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"Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward.
They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game."      (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).

 (Quote from W. Mansfield's Maverick Spirit)



24. Destination Blackwood

The phone-call came out of the blue. I answered: "Yes, this is Dieter Fischer speaking". 

A friendly female voice at the other end apologized for taking so long. She phoned from the South Australian Courts Administration: "The documents you requested are ready for you to view."

For a moment I had forgotten all about the matter; and understandably so. I had had a letter from the same place advising me that my application to view the transcripts of the trial of alleged paedophile/magistrate Peter Liddy had been rejected by a Supreme Court Judge. No review of his decision was possible.

Not taking no for an answer, backed by free legal advise, I wrote another letter to Justice Nyland"

Why had I previously, some years earlier, gained access to the Liddy case files, and not now?  Why was I not given any reason for the latest decision to deny access?

This Friday afternoon (1/5/09) phone call, opened the door I had knocked on and gave me fresh energy to pursue this matter. The very next business day, Monday 4/5, I went into Adelaide to view the pages I had requested. Before writing about the deception I may have come across, let me report what happened only three hours ago:


My mind was stirred to the degree that I did something I had not done for months. I phoned a radio station's talk-back program. Angry about what I had heard earlier that morning, I felt to speak up and call for the resignation of our Police Commissioner. 

The gentleman, Mr. Mal Hyde, was asked (as I recall it) on the ABC 891 Morning program:

"In the Easling case, the officers from the child-protection investigating unit allegedly posed as SAPOL (police officers) to obtain information from Mitcham Council about Mr. Easling. Were they committing an offense? Is there an investigation under way? What can you tell our listeners about that?"

The Police Commissioner answered in one sentence: "I am aware of the case, but I can't tell you what investigation is taking place. I am aware of this case".

I was furious. The highest policeman in the state did not know (or wanted to tell us), if the biggest stuff-up we have seen for years, is even being investigated, let alone give us details!

(Should this surprised anyone? The police commissioner was just as stone-walled in the Liddy matter I raised with him. I had a zero response to documents I delivered to his office, asking questions in the Liddy case. (The staff issued me with a receipt). What is better, total ignorance or rejection? I know much about both. 

In my brief on-air appearance on the radio on the morning of writing, I said that not many people know about what had happened to Mr. Easling. He was a foster carer and accused of sex charges against boys in his care. He went through hell for 4 years, trying to clear his name. It cost a family member 1.9 Million Dollars to defend the case. He was found not guilty on all 20 charges.

"The scandal was that the investigating officers had broken the laws ..." 

After I had spoken these words the radio hosts pressed their cut-off button, which ended my brief, rare appearance on their talkback program. 

I was* going to make specific allegations at the time, only repeat what the radio journalists asked earlier, about the investigating officers breaking the law. If I had included the word 'allegedly' (allegedly broken the law) would they still have cut me off?

(* Correction 27/5/09: insert  ...not ...(How did I miss this small 3-letter word, without it the sentence does not make sense! My apologies for any confusion caused!)

As I see it, and I read it also regularly in the Advertiser Newspaper, free speech is often suppressed with one sentence: "For legal reason we can't publish comments on this story".

For legal reasons I was at first unable to view the Liddy documents. But then I was! What happened to the legal reasons? BULL-DUST!


As I understand it, the same child-protection unit, which took pride in putting Mr. Liddy behind bars, under it's chief Mr. Detective Conte, was also responsible for the fiasco surrounding the case of Tom Easling. 

This must be the reason, why I had found so many similarities in the two cases - no notes taken, no tape recordings, confessions of abuse under duress after repeated initial denials, incentives given to come out with abuse claims!

Mr. Easling was fortunate to have had a wealthy brother, who paid 19 000* times $ 1000 Dollars (1.9 Million) to have his brother's name cleared. To add insult to injury, the Government rigged the rules, so that the Department, which stuffed up so badly, can't be prosecuted. No money-back guarantee on lawyer's fees, even though you did nothing wrong!

*(Correction - 3/6/09 - one zero too many; still a lot of money for 0).

I find this a most hypocritical stance by the Government: They have put laws in place, which forbids organisations or individuals to avoid indemnity insurance. A simply a sign - ENTER AT OWN RISK - could do the trick, but is not allowed.

