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8.  The Zero Hero

When you wake at 3.21 am, after retiring to sleep at 11.28 pm, you ought to be turning over for another half-night of sleep. But I knew 123 too well to dismiss it. Was there work to be done?

There was; an email to the BBC, London. It was on the very morning of commencing this chapter. I wondered what world-news was broadcast overnight.

How strange, during research on this chapter I found that on 12/9/07 I had also sent an email to the BBC London. I had woken 5 minutes earlier (than 3.21 am, Book 6, Chapter 17). I had also pressed the sent button at 4.16 am, which I did this morning, read on).

There was good news on the BBC. Listening to three news items the word peace seemed to shine through.

One, a glimmer of hope that the opposition in Zimbabwe will sign a document to agree holding talks regarding power sharing with the Government, which only weeks earlier had grabbed power through violence.

Secondly, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited the Middle East. He suggested the road to peace for Palestine to lay in the economic prosperity of the region. During his speech he announced 60 million Dollars in aid to revive local businesses.

Thirdly, huge demonstrations took place in Colombia. In BogotŠ a million people marched in six locations, protesting against the countries many kidnappings by Marxist rebels. The protestors shouted their demand, the cry of every oppressed soul - Liberty.

Only a day or two earlier I had finished reading a book about Wycliffe missionary Eunice Diment, who back in 1976 (on Feb. 28) was kidnapped and held by rebel soldiers in a jungle prison in the Philippines.

My brian, sorry brain, tuned in even closer, as the next news item on the BBC was read out. It was about the 1979 film "The Life of Brian". Now, almost 30-years later, a Welsh-town made headlines, because the Mayor of Aberystwyth, Sue Jones-Davis, had only just discovered that this film was officially banned in her town. Since she had played a role in the movie, she now wanted the ban overturned.

During this news item I overheard the surname Cohen. It rang a bell. I had on 9/7/08 seen the name Cohen, the attorney for Christie Brinkley, in a US TV Breakfast show. When the announcer gave the time in London as 18.30 GMT something inside made me rise and start up the computer.

In recent months I had not emailed the BBC as often as in the past, certainly not in the middle of the night. On the morning of writing (21/7/08) the following email went to London.


Hi all,

I just finished reading a small booklet simply called kidnapped - the story of Eunice Diment. On Feb 28 1976 she was kidnapped in the Philippines by rebel soldiers, who must have been the pioneers of this aweful sport.  Hers was a happy ending. Now 32 years later the world champions in kidnapping, Columbians, are finally fed up.

On your world-briefing about an hour ago, it came as a breath of fresh air, the calls for peace, not only in Columbia, but many other places in the world.
Peace it will be!
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer

PS 24 / Co.he.
PS  We only need one genuine Brian to bring peace. Will they accept him when he comes?


PS 24 stands for Psalm 2, Verse 4. The verse in one of a few in the scriptures, where God is laughing. God laughs about the foolishness of man's efforts, trying to live a meaningful life without HIM.

When I pressed the sent button the clock on the P/C showed 4.16 am. Some research into the movie about Brian Cohen, The Life of Brian, brought more surprises. The names of the actors: Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Graham Chapman ...

Some are part of the group Monty Python - how Da Ninci ! In the movie Jesus was played by (Graham) Chapman, the man [of] P, C IT?

I read these names on a YouTube video clip: The ending of Life of Brian, 3 min. 55 sec. (backwards c es 553

On the morning of writing, I could not help noticing, a vehicle U-turned right outside our house - a ForD La.ser - rego ... 553. 

As far back as Book 2, Chapter 18 did I come across the theme song for The Life of Brian: "Always look on the bright side of life". It had been sung at a funeral, where I had doubts that a corpse really was in the coffin. Back then couldn't understand, why this cheerful song at a funeral?

Now it makes sense. The YouTube video clip on The Life of Brian, ends in 23 crosses on a hill.

- - - - - - - -


N - Victory for GOD

Is God laughing at this:

Two days after I had published the previous chapter, my wife made this purchase at Parabanks, Salisbury. She saw this NOVA spice set reduced to $ 10 from $ 30.

My previous chapter ended with the letter N and its victories. It included a page of bras in an H.S catalogue. Above spice set, my wife purchased at the same department store.

