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"In His hands are the deep places of the earth. The heights of the hills are His also."

(Psalm 95, Verse 4)



13.  Spooky: So much of IT

After 15 years riding my Wheeler Crossline 2600 the replacement, my new GIANT 24-speed racer proved to be a winner. Unless it is my impatience, but I find it hard to cycle slowly. The thin tyres seem to turn on their own. I also walk fast, almost all the time.

My first big ride on my GIANT, which I bought because it was reduced in price, took me to Christie's Beach, in Adelaide's southern suburbs. The date was Wednesday, September 10th 08.

What prompted the visit to Christie's Beach was a shock news-item, reported in all main media 10 days earlier. The imprisoned magistrate, Peter Liddy, was to be charged with 10 counts of sex offences, dating back to the late 1960's. He was to appear in the Christies Beach Magistrate's Courts.

When I first heard the news I felt deeply disappointed. For years I had hoped  my whistle-blowing would wake up the responsible authorities. I prayed sincerely for justice. Now the case seemed to move in the other direction. The goalpost now moved into this position: Either, those few who believed in Peter's innocence, including myself, were totally up the creek, or these new allegations were also a fabrication, another front opening for battle.

A short sentence at the conclusion of the TV news item made me think, something is not right here. The newsreader said: "The magistrate may never have to face the charges ..." (for health reasons).

At first glance these fresh allegations sounded devastating. However, I saw a silver lining in the dark cloud. If Peter had to appear again in court, the possibility existed that these fresh allegations were to prove total fabrications, just like the abuse allegations, which landed Peter in jail.

My suspicious mind made me consider - will they (corrupt police) not bother with these fresh allegations, just in case the old ones prove to be false?


Since I did not know on which day Peter would be appearing in court, I phoned his lawyer in Holden Hill. As expected, I never got as far as talking to his lawyer (*see footnote below). His secretary informed me that they could not give me any information on the case. If I wanted to find out, when Peter appears in court, I would just have to search for myself.

I could not understand, and don't do to this day, why a prisoner's lawyer would not co-operate with someone, who is working as hard, possibly harder and with more conviction, trying to find justice for an innocent man.


On the morning of commencing this chapter  our Attorney-General was interviewed on ABC Radio 891. He had been tipped off to check out an address on South Road, not far from his own residence. A crazy citizen was flying the swastika (the Nazi German flag) on a pole in his back yard.

The radio program took some phone calls from listeners. I don't phone any more, but had I done so I may have suggested that the flag was not that much misplaced. From my personal observations the justice system in our state may not be that much different to that of Nazi Germany - innocent people arrested and put in jail. Those who speak up for them are ignored).

Or should I be thankful that at least I have the right and freedom to speak out? If so, I am thankful. But the end-result is the same. I thank God, that we have not seen the end of this case yet.

The address where the flag was flying: 126 South Road.


While searching online for the court lists of the Christies Beach Magistrate's Court, where Peter was to appear, I came across a strange name: Tod Stokes.


Hey, I just saw Stokes differently! In the previous chapter I had mentioned this name, Tod. It's the German word for 'death'. Just now typing this the name Stokes only needs changing o /a to arrive at Stakes - the stakes are high, if they indeed refer to 'death'


I queried with the court administration, if perhaps the name Tod ought to be spelled Todd,  a common English name. In a brief reply I was informed that the name had been supplied by police, spelled with just one d.

The name for death, Tod, as unusual as it was, fitted into the place, the address of the Christies Beach Magistrate's Courts. Deep in the back of my mind I had stored it: 96 Dyson Road. This link made me take my first long trip on my new Giant that Wednesday.

I knew I'd be passing two addresses of interest; that of Mr. McGee, Peter Liddy's lawyer*

*Note added on 13/12/08: This is not the same lawyer as referred to above. This lawyer acted for a time during Peter's trial.

 ... plus that of the mother of J.C, the man who first accused Peter of abuse. Before leaving I scribbled a note for the lady to drop into her letterbox, plus I took a few religious tracts to deliver to people, who I may come across.

