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When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies and foes, they stumbled and fell.  (Psalm 27, 2)


27.  Australia - gird by C J

Waking at 4 AM in the middle of the Southern winter, is early. That's when I rose on Sunday morning, July 19th, the day of writing. Most Sundays I catch at least part of the regular free-to-air religious television broadcasts. I have not used an alarm in years, but  trusted God to wake me, whenever.

Two half-hour programs featured as usual: Bayless Conley's Answers BC and Michael Youssef's Leading The Way. Both speakers preached a practical message from the pulpits of their home churches. Bayless in Los Angeles, California and Michael in Atlanta, Georgia. Just as I wrote this I realized that I had heard both these international speakers in Adelaide in recent years.

Watching the screen, almost half-asleep, I noticed something unusual. The platforms of both churches were raised six steps from the level of the congregation. In both churches these steps also are arranged in a half-moon shape, and stretch almost across the width of the auditorium. 

After the next program, the Hour of Power which also held some magic (read on), I made a point of watching very closely the 6 am religious broadcast from the Adelaide church we used to attend in the suburb of Paradise. Some years ago, I recall, their platform was also rebuilt into a stairway of steps, also half-moon shaped, to facilitate easy access to the pulpit. Unfortunately, the cameras didn't pick up their steps closely to count, if there were also six steps. 

A thought dropped into my mind: Six steps, six godly attitudes, raise a person up from the ordinary, seven levels higher. In Book 1, Chapter 26 I had discovered remarkable parallels between six attitudes of road safety and six godly attitudes to live by.

During the Hour of Power a young man, David Phelps, sang the lovely old song His eye is on the sparrow. In the peace and quiet of early Sunday morning television, definitely no interruptions, it reminded me that our God is never asleep, but always there watching us.

Four hours later I experienced this in a most wonderful way.

Before church normally other family members prefer to watch the television. That morning, around 9am, I was on my own and decided to write my diary as I listened to some background music. I selected a CD at random from the box of Christian music. Busy writing my diary, I suddenly heard a male voice sing:


His eye is on the sparrow

Why should I feel discouraged?
Why should the shadows come?
Why should my heart feel lonely?
And long for heaven and home

When Jesus is my portion
A constant friend is He
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches over me

I sing because I'm happy
I sing because I'm free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me.


O yes, to many it's nothing, just co-incidence. In my mind there is no doubt, I bet a $ 6.00 bowl of fried rice on it, God was watching, telling me: I am here, I love you. I did this, just for you! 

(During the broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral Dr. Schuller had made mention of a little sparrow, fluttering its wings, outside his hospital bed. He had also taken this as God's wonderful way of making his presence felt.)


I had not played this CD in many months, even years, perhaps? It touched my spirit to the point that I stopped writing my diary to check the CD cover, who the artist is. I didn't find the name, but instead something else came out, my specialty - a number. I don't think I have written about these digits for a while, but that morning 1 6 9 3 were in that CD. Take a look:


CD Cover - 16 Great Hymns - DAYWIND, Hendersonville TN


Left: Hymn No. 9 His Eye Is On The Sparrow. 

Right: After having seen 16 & 9 I wondered, perhaps I find 3. It was on the back CD cover. 4 songs are listed only.  No. 3 - His eye is on the sparrow.

Hymn No. 15 on the same CD expresses the wonderful hope we have, even when we experience major loss, be it financial or personal. Based on Philippians 3, 8 Rhea F Miller and George Beverley Shea wrote a wonderful song, titled:


I'd rather have Jesus

I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold;
I’d rather be His than have riches untold;
I’d rather have Jesus than houses or lands;
I’d rather be led by His nail-pierced hand.

Than to be the king of a vast domain,
Or be held in sin’s dread sway;
I’d rather have Jesus than anything
This world affords today.

I’d rather have Jesus than men’s applause;
I’d rather be faithful to His dear cause;
I’d rather have Jesus than worldwide fame;
I’d rather be true to His holy name.

He’s fairer than lilies of rarest bloom;
He’s sweeter than honey from out the comb;
He’s all that my hungering spirit needs;
I’d rather have Jesus and let Him lead.




Another 1 3 6 9 incident alerted my mind later that same evening, on July 19th 09, during a television program. Please nobody think that I purposely searched out numbers for something to write about into my diary and/or autobiography. The time had long passed that I tried to tell family or friends (do people still have friends...?) about my numbers incidences. Neither do I email the media as much with the magic I see every day around me. I certainly told nobody about the above.  

Just before the 7 PM ABC TV News The Einstein Factor, a Quiz Show with Peter Berner, was broadcast. This question came up:

  In 1945 five fighter aircraft disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Was was the Flight Number?

Candidates had three choices: A  13.        B. 16        C. 19. 

The correct answer (C) matched the day  - the 19th.

(Just on typing I noticed - if we lent them the C7* (see July), 13 plus 16 do the rest to give us the whole date - 19.7.2009.

(*700 - This came up in the last chapter).


The month before writing this chapter was June 09. On the 13th day the above number 1369 was the date. A very early morning jaunt on TV, and on the internet, took me to two towns in the US. I touched base many times, via email, with various places around the world, after seeing them featured on TV. Why not? The internet is such a great expander of the mind, a teacher at your fingertips.

The two places I touched on that morning were Stockton CA and Cleveland OH.

Adding the zip code for Cleveland (44101) to one listed for Stockton (95205 - Stockton has a range of zip-codes listed) I arrived at 139 306, back to our 1369 digits and that day's date).


In the news that morning was a lovely, intelligent young lady. Miss California had been stripped of her title, after winning the crown a few months earlier. The reason given was 'not fulfilling her obligations' as Miss California. The real reason, as if a blind mute could not see through it, the brave young lady, had given an honest answer about her view on marriage.

Obviously brought up by sensible, god-fearing parents Miss California had answered a question by a judge, a marriage should be between a man and a women. Somebody with influence in the gay lobby must have taken offense, because she immediately was attacked as being anti-gay. 

Our 'enlightened' society loves to ridicule and sideline those, who stand up for traditional, God given principles and values that will never change, no matter how trendy they may sound. Who is truly enlightened? 

Friends, be vigilant. We are not heading toward Sodom and Gomorrah, we are living in it right now!



Writing my previous chapter I had considered showing the page, where I had seen the word money, with a slight mark in the letter O. Trusting that readers will take my word, without scanning the page, I did not do it. A few days later things changed, new discoveries. The mark on the right hand side (page 135) was reflected also on page 134, obviously caused when printed in 1957. 

Why am I showing it now? Not because I doubt the trust between my readers and what I write, but a word - nodded. 


Pages 134 / 135 - The Day Christ Died, by Jim Bishop. (Please note I did not alter the scan in any way!)


Left: nodded   -   Right: money ...