As I understand it, a tourist attraction, such as the Picci Ricci Railway, is forbidden by law to simply place a sign: You are boarding this train at your own risk. It would save them over $ 100 000 a year in insurance premium. (They once had to close the train, because they could not afford the insurance, even though in 29 years nobody had ever claimed against them).

Yet the Government Department, who blundered so badly, costing a man his reputation and 1.9 Million Dollars, did not have an insurance to protect the injured party!

The Hon. A. Bressington touched on this point in Parliament (Hansard 23/7/08 - Page 3567), referring to a segment on Today Tonight:


"Also appearing on that program was the head of the special investigations unit form New South Wales, who made comment that the conduct of this unit in the investigation was highly suspicious and almost broke every procedure in place in New South Wales. It was also reported that Mr. Easling has been forced to abandon his claim for compensation as the government has indemnified itself from claims made against it by foster carers - and that, in itself, is a whole other story." (End Hansard)


 (Keep in mind, friends - fosters carers do the government a huge service, saving them millions in institutional care costs!)

If Tom Easling is not receiving compensation, at least his lawyer's fees and an amount for lost wages and suffering - all I can say - HYPOCRITES!


At the present time (May 2009) the local Member of Parliament, Mr. Iain Evans has taken on the case, with great passion, to see justice done. He is regularly and strongly speaking in Parliament on the case, asking questions, and calling for a Royal Commission into the matter. 

In a press release headed: "The Government can't run and hide" on April 27, 09 Mr. Evans, points out that in 8 months, since Mr. Easling's Lawyers have written to the Attorney General, requesting a Royal Commission, the Government has been silent in the matter.

Mr. Evans summarizes the main injustices, which were possible breaches of laws and should be investigated as a matter of priority:


Investigating Officers did not take notes during some interviews.

Some notes that were taken were later shredded.

Interviews which should have been tape recorded were not, or the tape-recorder was only switched on after an hour or more into the interview.

The interview and investigation techniques lead to contamination of evidence and serious concerns of witnesses being coached.

One witness (according to MP Evans in Hansard 15.10.08) refused on two occasions, (8th July and 10th July) five times that abuse had taken place.

Witnesses received gift and benefits.

But the young man was destitute, needed food and rent money and had a gambling debt. So those officers offered to help out with some cash ($ 1200 plus rent money etc.- all Taxpayer's money?) and a gift (a mobile telephone). Now this man talked.

Not all subpoenaed documents were released by the government.

Investigators impersonated police to get access to files (from Mitcham Council - the reason for my phone call to the radio station, see above)

The media were already tipped off about and were present at the 6.30 AM arrest of Mr. Easling at his home. It was already the front page headline of that day's Advertiser. And the innocent man arrested did not even know it yet. 


How daring for a newspaper to publish a front page headline - when the event had not even occurred yet? (Did they pick a Saturday, July 31, 04, because Saturday's paper has the largest circulation? 

It appears to have been a 'trial-by-media' right from the start. The same happened to Mr. Liddy. Unfortunately, he was found guilty, and no parliamentarian, or his local MP, stood up or is standing up for him (even though they all know). 

Not only is the Government silent in these matters. The media to a great deal is too, understandably so.

A further similarity to the Liddy case came out in the Parliament's Hansard. (A gross generalization about Mr. Liddy, had been proclaimed in a TV News item: "The place (the Liddy mansion) was a cesspool of ... the gardener was a homosexual ...!" (Totally unfounded bulldust).

Regarding the Easling case the Minister for Families, the Member for Wright J. Rankine, made a statement, in the Independent Newspaper, which she repeated and stood by, when questioned in Parliament:

 "We had people going into that house (the Easling residence) and finding semi-naked boys in his (Mr. Easling's) bed. (Hansard 27.11.08, Page 1206).

Mr. Evans did what a good politician should do - check the facts. His office researched the case and found not one reference, where semi-naked boys were found in Mr. Easling's bed. The Minister refuses to budge, failing to admit that she possibly repeated a rumour. 

Mr. Evans is calling for her resignation, and wrightly so, if you pardon the pun.