My new 24-speed bike picked up a gigantic speed through the suburbs. Because of this, or was I not concentrating, I missed the turn-off to the street, where I knew Mr. McGee lived. I braked. It took a moment to come to a full stop. (I totally stopped not just to turn around, but to get the literature for Mr. McGee ready.)

Right beside me, on the grass I noticed a blue discarded packet of EXTRA chewing gum. I was no longer in the habit of picking up rubbish off the road. At least not as much as in previous years, but I took notice just the same. Had I known what comes next, I would have collected the blue packet.

I turned and dropped the tract into Mr. McGee's letterbox. Continuing south, the wind pushing me along, I cycled right through the centre of Adelaide. Along Goodwood Road, at the corner of Mitchell Street, a van passed me. It was a parcel delivery van. This made me stop and drop a letter I carried and hand it into Mr. McGee's office. It was the story of Peter, which I headed 'Anyone for justice?' (As if he didn't know !)

Again, braking at considerable speed I was doing,  I took a few moments to bring my bike to a stop. This is when the magic happened, why I'm giving you all this detail. On the footpath, right where I stopped, I found an identical packet of chewing gum, as I had minutes earlier in Collinswood.

What I regarded as amazing - the first chewing gum packet I had spotted after stopping my bike near Mr. McGee's private residence. This second one was right near his work place. Of course I collected it for the diary:




Chewing-gum packet found on 10.9 near Mitchell St. Millswood, right outside Tabor Bible College and on the same corner, where Mr. McGee has his office.

The use by date on this packet: 26.10.

Everyone in Adelaide links the name McGee to the KRRC, the Kapunda Road Royal Commission, which was held at 26 Flinder's Street, on the 1st floor.

I just noticed after scanning - CHE, right under (not on) the X.

Bar code: 9316 3910.



A few kilometres from my destination, Christies Beach, I dropped the prepared note into the letterbox of JC's mother at Marino. My note simply asked one question:

"Why did your son go to police after all these years, when he was not even abused?"

I put a religious tract into the envelope, hoping to sow a seed for the good of all. My prayer is that she and her son will wake up to IT ALL and find God. Natural justice for Peter would follow.


If justice fails at this present world, the years Peter spends in misery are nothing compared to eternal torture, awaiting those who put him there! This includes onlookers!



As I locked my bicycle onto a pole right outside the front door of the modern courthouse, I could not help reading the registration plate of the vehicle parked across the road ... 910 - it was September 10. (Read on for magic by Channel 9 and 10).

The attendant gave me a quizzing look when I asked, which court was in session. Every citizen has a right to attend a court case, unless the judge directs otherwise. The uniformed officer directed me to Court 3. I was the only one in the public seating area.

It was already mid-afternoon, so I could not understand, why the case of Ms. Reid, which was listed to take place in the morning, was heard this late (around 3 PM). The young lady pleaded guilty to walking into an Electrical Goods store, pushing a trolley, and simply wheeling it out with a large colour television set.

Sitting in a courtroom observing proceedings is quite an eye-opener to what goes on in the world. I nearly wrote real world - but the real world is one, where Christ is the centre. Nobody living life in that manner should ever come before court, at least in a fair and free society.

What on earth was I there for? As I made my way home (by train/bike) I wondered what was going behind the scenes? I came to the conclusion, if the letters Re id, have anything to do with IT, I don't have to know.


Actually, it just clicked - maybe the name Reid does have something to do with it? Reid on ...

On October 22nd I was watching a most important football match on TV. It was just after I had written above article on Ms. Reid. In the second half of this match player number 24 was exchanged for player number 7. Paul Reid was exchanged for Lucas Pantelis.

In Book 5, Chapter 7 I wrote about my ID crisis. In another football match the same player Pantelis played against a player from the opposite team Pantelidis - the only difference id !


I'm well aware that our brain easily picks up details, which we are already thinking about. This is why I picked up the name Reid so readily. It happened two more times during writing this chapter:


Time Magazine 3/3/08 - Page 51.