(Within a few days of writing and featuring Jim's Bishop's book, I saw a gentleman, a different Jim Bishop, making a comment on the television news.)


The reason I am telling this story, the word nodded popped up again around the same time. No, I was not searching for the word. I had grabbed a two year-old Reader's Digest Magazine as I was rushing out the door. I remembered to take something to read on a 1 1/2 hour train journey. When I saw the word nodded on page 84, I recalled seeing it in Jim Bishop's book on page 134.

Actually, not just the word nodded, but two drop-letters, A and I, on pages 84 and 85 took my fancy ...  (Hey, I just noticed, it adds to 169 - 69 won. For an amazing 96 discovery - read on). 


Reader's Digest Magazine, July 07, Page 84.

... nodded was the first word on the page, besides the text under the photo. 

Article: lifeline - Author: Terri Adams - Drop-letter: A I.

Hey, how about this, a totally wild creation? I had seen L in the difference between 134 and 84, the page numbers of the two words nodded. But only during this writing did I insert the L into A I. 

ALI is HU, a N-star! 

Maybe my wife is right - I see too much?




Was it a mistake or just aviation talk? During a radio broadcast on the BBC, the day after publishing the previous chapter, a transport expert was interviewed regarding the aircraft, which had taken off from Rio. It had disappeared mysteriously over the Atlantic a few hours into the flight. 

The  expert, Tom  Symons, (Mr. Ysman) did not sound so wise when he said at least twice: "When the plane hit the ground..."

Well, the plane didn't hit the ground. Water can hardly be described as ground. The unwise Mr. Wiseman stimulated my creative brain into emailing the BBC, London.


Email to BBC, Worldservice, dated 3/7/09:

Subject: A330 out of Rio ground?

Hi all,

From frequently flying across the Pacific I recall being told by flight crew that big jet aircraft can land on water. Has this ever happened, I wonder?
Just imagine the sight, a large A 330 fuselage, passengers rescued beforehand, being towed into New York Harbour by a barge! (Actually, didn't that happen no so long ago in the Hudson?)
Your report on the Newshour  (Tom Symons ?) raised another question - since there are pirates hijacking huge oil tankers -  had it been considered (before debris was found) that well organised criminals may have stolen the A 330. Bonus 228 humans as slaves. (Must run this plot past Spielberg).

Another point, if I may. It was unusual for Tom Symons, on two occasions, to refer to the A 330 out of Rio ... when the plane hit the 'ground'. On what ground did his mean?  

Kind regards
Dieter Fischer


PS  Sorry, if we Aussie's sound obnoxious, always thinking, trying to get to the bottom of things. But don't forget, the Black Box flight recorder (assumed to rest on the bottom of the Atlantic) was an Australian invention.

(I just noticed the missing t in the sentence before my signature. It was unintentional).


Readers may recall the unusual event mentioned above: On Jan. 15th 09, a plane plunged 1500 feet into the Hudson River. Miraculously, all 155 passengers and crew aboard survived flight 1549 unharmed. The hero pilot (nickname Sully) brought all home safely.

According to CNN, Roosevelt Hospital said 55 survivors were checked out and cleared to leave from the scene. (Leave where, the river or the hospital?)

Since 1975, five large jetliners have had major accidents in which bird strikes played a role, according to the Web site of Bird Strike Committee USA, a volunteer group dedicated to reducing the frequency and severity of the strikes. 

(Amazing what activity volunteers get themselves into. In the US, obviously, even aircraft safety is handled by volunteers!)



Later that same Friday, July 3rd, a day after uploading the previous chapter, I made my debut as radio entertainer, singing live on Adelaide's ABC 891 Mornings program.

My brain must have been stimulated from the early morning media monitoring. I totally had forgotten that the radio hosts, only a few weeks before, had cut me off, after I had been criticizing our Police Commissioner on air.

On Fridays the 891 Morning Show runs a competition. Listeners are encouraged to phone in with their stories etc. That day the challenge was to think of a song you used to sing on the bus, and to sing it on air. If they had meant school bus, I had misunderstood, which would have excluded me. I never caught buses to school. 

As soon as the presenter on radio had challenged listeners about a song, one popped into my head immediately, a German folk-song, titled Berg-vagabunden. Every German of my age would know this song. We used to sing it on the bus, looking forward to a great day's hiking in the beautiful mountains of the German Alps.

It took some courage to phone that Friday morning. I don't know what came over me. Why would anyone make a fool of themselves on radio, singing a song for nothing. The only reward would be the usual, often cynical comment, days later: "That was you on the radio, wasn't it?

There is only one fear greater than that of public speaking, public singing. I did it anyway.

Since I was not whistle-blowing, I was not cut-off this time. I was the second caller on air, from memory, as I joined the elite group of humans, who ever sang a song during a live radio broadcast and survived to tell the tale on their blog. 

I didn't win the competition, nor did my inbox fill up with offers from record companies. However, only as I thought about it during the rest of the morning, did I realize, how this song  expressed perfectly my position and feeling of my adventurous journey.

In the few moments on air I only sang the first two lines, in German, which I translated for listeners:


"When we are climbing dizzying heights, hiking toward the summit's cross. In our hearts burns a passion, which never is letting us rest. Wonderful mountains ..."

Wenn wir erklimmen schwindelde Höhen, steigen dem Gipfelkreuz zu. In unsern Herzen brennt eine Sehnsucht, die läßt uns nimmermehr in Ruh.

 Herrliche Berge ... 

The remaining verses were equally fitting:

Verse 2:  Mit Seil und Hacken, alles zu wagen, hängen wir an  steiler Wand"

With rope and hook, risking all, we are hanging in the steep wall ..."  

But there is joy, freedom, after conquering your mountain. 

Verse 3:  Fels ist bezwungen, frei atmen Lungen, ach, wie so schön ist die Welt. Handschlag, ein Lächeln, Mühen vergessen, alles auf´s Beste bestellt.

Rock's conquered, free breathing lungs, O how beautiful is the world. Handshake, a smile, forgotten the effort, all is at best ..."


*The caller immediately after me, before singing his song, made a comment, which made me think: Did he know of my journey? His first words were: "Today you probably would be arrested, if you have any passion and sing about it on the bus".




Tired writing this chapter all day, I decided to go back and read some of my previous chapters. I picked just any chapter. I landed on Chapter 21 of Book 6, a rather interesting chapter, full of whistle blowing and crime-exposure. I had emailed a crime-fighter in Canada, with a name that suits, Mr. True (Wahrer). 

I also had seen the funny side in a newspaper article, where a policeman had to interrupt his surveillance of a suspect suicide bomber to relieve himself (BRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRL...brlbrl.....brl..brl...dribble .dribble!

The same second as I was reading this humorous bit, down the hall came a noise - exactly that noise. My son, nearly 20, still has the habit of aiming right into the center of the bowl. Children love that noise; but a 20 year old? 

