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2.  The winner - L & P     

It was Sunday morning, April 27th 08, the day after I had launched this, my seventh book of my live-to-air auto-biography. I sat by the large bay window in our lounge room, looking out at the heavy rain, watering the dry ground. How refreshing it was! How I marvelled!

The day before I had told the world that God is in control of everything, including rainfalls and global warming. That Sunday morning it felt as if Almighty God Himself wanted to re-iterate this message in another way, my daily bible reading.

Our Daily Bread, which is written by various authors, that day was written by Dennis Fisher (no C). It was titled: God's Refreshing Word:


"My word shall not return to me void". (Isaiah 55:11).

Nobody would have appreciated that morning's scripture reading more than I. How refreshing is God's word, the right message at the perfect time!


Exactly three weeks earlier, again on a Sunday morning, both my wife and I sat in the same room, the one with the big window. I was again reading Our Daily Bread, when my wife casually said to me: "On that big branch over there I've seen many bird's nests". She pointed across to the small reserve opposite our house.

Straight away I linked that day's reading with her comment. The headline in Our Daily Bread for that Sunday April 6th was: "NEST IN HIS GREATNESS". I mentioned this to my wife and that I notice many such connections.

How strange, I just noticed it while writing this: The writer of both readings, April 6th and 27th, was Dennis Fisher. These two were the only two he wrote for the month of April 08. Mr. Fisher and I may have more in common that our initials and similar surname?


I asked my wife, sitting next to me: "Are the connections I see meaningless? How would you handle this?"

How I wished I could delve into my wife's brain to understand her way of thinking. Then I would be able to exchange meaningful thoughts. But how can anyone nest in God's Greatness, when their spiritual eyes are blinded to HIS awesome, wonderful works?

I did not expect a serious answer to my question or serious discussion. We usually end up arguing about what I see and my strange connections. I had learned to keep the peace - for now.


As I type I can't avoid thinking of the similarity to my doubting wife, with whom everything is co-incident, and the way the Jews regard the man Jesus. God's chosen people to a great deal (about 97 % I am told) are indifferent to their Messiah Jesus.

Jesus to the Jews was and still is a stumbling stone, because HE spoke the truth and by doing so offended many. The Apostle Paul saw this when he quoted the prophet Isaiah (8, 14 & 28, 16) in his letter to the Romans

"Behold I lay in Zion a stumbling stone and rock of offense. And whoever believes on HIM will not be put to shame".  (Romans 9, 33):

Today's Jews, together with vast numbers of otherwise intelligent people, don't see God's wonderful plan: The one-for-all sacrifice of an innocent, divine man to bring peace to the world. HIS eternal plan for the Jews, God's chosen people is unfolding before our eyes.

Just as ancient scriptures prophesied the year 1948 marked the beginning of a return of Jews to the promised land.  They came back to Israel from around the world.

 (Hey - what perfect timing again, I just noticed that on the day of writing this, Israel celebrates 60 years of it's founding in 1948! God's perfect timing, love IT).

Hear the scriptures which give hope to God's people Israel (Zechariah 10, Verse 1): "Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain. The Lord will make flashing clouds; He will give them showers of rain, grass in the field for everyone."

Verse 6: "I will strengthen the house of Judah, and I will save the house of Joseph. I will bring them back. Because I have mercy on them. They shall be as I had not cast them aside, I shall be the Lord their God. And I will hear them.

Verse 8: "I will whistle for them and gather them ..."

Verse 9: "...They shall live together with their children and they shall return."

Verse 10:" I will also bring them back from the land of Egypt and gather them ..."

In the end HE again will be their Lord.

Question:  Why are the letters ord not in blue font?

Answer: "Researching for this chapter, I came across Bible for the first time. I noticed, while reading Zechariah, that as I rolled over the text with the mouse, it changed to blue font. All the text changed to blue, except the letters ord in the word Lord.

(I found this extra.ord.inary. There may be a reason, unless I have gone dotty again?) 