Text: "Accepting voices is the one precondition to start the process to recovery." (Dr. Marius Romme, Psychiatrist).

A thought in my head, not a voice, just pointed out that the word 'one' on the left complements the only other number (36) on the right.

The Time Magazine article is headed "The Listening Cure. Disillusioned with traditional psychiatry, people who hear voices are finding new ways to cope".

The writer, William Lee Adams, reports on a new method to treat people who hear voices in their head. Dr. Sara Tai (A1 name) says that drugs don't work for many, to ease the distress from hearing voices. Her and that of Dr. Marius Romme (More M, on us?) latest thinking is, instead of fighting these voices, sufferers should form a relationship with them.

Audrey Reid is a 36 year-old from Dundee Scotland. In the article she is quoted as saying: "Medication slows my thinking and renders me powerless against the bullying" (by her voices.")

She hears seven different voices. But here is how she treats them: Four of her seven different voices calm her down during stressful situations, help her assess people she meets, and remind her what to buy at the grocery store. One - which she regards as that of herself as a child - even helped her successfully confront another, which she says mimics a man who molested her when she was 8 years old.

Jesus goes one step further. He not only encourages us to hear his voice inside us, He empowers us to use His name as a weapon. Any other accusing voice will be silenced and must flee.

Friends, Jesus is the victor. His method of healing even mental illness is better than and more effective than tablets and months or years of therapy!

One hour on your knees with Jesus is better than a hundred on the couch with a shrink.


Letters to the Advertiser: 24/10/08

Text: Inspirational teacher.

 I AM very disappointed to see The Advertiser could manage only one sentence about Clay Reid who was awarded the Prime Minister's science prize as the nation's top secondary school science teacher. Clay was honoured for invigorating science teaching and learning at Clare High School. He is an inspiration to both staff and students. (Mary McInerney, Clare).

I understand that I* is spelled in capital letters. But why AM? Perhaps - Y HE (Clare minus Clay)


*May I comment on this point: The Germans who are sometimes accused of arrogance spell the word I (ich) in small letters. The German words DU, and the formal version Sie, both used as you, are spelled with a capital.



(Back to Ms. Reid Christies Beach)

There could be other meanings hidden in this story. It would certainly fit Dyson Road and No. 96: Dyson  -  y / ie. 

Did I not envision right from the beginning that each bit of magic, created by God's supernatural power, is like a grain of sand, creating a beautiful beach,  ie. Christ's beach?

As I cycled from the train station  I noticed a huge rainbow. It stretched from our suburb Para Hills, across the hills to the far side of Golden Grove.

Passing the old police station opposite the shopping centre, a truck drove south on Bridge Road. It was a huge, double rig by the TOLL Company. Toll is German ...  

- - - - - - -


515    O Love that wilt not let me go


I happened to spot above hymn in the Mission Praise Hymn-book I bought on 28/10/06. (See Book 5, Chapter 17)

It starts and ends with O, which fits No. 515 O so well (ISSO).

Music by AL Peace. Love it !

- - - - - - -

How does the picture below fit ISSO?

The light post in Flinders Street, Adelaide, may look like nothing. But there is a clue, the code.

 (I added the number, my camera did not pick up the clearly marked street light number).



Not only did S150 struck me as ISSO, the location was significant too. 

In Book 1, Chapter 28 I wrote about discovering the misspelled word vechicles on a number of signs around Adelaide. I titled the chapter - What a difference a 'C' makes.

Above light pole is located right opposite one of the misspelled signs I had found. The spelling in the meantime had been corrected.

The C (as in chicken) crossed the road and jumped up a light-pole!

 - - - - - - -



A short time after above writing did I stumble across another L, lead there by the ACL, which stands for Asian Champion's League. I had surfed for kicking-off time for Adelaide United's most important match ever. The young team, with new coach Aurelio Vidmar had created history. For the first time ever an Australian team had reached this level on an international platform.