As I suspect had happened in the Liddy case, the media had by virtue of publicizing the arrest, judged both men guilty right from the start. Once a man's name is front page news, under the charge of paedophilia, what chance does such a man have to ever clear his name? But justice is coming - friends, with vengeance! 

I searched for the above press release online, but could not find it; not even a reference to it. Why would the media report their own wrong doing? Whose job is to watch the media? Self-regulation? What's the next joke?

Mr. Evans asks the question, quite rightly so, has there been an offence committed, by leaking the imminent arrest of Mr. Easling to the media.

I ask, could there be any stronger, non-verbal, way of saying: "Look, they got another paedophile", than rolling up with a TV camera-crew, filming the arrest?

The Government has been silent for eight months. From reading the Hansard, I understand pressure has been put on Mr. Evans, to back away from the case! Corruption in all it's gory!

People of South Australia - the injustices that have occurred, and are happening as I write, must be dealt with. Corruption and bullying only get worse, if good men don't speak up and do nothing.

Ask any German, who witnessed the corruption in their country around 1936 - if you pledged you allegiance, with a raised right hand, shouting 'Heil Hitler' and keeping your mind and your mouth shut, you could go a long way. The newspapers painted a rather different picture of Utopia.


- - - - - - -

Candy Road, Reynella - Amusing location for this road name. The turn left arrow points to the cemetery.

 The day after taking this photo I studied the Liddy transcripts in the Victoria Square Court Complex. On page 1174 I read that one of Peter's alleged victims had lived in Candy Road, Reynella.

Nearby, after taking the photo, I found on the ground a lavender coloured balloon (what was left of it) and a rather big padlock, no key). The chapter I had just uploaded (Ch. 22) showed a padlock and key.

I chatted briefly with a gentlemen, Rob M. who was just getting into his vehicle in the church car park. (There would be another Rob to chat with, within two hours). 

(The full story of my 3/5 walk to follow).


- - - - - - - -


On the day of writing this (Chapter 24) I woke at 4.48 am. Despite having had less than five hours sleep I felt wide awake. During the few moments of watching the Today Show (from the NBC, USA) I picked up the code - 10 L IT. 

Two towns were shown, one after another: Toledo OH, Skokie IL. (Clue H = IT).

After googling the zip codes of these two places, I arrived at this: 43601 + 60076 = 103677.

 You notice the digits 3016 in two of these numbers. If we ignored 3016 we are left with 4 (X) 77 = 308

 3 (X) 8 = 24.

Any advanced code-breaker may want to arrive at 240 304 - I'm all 4 IT.

Maybe, I should have counted sHeep, instead of rising from my sLeep?

 - - - - - - -



My main search at the courts on Victoria Square Adelaide, on 4.5.09, was to establish, if the Advertiser journalist had reported correctly, what had taken place on 14.5.01 (Ah, exactly 10* years and 1 week from today). During my earlier study of the transcripts I recalled that the alleged bribe money ($ 5000) to one of Peter Liddy's victims, was paid in two sums, not in one envelope, as reported in the Advertiser on 15.5.01.

*(Correction - please read: 8 years and 1 week)

In my files I have an entry of the Liddy transcripts, where the alleged victim was asked, after receiving the first amount of money: "Are you sure of the purpose of the $ 3000 paid to you by Mr. Liddy?" The one-envelope story did not add up. 

In the bigger picture of things, my investigation is to establish, if an incompetent journalist, and/or investigating officers, simply stuffed up, or were desperate to come up with (child abuse) offenders to justify their existence - or indeed, if a conspiracy of a deeper nature (trafficking of narcotics by corrupt officials) lay behind the Liddy case! Remember - the magistrate had put plenty of those behind bars!

As soon as the Administration Officers passed me a bundle of fresh, white (DIN A4) papers (the Liddy file of 14/5/01, pages 1133 - 1240) I sensed something was wrong. I asked: "Are these the original pages of the transcript?" 

The officer at first said that they were. I said, showing him small circles on the clean white sheets: "This looks like the imprints of the holes to file the pages. He was not so sure then, if the documents were really the original transcripts. Of course, he was only doing his job as court administration clerk. 

Before reading one word of the 108 pages I asked myself: "If I am not reading from the original court transcripts, of which (I was told) only one copy exists, how can I prove my point?

