health of the elderly, asked the audience this trivia: "If all the arteries and veins in our body were placed in one length, how many kilometres would they stretch for?

Answer: 96 560 kilometres! I asked the obvious question: "How on earth did they measured that?" The speaker said someone else asked her that. She couldn't answer. Only the next day did I notice the similarity between the postcode for Para Hills 5096 and the number of kilometres of strands we allegedly have in our body.

Later I googled the visiting speaker's name. By sheer fluke I noticed that a person with the identical name, both Christian name and surname, was a high-profile legal figure in Queensland. I took the opportunity to write to this person. Who knows, which seed will bring forth fruit? The code in the address DX150 gave me the feeling I was on the right track.

- - - - - - -

5. Brisbane, was the surprise destination after a recent search in Google for a specific person. The surprise was two-fold. One, the fact that there is a suburb in San Francisco called Brisbane. Two the Californian postcode is 90054. My search on Google was for the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Herzberg, who were residents of Dry Creek, South Australia, postcode 5094!

Help required:

(Does anybody know the whereabouts of ILONA MARTHA HERZBERG, born on 20 April 1945, in Berlin. On or before 1965 the lady moved to London with a gentleman named James Newton and possibly married. I would love to hear from anyone with useful information.

Please email: !)

- - - - - - -


What is better, intelligent lies or foolish truth? Let me assure readers once again, what I write are facts, even when I interpret these with a degree of assumption. Everybody is allowed the freedom to dismiss my  foolish connections or to laugh at  my outside the box interpretations. What matters most is not the method, but the main message:

For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten son, that whoever believes in HIM shall not perish but have everlasting life. (John, 3 ,16).


Opponents of Christ and HIS Gospel express their enmity to above verse by arguing:

"Isn't this nothing short of blackmail, when God says, follow my son Jesus or you will be condemned? Where is the free will in that?" A  valid question.

On the Sunday before writing this I woke with exactly this same thought. I never questioned God or HIS plan for world peace through Jesus HIS son. Rather, I contemplated how I would answer a deep thinker, who came up with this question, searching for truth? I asked: How would I direct a God-rejecting, independently thinking mind toward the idea of submitting to the ultimate power?

A name dropped into my mind - Murray Ling. (The name Murray would later that day emerge again twice, with a little twist, read on).

You will not find this man's name in the bible, but the story of Murray Ling could answer the above question, is God a blackmailer, simply and graphically.

I only knew this gentleman superficially. He lived in Hobart, Tasmania, where we also lived in 1975. On Sunday afternoon, January 5th, Mr. Murray Ling escaped death by a fraction of a second. Driving over the massive structure of the Tasman Bridge, which spans the Derwent River, he experienced a trauma, which made headlines across the world the next day.

One moment the middle aged, bearded man was steering his Holden EK happily over the Derwent, probably admiring the view up Mount Wellington, when a second later disaster struck. At 9.27 PM the 1395 m long bridge would be collapsing. (Source: Wikipedia).

At that fateful time in Hobart's history the captain of the ore bulk-carrier Lake Illawarra, should have been steering his ship. Instead, he was busy elsewhere and, going from memory, intoxicated. His vessel, out of control, headed for one of the supporting pylons.

Ten thousand tons of ore, aboard a ship, struck the bridge. Two sections of the roadway above came crashing down onto the deck of the Lake Illawarra. It sank in minutes. Seven sailors died.

When Murray realized there was no more road, he slammed on his brakes, bringing his HK to a stop. The car came to a halt. The two front wheels of his Holden were already over the edge. His vehicle and that of another in the lane beside, was balancing precariously above the deadly waters below.


Tasman Bridge, Hobart - 5/1/75

The vehicle on the right is that of Mr. Ling. My wife and I drove over this bridge on the same day. We cheated death by hours. Murray Ling, by less than a second. 

 The time of the disaster 21.27 (Add 1+7 = 228).

(Photo: Tas. Govt. website)


Murray was able, ever so carefully, to climb out of his vehicle. Other motorists were not so lucky. Five died, in addition to the seven sailors.

The first thing after Murray's narrow escape with death was to wave his arms frantically to warn other motorists, some did not stop, despite the warning.

In an ABC Stateline program in 2006 Murray Ling recalls his ordeal as he spoke to ABC reporter Rachel Fisher (note the name):


RACHEL FISHER: 12 people died ... Murray Ling was one of the lucky ones.