During my online search I came across a picture of an Adelaide United fan on the Fox-Sports website. Not just the picture (below) his name also hinted at the L, if you know the code: Albanese (bon = good; more French connection to follow, read on).


Adelaide in football fever! 

(Minutes before editing this, how well timed, Adelaide United won 2:1 at Hindmarsh Stadium against Perth Glory. Adelaide is now in first place on the ladder).

 AI ---> L


                                                                    (Photo: FoxSports)

                                              Football fan Noah Albanese                            

Extract from FoxSport website: "Adelaide United hold a 3-0 lead ahead of the secong (sic) leg of their Asian Champions League semi-final against Kuruvchi in Uzbekistan on October 22".

The boys who made a noise - now on the world stage! Go Reds!

The game was played on October 22nd 08, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Despite Adelaide losing 1:0 in this second leg of the semi-final, they qualified to play in the grand-final, because they had won 3:0 at home in Hindmarsh Stadium Adelaide two weeks before. (This gave them a 1:3 win on aggregate - here in chapter 13).

- - - - - - -


142 857

(Best to fetch a calculator, if you want to follow the mathematics in this paragraph).

Numbers can be annoying. Especially when your are a numbers man and a magic number crosses your path, totally unexpected. I stumbled across number 142857 in the Children's Encyclopaedia 'Pocket Factfinder' by Ann Kay, published 1987 by Kingfisher Books Limited, London, UK.

The heading on page 222, where this trivia is found is: Useful Facts and Figures. At first I saw my 'tomato number 185 and the all-the-time number 24/7, but nothing else.

I don't know what is useful about this, but it is supposedly a 'roundabout' number because of it's special properties.

What is rather astounding - you can multiply 142857 by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 and the result will be the same numbers, only the digits are in a different order. Likewise, you can divide it by 2 and 5 to reach the same result.

Two things however surprised me.

1. If you multiply 142857 by 7 you arrive at 999999

(Aha, it just came to me. This may be where London got it's emergency services phone number from?)

2. Playing with this number and the digits 1 3 5, those of my date of birth, I noticed that 142857 divides into 351 exactly 407 times. 

I am tempted to quote the words of John 3, 16: " 4 God ... " but we may be diverging into numerology, which is the least of my intentions.

Numbers are not evil in themselves. They are more than useful.  They are an essential part of our lives every day. My journey is not about numbers. My journey is seeing God's ways in the world around me as HE shows me. Numbers was one of HIS ways. 

If HE lead me to the above piece of trivia for a reason, I do not know. All I know, I am doing what I read in Psalm 96, Verse 3 long ago, when the number 963 stared me in the face:

"Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples."


While I am looking at this Psalm in my Bible, a footnote reminds me that Verse 10 holds a little magic, which I may not have revealed as yet. The church where my story had started to unfold in the way it did - the N becoming prominent - was at Enfield. At the front, above the platform, in large letters are three words: "Our God Reigns".

 Psalm 96, 10: "Say among the nations "The Lord reigns".


The last verse in this Psalm can be wrapped up with another three words, which have been part of my early story, displayed so prominently on my driving-school website: "God's truth prevails".

Psalm 96, 13: "For He is coming, for He is coming to judge the earth. He shall judge the world with righteousness, and the peoples with His truth."



Pocket Factfinder - Kingfisher 1987

It was pure chance, checking for a detail in this book, that I came across the roundabout number 142857 on page 222.

Ann did not tell us if there are other roundabout numbers. It certainly took a special mathematical brain to discover such amazing stuff. I wonder, if this genius' family thought he or she was crazy or even listened to his discovery?



On the morning of writing I emailed the above figures to the breakfast program of Channel Nine. I'm sure they loved the 9's. The last bit of trivia in the PS was the fact that 351 x 407 came out as exactly this roundabout number. The email went at 8.53* am.


*On final editing - That's amazing, because at the end of the chapter you will read what happened exactly 90 minutes later one day, and 90 minutes earlier the next.


