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3.  God is 4 IT

It  was heavy on my mind that I had just met one of the detectives, Mr. L, whom I regarded partly responsible for putting my innocent friend in jail. Not only had I met him for the first time, but it was right on, in Brighton, at the very place, where my first doubts in the Liddy case originated - the Brighton Jetty.

His name, which I abbreviate as L is actually a distinctive, foreign name. At the time of writing these pages I was involved in preparing the funeral service for my friend Horst, who passed away. I wanted the words of Psalm 23 in German, to be printed on the funeral service sheet. (This was within hours of having written about meeting Mr. L. at the Brighton Jetty).

Next I searched Google for the German words of Psalm 23. I typed the first few words of this psalm (in German) into the search engine and ... Voila, the very first result brought a webpage, which showed the identical surname as Mr. L. In large letters in the subject line read LOUIS L ..., a Polish composer.

- - - - - - -


Cycling back from Brighton that Sunday 3/2/08 an event was in progress at a sports oval on the Anzac Highway. Instinctively I turned into the driveway to take a look. The place was the Camden Oval. Perhaps the Da Ninci name DN CAME made me do it?

It was an athletic event, track and field they call it, I think. When I got there it was already fairly late in the afternoon. The 400 m final was run during my five minute flying visit. A wiry old man, much older than I, took part in the race. He was wearing No. 1 on his shirt. Watching him run I thought, full marks for even being part of it. I could tell, he lived life without listening to those who are telling him, he's too old for this.

Just before mounting my bike again I noticed a small child, just out of the toddler age, slowly walk over to where I was. He wore a T-shirt which read: 90 ADVENTURE. To me it fitted the day perfectly - I was on business in my enin Adventure.

Those unfamiliar with the code enin: One of my first adventures started after I had visualized the name Liddy as Lindy (a lady innocently jailed). Liddy only needed the n in the d-field to change into Lindy. (Book 1,Chapter 18). Backwards enin spells nine; plus ty makes 90). The adventures haven't stopped since.

- - - - - - -


Books by Campion

Walking not far from the new Channel Ten Headquarters in Adelaide's East End I noticed this among a pile of rubbish on the footpath.

Seeing IT makes CHAMPION out of Campion. Reading backwards -  NO.I.P ... (MAC)

- - - - - - -


The following story is about another police officer from Western Australia. His surname is identical to that of the polish composer and the detective L, who I had met at Brighton. Much of the story information is from an online article in the Sydney Morning Herald, dated June 11, 2002.

To understand, why I include this story, I was told  that the Western Australian policeman Mr. L is the brother of Mr. L, the volunteer at Brighton. A lady, co-incidentally also a Mrs. L, told me this. 

A large amount of gold bullions ($ 650,000 worth) had been stolen from the Perth Mint. Three brothers, Raymond, Peter and Brian Mickelberg were arrested and charged with the crimes. In 1983 they were convicted of swindling the mint and stealing the gold. Two of the brothers served very long prison sentences; the third was acquitted after serving nine months in jail.

The Western Australian police officer L, together with former CIB (Criminal Investigation Branch) chief Don H. had been working on the case, known later as the Mickelberg mint robbery. The evidence they produced in court was sufficient for the jury to find the men guilty.

However, years later, the detectives admitted to having fabricated the evidence against then men. Not only did they admit to lying at the investigations and the appeal, L. also disclosed that Peter Mickelberg was stripped naked and beaten by interviewing officers during the investigation. (I am not writing this about Zimbabwe, friends, this took place in Australia).

Sadly, Sgt. L committed suicide after admitting his crime. Don H. also met a violent death. He was killed, in a car bombing in what police believe was a payback killing by Gypsy Joker bikie gang members.

How unusual that two detective brothers should be involved in cases, where innocent men are locked up in jail?

This morning I woke with a thought". How can a person commit a crime, wilfully and deviously, and still go to sleep that night, thinking about what he or she has done? What would be their self-talk? How do they explain their actions to their deeper self?

Thank God for those who follow God's way. They go to sleep thinking thoughts of kindness toward others: How can I help my sick neighbour? Who could do with the few dollars that came in unexpectedly? Who is lonely and would like a visit? A man or woman who thinks such thoughts, then acts them out with a pure motive, is truly blessed and a blessing to society.