MURRAY LING: I stopped three feet from the gap roughly, i got out and started waving but a car came through fast and just went straight thru space, and there was a thump, we pulled up when we saw a car that flew past us drop out of view.


My question is: Was it blackmail to give drivers on the Tasman Bridge that evening the option - stop immediately, don't continue in the direction you are going, or you will die?

Throughout history God's prophets have proclaimed this simple message  again and again. Don't continue, turn around, turn from lies, they will lead to panic. Rather, seek to love, it will lead to peace. (The message of the bees!).

The Bible in Romans 3, 23 is quite CLEAR on this. The wages of sin, (disobedience toward God), is a road to death.

But thank God, the verse does not stop there. It continues by virtually repeating John 3, 16 with its free offer of eternal life: "The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Please, don't feel blackmailed by God. Rather submit to HIS offer of eternal peace.

- - - - - - -



Every year before Easter our church distributes leaflets into letterboxes around the local streets. Above was my ParT.

For vision impaired readers - The photocopied map shows in large letters CLEARVIEW. My allocated five streets form the letters T and P.

CL.EAR rings a bell. In Francis Av. (More ear to come!)


Many residents were watering their gardens that Saturday morning, when I did my letterbox drop. At the time Adelaide was in the midst of the longest and hottest dry period on record. Previously the longest spell of maximum temperatures above 35 degrees centigrade was 9 days. In March 08, after summer had officially ended, we had 15 days above 35 deg. C. max.

In a quiet side street I couldn't help noticing a parked truck. The registration number gave me a message - C 126. But more so the signage on the ISUZU truck, A - Z.

A bird, a pigeon or dove, stayed patiently on a wire above the truck, as I took this photo after my letterbox duty. I saw God's message of Easter in this simple photo:   


The dove - symbol of Peace !

The symbol of God - The First and the Last!

Walking in Day Av I found on the footpath a plastic card, half of one. It was a student's ID card full of Da Ninci codes: The TAP .. High school student was born on 2.4.

Surname: VIC OK P & L  -  Christian name: Book + R.

Hey, I just googled the school, the principle's name (My dill-dull mind at work again).

- - - - - - -


(Back to Murray and Rachel)

On the morning of writing (30/5) I rose just after 4 am. When I am wide awake I often think God wants me up for a reason. I turned on the television to watch the programs, which at that time are broadcast from the US. The big talk this morning was about a book by Scott McClellan (the son of CL ...). He had dropped a bombshell with his revelations of what allegedly had happened inside the White House, prior to the Iraq invasion.

During the weather report, broadcast from outside the Rockefeller Centre, somebody was waving a placard which read: We believe.

Believe what? I thought. As if somebody could read my mind, the sign turned around. On the other side it read - Archey.

I googled We believe Archey.  The first URL brought me possibly to the holder of that sign:

...was very excited since I had my “We Believe” sign with me and I wanted Archey to see it. Everytime I held it up Jodi and coca started laughing."


On the US side of the Pacific Archey had something to do with the American Idol. On the Australian side of the Pacific, Archey that morning rang a bell. I saw the similarity to the word Rachel, which I had only come across the night before, researching Murray Ling.

Deducting the letters of Archey from Rachel we are left with - Y L. 

- - - - - - -


(Back to the L story)

On the day I had woken with Murray Ling's story on my mind, I came across the name Murray again, twice. My wife and I took a drive into the beautiful Adelaide Hills. After the recent rains the meadows had taken on a lovely rich, green colour. Trees had turned red and yellow. It was a glorious autumn day. For me, a walk was a must. But since we already had spent an hour on our feet, looking at antiques & collectibles at a special fair, I took a walk on my own.

I headed off, exploring for a few minutes this little village, outside Adelaide. The first side road was called Murray Street. I walked up it and turned left at the uncontrolled intersection. Such crossroads are unheard of in Adelaide; most have give way or stop signs.

I noticed a real estate sign on my left, so I turned that way. It so happened I stumbled onto an open inspection.

The real estate agents were Raine & Horne (N hear rain), whose path I had crossed in a Book 3, Chapter 1 (Keyword Ente). The same agents were selling No. 7 Street. Since the property used to be the residence for the church right next door, it is called The Manse.