Fifty-seven minutes later I sent a second email to the same TV program. I was flabbergasted after I had realized, totally unplanned, shortly after sending my first email I had made a phone call with the exact same digits as those I ended my first email with:

The email finished with 351 x 407.

The phone number I had rung [8] 374 510...

I am less astounded over the similarity in the numbers, rather at the amazing timing of it all.

- - - - - - -



Precise timing is the factor, without which the following would make little sense. (I have already written about this before, but coming across the relevant newspaper articles during writing this chapter, brought it out again very clearly).

In June 2007 a fierce storm and floods hit the Hunter Region of New South Wales. It was reported on June 9th in the Adelaide Advertiser: 



June 09, 2007 08:05pm

MORE than 900 residents have been evacuated from the Hunter Valley region as NSW battles a one-in-30-year storm.

The NSW Premier Morris Iemma has warned the situation remains dangerous.

More gale force winds and heavy rain are predicted for the area that is already struggling with the severity of the previous day's onslaught.

- Meanwhile, tThe bodies of ....


Above is an extract from the AdelaideNow website. Where the t between meanwhile and The came from remains unclear.


Possibly at the same time, give or take a day, a Labour politician had written a letter to the same Newspaper. The atheist's brave statement of faith, or should I say lack thereof, caused quite a storm among Adelaide's Christian community.

At least those who were not asleep or ignorant what goes on in the world,  would have felt insulted that this Member of Parliament denigrated the traditional practice of prayer before every parliamentary session, calling it 'a waste of time'.

Here is how the Advertiser Newspaper reported it two days after the Hunter Valley storm:



June 11, 2007 02:15am

A LABOR MP has described parliamentary prayers as an "archaic practice" and a waste of time, angering fellow politicians.

Legislative Council backbencher Ian Hunter wrote a letter to The Advertiser after it was reported he was reading a book during prayers.

"Of course, as an atheist, I don't say prayers," he said.

"I see them as just one more example of an archaic practice which wastes the time of MPs.


Friends, God is not mocked. Read your bible and you will find many references that suggest, God's power controls even storms. This one, both the location and timing must be co-incidental, to those who don't believe that God has control over the elements. 

As early as my Book 1 you can read another example, where an even bigger storm caused havoc in New South Wales:

Extract Book 1, Chapter 18:

It brought to mind the co-incidental timing of the worst hailstorm Sydney had ever experienced in terms of property damage. A storm was moving north along the New South Wales coast. It was meant to turn right out into the sea, but it changed direction unexpectedly to hit Sydney’s southern suburbs.


Some readers may be outraged at above suggestion. How must God be outraged at the way we trample HIS commandments under foot?

The latest trend, not trend, the latest law, which came into force in Victoria is nothing but a slap in the face of Almighty God. A law was passed by both Houses of Parliament, which I call the 'no-questions-asked-abortion' law. As I understand it, a woman can choose to have a Government funded abortion any time up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

How can those doctors and nurses, who perform such callous acts, sleep at night?

The miracle of God's creation, a tiny embryo, a defenceless human life, is legally allowed to be destroyed. I ask, is that fair?

It is dangerous to make a law, which is in direct conflict with God's law, the sixth command, thou shalt not kill, to be precise. God is not mocked.


While on this subject, may I remind readers - in 2006 a huge storm devastated almost the entire banana crop of Australia's eastern states? Again, both the location and the timing were of significance.

It struck within a few weeks of parliamentarians in Canberra giving the go-ahead for the babies-killer drug RU 486, destroying much of the town of Innisfail. How co-incidental - postcode 4860. 


'Think of the consequences' reads a road-safety slogan against drink driving. May I propose the installation of big banners, inside every parliamentary chamber in the world:


One drunk driver may kill a few. Above liberal abortion law (passed by a Labor Government) will kill thousands! Hypocrites!

As I understood the matter, there was another law, which quietly slipped through, and was passed together with above abortion laws. Same sex couples can now have babies, created artificially. The sperm donor's name needs not be recorded.