- - - - - - -


Preparing this writing I noticed an interesting twist inside an interesting twist. I had searched and found above title-page-photograph in the book 'Allgau Zauberhafte Bergwelt' (Dieter Seibert, Ziethen Panorama Verlag, ISBN 3-934328.15.6).

I looked up the name of the photographer. His name was listed as Josef Beck. If he likes beer I do not know. However, I do know that there is magic in the word Lechtaler Alpen. Remember the word echt, meaning real, genuine in German? It made an appearance in Book 5, Chapter 13 in a picture I took.

What a perfect fit in this book, which started with Admire L, because L = echt !

The picture of the Lechtaler Alpen, which Mr. Back, sorry Mr. Beck, took is on pages 30/31 of Allgau Zauberhafte Bergwelt. Here is the acknowledgment page, the names of photographers and the page numbers of their photos:



 Do you notice the twist inside the twist? The only other photo of Mr. Beck in the book is on page 71. I only saw all this after I started writing Book 7 and was searching for a suitable photo. God knew it and chose it.

Today, two weeks later, I see how the word Wonder can be translated as Zauber - Zauberhafte Bergwelt = wonderful world of mountains. 

GOD knew THE WONDER OF IT ALL before it happens. HE is, HE was and will be forever GOD.

(Read a further little twist regarding the title-page at the end of the next chapter). 

- - - - - - -


Let's come down from the mountain tops. Much work needs to be done down here in this city.

There was one powerful official in Adelaide's legal system, who I had not yet informed about the innocent man in jail. I only had seen this person face to face once, while casually walking through Adelaide's new shopping arcade, called City Cross (nice name, si si). The gentleman concerned was standing, waiting to be served outside a shop, which sells nts, sorry nuts. I had seen his face on TV many times.

This was around September 07, after I had just written and personally delivered my second letter, calling for justice for my friend in jail,  to all Members of Parliament in Adelaide. I was and am still hoping somebody would stir and listen to the sounding alarm.  But as happened after my first letter to all MP's, the replies in my mailbox were as usual:

"On behalf of Tom, I am writing to let you know that Dick is aware of your correspondence and because there is no Harry...blah, blah ... If you have information, go to the police!"

When I say replies were as usual I mean in content. The actual number of MP's responding increased. Maybe a third of all MP's sent a reply? A white envelope with the Premier's and Deputy Premier's address on it even landed in my letterbox. One MP took the trouble to phone me, saying that Members of Parliament can't do anything in such matters.

Thanks C. You were the only MP who gave me this courtesy. Your call was not wasted and much appreciated. I always understood that any MP is allowed to ask any question during a Parliamentary sitting. As was proven in the Nemer case, the Attorney-General has the power to intervene.


What prompted me to finally write to this man, then one buying nuts in the City Cross arcade, was the name of a Pizza Bar, Joe's Pizza Bar. It's shown in the previous chapter, the business on Henley Beach Road, where three people had died on a pole.

Only a day after having taken this photo I was cycling about 30 kilometres away in a north-eastern suburb. Suddenly, as I pedalled, outside a small group of shops, a sandwich board read: Joe's ... Immediately I recalled the photo I had taken the day before and ... my bike steered itself into the small car park. The location was familiar to me. It was the same office/shops complex, where I used to attend Liberal Party Branch meetings. For a years or so I was Branch President.

A young man stood outside this office, having a cigarette. My brain told me this was probably the MP's staffer who opens his mail. He surely would know about the letters I had sent, regarding the innocent man in jail.

While still sitting on my bike, downwind to avoid the smoke from the cigarette, we had a chat. It wasn't long before the sensitive subject came up. After an open talk about the matter, which I rarely have opportunity for, he advised me: "Why don't you write to the DPP". I did.

The letters DPP stand for Director of Public Prosecutions. His office is responsible for prosecuting people, who were caught by police doing wrong. Since 2005 Mr. Stephen Pallaras held this office. The previous DPP Mr. Paul Rofe had resigned, if I remember correctly, amidst great controversy. He had a habit of visiting gambling establishments several times during working hours.