I just smiled to myself, both at the policeman in the UK newspaper article, and the noise that came down the hall in such precise timing ...

Hey, as I write it comes again ..... !

Sorry, no, false alarm, the watery splashing noise is the washing machine filling up ... ! (During the university holidays no student rises before 11 AM, after watching the Tour de France in the night).


Only an hour or so earlier Jon and I had a little encounter. No, I tell it as it was, we had an argument. Since the above Chapter (Bk. 6, 21) ended in a number, the digits we were arguing about, I must tell the story. 

We had received our home telephone account. Somebody had phoned a certain mobile phone number a few times for only seconds, but it cost us 57 or 58 cents each time.

Jon immediately pointed the finger at me. We all checked our mobile phones to see, whose phone number it was that incurred 58 cents for 2 seconds, at total of $ 5.16 for 80 seconds. It was Jon.


Extract phone account

Note the phone number on the far left ...410517.


I remembered this number an hour later, as I was reading this:

A few days before writing this I came across a verse in the bible. The win by David against the giant Goliath, is summed up like this in the first book of Samuel:

"So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and struck the Philistine and killed him. But there was no sword in the hand of David." (1. Sam. 17.50).

There they were, the same digits, only a 4 left over. Thinking it through, I knew what the four represents. It wasn't the powerful number 4, which dominated chapter 1 of Book 6 (4 more months). I had found a more suitable use for number 4.

David faced his giant with 5 stones in his sling. One killed Goliath. There were 4 still at David's disposal. Did you know what happened to those remaining four, power-charged rocks? They are on display at the Rock-fellow Museum in NY. (Or did I just make that up?)



On the morning of uploading I was listening to Chuck Swindoll's Insight For Living. After a few moments I thought - isn't this the same broadcast as yesterday? For the second time I had heard Chuck correct a slight error "... 70, 17 rather ..."

This made me think, perhaps the radio station had put on the same tape as that of the day before? 

I emailed to ask them, saying that I had heard the 17 70 slip and, by the way, there is a town called Seventeen Seventy in Queensland.

As I pressed the sent-button, what timely moment, without planning it that way, it showed 7.17.  

(More of Queensland towns in a moment).




How my brain finds material to link, all kinds - in the bible, in magazines, on TV or radio - I do not know. It just isso. During a weekend in July it was sport, which my alert, not tense, brain picked on. On the weekend of July 11 and 12 a strange ... (Hey, I just see how 13 fits in)... series of events, surrounding the number 13 came about. When I say 13, it also included 130. 

Mark Webber, the Australian Formula 1 motor-racing champion, won his first ever Formula One race that weekend. It was his 130th race of his career. Not only that, but it was on Germany's famous motor-racing circuit, the Nürburgring.

(In Chapter 27, Book 1 Mark Webber raced his first F1 race in Melbourne, coming 5th. It was back in 2002, not long after the number 5th was born).   

The other remarkable sport result on 11.7 was the well-timed 117-points win by the Adelaide Crows Football Team. They absolutely butchered their opposition, Fremantle. The final score was 130 to 13. (Note the digits  1, 7, 3).

One could say that the Crows murdered Fremantle. I write this here, because the day before writing I learned what the poetic collective noun for a group of crows (not footballers, but birds) is called - a murder of crows! 


But there was more 13 waiting to be picked up that weekend. On the afternoon of Sunday 12 I suffered the humility of a flat tyre on my bicycle. It was my own fault, a lesson learned the hard way, or should I say soft; that's what a tyre feels when flat. I had inserted an old tube for extra protection against nails and thorns etc. This only works, so I learned, in normal tyres, not in the high-pressure types.

Walking my bicycle along the Port River Expressway, before being picked up by my son, I wondered, why on earth did this happen to me, three punctures in a few weeks?

There were lots of bits and pieces beside the freeway, stuff which had fallen off trucks, or trash that careless passengers had chucked out of the window.

I was neither picking up anything, nor or looking for codes and numbers. I had outgrown this habit (two weeks earlier). Or had I? A shiny chrome-spanner looked a useable tool, no matter what condition. I couldn't just leave it there. When I saw the size, the number 13, I thought how well timed my find was. But was there more?


Tool with a message? Chrome ring-spanner, 13 mm, TTI CS713 


The place where I found this was only 1/2 kilometer or so from where I had picked up a golden bracelet some years earlier, which I later cashed in for 30 Dollars at Hallmarks. (Book 6, Chapter 14). 

The other side of the tool shows Cr - V - 13 mm. C victory 13, makes sense, if you love .... CRIST V T.





Not only did I see too much, I also heard too much. Two days later, the date was 14/7, I woke early and listened to the radio. Because I just had bought earphones to use in bed, I switched to the FM frequency, which I seldom did at the time.

On one station, I later found out it was MMM-FM, I listened to a segment, broadcast from Adelaide's Rundle Mall ... (What good timing again; in a few hours I had planned to be there, first time in a few months) .... A young journalist from the station asked people in Rundle Mall, if they found 'Snug' sexy. I had not idea what or who Snug was, but decided to email the station, telling them how overrated the word sexy was.

After I had sent this very rare email my brain seemed to recall numbers and questioned: Is not their frequency ...? It was. Then it came, I had touched base with 104.7 on 14.7 without realizing at first.

That morning I had overheard on another radio station in far away Melbourne (very faintly) that a lady had been appointed as the new world-leader of the 'future'. I didn't grasp the full details, only that there is an organization which, according to this lady, does not so much predict the future, rather make forecasts ...whatever they had in mind to do with the future?

It must have been the day for futurists. That evening on his quiz show Millionaire, TV Quiz-master Eddie had a contestant, who was also into futures. During the contestant's brief introduction on the show, the gentleman sounded just like the future's lady that morning. I heard him say: "We are not into predicting the future ..."

While I am writing about Eddie, he made a casual remark on his quiz-show around July 7th or so. After one contestant correctly picked Dacca as the capital of Bangladesh, Eddie commented, how he remembers Dacca: "I just think of the car rally."

There is a car race, organized by the SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) which passes through Dacca. But I am almost certain Eddie meant the world famous car rally, which starts in Paris and ends in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.




Spelling error - an.other one discovered 

Text: Liz's association with the Navy has been an extensive.

Either an too many, or ONE is missing!

 Love it! A n won, via a real extensive association, headed by ...





The three letters MMM, which woke me on July 14, the French National Day, led to another weird, wonderful, strangely linked series of discoveries, which kept unfolding until the day of writing. MMM does not stand for Monsieur, Madame and Mademoiselle. Rather they are three towns in Queensland, all starting with M.