- - - - - - -


During the writing of this chapter I cycled from my Para Hills home to visit a friend, Mrs. Herzberg, at the Nursing Home in Enfield. When I visited her on 16/7 I had left home on my bicycle to roughly arrive at 12.07 PM. I arrived exactly at that time. Of course, I stayed until exactly 1.20 PM.

Without even trying IT happened again today. Interrupting my writing I had lunch, gotten myself ready to cycle to Enfield. After a few tries, trying to persuade my son to let me ride on his Voodoo-rocket, unsuccessfully, I left on my 18 year old Wheeler 2600. I wasn't even thinking of the timing.

I only looked at the clock as I wrote my name and the arrival time in the visitor's book - 2.28 PM. I felt I owed it to the digits 301, so my visit only lasted 33 minutes. (More amazing 228 - 301 next paragraph).

- - - - - - -


While my wife was shopping for above item at Parabanks, I slipped over to John Street, into the Salisbury Library, right next to the famous (in my book) clock tower. A few days earlier I had also been there and spotted, in the German language section, a well-known magazine. It was buried among a stack of Der Spiegel,  which could be compared to TIME Magazine, but it's far thicker.

At the time I had only perused it casually, not borrowed it. I felt compelled to return and borrow it.


DER SPIEGEL (THE MIRROR) Nr. 13, Dated 22.3.08

'Als Jesus noch ein Guru war'  (When Jesus was still a guru)

Jesus' two fingers don't form a V, but .... aha, now I get it ... another discovery during writing ...

Jesus' two fingers point to the 0. Inserting 0 into 13 (the issue No.) I just saw 301.

(In a very early revelation, years ago, I saw a strange link in the two registration plates 301 and 228 in our driveway.

The promise of God's outpouring of HIS spirit in the last days is given in Joel 2, 28. In the German Bible it's Joel 3, Verse 1. This is taking place before your very eyes!

(Picture and story Book 1, Chapter 19). 



Right in the first column of the SPIEGEL feature article, which spreads from pages 142 - 153, I discovered a factual error.

Just now, on research, how amusing, another discovery: The last word of this article on page 153 is TORA. Not only did I write about a Tor by Spain's superstar Torres, but I took a photo during a soccer match in Hamburg on 22/4/07 (exactly 15 months from the date of writing).

The photo shows a hand and fingers, which formed a 0. (Hey, how fitting, the story is in Chapter 6 of All in HIS hand. It is titled very appropriately, The AO football hand. In the background NOVOTEL.

On page 142/143 is a photo of a cave-church, taken in Antakya / Turkey. It all makes sense, if you know the code.   

Do you still not see the code of God, the hand of God?


The writer in DER SPIEGEL in his first column made an erroneous statement. Obviously from the bible, the writer quotes Jesus as saying: "I will give you a new heart and a renewed mind" he called out sweetly, "and will remove the heart of stone from your flesh".

Jesus never spoke these words, especially not sweetly. They came from the Old Testament. I emailed DER SPIEGEL, correcting them in my native German.

(In the PS is another little twist. My mind suddenly saw the date of the publication as a phone number. Without thinking, the link just came as I typed):


Date: 10/7/2008

Hallo alle,

Der folgende Satz in Ihrem Artikel ueber Jesus Christus ist nicht korrekt:

"Ich will euch ein neues Herz und einen neuen Geist in euch geben", rief er suess, "und will das steinerne Herz aus eurem Fleisch wegnehmen."

Weder Jesus selbst, noch der Apostel Paul hat diesen Satz ausgesprochen. Er stammt aus dem alten Testament, Esekiel 36, 26.

Herzliche Gruesse from Adelaide, Australia

Dieter Fischer

PS 24

PS 13, 22308, 350 sind die Nummern des Spiegels, den ich in unserer Buecherei aufgestoebert habe, aus Zufall (oder auch nicht?). 8 305 1323 ist die Telefon Nr. von einem Radio Sender, dessen Musik ich gerne hoere - Nur ein 2 bleibt uebrig - 2 for good (all).



Hi all,

The following sentence in your article about Jesus Christ is not correct:

"I will give you a new heart and a renewed mind" he called out sweetly, "and will remove the heart of stone from your flesh".