Much of the content of the following letter to the DPP is familiar to regular readers. I shall still print it here for readers who are unfamiliar with the Liddy case and what concerns me about it. (The original letter includes names and other details. Until this matter is brought into the open I am still using abbreviations).



Mr. Stephen Pallaras, QC

Director of Public Prosecution

GPO Box 464,   Adelaide   SA  5001


Dear Mr. Pallaras,

On Sept. 7th, 2001 one of South Australia’s worst miscarriages of justice occurred. A gentleman named Peter Liddy, South Australia’s longest serving magistrate, was sentenced to 25 years jail, 18 years non-parole, for alleged sex offences, which dated back to the mid 1980’s.

Through various circumstances I found myself questioning, if the man really was guilty. I spent a considerable amount of time researching the case, both online and reading the transcripts, which were made available at the Supreme Court building. After years of these investigations I am totally convinced that Mr. Liddy was the victim of an orchestrated scheme, by criminal elements, to rob him of his money.

My findings revealed that Mr. Liddy did not receive a fair trial, both here in Adelaide and in his appeal in the High Court in Sydney. In a document, which the accused was able to procure, his main accuser had stated in a Queensland Family Court that he had never been abused as a child. How could he at the same time claim that he was abused by Mr. Liddy 10 years earlier? This document, for some inexplicable reason, was not permissible in court. 

I am not a lawyer, but understood the transcripts of court proceedings enough to ask serious questions. I discovered flaws both in the initial investigations, as well as court proceedings and media reporting. The public of South Australia has only heard one side of this sad story. If any logical thinker were to listen to the story of the prisoner’s mother and/or the Prison Chaplain Mr. Liddy confided in, they also would be convinced of the prisoner’s innocence.

Here a just a few questions I raised following my investigations: 

1. The very first allegation against Mr. Liddy was through an anonymous letter sent to the Advertiser Newspaper. Why did nobody consider that it may have been a hoax, or even a nasty, defamatory piece of paper, written by a criminal with a grudge against the judge, who had previously jailed him?

2. In a pre-dawn raid on the Liddy property in Gawler on 29.5.99 detectives L, S, R and B found not one video, magazine or other evidence of a sexual nature. Yet they continued the witch hunt. Eventually some explicit videos were found in Mr. Liddy’s office at work. But why would Mr. Liddy keep zero porn material at home, but store such damning stuff in his office drawer? Could this material have been planted to keep the case going?

3. Why did the police not keep proper tape recordings of the initial interviews with the alleged victims? Conducting the interviews without tape-recordings, this officer acted against existing procedures and directly against orders from his superior. 

4. Why did Sgt. S pick up a witness, one of the alleged victims, in the police vehicle to provide transport for him to give evidence in the court? Why did the police officer detour and visit the crime scene, the same spot, which the jury had inspected only the day before?

5. Why did the police (and the jury) believe the alleged victims, all who had a criminal record? Victim D admitted lying to police. He changed his story twice. They still believed him, whilst the testimony of other men was dismissed, those without criminal record, who also had had close contact with Mr. Liddy?

 6. Why was the media not brought to justice for blatantly misreporting the case?

One good example is the case of money offered as a bribe. It was clearly stated that Mr. Liddy handed over an envelope containing $ 5000 to alleged victim D. The truth was Mr. Liddy had asked Mr. D, a man he had kept in contact with and trusted, to make a statement to his solicitor (Mr. Eugene McGee !!!) that Mr. Liddy was of good character etc. As a return favour D asked for some money to buy a wedding ring for his fiancé. The first sum requested was $ 3000.

Two days later, seeing an opportunity for making some more, easy cash, D asked for another $ 2000. If media reports had stated the payments correctly as two sums, Mr. Liddy’s side of the story, that he was being blackmailed, would have made sense to any unbiased reader using common sense. (Was Mr. Liddy that stupid to think he could pay-off all the victims to keep silent forever? Mr. Liddy’s generosity was well known. Giving this money as a good-will gesture to his friend makes more sense than his betrayer’s story that the money was to lie about the abuse).