Surely, I would find this a fraud extra-ordinaire, if the part of the transcript I was interested in, was not* re-written to hide the truth? Then again, did I not speak of corruption in high places - ten years ago?

*Correction 27/5/09 delete - not! (How strange - a few moments ago I corrected (insert the word ...not ... ) at the beginning of the paragraph. Here the word not needs deleting to make sense!


I spent a total of 2 1/2 hours sitting on the desk, near the court's public counter. Much of what I read in the transcript I knew already. When I came to a street name - Candy Road, Reynella - I was reminded, that I travelled this road only the day before, by sheer fluke.

Why would I have written, years ago, the following specific details, after spending hours researching the Liddy transcripts, if they were not fact?


Extract from my Book 5, Chapter 13:

P. 1211:  In return for the favour (the statement telling the truth) PL agreed to give money to D. so he could buy his girlfriend of 9 years an engagement ring. D. was planning to propose to her. D. took $3000 on Wednesday (or Tue?), but demanded another $ 2000 to be paid on the Friday. Between the two days, he had changed his mind about proposing to his girl, instead spent the money on other things. Admitted spending a lot on beer.


How could I be mistaken, writing these details (from page No. 1211, which covered May 14, 01) had I not read them in the transcript? Just writing this I am convinced that I am not mistaken*. The original transcript for that day included that money was paid on two separate occasions, which the newspaper should have correctly reported. 

*If the newspaper article had referred to another court day, one I may not have read in the transcript, I could have been mistaken. Had I originally taken note of the trial date 14.5.01, not merely P. 1211, I would not have needed to request the transcripts again. 

The only logical conclusion now is - the above proves I am not mistaken! 

Either I am in error or what was offered to me to read on May 4th, or  the documents I was given to read were photocopies that had been altered. This would be nothing short of fraud to pervert the course of justice!


One comment on page 1179, made by the alleged victim, who was offered the bribe money,  did not make sense. Mr. Liddy, at that point the very wealthy friend of this young man, offered to give him $ 5000 to get married. Yet this young man claims in court that Mr. Liddy had said on handing over the cash: "Don't bank the money all at once, it may look suspicious!"

The conversation, (as I read it in the transcript) started with Mr. Liddy suggestion to the young man he should marry his girlfriend of nine years. The young man indicated that the lack of money was the obstacle. Generous Mr. Liddy took this as the catalyst to offer the money.

I ask: "Why would Peter say to the young man to not bank the money all at once? Anybody questioning, why so much money came to him at once, would receive the logical explanation: "A millionaire friend, one I have known since I was a child, gave it to me as a gift to get married".


Mr. Liddy appeared in court a few times in 2009. Since August 2008 fresh, alleged child-abuse charges (going back to 1969 !) had been laid against him. When I was in court at the end of February 09, the matter was dealt with in a few minutes - nothing moved, since no psycho-analytical report had been produced.

During the following hearing on April 27th, Peter Liddy dismissed his lawyer. On May 11th 09 Peter again went to court. Unfortunately, I was in Melbourne at the time (the story next chapter). 

From what I learned since, a lawyer by the name of Blair McDonough had represented Peter. The previous one was called Chris McDonough. This had me confused. I emailed a lawyer in Gippsland (Victoria) by that name (Blair McDonough) but he was not it. (If it was the same lawyer, whose middle initial is B, how could he then have dismissed him on April 27?) 

More confusing however, or should I say, it would fit the picture of Peter's innocence, is the fact that Peter Liddy will not have to face the fresh charges. I ask, why not? Perhaps, if found innocent on the second round, the verdict of the first round would be questioned?

Here is how the ABC Broadcaster's website reported the 11/5/09 court appearance:


"A lawyer for former magistrate Peter Liddy has told the District Court in Adelaide his client could be mentally unfit to stand trial on child sex charges.

Liddy, 65, is facing 10 charges for alleged offences between 1969 and 1983, including three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a boy under 12.

His lawyer Blair McDonough told the court a doctor's report supported an application that Liddy be found unfit for trial.

The matter will be discussed in a closed hearing later in the month."


Whatever happened to this?