Neither Jesus himself, nor the Apostle Paul spoke this sentence. It is written in the Old Testament, Ezekiel 36, 26

Kind regards from Adelaide

PS: 13, 22308, 350* are the numbers of the edition Der Spiegel, which I dug up, by co-incidence (or maybe not?) in our library. 8 305 1323 is the telephone no. of a radio station I like listening to. Only a 2 left over (2 for good - all).

- - - - - - -


Another article in the same magazine reported about a mysterious German connection in the early stages of the Iraq war (Pages 28 - 39). Here is the story cut down to it's core:


Very early in the Iraq war the German Bundes-Nachrichten Dienst (BND - Federal Information Agency) channelled secret information, supplied by an alleged Iraq deserter to the Pentagon. His knowledge of the Iraq military etc. was such that the details he supplied were taken very seriously and acted upon. The informant's code name was Curveball.

Even the then Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, according to the SPIEGEL, believed in Curveball's credibility. With such high-profile backing the Americans did not think it necessary to thoroughly research and check Curveball, his past and his claims.

To the US charge "You (Germans) are carrying part of the blame" Fischer answered: "We only wanted to be good allies". The article is inconclusive. The Germans are still standing behind their action, passing on Curveball's inside information.


In the back of my mind I was wondering, am I reading a fairy-tale? It certainly sounded like IT. But a bull-dust story in one of Europe's most established conservative magazines?

Curveball's real name is given as Rafed. His journey after fleeing Iraq led him to Southern Germany. According to DER SPIEGEL Rafed once visited his mother and brother, back in Iraq; no mention of father or sister. Rafed was described as wearing an orange-coloured T-shirt. The writers of this article had obviously followed my writing.

I saw these parallels, reading them as the codes. I figured Curveball was either referring to David Beckham or myself.

David Beckham was the subject of a film: Bend it (curve it) like Beckham. But did the soccer superstar supply information to the US military or media at the beginning of the Iraq war?


I could try and email him to ask this question. Even if I did get a message through I most likely would not receive a reply. At least not one in the affirmative, which would read something like this:

"Of course I emailed the Pentagon in March 03. A soccer match ended in 2:2, I knew that 22 is 19 plus 3, so the Pentagon believe me - they invaded on March 19!"


No, not that David, but I had sent messages to the media at the beginning of the Iraqi conflict. Not exactly such a simple, silly one. But a message nevertheless. (Read on).

If Curveball were David Beckham, Rafed was code for DF ARE. Curveball, in the Spiegel article, is none other than DF, the one writing this.

I had had a dream, right at the beginning of the Iraq war. I took it personally to the USA, only two people, both pastors, listened to what I had to say. I had no idea how seriously they were taking my visit, or indeed my message. I shall never forget the night where I had to sleep in the back of a rusty old Dodge, shivering all night, frightened and feeling abandoned. I had no idea where my journey would end.

Looking back all I can say: God has indeed worked miracles for US (and in US).

Amazingly, since the date of the SPIEGEL article, a further event took place, where code ARE plays a pivotal role. (4 chapters back in Chapter 4).

ARE and EAR are cousins. (So is ERA, next chapter, God willing). My incredible global mission started with reading Psalm 94 in church (Book 1, Chapter 9). Verse 9 spoke rather prophetically:

"He who planted the ear, shall he not hear, he who planted the eye, shall he not [C] see".


Der SPIEGEL, Page 29: A photo of the phantom-spy, Rafed, nick-named Curveball.

The SPIEGEL article was published on the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq conflict. At the time I had written 264 chapters.

2 trees, 6 cars, 4 metal bars.

(Another tree-photo later in the chapter)


But there was more:

 Extract of Der Spiegel

Using one of my special numbers I saw my name, Dieter Fischer, in above paragraph.

Starting at the 10th line with Fischer, count 9 words forward  >>> Dieter.

CIA Chief's name TENET - Aha, I just got it - Line Ten (Fischer) >>> Net.

Net has two meanings - what fishermen use; and the net Fischer uses.

This net told me Joschka is Hungarian in origin -  it means Josef.

- - - - - - -


While the name is hot, another gentleman named Fischer, has been appointed to a high office. On the day before writing, the final day of Pope Benedict's extended visit to Australia, our Prime Minister announced  the new Ambassador to the HOLY SEA (Vatican): It's none other than Tim Fischer, the former Deputy Prime Minister.