The following is a statutory declaration I made on 21/9/07:

“On September 20th, 2007 I phoned a lady after having found a listing in the 07/08 Adelaide phone book:       C S. ... Marino ... Ph. ... 1312.

I asked the lady, if she new J C. She answered he was her son, who lives in Melbourne.

(The lady had been a witness in the case against Mr. Peter Michael Liddy, who is serving a lengthy jail term).

I asked, if he was the one involved in the child abuse case. She said yes. During the brief conversation the lady said: “I think J was actually not abused, he was more of an onlooker”.

When I mentioned that this was not what I read in the court case, the lady indicated she did not want to continue the conversation. Her son had never received any compensation, and was now moving on with his life.”

I sent a copy of the declaration to the Attorney-General, hoping some action would be taken, to get to the truth in this matter. I had no response so far, just as I had very little response from other Members of Parliament, the media, the clergy, the Police Commissioner etc.

I urge you to investigate my findings. If you found them to be correct I can not imagine that you also would place this letter into your too-hard basket. The Liddy case must be re-opened. The truth must be searched out and made public. Those responsible for this fiasco must be made accountable, even if it means prosecuting wrong doers within the police or legal system. The longer Mr. Liddy is locked up in jail, the greater this miscarriage of justice becomes.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer


A few days later I received the usual response, which amounted to little else than: "Thanks, but no thanks. If you have information go to the police."

I did not bother replying that I had already been to police, that I had personally delivered a copy of my findings, as written in Book 5, Chapter 13, to the Police Commissioner and to one the above mentioned Sergeant's and that they did nothing as far as I know.

Aha, now I know what I forgot to do, why nothing is moving! I didn't send these people a small basket with a little message to go with it: Everything which is too hard for you to handle, please place in this basket. Then again, some will need a big, big basket; or better still - a bath tub.


This deadlock in the Liddy case clearly shows that the outgoing Auditor-General, who retired only recently, was correct in saying: There is no effective instrumentality in South Australia to monitor police, to make police accountable to an outside body.

South Australians should be asking: "Why does our state not have an ICAC, an Independent Commission Against Corruption, which the big states in Australia all have? According to the Leader of the Opposition the establishment of such a body will be a major election issue in his next campaign to win government.

How I wished the Opposition would not wait that long, but act immediately. Everyday I think of PL, how awful it must be to be locked up alone in a grey cell, seeing nothing of the outside world, except the blue sky through a small window. A guilty man must find this hard. But an innocent, clean mind, who only did good, does not deserve this hell as his retirement.

If only one politician, clergyman, newspaper reporter or a truth-seeking policeman would knock on the door of PL's elderly mother, he or she would soon find out that she raised two wonderful boys. One grew up to became a highly successful banker. The other served South Australia as magistrate for over 25 years from the young age of 29.

South Australia I challenge you - PL and his mother do not deserve this! How long is everybody continuing to turn a blind eye?

- - - - - - -


The circuits of the first and the last race of Adelaide's premier professional cycling race, The Tour Down Under.

Did the mind who created the routes think in L and P?

Left: The opening stage was held in Glenelg. It passed through Sussex Street. Years ago I had a rather interesting experience in Sussex Street (Details Book 1, Chapter 42).

Right: The route for the final race on Jan. 27th 08 through Adelaide's East End. A young German rider, Andre Greipel (nice P&L name) was the overall winner.

- - - - - - -


In the next chapter you will read about a green piece of paper, shaped a circle, much like a green traffic light. The incident occurred on Sunday 3/2/08. That afternoon, however, I was cycling for a special occasion to Brighton, via Glenelg, both Adelaide's seaside suburbs.

What I experienced made me think: Did somebody try and give me a green light in my investigations, or was id-all (sic) co-incidence? Here is the story, which brings us right back and right on, to where it all started - at the jetty in Brighton.

I had heard months before that on the first Sunday in February 08 the Brighton Surf Life Saving Club was holding their annual surf carnival. This was the place where Peter Liddy was a coach and was supposed to have committed some of the alleged crimes. I had to make an appearance.