(Extract from ABC website - dated 23/2/09)

DISGRACED magistrate Peter Liddy is considering an appeal against his pedophile convictions because of "fresh evidence", the District Court has heard.

It's (based on) fresh evidence, matters that were disclosed to Liddy a fortnight ago," he said.

"It would be appropriate, in those circumstances, that this hearing be deferred until that matter has concluded because the police officers involved in (the previous) matter would also be relevant to the current matters."



Just what does it mean: Unfit for trial? Or is it that if one is deemed unfit for a trial, one is unfit to lodge an appeal for a previous conviction? And what is, and where is, that fresh evidence?  

I know from regular contact with Mr. Liddy's mother, Peter Liddy is not sick. He is not drugged, as one journalist, without any supporting evidence, once tried to tell me.

When I informed this professional, senior journalist that Mr. Liddy was not taking any medication, not even a headache tablet, I spoke with written evidence to back up my claim - a letter from Peter Liddy himself. 

Wouldn't journalists be better of reporting facts and not assumptions, researched detail, not hear-say and/or resist the temptation to put their own spin into their writing? 

When they do so to reflect a public outcry - we all hate paedophiles - it still is not right, if the facts are not true.

Unfit for trial - Ha! Of course, it would be an ordeal for any innocent man to go through a trial, where criminals make up sex-abuse, which allegedly happened 40 years ago!

But, I suspect that perhaps those who stuffed up in the Easling case, those who were instrumental in putting Peter into jail, are less sure of their facts now, than they were before the Easling fiasco?

A closed hearing - Ha! Why suddenly secrecy? So a supporter can't attend the closed hearing, and tell the truth about it in his blog?

In a way I wish, the new case would proceed. If it were proven that the 1969-83 charges were false, perhaps the incredible claims about the 1984-87 alleged abuse would be cast into doubt,  and re-opened under cross examination? 

Truth has a habit of surfacing, again and again, even when the weight of lies wants to suppress it!

How I wished a Member of Parliament would stand up for Peter, as Iain Evans does for Tom Easling. At least Tom is a free man. Peter has another 17 years to sit in his small, grey prison cell.

How many Peter and Toms are there in South Australia, in Australia, in the world?

- - - - - - -


Left: Car sticker in church car park - Bling it on! 

On 3/5 I went to church in Adelaide's South, almost an hour's drive away. I parked behind this Mazda 121. Later in church a young lady (Miss Bling, perhaps) read Psalm 121 - Oh, the Wonder of it all, loved it!

Right: Driving around the suburb of Aberfoyle Park I saw a sign - garage sale. I turned off, stopped my car to look up the address in the street directory. It was reference Grid B 16, Map 216. 

Then I noticed this vehicle - PAXTON (Peace on Cross, onga - go on?) The rego No. 930 complimented 16 rather well. The garage sale had finished, but I had the distinct feeling to having arrived at the right place, one of many that day!


Friends, among the many stories I could be telling, let me take you away for a day. On May third (3/5, which fits well into Chapter 24, if 1 sees it that way) I spent the day driving, cycling and walking in Adelaide's South. 

It was a Sunday. I had been visiting various churches, since leaving the small church in Salisbury, East, where I had played the trumpet on many Sundays since July 06.

Without making a long story - the reason for leaving was not that I was upset at what somebody had said (and the way she said it). This was, however, a signal to move on, to be free to visit other churches, of which there have been many, where I felt this is where I was meant to be at that time.

As happened on Sunday 3/5 (the day I am reporting here) on Sunday 22/3 I felt also led, out of the blue, to attend Bethany Church in Adelaide City. To my surprise Alan Meyer, a well-known Pastor and author, was guest speaker. He must love the Da Ninci code. One of his books is titled: from Good Man to Valiant Man (V AL NT A1).

In the car park of another church, on April 5, just after the number 272 sprung to prominence, I saw a parked vehicle, Queensland registration plate, DFL 272.   


Therefore, my prayer had been on Sundays: "Where do you want me to go to church today, Lord? That morning it came to me, since I had written rather negatively about the Uniting Church in a chapter just prior (Ch. 22) I should attend a service at a Uniting Church. There is a small church around the corner, five minutes walk away. It is a Uniting Church. 