For a moment I thought my son Tim Fischer had landed his first job. He finished his University degree in Theology, even followed it up with some philosophy ('some' philosophy ??!!)

My Tim Fischer now would win any debate with Baptists, Pentecostals, Mormons, Anglicans or Catholics.

However, how would Tim's friends react to his good news: I just landed my first job:

"Oh, yeah, where?" - "I got a job at the Holy C!"

No, wrong Tim Fischer. Anyhow, does anybody qualify for such high honour, who does not even lend his father their pushbike?

- - - - - - -


But there was more in the same magazine, which I really only came across by fluke, while a kind shop keeper fitted a new string into my daughter's guitar.  That's why I spent the 1/2 hour at the nearby library.

In a five-page article (pages 60 - 64) three members of the Bundestag (the Federal Parliament) featured, because they had one character trait in common: They stood their ground, not changing their policies, like politicians do. Hence the headline 'Die Unbeugsamen' (the unbowed ... Aha, I just thought of Mr. Curveball ! Unbeugsam could be translated unbendable).

What first triggered my brain to suddenly kick in, as I casually perused this article? Was it their names? Was it Mr. Geis? Was it Mr. Goeppel or was it the common name of Mr. Schreiner, because in English Schreiner means carpenter?

The man on the front cover of the magazine had worked as Schreiner, before HIS career change.

Mr. Geis was reported to be a very pious man. He was pictured standing in a church. The cross clearly visible in the background. But his comment, his wife loves the kitchen and cooks his favourite Ossobuco, did it for me.

Ossobuco (an Italian dish) came out as *ISSO BUCH by only changing the last O (aha - the 0 again?) to H and the first O to I.

* ISSO had been a very early dream. I received these letters in a vision.

As I write I recall a thought I had on the morning of writing. Why I had not seen this before, in all those years I have been de-coding names? I only need to add an S to my wife's name ISOBEL to arrive at ISSO.BE.L.

That her surname is New on T is not surprising. It's supernatural. (More on her coded name later in the chapter).


The Josef connection in the Spiegel article became the catalyst for googling the name of one of the three gentlemen and for sending him an email. It was very rare that I sent an email to a German Federal Parliamentarian. I simply asked him about ossobucco.

I could hardly believe that a man of such high office would bother replying. Within an hour or so, I received a personal reply from this German MP. I was flattered. (My emails locally receive either an auto-response, an acknowledgement days or weeks later, or nothing at all.)

On pages 60/61 was a group-photo of the three Members of Parliament. On the pages following were photos of each MP individually, his name underneath. Two photos only had the surname given. The third gentleman, whatever made him special, had both Christian name and surname printed - Josef Goeppel. This is why Josef stood out.

But that's not all. Josef's surname sounded very much like that of another Josef, Josef Goebbels. He was a very tragic figure in German history. As Minister for Propaganda during the Nazi regime, he was a close confident to the Fuehrer. In the end he killed himself, taking his wife and six innocent children with him.

The Spiegel describes our Mr. Goeppel as a 57 year-old nature lover. He is pictured standing in a forest, taking his Schnauzer for a walk. The headline under Mr. Geoppel's photo: When there is trouble in Berlin, he looks forward to Friday, when he escapes to the beetles.

Beetles - When I used to work Monday to Friday I also looked forward to the weekend. But I have not met many stressed out workers, who says on Wednesday:

"I can't wait until Friday. I will see my beloved beetles."

But then, how many bi-lingual Germans would divide beetles into bet / lese, (English  pray / read) and recommend this therapy (reading the bible and praying) to all stressed out politicians worldwide?


Amazing what my spontaneous trip to the public library produced? Is anybody still in doubt - the SPIEGEL on 22.3.08 was all PR for ... Rafed?

- - - - - - -


On Sunday 27/7 in Australia we celebrate Tree Day (Toyota celebrates on 25/7 - Tree months after Anzac Day).

Three trees at North Haven. (Please note: The trees have matured a little since the photo was taken).

 In the foreground my wife, my Nr. 1.

On the day of publishing we are celebrating 37 years of marriage. (Mama Mia - Abba).

To mark the occasion I felt inspired to email someone. A perfect choice was 9am on TV Channel Ten.


Subject: Wife of 99 - partner

Hi all,


What has motherhood come to?