Children produced in this fashion will literally be fatherless. (South Australia as I understand it, already has passed legislation allowing such hi-tech, low-moral nonsense).

It it time society wakes up to themselves and considers in a rational fashion - what are you doing to these unfortunate children?

How ironic, on the one hand the Victorian law has given the green light to kill naturally conceived children.  At the same time, they passed a law, which promotes the artificial manufacturing of human lives, so anybody can become the parent of a child? 

Is anybody surprised that our once mighty Murray River is dying a slow death?

- - - - - - -



Tour Planning Map of Australia

Planning an upcoming trip on Australia's East Coast I perused a map, showing the Eastern States. Somehow, I don't know why or how, I saw the town Wynong .... F 14. That was 1 for F. to spot.

Wynong has a N too many. Wyong is near Gosford.  


- - - - - - -


Australia's constitution allows the Federal Government to override State laws. With this in mind, hating nothing more than innocent lives to be killed, I filled in (for the first time ever) the feedback page on our Prime Minister's website: (Note: Prime Minister is abbreviated - PM).


Email to Kevin Rudd – Website Feedback, 15/10/08

Dear Mr. Rudd,

After reading about the latest proposed Victorian abortion and reproductive laws I feel ashamed to be Australian.

No doubt, you and your Government are aware of these radical changes, which will deny the most helpless among us, un-born babies, any right to live.

The other law, quietly introduced in the shade of the Victorian abortion reform laws, would allow same sex couples to produce children artificially.

Is this the new Australian family you would like to see: Two men or two women, who chose a lifestyle, which God abhors, which does not produce children? Yet these misguided people demand the right to rear future Australians?

I urge you to use your Government's power to overturn Victoria's dreadful new laws. Instead, please take Australia in the other direction - to respect and protect all life; to discourage all but the traditional family of one man and one woman, who produce and educate children in the fear of God.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  I would have loved to add - God bless Australia. Unfortunately, we are deliberately walking away from HIS paths of blessing!



A very strange way interpreting two big news stories led to my next discovery, where the two letters PM played a central role. It started with two widely reported events, which dominated Australia's media for some days, even weeks, during September/October 08.

It all sounds a little weird, I admit. I give readers the option to throw it all away, dismissing it as the product of a sick mind. But then, why read it in the first place?

The first event was the disappearance of a young lady in Dubrovnik, Croatia. She vanished after a night out with a male friend. Her surname was Lapthorne. Initially, my analytical mind saw LPT hear N (horne = hoern = hear).

Around the same time another name came on my radar, if you pardon the pun. It involved a big jet plane which, during a flight over Western Australia, suddenly lurched upward and dropped again a few hundred feet. Some passengers were injured. The pilot made an emergency landing at an airfield in a place called Learmonth.

It took a few days of hearing about the same stories on the news that my mind started it's analytical work

Learmonth -  L.ear / man / T / H.

I had some fun adding the postcode of Learmonth WA (6707) with another Learmonth in Victoria (3352) and arrived at 10059.

Moments after emailing this little find I entered our TV room and saw an ad for SPECS (CS ESP). The cost was TWO FOR $ 159.- How weird, I saw the two missing 0's in 2 4. 


But this went further. One morning, day's later, I don't know how the thought entered my brain, I deducted one L word from the other:

Learmonth minus Lapthorne = PM.

So far so good. Had I now re-joined the Liberal Party and claimed that I had a vision that I shall be PM one day, you could call me mad. That's why I didn't do that.

Over a further period of time it came that the letters between M and P in the alphabet are the letters NO. Now. this was a well known abbreviation. My numbers-brain recognized it and wondered, if perhaps there was a clue in a number?

If so that number was 29.

Why? My email to the TV breakfast program Sunrise on 17/10 explains it. There is a twist at the end of my email, linking to my famous No. 1963. This was too much. It triggered the urge to email my find that Friday morning.

The number 1963 here links not only to the letters P and M, but to the man himself, our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. This all happened only two days after emailing the PM for the first time (the email above).