Not entirely happy with my choice, I googled all listings of Uniting Churches in Adelaide. Interesting, I thought, as I saw Aberfoyle Park listed as No.1 and Alford (Postcode 5555) as No. 7. 

Aha, did I not attend Aberfoyle Park Uniting Church on 1/7 in 2007 (Book 6, Chapter 10). Why walk 5 minutes to church, when you can drive an hour?

I was right on time for the beginning of the service at 10.45 AM (Had I chosen to attend the church around the corner, guaranteed, I would have arrived late). 

My weird wired brain cells, in conjunction with my hawk-eye, noticed a street name. Just before my destination I had read Meg Ct as gem backwards. But this is not why I'm writing it here. 

The weird link came right at the beginning of the church service. The young man, who got up to lead the singing introduced himself as Ryan. I had written a tale (a fan tale) which led me to Meg Ryan (Book 4, Chapter 32). 

On the far right facing the platform I saw a familiar face. Crowned by a bald head, the male middle-aged man looked a split image of David Koch (note cook = Koch in German), who is the well-known host of Channel Seven's Sunrise TV Show. 

Later in the service, a few youth gave a report about their awesome, heaps cool, experiences at their recent Easter Camp. The first guy to tell his story was Jeremy, the Cook. He had a few late registrations to deal with and received extra help from above to miraculously feed 220 hungry campers!

(*We will cross paths with the name cook again in a moment)

It was refreshing to see a suburban church, filled with enthusiastic, young people praising God. According to the young lady leading this segment (Miss Bling?), around 170 gathered every Friday night and have a great time.  

Isn't this what Australia (and the UK, and America and all nations) needs - young people eager to learn and live life God's way? It would change the world in one generation! IT will happen.  


Sign - Sunnymeade Drive

Uniting Church  - Catholic Church

  In my writing a few days earlier (Chapter 22) I had been rather critical of two churches, the Uniting Church and the Catholic Church. 

The district (Aberfoyle Park) featured right back in my Book 1, Chapter 43. Two 17 year-old, young men were killed in a road crash on 22.8.2002 on nearby Homestead Drive.

- - - - - - -


Soon after church, driving toward the coast, I was interrupted by the garage sale sign, which led me to the Paxton Zebra car, shown above. Not long after I took the photo of the Candy Road sign, next to the cemetery, shown above.

It was now early afternoon on this lovely autumn Sunday. Too nice, too early to go home. I decided to drive a few kilometres to the seaside, park the Suzuki and cycle to Noarlunga to knock on a door. Much happened along the way.

Driving west on Sheriff's Road I suddenly spotted the name Acre Ave. Funny name, I thought -  race, care* ...

*I find this amusing - listening to Cruise 1323, as I edit (24/5/09 - 2.53 PM - the song playing was: "I don't *care what they say, I'm gonna be with you ...

It was AKON, the album 'Freedom'. (Love it). 

...the letters I saw were C ARE. 

Normally, I would be amused by such letters, nothing else. But that afternoon I recalled something else, which made me turn the car around and follow Acre Ave.

That morning during the 6 am religious program on Channel Nine, the pastor quoted 1. Corinthians " this we are confident. Hear this .. we ARE ..."

The way the preacher, I know the gentleman personally, paused and put a slight smile on his face, as he spoke the word are, made me remember it that afternoon on Sherrifs Road.

(In my Book 5, Chapter 12 the three-letter word are, how could I ever forget, played the central role).


A green sign on the Acre Ave turnoff indicated 'Wakefield House'. This sounded like a community building, where I could park my car and continue to the beach on my bicycle. It was. But the car park was occupied. A function was taking place. 

A mature-aged gentleman, dressed in a suit, told me that a meeting by the Christadelphian Church was under way. He indicated that the gates to the car park may be closed later in the afternoon. So I parked the Suzuki on Acre Ave instead (note the name).

The quickest way south was via Route A 15. The four-lane divided road runs along the now closed Lonsdale Oil Refinery. It is called Dyson Road. (From Candy to Dyson - are those names in honour of somebody!