Do mothers still regard children as obstacles to their careers and fathers their handyman? We need more mothers who make raising a baby their career and who look up to men with deep respect and true (real) submission.  


Placing young children in an all-day communal facility is not what the child would want, if they had a say in the matter. But babies can't talk, only cry! Men often don't find the word's either - they turn to drink (or writing) instead.


A helpless baby learns trust leaning close to a mother's breast (Psalm 22, 9).


Kind regards


Dieter Fischer

PS   Would 9am be bold enough to do a survey? What do you like your other half to be called: wife or husband or (trendy nonsense like) partner? Today my wife  I5OBE5O (her code name, for privacy) and I celebrate 37 years of marriage. How dare anyone denigrate us to merely  - partners. She's my number 1 (50BE50), I'm her 99!

If you must, call my son Jon's girlfriend his partner, her name is Corinne. Like David's partner.


It so happened, my son has been going steady with a girl, named Corinne. The name of the [present] Co-host on the TV Show is also Corinne. (Loved her cherry-colour blouse).


- - - - - - -

Check out this URL - the last three words?

What does 99 say?  144 !

- - - - - - -


So, what dream did I dream just prior to my 2003 spontaneous, excursion to the USA?

My dream suggested how a major conflict between Iraq and the US could be avoided altogether.

Here is the extract, in full, of what I wrote into my diary at the time, April 1st, 2003:


Text: Woke up at 3.15 am (clock showed 4.15 am). Dreamed that we ought to take the message to the Iraqi people that their Prophet Jesus has come back to Earth. If it's not entirely true, I think God is allowed to carry out an April's fool joke. Breakfast at F 1 (Formule - Donkey) the...


Here is how I recalled this dream in my Book 1, Chapter 64:

The date next day was April 1st 2003, (O! I awoke early as usual. The clock radio showed 4.15 am. As it had happened the previous months and years I would receive my most profound revelations in the moments after waking from my sleep. That morning a thought entered my brain that related to the Iraqi war, which was not quite two weeks old at the time. (I shall not disclose details for various reasons). The thought was a tactic to breaking the resistance of the Muslims in Iraq. It was a simple strategy that involved spreading a rumour that was not quite true. But in western culture on April 1st to play a little game is allowed, even when itís not entirely based on truth.


When I wrote this in 2003, it is very obvious, I had had little inkling how wild my weird story would develop, how long it would continue and that it would grow into IT.

If not this specific dream, my big picture dream has come true.

* This is weird friends: After writing this sentence I needed to clear my head, just for a moment. For no other reason I walked into the TV room.

Within a second or three, as my son was watching the last few moments of Deal of No Deal, the words on TV were: "This may be the dream come true ..." (The lady's dream would have come true (winning $ 75 000) had she not accepted $ 15,990).

Fast forward 100 minutes: During the ABC TV News a high Iraqi official made a mistake. He was commenting on the possible date for the pullout of US forces from Iraq - December 1st, 2 0 0 10. My wife and I clearly heard the gentleman say: "Two zero zero ten". (Let's hope the war will not continue 18 002 years).


What then changed my mind? What took place between not believing to believing that my story is all about The Return of Christ?

Friends, I simply don't know.

But to still answer the question let me say this. In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus clearly told his disciples, nobody knows the exact time, when this history making event would take place. In the last four words of Verse 36 Jesus excludes even Himself.

"But of that day and hour no one knows, no, not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only". (Matthew 24, 36).

- - - - - -


ROGER DAVID - plastic bag. (You never guess what's inside- story below).

This is the only photo I took of my could-have-been interstate bicycle ride from Adelaide to Sydney. But on March 26 ... (Hey, check numbers above the picture) ... things were not going 4 me!

  I had seriously planned to cycle 1500 kilometres to Sydney, but not on the same day. Because of that I needed to pack all bedding - and tent - and food - and clothing - and etc. My rubber airbed alone weighed 1.6 kg.

Loaded up to the hilt, I actually managed to pedal for 50 kilometres over the Mount Lofty Ranges to Littlehampton. This first day, the hardest section of the journey with a 10 km solid climb, was already behind me.

 However, I got caught in a few showers of rain an hour into my trip. My plastic poncho-type rain protection was totally inadequate. I got wet.