Email to Sunrise 17/10/08

Hi all,

This is weird, but what hasn't been in the last 5 years?

I noticed two names in the News lately - Learmonth and Lapthorne.

I deducted the two and arrived at PM. The letters between M and P in the alphabet are NO. So what number are we looking at ? - 29.

Why? - M is the 13th, P the 16th letter in the alphabet.

Why I am emailing today? I found a link from 29 to PM. Our PM is K.R. the 11th and 18th letter in the alphabet, total 29.

On Sunrise a moment ago I learned about your special meeting with the PM on Sun 19th 6.30. So not only do I see 1963, a special number from way back, but also 19.10 = 29.

I said it was weird!

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  Would you ask the PM to put more money into brain research. People who think like me need surgery - a brain-triple by-pass.



That Sunday the presenter of the breakfast program, David Koch, a finance expert, hosted a special question & answer session on Channel Seven TV. Ordinary people were invited into the studio to question the PM, following the financial crisis that had hit the world.

- - - - - - -



This picture refers to the story in Chapter 11, just below the picture of the street map).

Mrs. H. and I had taken a walk, her first one in many months. Without either of us realizing, she lost a shoe. Before putting her shoe back on I took above photo (with permission).

The building in the background is a church, located at 71 Branson Ave. Note: Bran - son.

The ladies first name is not Cinderella. If it were, this is how the first three letters would look like: C.I.N. (See one N).

At Easter 06 (4.14) I had been led to a church service at this church - I met Rose. (See Book 5, Chapter 4).

This was the chapter, where I first saw 'N on the cross'. On Good Friday 06 (4.14) I had seen: A n g o e s o n t  after walking around Angaston (Cross Street) in the Barossa Valley.

 Mrs. H. first name is Irmgard - take away both R, change A to O and it leaves: I M G O D.


Awesome, absolutely awesome - I just discovered something else: Doing the same with Branson (taking away the R and changing A to O) I arrive at bon son (Good Son - that's Jesus, God's son, no question).

24 hours later: Two French connections came, during my prayer time:

1. The French word sont means - are. Exactly 720 metres away (as the crow on Google Earth flies) on 23/7/06 I experienced a most amazing incident, centred around the letters 'are'. (Book 5, Chapter 12).

2. The English word bran in French is: son (Collins French/English dictionary). Bran - son.

How weird! Had I invented French, to avoid confusion, I would have made the word brain to mean son.

The ARE chapter (Book 5, Chapter 12) starts with this sentence:

"There are (!) times when I feel my detailed, often repetitive writing seems to not be leading anywhere."

Thank God IT has led somewhere and will continue to do so - as long as we trust HIM, who controls our feelings.


- - - - - - -


Waking very early one morning in September I saw the clock radio turn from 3.50 to 3.51 am. I had not watched the 4am US TV shows for a while. So I rose and flicked through the three commercial channels, which one to watch.

On Good Morning America (GMA) an elderly gemtleman (no misprint, he was a gem) was interviewed. The 97year-old and had worked on the railroads as Pullman porter (note Porter). As I watched I saw for a few seconds, in the background, a large sign: More victories to be won. What kind of soldier would it be, who is not stirred to action by these 5 simple words?

I attached a number to those victories - 3 victories. Why? The GMA broadcast came from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia - W V = V V V.


According to Wikipedia a German immigrant Peter Stephens (originally Stephan) established the first ferry across the Potomac River.

Hey, another name on that Wikipedia page rings a bell - Shenandoah. If I read it correctly, the Harpers Ferry was originally called 'Shenandoah Falls at Harpers Ferry'.

(Shenandoah was the mansion of my friend in jail, who is serving a very long jail term; I believe innocently. Perhaps there are readers as far away as the USA, who believe the same?)


It took a little outside the square thinking to link the digit 3 with a newspaper headline two days earlier. Our Advertiser Newspaper had in a bold front page headline: FEE STING. (Bank fees, of course). My brain took the F and attached a 3, reading BEE STING.