In the emergency lane I saw an envelope on the roadway. It looked like a letter, which had never been opened. I stopped, cycled back and had a look. It was. Here is a scan:  


Letter to Donna ... Acre Ave, Morphett Vale SA 5162

I had just parked about 5 kilometres away in Acre Ave. Now I held in my hand a letter for an address in Acre Ave.

The  Australia Post 55c stamp depicts a building from T.he rocks, Sydney. Got the point? Love it. (Note the 5 2 1 beside the stamp). 

The letter looked like it had been sent from a business, but no name was given. The only clue was the sender's address, a very Da Ninci number, plus 1.

But it was the sender's street name, a major road in the suburb of Blackwood, which made me decide, during the course of the afternoon, to detour via Blackwood. I made some interesting discoveries - read on.


I had a lot to think about as I cycled through O'Sullivan's Beach. For the first time I discovered the cute little boat harbour, just over the hill from the football ground. Back over the hill, I spent two or three minutes watching two ladies teams kicking a round ball. Just then one team scored. 

My path took me back up Galloway Road, past the bus stop, where a girl had claimed she had been abducted from one Sunday morning. Later it turned out, she had made up the story. (Book 4, Chapter 1).

Next I cycled through the intersection David and Davis Streets, past the house with the million Dollar view, called Seaspray and up the hill, where the J-shaped house stands, which Peter Liddy once owned.

As I raced down the hill and through busy Port Noarlunga I saw people out, enjoying the sunshine, eating their lunch outdoors or on the beach. It was tempting to stop and relax, but I was on a mission. 

I continued to an address, where I wanted to talk to a person. I had found the surname and address in the phonebook. I guessed it may be a relative of Jonathan, the person who first told stories to police about my friend in jail.

(Later Jonathan's mother told me, she thinks her son was just an onlooker. So much didn't add up in the case, it kept my passion for justice burning as deep as ever).

The address, which I found in the phone book, amused me. The person concerned (possibly) had lived in *Brandon Street, Marino, but no longer was listed there.

How does this extract from Chapter 1 fit into here, writing about Sunday 3.5?

"I had no idea at the time that the only other listing with the same surname as Mrs. C. is in Brandon Street. I had seen a registration plate in Brandon Street at the time: WHY 3 & 5."  (End extract).


The street address of the person now was, possibly, 10 ... Ave. Not knowing who I was to meet I knocked on the door of the small, brick and tile house. It looked like older people lived there, an aunt or uncle of Jonathan, perhaps? But there was no answer at the door. I tried a few times, because I thought I had heard footsteps after my first knock. 

Looking around the small front garden, while waiting I noticed a few garden gnomes had fallen over. I put them back on their feet. While doing so I saw a piece of square blue, blank paper. Curious, I turned it over. In blue ink it had $ 20 written on it. Next I saw a whole bundle of blue play money:


Play money $ 20, 50, 100.

 When I arrived home that evening, here is where I see a supernatural hand in it all - somebody had turned over the Joyful News calendar to May 09 (read on).


Stop Press: This is amazing friends - I had moments before this writing, on Saturday 23/5 send my first ever email (to the best of my knowledge) to SBS TV referring to their Italian News. Eating breakfast, not understanding much Italian, I had seen an man in Navy Uniform being interviewed. I had a strange sensation, even before his name flashed onto the screen, it would be something remarkable - Paolo La Rosa. 

I sent a fun-email saying, a military man should be called Mr. Shark, or Mr. Eagle or Mr. Lion, not La Rosa. (Just now I realize, the chapter I was about to refer to, is called La Rose D'Alsace (Book 6, Ch. 10).

In the Chapter I took a detour from Alsace, France to ... Aberfoyle Park, the same church you were just reading about. 

Not only that, I had scanned a picture of a calendar, because the scripture, Eph. 1.7. matched the date 1.7.

Just now, I was about to scan the Joyful News Calendar, May 09, when I realized, how it all worked out.


Joyful News Calendar, May 09

There is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. (1.Tim. 2,5).

Not only did I notice the 1 2 5; most amazing, in perfect timing, the calendar depicts a ... Rose.

To the best of my knowledge, this is only the second time I had referred to this calendar, sent by a faithful servant of God, who spreads God's word around Australia in a unique way.

On both occasions I had been on a journey, visiting the Aberfoyle Park Church.