I was casually browsing the Discover Australia Motorist's guide, printed in 1997. The cold July weather in Adelaide made my mind wander up the East coast of Australia, contemplating perhaps another bicycle trip? Instead of riding south, which I did in November 08, I could be heading north from Brisbane?

My useful Motoring Guide not only showed road maps, but described towns and villages, and gave a little history and explained landmarks. The size of the population for each place was also given. I can't recall which place I discovered first, but without even thinking numbers I saw that 24 000 was listed as the population of three towns; all start with the letter M.

"That's strange", I thought, "only this morning I came across 3 M, Triple-M FM Radio.

I continued the geographical expansion of my knowledge of Australia to find only one other place, which had 24 000 population, Gladstone with a G. These 4 were the only towns among the 126 listed for Queensland that had 24 000 population. 

Further up the coast I read about a town called Townsville. It showed 96 000 pop. I checked, it was the only place listed in Queensland with this number of people. The mathematics worked out perfectly.

Still bemused about my discovery, I was only a few minutes later listening to the 4 PM ABC 891 News. One of the first items was regarding the annual running race in Stawell, Victoria, the Stawell Gift. Organizers were considering moving the event to Ballarat, because the previous race incurred a loss of - $ 96 000.

But there was more, more numbers; postcodes to be precise. 


Discover Australia - Random House Motoring Guide, 1997.

Three Queensland towns ... 

                  Maroochydore                                           Maryborough                                               Mount Isa

Postcode:  4558

Postcode:  4650

Postcode:  4825


... plus Gladstone, also population 24 000

 = Townsville - 96 000.


Postcode:  4680

Postcode:  4810


Since the Queensland postcode 4860, similar to Gladstone's 4680, had played a major role in my story, I added the postcodes of all 5 towns.

All 5 = 23523* 

Putting 2 and 3 together takes us back to South Australia

Alford - 5555.


Discovered in the Motoring Guide, on the day of writing:

Page 310 - Angaston, Population 1950

 The Angaston story is in Book 5, Chapter 3. The postcode  fits in well two too* - 5353.

Curious what was on page 301 of the Motoring Guide I turned to that page. It showed a map of remote North-Western Australia. Only three towns were of notable size. Newman shows right in the center of the page. Port Headland above it. 

God's finger is pointing at Australia. (More at the end).




A bumper sticker at the back of my driving school vehicle used to read: God loves Learner Drivers. Maybe it should have added, especially Australian ones.

In the first part of 2009, as a favour for a friend, I took his son for regular lessons Saturday mornings. To me even the mundane decision, what shall I teach this young man, where should our lesson take us today, became part of my prayer. Every hour of each day belongs to God.

One particular Saturday, as I contemplated our lesson, it came to me that we had not practiced entering and leaving a freeway. The best road to practice this was the Expressway from Mawson Lakes, driving west toward the Gulf of St. Vincent.  

This brought us to Port Adelaide, where I told my client to buy some food. He had not had breakfast, which was not conducive to learning. While waiting I had a chat with a man, Bruno, who asked me for a bit of change. He looked as if he had slept on the street that night, so he appreciated my donation.

Bruno assured me he believes in God, as did many homeless I have spoken to over the years. What puzzles me, why don't people go that step further, from simply believing there is a God who wants to work miracles in their lives? Why did Bruno not launch his own adventure with God, so he would not have to beg strangers for money?

Everybody who takes this first step, a conscious, determined surrender to this God most say they believe in, will turn a ruined life around. Even a ruined life like that of Bruno, God wants to use to show how HE can work magic, if the person is willing to let HIM. Of course, people may still need, and should use practical help from organisations, such as the Salvation Army or AA.

But for a permanent change, first and foremost, all need to take God more seriously and intimately. 

The letters AA in a little unplanned twist, appeared on a large poster I had noticed somewhere that morning. Radio 5 AA was broadcasting from the nearby Birkenhead Tavern. While Michael was having his breakfast in the car, I enjoyed a coffee on the verandah of the popular Hotel, where the crew had set up their equipment.

The poster had said that Michelangelo R (ICU), the sports journalist for the Advertiser Newspaper would be present. But Michelangelo ... 

(Hey, I just noticed it - Michael, was the name of my student ... Surely, this wasn't why we were led to this place?)

... the sports journo was not there. I would have liked to have a little chat, if he remembered our driving lessons from over 20 years earlier. He had lived in nearby Alberton, and was already a sports journalist with the Advertiser. What a dream job! 

Plus, unlike proceedings in a court room, how could a reporter say that team A scored one goal, when 51 000 spectators witnessed two goals being scored? And when the same result matched the report in the newspaper the next day, it must be true.

The best time for every hard working sports journalist comes every two years, when all meet up in a foreign, sometimes exotic, location. All expenses are paid for when M. has to travel to the Football World Cup or the country, where the Olympics are held. (If you are reading this M, and do not want go to South Africa next year, I am available to take your place, seriously!)

Exactly a  week later my learner friend Michael again had a driving lesson. Driving to pick up Michael I had a strangely timed experience, which again would take me to an outside broadcast of the same Radio Station, 5 AA. My Suzuki's radio happened to be tuned to their frequency 1395 ...

Hey, another discovery, surely it can't all be a fluke. I just saw a similarity (plus 1) between their frequency and the digits of the previous week's date - 13609. It all makes sense ! - As I type it's starting to pour with rain outside!


... when I heard that again that another outside broadcast was taking place that Saturday morning. This time 5AA was broadcasting from a Shopping Complex, which held its grand opening. Since it was within easy reach, and I was giving this driving practice free-of-charge, it would be no problem driving there.

Is this where you want us to drive to, Lord? I referred the thought to my Heavenly Father.

Moments later I received assurance that indeed, I was meant to go to the event at Gepps Cross. The message came in a typical, strangely timed twist, out of the radio. A gentleman during the gardening program spoke about trees. I heard him say; "A good example of .... is George Street, Norwood. Take a look, when you get the chance."

A second later, maybe two, to my left I read the name of the side road I was driving past - George Avenue. (It runs off Morris Drive, Valley View). That's why Michael practiced angle parking at the new Shopping Complex at Gepps Cross that day, 20 June 09.

After a few minutes parking practice I felt to not go and check out the radio broadcast. It may sound strange, since this is where I believed to have been led to. But that's how it was.

Our lesson continued by turning right, back onto Main North Road. It was near a spot, where for many years I used to do lots of parallel parking with my learner drivers. Michael needed practice parallel parking also. (Angle parking practice is done between white lines in a car park, parallel parking alongside a kerb, between two poles). 

Much later I looked up the name of the wide road, where we practiced parallel parking - Terama Street. Even before I had put up the poles, I saw a group of men, perhaps 1/2 dozen, standing near the dressing room of the sports field. A nearby sandwich board indicated what kind of event was in progress. The local Members of Parliament were holding a street corner meeting. This is a popular way for politicians to meet with the voters in their neighbourhood.