 As always when I'm cruising in the streets, in the car or on the bicycle, I notice car registration plates and other data, which my mind then plays with. Over the years this had increased; meaning, either my madness was increasing or indeed, motorists where following my tracks and showed me support - in numbers? Very strange indeed, but friends, I tell IT as IT is.

One registration number engraved in my mind as I pedalled my Wheeler Crossline 2600* down to Brighton made it into my diary. I saw the vehicle parked as I approached the Challenge Oval, Glenelg; a Ford, registration No ... 144. On impulse I checked the house number; 15 made sense. Seconds later, turning out of the short street, I read the name, which consisted of the letters: US YN DL AE.

*The (EL-In-Cross W.healer) bike was a present from a visiting German friend more than 15 years ago. (Oh, it's his birthday today. If he were here, visiting again, I'm sure he'd buy me a new bike for his birthday).

- - - - - - -


The Brighton Surf Life Saving Club no longer operated out of the white, one-storey flat- roofed structure, with a metal shipping container for storing excess equipment. A new, two-storey structure had been built on the same block by the beach. It looked impressive.

As I wheeled my Wheeler through the crowd that Sunday afternoon there were various stalls, displays and a big stage. A band was blaring out a tune. I'm was sure everybody knew it, except me. My diary doesn't confirm it, but I think there was an all important artist, a  face painter. Why they offer this service only to children, I do not know. Wouldn't there be many oldies, like me, who would love to have their wrinkles painted over?

Moments after I rolled in, I don't think I had even parked my bike yet, a voice on the stage microphone announced: "Somebody found and handed in this doll." He held it up and called for anybody, who lost it to collect it from the stage.

My outside the box brain moved to a higher level: Was id-all (sic) coincidence that I just got here when somebody lost a dall, sorry doll, or was I a dill*? Anyhow, at least my life wasn't dull and boring.

*A dill is usually a male who hears things, like out of a microphone at a surf carnival, which he then links with his never-ending blog, which is full of codes that switch letters around, which in the end creates something really dull and boring.


I locked my bike against a post and spent 20 minutes or so walking around, looking at the stalls, mingling unobtrusively among the crowd. My ice cream cost two dollars. That was affordable. Next I looked at a face, old and unpainted, thinking, where have I seen him before? The man was wearing an official jacket, which indicated he was a volunteer.

My curiosity made me ask another man, wearing an identical jacket: "That man over there, packing up the banner on the jetty, is he a policeman?" This volunteer didn't know.

I kept watching the white-haired man. Now he was walking right to the place, where I had just discarded my ice cream paper seconds earlier. I thought it was the detective from the child exploitation unit, one of the four who raided the Liddy residence in 1999.

I was ready to cycle home again. Before cycling off I detoured to the small group of volunteers, who my white-haired, tall, may-be policeman was standing with. It was right at the (street) end of the Brighton Jetty. Without dismounting, I stopped right beside him and asked: "Are you a police officer?"

"Yes, I am" he replied. "And who would you be?"

Just who would I be? (Good question, Sir. Who I am really doesn't matter. What matters is the things that didn't happen here over twenty years ago. No, I don't mean the gale, blowing down the jetty, I'm talking about ...

Actually, I can't recall what I mumbled in his face. But I was glad that bicycles are such a good mode of transport to make an instant get-away.

Cycling north along the beautiful foreshore towards Glenelg I marvelled, how I just had met the man, who was partly responsible for the whole fiasco.  Should I have taken the man aside and asked some serious questions? Isn't it often the case in such unexpected situations; in your head afterwards you rattle off of all the things you could have said, but didn't think of at the time?

What would he have said, if I would have challenged him with my very first bit of evidence, which made me think, something was not right on, at Brighton. He had been standing right at the very spot, where one of PL's accusers said, he saw Peter Liddy load two boys into a white van and drive away ... (assuming them to be taken away and sexually abused again).

I can't wait for the day, when the whole truth is revealed. But waiting develops patience, which develops character.

How we all need ONE !


Chapter 3