- - - - - - -


I had always been a bit of a collector of things, postcards, coins and of course LP vinyl records. It came as a real surprise when I happened to stumble upon a shop, whose display window was full of collectibles and all kinds of bric-a-brac. 

My attention was drawn to a box full of LP records. At only 50 cents each, they sounded pretty L to me. What good fortune, the box held some records of my favourite artists, James Last and his orchestra

It was one of those Last days, so I bought three LP's (Hey, this means I paid $ 1.50 for the 3, today's date again. In a moment a date again).

Each LP had a story to tell. Please note, the following scans are only sections of the album covers.



Note the number 4. Smell the sound of ... sand?

On above album cover, one musician (not shown) wears a T-shirt that shows ...AMES ..HE KING ...OAD.

Sounds like James the king ... not to be confused with King James.


Then there was this: Note DATE!  

The title of this album: CLASSIC UP TO DATE. POLYDOR No. 184 061..

The date I bought the three records was 16/1/08. Only a 4 left over.


And finally this: sing sing

This album cover is playing tricks - Sing is German for to sing, but also the name of a US Prison.

 The inmate above is wearing a T-shirt - OS. Together with SI I see ISSO.

Wikipedia however revealed even more about Sing Sing:

The location is 30 Miles north of New York on the banks of the Hudson River. Sing Sing was the original name for what is now called Ossining. The first 4 letters backwards, we can't escape IT, are ISSO.

 - - - - - - -


Now to another hat-trick. It happened over a few days around the time of my birthday at the end of January, only two weeks after the Last hat-trick. My attention was drawn to the word LIGHT three times. Each time it unveiled itself in an obscure, mysterious way, typical of the manner, which my brain operated under.

The first one popped up, by mistake or otherwise, on the church orchestra's song sheet. I saw this first light during our practice on Thursday 31/1 for the service on Sunday 3/2. It was the first Sunday in the month. I usually play the trumpet at this special church service.


Sing Sing time:

Sweet by & by - I saw the4 light - This world is not my home.



After the church practice I forgot all about it, until the4 Sunday Service. Something happened, which nobody could have arranged. It came totally unexpected, a sheer fluke, unless ... my unseen friend, all powerful God, was showing Himself in a very strange way.

Let me explain. Once-a-month at this special church service a colourful clown, called Smoochy, the pastor's wife, makes an appearance. She enters the small church among great noise and hullabaloo to entertain the children. The pastor then tells the children, who sit on the floor at the front, a simple story. Smoochy the clown acts it all out with great comedy.

When the story is over the children receive a candy and Smoochy, again under great hullabaloo, makes her exit out of the hall. Before leaving, however, Smoochy reaches into her big pockets. Out comes a party cracker. She pulls on a string and with a loud bang small bits of colourful strips paper fly everywhere.

That morning, sitting about 5 metres away, I saw a part of the cracker land right beside my feet: a piece of paper, about the size of a large coin, perfectly round, green in colour. Nothing else came in my direction.

How could I, the retired driving instructor, ignore this piece of paper, a perfectly shaped, green traffic light? It had to go into the diary:


Smoochy the clown, always at the end, shoots out colourful strips of paper.


It was then that I again took notice of the song sheet right in front of me on the music stand: I saw the4 light.

The third light to complete this hat-trick had happened the day before, Saturday 2.2.08. It involved a hymnbook.

(Hey that's amazing, I just noticed it.

In Book 5, Chapter 17 I describe how I came across this hymnbook, which is at the centre of this final 'Light' discovery. It was the 228th Chapter in my writing; the number 228 popped up again a number of times in that passage.

I can't recall how it was, only that it was so. In the hymnbook Mission Praise, which I had bought at a church fair under rather Da Ninci circumstances, I saw an obvious error ...

The hymns in Mission Praise were arranged in alphabetical order, or so it appeared. Except I saw this:

Hymn No. 421 -  "Like a river glorious".

Number 422  -  "Light has dawned",

I can't recall how I came to notice this obvious misplacement of the hymns - Light definitely comes before Like.

No. 422 (if somebody wants to add 4[00] go ahead) is written by Graham Kendrick, the music arranged by Christopher No.rt.on ! (... dotty again?).

On 11.5.08, the day after scanning above photo, the special guest on the BBC's Songs of Praise was Graham Kendrick. The TV program was broadcast from the Coventry Cathedral.