After the parking practice I told Michael to wait for me for a few minutes, while I say hello to the group of people. The first handshake was with Mr. ... No need to mention names. AlI I can say friends, God works in mysterious ways. He can lead us to places, just when and where HE wants us to be. 




On the eight's day God created - German Shepherds


On Sunday 17/5/09 I was led to Holy Trinity Church in Adelaide. I attended their 10 am service.

Next, at the West Terrace Cemetery, I tagged along with a small group of descendents of the explorer Stuart (trust-a). They were visiting various graves in the cemetery, finishing with a short ceremony right at his restored grave (as I remember it). It happens to be right opposite that of German identity Carl Linger. (See also Book 4, Chapter 30).

Among the small gathering was Minister Lomax-Smith and a gentleman with a gray beard. He looked like famous author Tom Keneally AO, but I am not sure if it was him.

As I left the cemetery (I was on my bicycle) I noticed registration plate ..LJ 517, the second 517 in a short space of time. (Mr. Keneally's birthday holds these three digits 7.10.5 (insert a 3 before the 5).

Cycling home on 17/5, as I was riding down King William Street, I passed Elder Park, where I noticed a large gathering of people. The real attraction, however, were the dogs. I stopped to check it out. 

By chance, no, it was divine guidance, I suddenly recognized a face. He works for one of the politicians, who I had met at the street corner meeting in Terama Street. I took an instant liking to his German Shepherd dog, which could have been Inspector Rex's twin brother. I asked for permission to take the photo, shown above. 

My brain registered a moment ago that I had come across the name Keneally, long ago in a previous chapter. Trying to find it among my 290 chapters brought me first to Book 1, Chapter 62. Amazingly, it involves a German Shepherd dog plus the *Goodman Share price - it rose by 1 cent.

*After I had sung my song on the ABC's radio show I had noticed how the ABC TV midday news drew attention to the Goodman Share ...? (Another untold tail, sorry tale).




A L WON + N & T 1 GK 

... grown by nature

How ironic, I just saw the colours - Australia's Surf Life Saving Association ...

It all started with a (back-up) phone number I had picked out, just to have fun in an email to Sunrise. The address, corresponding to the number, was 15 COWAN. Now you C L..

It so happened that a day after I sent the email, which included the Cowan bit, the container, where we keep our breakfast oats, ran out. I had to refill it.  That's how I suddenly saw ... LOWAN. 

Not only that, but that same day, as we were driving with friends in the suburb of Windsor Gardens, I had noticed a vehicle, parked on the corner of Lowan Street. The registration plate ... 115 took my mind back to Cowan. How many times has 15 won now?

But the real magic came in the actual phone number linked to 15 Cowan. To understand it all, may I point out that on the day of the email, on 24/7 my wife and I were celebrating 38 years marriage. 

Here is the equation: Take the phone number at Cowan, take away 15 and 38. The remaining four digits make that day's date, except 009...

(2472 1538 drop 15, drop 38  =  2472 ...009)

Another date (ACT) where 009 is missing:  272




The letters MMM could also stand for Murder, Mystery and Miracles, the title of my never finished novel. I started to write it seven years ago, but commenced this auto-biography instead. 

A few days before writing this chapter a murder was reported in Adelaide. It made me sit up and take special notice, since the victim was a man I had written about in Book 6, Chapter 17:

It begs belief that this witch-hunt was allowed to go on and ruined the lives of so many. And sad to say, more cases, which look very similar, are popping into the press regularly - one name springs to mind - Mountford.

All I say in this case - there was only one accuser, who is now too sick to testify. The alleged offender has an elderly father, the offences go back over 15 years, while working with boys, the accused maintains his innocence. (Very similar to the Liddy case).

(End quote)


John Mountford was reported murdered in Tripoli, Libya. He had left Australia in 2007, after charges of sexual abuse against him were dropped. The man, allegedly sexually abused in 1992, was now too sick to go ahead with the case. The case was settled for a record amount of money - 500 000 Dollars, according to news reports.

Reading press reports online I saw many similarities to the Liddy case, not the least the time-lapse, between offense and charges laid. I could hardly believe the amount granted to the alleged victim, who at the time of writing, remains the only accuser (to the best of my knowledge). The school had sent out 10 000 letters to former student for anybody to come forward, if abuse took place.

On the ABC TV News a few days ago, during writing this chapter, it was reported that there is a possibility of two more, but is is unlikely that further charges will be laid. 

It was surprising how quickly the motive for Mountford's stabbing murder was identified and reported. Mountford had started an English language school in Libya and was doing quite well. An associate here in Adelaide told the media that Mountford had paid money to a person, who had blackmailed him, threatening to reveal his identity. When Mountford refused to pay more money, the man alleged, he was stabbed to death. 

Whatever the reason the alleged offender got murdered, my mind asked a few questions. In Book 6 I already asked the same question everybody asked: "Why was Mountford, a confessed homosexual, allowed to become chaplain at this elite, private boy's school?

(If some politicians had had their way, just recently legislation almost slipped through parliament, which would have made it illegal to do just that, to refuse a church, a school or anybody, simply because they were living the gay lifestyle (or religion).

In other words, a boy's school could not refuse a gay male person becoming the chaplain; or a Christian bookshop refuse to employ a Muslim ... Thanks to a few individuals and organizations, who argued and lobbied against the sheer madness of such laws, it did not pass through parliament).  


A further question about this case surfaced after the alleged perpetrator was murdered: If the maximum compensation for child sex abuse is $ 50 000, why was the school so quick to fork out ten times this amount?

In an email to the head-master of the school involved I asked more questions. I also drew attention to three other unfortunate men, who found themselves in similar circumstances. One was proven innocent, the other I am fighting for and the third case you will read about in a moment.


Date: 23/7/09   -   Subject: Is the sad story true?

Dear Mr. G.,

I find it amazing that (according to media reports) St. Peters  paid out 1/2 Million Dollars to the alleged Mountford victim. Had Mr. Mountford been convicted in court the maximum payout would have been 1/10th of that. One must ask, if Mr. M, or his lawyer, would have known that, why would he go ahead with a court case?

Are you not condemning the now dead Mr. Mountford as guilty by paying that money? Whilst on the surface all seems so clearcut, there is always another story to child sex abuse. If you were to read my Chapter 13 in my Book 5, then check the evidence of lies told by an alleged victim, (in Book 7, Chapter 26) your school may be more careful in making big payments.

Another sad story is the one of Father Gordon Macrea.

As much as I am for protecting our children from sexual abuse, I also want my children to grow up in a world, where not detective sells drugs taken from criminals, ruining the lives of dozens of young people. I would like my children to live in a society, where they can expect truth and justice in our courts. Too late in the Mountford case, guilty or not.