Bee Sting is the German specialty cake; a base with a layer of cream and burned almonds on top. I eat bee sting only on rare occasions. The day of our newspaper headline was one of those rare days. With friends we were visiting a lovely, elderly couple, having afternoon tea with them. 

Our hosts served delicious bee sting cake. Their names were P. and Harold (Harry) Potter.

So while I ate 'bee sting', how could my poetic mind ignore Fee Sting, served by none other than Harry Potter?

This was my 3 victory.

- - - - - - -


Only rarely do I mail extracts of my diary to anyone, let alone a television station. However, what transpired during the writing of this chapter, on 23 and 24 October, 08 made me do it.

I viewed it as a divine occurrence, an epiphany. God showed himself, causing me to hear things, which in turn pointed to HIS immense, supernatural power.

The essence of the magic is, once again, the strange phenomena, where I write a word into my diary, and at the same second, I hear it on TV or radio. On Thursday morning ...

Hey, I just became aware of the full extend of this amazing event... so much!


... the date was 23/10/08, I sat in my comfortable, blue recliner and wrote my diary. In the background the TV was tuned to Channel Ten's morning program 9AM. Because so much had happened, and is constantly happening, I wrote this sentenced:

"It's all getting so spooky, so much of it ..."

The same second my pen wrote 'of it' my ears heard them coming from the TV. Immediately, I made a note in my diary to that effect. As I looked at the clock to record the time, I got spooked again - the time this happened matched the date - 10.23.

When I realized this I sent the TV program a brief email, telling them. I left open the possibility that my mind was playing tricks - perhaps the word profit was spoken, and I heard the word of it? Since I gave the exact time, it would not be difficult for staff at the TV station to check this. 

The very next morning, on 24.10 it happened again. This time there was no doubt that I heard correctly. The time was exactly 3 hours earlier, at 7.23 am on Channel Nine's Today Show.

I had just switched from Channel Seven when I heard a young man say the words: "so much." It really hit me, because I had just written the words 'so much' into my diary:

"Very slowly writing Chapter 13, I feel the pattern is so much ...

It was the first sentence that morning. I never got around to the words .. repeating itself.

Before having to hurry to my volunteer driving job I emailed Channel Nine, trying to explain it all:


Date 24/10/08

Hi all,

Attached is an extract from my latest diary entry. Yesterday I had to abandon writing, because I emailed Channel Ten instead, how I had written the word 'of it' just as it was spoken on the 9am show at exactly 10.23 (which also was yesterday's date).
Today I started writing again, watching Today. My first sentence was: "Very slow writing chapter 13, the pattern is so much*
At the precise second, at 7.23 am Adelaide time, the two words so much were spoken on your program (and seconds later repeated by Karl).
I am not crazy, I am just writing as it is - there is SO MUCH OF IT.
I don't have to proof a thing to anyone, but still to remove doubts as to my credibility, I scanned this latest part of my diary.
Anyone who followed my writing will have to admit, there is a force at work, outside the human realm of normality. It's a force called God - and so much it.
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
NA 115
PS  On the left is a scribble about notes during an SBS TV programm. Chapter 13 will shortly reveal more of IT.


Extract: Diary 24/10/08 (Email Attachment).










The surprise I had a moment ago while writing this is in the sentence: "It's all getting so spooky, so much of it ...

The second day's magic (so much) was part of the first day's of it - so much (of it).

Above diary entries (on the left) are names I picked up while viewing German speaking TV.

A finance expert - Ortwin: Ort = place,  wins = Para.n Hills.

A journalist reporting on Afghanistan - Andre Suren: Re DNA Sure N.

(Hey, I only just realized how well they go together - the N stars in both names, which I heard on Deutsche Welle TV, via SBS).



Friends, if I were the writer of this script I would deserve a prize, like Clay Reid. But I regard myself as God's servant, doing what HE wants me to do. I record what took place, send the message to people involved and leave the rest up to God.

 If ALL, nothing or only so much of it is from God, readers must decide for themselves.



Chapter 14