- - - - - - -



Well  may you ask, why do I notice such trivia? I have asked myself the same question long ago, plus a further one: Why can't everybody else see IT? But why do we need an answer for every question?

Is there an answer to the following? Is it another mistake I was meant to see? How could such a big blunder slip through the editing process of a well-known, national Christian magazine, I asked?

The error, unless there is indeed more than I can see, was so obvious. I cut it out and taped it into my diary:


The second word is four ...


(Text) Question: The four members of the Macho Men Society arrive for their monthly meeting. Tom, Dick, Harry and Jack decided long ago that real men don't hug and, in fact, only have minimal contact.

So it was agreed that when they met together they would all shake hands with each other just once and then get on with the meeting. How many handshakes are made? For the answer, see Page 14.

"Answers to page 4: Only six handshakes are required: Tom/Sam, Tom/Harry, Tom/Jack, Harry/Sam, Harry/Jack, Jack/Sam."

I scribbled into my diary the question anybody must ask: Where did Dick go and SAM come from?


Two obvious facts pointed in my direction. One was the numbers 4 and 14. The other, his name really made me sit up and take notice, the Macho Man, who disappeared between handshakes, Dick!

I know only two men personally, whose name is Dick. One used to be an American citizen, but lives locally. The other used to live locally, but is now an American citizen, living happily in the home of Uncle Sam.

- - - - - - -


What I wrote at the end of the previous chapter might have gone a little far in cross referencing. I wrote that by inserting an e into Horst, my German friend's name becomes hoerst. In English this means hears. In my playful style I suggested that nobody should add an e to hears - it forms the word hearse.

24 days or 3 1/2 weeks after being admitted to hospital (on 14/4/08) my German friend Horst (aged 84) passed away into eternity in the early hours of May 8th. His funeral will be held on 14/5 at 10 am.


Reading some of Mr. Herzberg's mail to him a few weeks ago, I could not help noticing his official ... reference number: 503 010 396V. (I am reminded, on final editing, today's date is 13/5).

Since this isso, I must include the following hat-trick with those odd numbers 1 3 & 5. On my birthday* I first woke at 3.15 am, fell asleep and woke again at 5.13 am. While dozing I was thinking - wouldn't it be funny if the digital clock read 5.31 when I look next. When I looked next, ready to rise, the clock indeed showed 5.31 (1 Minute late for prayer !)

*My date of birth is 30.1.50.   

- - - - - - -


In the previous chapter I had astonished myself with the number 146 and likewise with the phrase birds of prey. Browsing through my bible in church on Sunday 5.11, the day of writing this chapter, I spotted by chance the words birds of prey in Isaiah.

My mind has a tendency to cross-reference and I immediately saw the number of the chapter and verse: Isaiah 46, Verse 11 (Text at the end of the chapter).

Also in the last chapter I made some surprise  findings  in the title-page picture of this book. Readers may already have noticed that the t in my name sits right on a mountain top. Only while writing this chapter did I see that I had placed the 7 right above the highest mountain top and the letters L and T right above the second and third highest.

Friends, does God have the highest place in your life? Is HE the first thing you think about when you wake in the morning? Do you reflect and thank HIM last thing every night for the wonderful, dependable friend HE is?

Does reflecting on God well up a feeling of warmth, peace and security deep inside you? HE desires an intimate relationship with you. If anyone were to ask me the meaning of life - this is IT.

You can know God's word backwards, you may have studied theology for years, given  hundreds of sermons about HIM - it does not mean you know HIM intimately. Does HE really take the highest place in your life?

IT is a word that has followed me right through my writing. IT has been clothed in a cloud of mystery almost from Book 1. What is IT? Who is IT? IT is God, revealing HIS plan for HIS pleasure.


"Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is no other;

I am God and there is none like ME, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done, saying, 'My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.'

Calling a bird of prey from the east, the man who executes My counsel from a far country.

Indeed I have spoken IT, I will also bring IT to pass, I have purposed IT;

I will also do IT."                                                          (Isaiah 46, 9-11)


Friends, God is sovereign. Those who trust in HIM don't have anything to fear. Almighty God Himself declares that HE is on our side - HE is for us. HE is for  IT.

 (Isaiah 41.10)

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God.

I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


Chapter 4