Dieter Fischer

PS   My main reason for emailing you - I believe an innocent man is serving a 25 years jail term. Another one, thank God was set free - if the name Easling means anything to you.     


Mr. G gave me the courtesy of a reply. He pointed out that I was making assumptions without knowing the complete story. This is true, since my opinion in this matter is entirely based on media reporting. If the Liddy case is anything to go by, the people of Adelaide certainly don't know the full story.


In a letter to the Advertiser Newspaper on 24/7 Mr. G. assures the public that the school takes the matter very seriously and gives full support to the victim, Mr. Martin. (How co-incidental - one of the alleged Liddy victims had the same surname). The school, the letter goes on, had been very keen to ensure there was a criminal trial against Mr. Mountford, who they had dismissed after one year as chaplain in 1992.

I ask, what happened after Mountford was dismissed? Fifteen years without any action? Somewhere I read that pedophiles can't help themselves, they keep offending. What then did Mr. Mountford do, or not do, after 1992? What did Mr. Liddy do, or not do, between 1986 and 1999?  

How did the press come to know the alleged compensation payout to the victim? In the letter to the Advertiser Mr. G. mentions a confidential settlement. In a news item on 21/9 Adelaide Now quotes Mr. Mountford as having said: "The case cost me my life saving."

Another question has been on my mind, one which applies in the latest developments in the Liddy case, which also would be relevant, if more Mountford victims would come forward: What happens to compensation to victims, if the accuser is dead, or as is alleged by those trying to throw more charges at Peter Liddy, when the offender is too ill to go through a court case? It would not be fair, if some get compensation, but bad luck, if the offender is too sick to come to court?

Read the unbelievable case of Father Gordon MacRae, whose case is even worse in terms of length of prison sentence, than that of Peter Liddy. It answers my question simply - money was literally dished out to alleged victims - no questions asked. (Read on).

The case against Father Gordon MacRae beggars believe. If the extensive material on the Father's supporter's website is true, and I can't find a reason why it should not be, there is a hidden epidemic, which spread around the world, worse than the 'fuel wins' virus.

Please, all those who hate Mr. Liddy, or believe everything written about him in the newspaper, read about this case, including the personal message from the unfortunate Father's prison cell. Perhaps, many of you won't be so quick in condemning, next time you read a sensational newspaper headline about another priest or magistrate charged with abuse.

(Would somebody reading this, close to Mr. Cappo at St. Xavier's, Adelaide, draw his attention to this case, please!) 


In the spring of 1983, 14-year-old Lawrence Carnevale cried bitterly upon learning that Fr. Gordon, whom he adored, was to move to another parish, and threw himself onto the priest's lap. He made phone calls to Fr. Gordon at his new parish. Within a few months, the youth told his psychotherapist that Fr. Gordon had kissed him. Three years later -- expelled from his Catholic High School for carrying a weapon -- he told a counselor that the priest had fondled him and run his hands up his leg. At roughly the same time, he accused a male teacher at St. Thomas High School of making advances to him, then made the same allegation against his study hall teacher at Winnacunnet High School. Police Detective Arthur Wardell, who investigated, concluded in his report that this was a young man who basked in the attention such charges brought him, and that there was no basis to them.

(End extract)


That's how it started. There was nothing but a young, attention seeking boy, who told stories about three different men, to get the attention he craved for. More than fifteen years later, from his prison cell, Father MacRae posted the following message to his followers. 

The most incredible aspect, proof that indeed the man is innocent, is his knowledge that a simple lie, would have set him free 13 years earlier:



“Kill the priest!”  “Kill the priest!”  “Kill the priest!”  This rousing foot-stomping chant greeted me as I was led down the tier of a prison cell block nearly 15 years ago.  It was maddening. 

Today the eve of Pentecost 2009, I have been in prison for 5,333 days and nights for a crime that never took place. My fellow prisoners do not organize chants for my demise any longer. I have a pretty good rapport with them, though even after 15 years it’s clear that I don’t quite fit in. 

I live daily with the irony that I would not today be in prison if I did not maintain my innocence. Under a deal offered by the state I would have left prison over 13 years ago had I been guilty and willing to say so.  

Today I am prisoner number 67546 in the Hancock Unit of the New Hampshire State Prison.  I live in a prison block reserved primarily for men serving long, long sentences, most of them for murder.  I taught college courses to prisoners for several years and now work in the prison library.

The case against me was a fraud brought for the guarantee of hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlement money. I have come to know that there is far more fraud in the claims against American Catholic priests than most people know or want to believe. 

Some would have us believe that no one – certainly no young man – would falsely accuse a priest just for money.  My fellow prisoners laugh at such naïve beliefs.  Some of them have reminded me that they have taken lives for far less money than what was gained by those who took my reputation and freedom 15 yrs. ago. 

A few years ago a contingency lawyer representing dozens of claimants seeking five million dollars in new settlements from my diocese was quoted in a local newspaper:  “Church officials didn’t even ask for details for the claims, such as location and date and the abuse alleged. I’ve never seen anything like it.”  That same lawyer is now in his fifth round of mediated settlements. 

The names of the accused priests have been released to the public despite the contingency lawyer’s statement that the church sought no corroboration for the claims whatsoever before handing over millions of dollars. The names of the accusers, many of them now men in their 30s, 40s and 50s, remain shielded from public view.

Fifteen years in prison for a crime that never took place is no small affair.  In 2005 the late Cardinal Avery Dulles, in the first of a series of letters between us, salvaged the spiritual life of my priesthood.  He placed my unjust imprisonment in a context that in my anger and hurt I had not previously considered.  Cardinal Dulles wrote: 

God does not intend that your life be futile. Much of the finest Christian literature comes from believers who were  Unjustly imprisoned.  Do you believe, Fr. MacRae? Someday your story and that of your fellow sufferers will come to light and be instrumental in a reform.

I am sure that in the plan of Divine Providence your ministry of suffering is part of your priestly vocation, filling up for the Church what is wanting in the suffering of Christ. Your writing which is clear, eloquent and spiritually sound will one day be monument to your trials.

I hope and pray that this is so.  Cardinal Dulles gave meaning and purpose to something that is otherwise meaningless, as anyone who has ever served an unjust imprisonment will attest. On his suggestion, I now offer each day in prison as a share in the suffering of Christ for the spiritual support of another. 

I will always be grateful to Cardinal Dulles. I am also grateful to Suzanne Sadler and  “Priests in Crisis.”  It takes a singular courage to speak against any unjust tide.

Please do not be ready to always believe the worst of any priest who is accused in the current climate.

(End quote).


The strength of this man's faith in inspiring. He rather suffers in prison than betray HIS God by telling lies. Did you notice the amazing parallel to the case I have been writing about ? "...the finest Christian literature comes from believers who were  Unjustly imprisoned."