I did something foolish then. I inspected the place, just for something to do.


Autumn in the Adelaide Hills


Foolish as it all may sound, I prayed this prayer during my beautiful walk in the autumn sunshine:

"Lord, if this was the place you led me to this afternoon, I thank you. If it's just me and my silly code playing a little game, I also thank you. I trust you that you know everything about me. All that happens you have planned for me. Please always let me be in your will.

- - - - - - -


The third touch of Murray was a street sign, Murray Road, and the perfect link to Murray Ling. I saw it on the way home in a small township, with only a handful of street names. The postcode is 5133. The first 4 letters of Inglewood are those of Murray's surname: Ling.  

- - - - - - -


Getting ready for church on Sunday, March 9th I did something mainly ladies do. I made a fuss over what I was going to wear for church. For whatever reason something inside me reasoned like this: Why are you wearing this shirt? You have worn this a lot this summer, choose another. Next I thought, why not the white one?

For me to wear a white shirt to church was ... almost never. But that Palm Sunday I wore a white, short-sleeved shirt to our Enfield church service. My wife and I sat with our friends Keith and his wife, in a different spot to normal. Keith was the man I called Colin in Book 1. He was the man, who I had met at the mental institution, who brought us to the Enfield Church.

During the first hymn I smiled to myself. How lucky that I had changed to my white shirt that morning! We sang these challenging lyrics: "...are your garments spotless, are they white as snow...?"

The theme of this hymn: "There is power in the blood ...", meaning the blood that Jesus shed when he was crucified can make a sinner with even the dirtiest shirt clean and white.

Next I noticed something amazing. My wife had chosen to wear a red blouse that Sunday. Unwittingly, we both had dressed to match the meaningful hymn, we would be singing minutes later.

But there was more the next day. I noticed it when reading the church newsletter from the day before. Obviously, we hand sung the colour-filled hymn for a reason. Here is the headline from our church newsletter. I had not seen the obvious:


As Old as Methuselah

 Text: And the Ancient of Days took his seat. His clothing was as white as snow. (Daniel 7,9).

It really made me wonder, if God indeed led me, by that still small prompting when getting dressed, to wear a white shirt?

The writer of the piece on Methuselah was Gordon C. His surname C*.... is also the name of a seafood (read on).


*On the day of writing it was once again the night I attended the Gaither music lovers meeting. Toward the end, on the CD 'Rock of Ages' a gentleman named Jason C*.... (same surname) sang a song, also with the theme of the power of the shed blood of Jesus.

Andre Crouch, the composer had travelled from LA to be at the CD recording. Makes sense.

"For it reaches to the highest mountain and it flows to the lowest valley. It's the blood that gives me strength, from day to day, it shall never lose its power."

I was stunned. Why? Look at the very top of this page - No. 7 reaches above the highest mountain ...

Just to behold the wonder of it all made the tears flow all the way home. I was on my own; nobody knows the tears I cry.  


The very next morning, how could I ignore IT, I noticed that one  lady TV presenter was dressed in white. She showed another member of their team, dressed in red, some seafood, starting with the letter C*. Other members of the TV program's team were also dressed in white or red.

Strange, as far as back in Book 1, Chapter 54 I had written and suggested to the same TV people to wear a different colour dress, to show my wife the wonder of IT ALL.

HE was there, ALL the time, waiting patiently ...

- - - - - - -


To conclude this chapter I felt compelled to write about a book I discovered by pure chance. Or was it? Even the publisher, who printed the book many decades ago, wrote this in the foreword:

"No reader who turns the pages of this book will put it down without wondering whether if was more than chance that led him to discover it."

Since the author's name is White, I just see it, it fits perfectly after my white (shirt) interlude. The book was written by Ellen White, the title "The Great Controversy".

I picked up a copy of the book while casually browsing in the foyer of a Community Centre in Salisbury North. The great controversy sounded intriguing - what controversy?

After I read the cover and saw it was a religious theme, the battle between Satan and Jesus, it grabbed my attention. The books were not for borrowing. Even better, they were for free to take home.


The Great Controversy - Ellen Gould Harmon White

HE got the whole world in HIS hands?

Note, the 125 in the top right hand corner is not a date, but the price of the paperback in 1971).

The book is available online as a free e-book!