My heavy load on the back kept shifting, too many straps pulling here and there. In Hahndorf the sun came out briefly. I phoned Isobel telling her everything was fine, I had conquered Mount Lofty.

A few minutes later I got wet again and started shivering. At around 2 pm I had to admit that I did not have proper rain protection and far too much luggage. I made the difficult decision to abandon the trip this time.

(This may have been a blessing. Days later I saw on the news that heavy storms were crossing northern Victoria, around the time I would have cycled through that region).

Ah, yes! What's in the Roger David bag? At the last moment I realized I had forgotten my feather pillow. Isobel rushed to find a plastic bag for me to pack my pillow. (Seeing the plastic bag on my back carrier, maybe some thought my name was Roger David?

God willing next time, I shall tackle Mount Goliath another day.

- - - - - - -


On 15/7 I had occasion to send an email to the UK. It was the day when Sydney hosted World Youth Day. Visitors from all over the world (one report gave 140 000 from 170 countries) celebrated the Good News story of Jesus. And the man himself attended - Pope Benedict XVI. (Who did you think I meant?)

The media over all did a fantastic job covering the event. The weather was perfect, as far as I could tell from TV pictures.

Some negative minds suggested that some pilgrims would be switching from one cross to the other after dark. (Sydney's notorious red light district has a most inappropriate name - King's Cross). Another network managed to bring forward evidence, allegedly proving a cover up in a sex abuse case by a Priest. Even if true, their timing was deliberately chosen, to damper the enthusiasm for the celebrations. They did not succeed. The Pope issued an apology to abuse victims, on behalf of the Catholic Church.

The email I sent on 15/7 was addressed to a book publisher. I pointed out a wrong fact in one of their publications. My son Jon had been given a small book, about postcard size, titled 'HOW - trivia to enlighten and educate". It was full of trivia, which you read and forget ten seconds later, unless you get enlightened and ask questions. 

I was enlightened as I casually browsed through the book, which was published in 2006. Jon had left it on the coffee table. Something I read on page 18 didn't make sense. Can you see it?


 HOW - trivia to enlighten and educate, Page 18.


There are five questions on this page - shown here are questions 3 & 5. 


My first thought - why separate the question regarding the shortest reign and the question, how long was the longest reign by a Pope? In between it asks: How did the Albatross (dots added) cross the English Channel?

This thought led to more doubt. If the longest reign by Pope Pius IX started in 1846 (to 1878) how could Pope Urban VII have reigned for 13 days in 1850?

My hunch proved correct. The vast knowledge bank of Wikipedia came to the rescue. Here is what I wrote to enlighten the publishers of HOW. (Note in the PS how the numbers added up again):


Hi all,

On page 18 of your publication "HOW?" (ISBN 1905439741) states that Pope URL.BAN VII held the shortest reign of any pope, 13 days!

The date you print is 18.50 (dots added). Now, if this were so, it would clash with the reign of the longest serving Pope PIUS IX who took up his reign in 1846 (according to HOW? also on page 18).

According to Wikipedia Urban VII reigned from 15.9 in 1590. But what's 260 years between friends?

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer
PS 24

PS   Above discovery is well timed - Pope Benedikt XVI arrived in Australia yesterday for Catholic Youth Day - tomorrow 15/7/08 = 1850 + 7.


The date match came only after I had written the text. I was surprised myself when I saw how the (wrong year) 1850 plus the number of that Pope 7 (Urban the Seventh) made the date of World Youth Day 15.07.08.


- - - - - - -

HOW IT ALL adds up! The 7 & L again taking centre stage!

Hyundai - Registration No.  TLH 272

27 : 2 = 13.5

272 : 2 = 136

 (there's more).

The L on T is really IT.          Victoria - The Pl.ace To Be.

God once again is confirming with numbers HE is IT, in this the 272nd chapter of my writing.

2 x 72 = 144

72 + 2 = 74

72 - 2 = 70

DF version of Romans 28,8: "All things add up for good".

- - - - - - - 


On the morning of writing iwoke at 5.05 am. Immediately irecognized how these numbers complimented the thought I had just prior to waking.

For the first time I saw the word IRAQ in the light of itune, ipod, ieverything, you know, the latest trend?

The German version of Iraq = IRAK  =  i OK.

i plus 505 brings us back to ISSO.


Chapter 9