I also noticed this tendency toward possible martyrdom in Mr. Liddy. Is he willing to accept his fate, finding consolation in sacrificing his freedom to bring about a higher good? 

If men have to be locked up for years innocently to achieve a working justice system, there is something fundamentally wrong. Since injustices are obviously happening, both in America and here in Australia, one must ask, how many others are there around the world which remain unchallenged?

How can judges, lawyer, politicians, or the American President, turn a blind eye to injustices of this magnitude?

How quick is the west in condemning Third World corruption! Hypocrites, while in our own backyard, sorry prison cell, innocent people like Father MacRae or Magistrate Peter Liddy are incarcerated, all on the flimsy testimony of criminal elements committing fraud. (Read more below about the PL case).

(You will find many more cases of innocent men locked up, following this madness, which spread around the world [worse than the - we sinful - virus]. Book 4, Chapter 23).




For my birthday my wife had bought me this perfect gift - a collection of furry (funny) wisdom.


(Source: Furry Logic, Jane Seabrook, Ten Speed Press, Berkley / Toronto)

Text: I am not tense. I am just terribly, terribly alert. 

Actually, those who know my code could call me And how it matches Ten Speed Press  and.... hey, just saw it ... Toronto !




For years I had been writing about the innocent man in jail, who holds a document, which proves his main accuser was lying. In the previous chapter on 2/7/09 I published a copy of this document. If all those, from politicians to police, from journalists to the clergy, had not believed me, they were now able to see the evidence in black and white.

At least three media contacts, plus numerous other recipients received a personal copy of the document, together with a copy of a letter to the anti-corruption branch of SAPOL, our police. Surprisingly, nobody contacted me personally to acknowledge the new position this puts Mr. Liddy in.

In a follow-up phone call earlier today, July 27th 09, I was told, the officer dealing with the matter at the anti-corruption branch, has gone on leave for 3 weeks. Nobody else could handle the matter. What amazing state of affairs! Who gives a damn about an innocent man, lingering in a window-less prison cell? 


In an unexpected development I recently found a link to the full transcript of Peter Liddy's appeal in South Australia. I previously only had seen the High Court appeal. Anybody, who had doubted my findings, including that of the bribe money, can read it for themselves here:

I never doubted that I was correct in saying the alleged bribe money was paid in two sums. The transcript confirms it clearly and makes me wonder again, what dodgy document I had been handed to view earlier this year? The information was definitely incorrect, the document possibly a fraud.

Here are some *important items, copied and pasted from the transcripts and my comments:

* important was spoken on ABC 891 just as I typed the word.

 More amazing timing - the topic of discussion is the ICAC -  Dean Jaensch is telling listeners of the need for an Independent Commission Against Corruption. I say Amen to that.


[244]: The appellant's case was that he paid the money to D to assist him because he wanted to marry and that he thought D was asking for a loan. Initially he was to pay $3,000 for that purpose but when he gave D the money, he asked for another $2,000. He did not pay the money for any other purpose.

I was correct, the money was paid in two installments:


[155]: There were about 40 police officers present. Later riot police arrived. There were three attacks at different times by some of the group who threw bottles at the police at different times. Mr Z. was injured at about 8.30 pm and was relieved from duty at about 8.50 pm. He said that he did not see any non-police person or vehicle in the yard during that evening.

[156] The purpose of this evidence was to support the evidence of the appellant that he was not at the Glenelg Station that night and consequently to establish that the evidence of C and D was untruthful, or at least, unreliable.

In his defense Peter said, at the time of the Glenelg incident he was on his way home from Queensland  and would not have arranged an overnight stay with the boys. Obviously, the courts did not take notice of officer Z, who saw no other vehicle in the yard, except police. (They believed criminals instead).   


[Summary 299 - 306] The bribe money was subject to a lengthy debate. At 306 the judge concluded that it was left up to the jury to decide if the money was paid as the required inducement. The argument was, how could you bribe somebody to lie in court, when that person had not even been summoned to court.

At 301 it reads: The appellant (Peter Liddy) asked D if he should arrange for someone to contact D and take a statement from him. D declined but said he would not say anything anyway. He told the appellant to wait and see what happened.

I ask: Why would D object to having someone call and take a statement? He had originally agreed to making a statement. Did he suddenly realize how important he had become to his friend. Did the idea of obtaining easy money start germinating in D's mind?

The following section argues the reliability of witness W (as if there was any doubt, whose word is more reliable, a magistrate's or that of a drug addict, in jail since he was a teenager). This is the same person, who is subject to the weighty piece of evidence from 1993. 

After AW had made this statement, he continued his life of crime. He was in and out of jail. At the time of the 2001 Liddy trial, his record of offenses had grown to 8 pages).

Yet, here is the amazing conclusion by the Trial Judge, regarding witness W:

 [363] None of these so-called inconsistencies casts any doubt upon W's evidence or his credibility.

It makes me ask this question: "If this judge would have had the document (the weighty piece of evidence as shown in previous chapter, what excuse would the trial judge have found to stick up for AW?)

How I would love to confront this judge, hold the 1993 document under his nose, and ask:

"If you would have cited this evidence, the proof that AW was lying, would you still not cast doubt on W's credibility of evidence?"

Further matters relating to W:

[338] He had been addicted to heroin and other drugs since he was aged 16 years. He has a very long record of prior offending which is set out in a document of about eight pages. The offences include drug offences and crimes involving dishonesty. He has been in prison for most of his life since the middle of 1993.

[339] He was arrested in May 1999 on various offences in Queensland and was sentenced in the District Court. He had been untruthful to the police when he said he had not committed the offences. He told the jury in the present case that ...

... he would have said anything to stay out of gaol [sic] !

 He denied, in evidence at the preliminary hearing, that he had been promised any favours ... 

In fact he did sign such an undertaking in which he acknowledged that if he did not co-operate with the prosecution in the present case, the Queensland authorities could apply to have the proceedings in that State re-opened for sentencing. That written undertaking was admitted into evidence. When the document was put to W, he said he did not remember it. He said that he thought that he was not to obtain a benefit for giving evidence but that... 

 ... what had been done to him as a child by the appellant could be used as an excuse for using drugs.

Wait a minute - did he not say that nothing ever happened to him as a child?

[340] In the case in Queensland he was sentenced to imprisonment for a period of four years which sentence was suspended in part. The sentence was backdated by six months with the effect that W served nine months in prison. The period before the operation of the suspension of the sentence was reduced from eighteen months to nine months.

[341] At that time W was on bail for offences which he committed in South Australia and was liable to be returned to prison in this State for breach of conditions of parole. He was also on parole for the offences committed in Queensland. When he returned to South Australia before giving evidence, he was granted bail on charges he committed in this State shortly before giving evidence at the preliminary hearing.