Written over a century ago I was amazed at the spiritual insight this lady displayed in understanding biblical history and scriptures. 

The first sentence on page 305 I found comforting.

"Even the prophets who were favoured with the special illumination of the Spirit did not fully comprehend the import of the revelations committed to them. The meaning was to be unfolded from age to age, as the people of God should need the instruction therein contained."


I sensed, and do so increasingly, that what I was discovering and writing about was and is of great significance. But to what extend does my mind comprehend IT? If I were, how would my feelings cope with IT? It's all in HIS hands.

On page 296 I made another discovery. Tiny in size; huge in meaning. To understand it, cast your mind back to July 23, 06. In Book 5, Chapter 12 I had come across two of my codes, EA and R in the word ear, which had surfaced in a very unique way, ashes which did not burn fully.

Reading The Great Controversy I again came across this code - again by pure magic. Can you see it?


Text: "When ye see all these things, know that it is n.ea.r, even at the doors".

Friends, the marks over the word near are not man-made, unless they were made, before I acquired this book. To me it looks they are simply a minor fault in the paper of the 1971 printed book.

There are not many such marks in the book; only a handful among the 640 pages.

How remarkable that it covers the word near in the scripture of the second coming of Jesus. (Matthew 24, Verse 33) 

The whole chapter speaks of the end times, hard times, while the earth quaked.


A few days before writing the previous chapters thousands died in a place called Myanmar. A huge hurricane  caused widespread devastation, which according to some reports was equal to that of the tsunami on Boxing Day 2006.

Late in 2007 when the military government in Myanmar squashed the uprising of people, demanding democracy, including monks, I wrote to the ambassadors of Myanmar in various countries around the world. Here is what I wrote via email:


Dear Ambassador,
The world was shocked at the bloodshed the military caused in 1988 in your otherwise beautiful country. The world looked on as these evil forces controlled and oppressed the people of Burma. Now, 19 years later, the people of Burma are again crying for freedom.
Please know, that there is a God, the God of Israel, who is watching all. One day soon He will bring to account every leader of every country. Only those, who obeyed God and submitted to HIS will, who did what is right, who acted in love not hate, who worked for justice, will be able to stand. Then HE will say: "Well, done! You have been a good servant."
But to those, who use violence against innocent people, those who put into prison those, who spoke up against evil, will suffer in a place called hell, forever and ever.
I urge you to pass on this message to the leaders in Rangoon. It is not too late to turn around, and follow the path of love and peace, which will lead to God and eternal peace and happiness. 
Kind regards from Adelaide, Australia
Dieter Fischer


God's ways are not our way. HE is sovereign. HIS NAME is to be revered. HIS NAME is HOLY.

MY NAME = Change E to A + R =  MYANMAR.


A close ally of Myanmar is China. Much protest is and was voiced, around the world, about China's dealing with Tibet. A recent uprising was squashed by military forces with the same brutality as that in Myanmar.

But little protest is heard in the Western media regarding the repression, persecution, imprisonment and torture of Christian leaders in China. According to information I read online and other sources, dedicated Christians, who do not conform to the state controlled church are mistreated.

Why is this not condemned by the western media? Tortured for religious beliefs is as much a crime against humanity, as being tortured as a political prisoner.

On the same day I was writing Chapters 2 and 3 on 12/5/2008, China was devastated by a huge earthquake. I don't need to repeat here what took place that day or since. The media, electronic, printed and online is filled with reports of the tragic events.

One thing I will repeat. The earthquake struck at 2.28 PM. On the same day I wrote a chapter, where the number 228 played a vital role.

Honest readers have to ask themselves: Is God speaking to China? Is God conveying those Chinese leaders, who are persecuting Christians the same message as he gave to the Apostle Paul, who was also on the way to putting Christians into prison?

"I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting !" (Acts 22, 8).

God is not only speaking to China. God is warning the world globally to turn back to HIM.

Satan has been spreading his lies, intelligent lies, ever since one man in a moment of rebellion questioned God: "Did God really mean to say ...?"

Ellen White's e-book website displays a banner with these seven words: The Hour of HIS judgment is come.

But friends, there is hope. God's plan of salvation for ALL.

 This is how Jesus put it, in HIS own words:

"All that the Father gives Me will come to Me and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out." (John 6, 37).


Chapter 5