If I understand this correctly - W was on parole for offenses in Queensland, brought to South Australia and received bail, just before giving evidence against Peter Liddy. What co-incidence!

(Too bad for that person, who had their $17 000 motor car stolen and crashed by W, while he enjoyed life outside his prison cell).

[342] He admitted having told lies to a medical practitioner a few days before the preliminary hearing in order to obtain prescription drugs and to police officers at various times in an attempt to avoid imprisonment. He told the jury in evidence at the trial that he ...

... told lies to police in order to avoid going to prison.

[347] D's brother acknowledged that he had made a statement to the police in which he had said that he had no memory of any improper conduct. Another witness said that when he went on the trips he did not see or hear anything which he regarded as sexually improper. Another witness said that the appellant did not do anything to him and he did not see him do anything to anyone else, which he regarded as sexually improper.

D's brother, one assumes, would have been picked up from the same address as D. If there was abuse, surely he would have noticed it. But he did not see anything, maybe because nothing unusual happened? Two more witnesses saw no improper conduct by Peter Liddy. (I did not read this in any newspaper).

[348] These witnesses were adults when they gave evidence. They were asked general questions of that nature about circumstances which had occurred many years ago. There was no suggestion that any of them had been sexually assaulted by the appellant. If that had been the case, they may have remembered it. Also, these witnesses were aged eight or nine years at the time of the alleged misconduct and it is by no means obvious that they would have recognised it as misconduct if they had seen it. 

Furthermore, the complainants who described sexual conduct in the van said that it occurred only at the front of the van whilst the appellant was driving. Some of them said that he had a towel around him or over his lap when the conduct occurred. The evidence of these witnesses must be taken into account and considered carefully but it does not suggest that the evidence of W must have been false or doubtful.

If that were true Mr. Liddy did not learn to drive with me. But it all sounds really... really... far fetched.   

[350] It was also submitted that W gave inconsistent evidence about the sexual activity in the van on one occasion involving him. His evidence to the jury was consistent. He described an occasion when the appellant placed W's hand on his penis under his bathers. He said that the appellant did not get an erection. In a statement to the police, he said that the appellant did get an erection and that he had placed W's hand on the appellant's penis which he had taken out of his bathers. Given the nature of the evidence, W's age at the time, the delay and the nature of the inconsistency, these are not matters of significance. The submission is rejected.

So the submission is rejected, despite a lying criminal saying one thing to police and another in court? It sounds to me somebody did not do their job properly! How could the judge overlook such obvious inconsistency? Judges are paid about $ 350 000 per year to put criminals behind bars? Why did this judge not do his job properly?

[Summary: 351 - 353] The President of the Club testified that in the 20 year history, where he worked and observed Peter never doubted that Peter generally appeared to have a pretty good relationship with all of the youngsters that he trained.

Still the judge rejected this notion as irrelevant, saying that it was that good relationship which enabled him to select boys for trips in the van, to stay overnight with him and to create the circumstances in which sexual conduct could occur. 

Don't they call it grooming? So you're damned if you do and damned if you don't! When I was the leader of a group of boys in the 1970's and 80's I made sure I had a good relationship with the boys under my care. Yes, a spiritual leader even tries to get personal, if there were issues the boys wanted to talk about to a Church youth leader.

There was a time, when the Salvation Army used to go door-to-door. The youth leader would ask, if there were any boys living there. If so, he'd pick the boy's up to take to boy's club.

Today, you would get arrested for doing such a thing, when all you wanted, in the long term, tell those boys about a God who loves them. What a clever scheme of the devil, putting a wedge between men and boys!

Conclusion about witness W:

[364 I have expressed conclusions about each of the matters with regard to W which, it was submitted, render the verdicts unsafe and unsatisfactory. I have reached the same conclusions upon considering all of the matters together and in the context of all of the other evidence in the case. There is no basis for concluding that there is a reasonable doubt about the verdicts of guilty on these counts.]

I wished these experts would learn to speak in plain English. Let me put it into my language, why I think this judge was concluding:

I considered all the evidence and I have no reason to think there was anything wrong with sentencing the magistrate to jail. Despite many testifying that he did nothing wrong, it was safer for the jury to believe the accusations of this drug addict, who was in and out of jail since he was 19, who admitted telling lies in court, who stole a car as soon as he got out on bail, and who admitted that he would say anything, just to get out of jail.

This is how Peter Liddy came to be sentenced to 25 years jail, 18 years non-parole. His High Court appeal later in Sydney was also rejected. Despite the vital evidence being available, it was not admitted as evidence against W. 

The final judge, one who does not earn over a million every 3 years, will have the final say.

There remain many, many unanswered questions, not only in the Liddy case.

How widespread is corruption in our civilized society? Are we told the truth by our leaders? Is the newspaper reporting truth? Is the police a defender of upright citizens or a tool for corrupt officials?

The main question, which determines life and death - why is the world rejecting Jesus and HIS wonderful message of love and peace. Why do people love darkness more than the light?

When I started to write Book 7 I did not know what wonders God would bring. He brought many; so many in fact, they were more in number than I could possibly write about.

During Book Seven I did not see the prisoner released from jail; nor did I find acceptance and support from my family. Yet, I am confident, God is at work, day by day, moment by moment. HIS will, HIS ways will succeed. The gates of hell shall not prevail against IT. 

Recently, at church a visiting preacher from Papua New Guinea (I liked his name, Joseph Kingal) spoke on John 12. In Verse 21 we read, people wanted to see Jesus. The trouble is blindness - they have eyes, yet they do not see, ears that do not hear!  

Seven verses on: "A voice from Heaven came, saying, I have both glorified it and will glorify it again."

This is just how I see my IT. IT is a voice from heaven, speaking to our world. It is calling us to repentance, to turn away from sin, to come back to HIM, the creator of heaven and earth.

Take a look at Australia, the continent described as the 'Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.


Australia girt by C J or ...

... Australia I C U.


How prophetic are the lyrics of Australia's National Anthem:

Australians all let us rejoice
For we are young and free
We've golden soil and wealth for toil,
Our home is girt by sea:
Our land abounds in nature's gifts
Of beauty rich and rare,
In history's page let every stage
Advance Australia fair,
In joyful strains then let us sing
Advance Australia fair.

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross,
 We'll toil with hearts and hands,
To make this Commonwealth of ours
Renowned of all the lands,
For those who've come across the seas
We've boundless plains to share,
With courage let us all combine
To advance Australia fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Australia fair.


Friends, what is it that we want Australia to be renowned for in all the lands? Toiling with hearts and hands beneath the Southern Cross is one option. 

The best choice, however, is to humble ourselves beneath the Cross of Jesus, to place our country, its people, its hopes and dreams into HIS hands. This takes real courage.

This is the way to advance Australia, to experience the wonder of IT all. ALL glory belongs to HIM, not any man.  

The End


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