Stop Press (one hair-cut later): Hours after scanning above picture I went for a hair-cut at my regular hairdresser. By the gate, I spotted a lovely, big rose of the same colour as the one shown above.

- - - - - - -


More 1 2 5 - fast forward to the next chapter (God willing). The date is May 12th, 09!

My Suzuki and I were travelling back from Melbourne to Adelaide. It was already my third Melbourne trip in 09, so I decided to travel home via Castlemaine, staying for one night. This route led me to Maryborough and, quite inexplicably, to St. Arnaud. Let me explain.

Whatever made me do it, I do not know. I had not planned it that way, but despite being a considerable detour, just after the St Arnaud turn-off, an impulse made me turn back and drive via St Arnaud. It was now mid afternoon. I was still hundreds of kilometres from Adelaide.

Looking at the map, my way to Horsham would lead me through a place called Murtoa. Interesting, I thought.

Let me explain, why. On the back on my Suzuki all that was left of my old toastmaster bumper sticker were the letters toa. Murtoa minus toa = Mur.

Next came a numbers twist, one I can't explain rationally. After St Arnaud I was arguing with myself, should I or should I not take a photo of any Murtoa town sign with my toa in it?

At first I thought, how silly this game of letters and numbers had become. But then, taking a photo, even if it's nothing or silly, doesn't do any harm - there was no wife or son beside to question my sanity and mock me, as happens regularly when I see things.  

On the approach to the small town in the Wimmera, I made a bargain with myself: If I can easily pull over and take a picture of my toa and Murtoa, I will.

So it was. There was a drain between the road and the place were the sign stood. But it was easily negotiable in the Suzuki. Here is a scan of the photo I took; my Suzuki on the right:


Welcome to Murtoa - Lakeside Town, population 1000.

Of course, the town starting with M - has a population of M = 1000. Immediately after taking the picture I saw more numbers:

There was a Lions Club sign - the big L with the District No. underneath - V 2. Aha, here was a 2 and a 5. The number of the population, provided the 1 - voila, the date - 12.5.

But there was more. I distinctly recall seeing a lizard, the remains with its dried-out skin, laying underneath the sign. Later, Mr. Google informed me - Murtoa means Lizard. 


I had too much to think about at that point to stop again, to play tourist at this pretty lakeside town. (I think the lake had dried up). Like in many places, I could have stopped and taken dozens of photos of country Victoria, displaying the glorious colours of autumn.

A few minutes west of the town came another surprise. For some strange reason, still thinking about the numbers 125 in the photo I had just taken, a friend of mine came to my mind: Oh, today is his birthday! The man, a friend from my early youth, who visited us a few times here in Australia, has the surname Jung.

Now look at the photo I took a few minutes drive out of Murtoa, on my way to Horsham:


Turn-off to Jung 2 - en route from St Arnaud to Horsham.

Picture Size: Height 186.4 (fluke - read it below).

It nearly blew me over, the turn-off to Jung, after thinking about Mr. Jung, who had his birthday that day - thousands of miles away.

Total fluke - Chapter 24 - on the B240 en route to - Who's home?

I did not alter the photo, except resize the original scan, height 233. Reduced by 80 % it came out as 186.4, a winning number.

Why is that a winning number? If you read the little story at the end of Chapter 1 of Book 6, you will notice that my weight at that time had been exactly 68.4 kg. So what, I hear you think?

In Book 1, Ch.6 I had tried to make a friend understand that I think God was speaking to people in a town in Australia, postcode 4860, to express HIS displeasure at the abortion pill RU 486 ...

The lady I had talked to at the time (in 2007 in Germany) was none other than Mrs. JUNG*, the wife of my birthday friend.

* (Translated it means young - The name Young, God willing, will play a role in the next (Melbourne trip) Chapter.

- - - - - - -


(Back to Port Noarlunga, South Australia 3/5/09)

With my newfound wealth, $ 170 of play money in my pocket, I cycled back toward my car. This took me via Goldsmith Drive, another famous location, where another possible faked crime occurred, by a perpetrator wearing a white beanie.

This time I noticed a boy crossing the road to attend the football match under way at the Oval. He wore a red football jersey, No. 5 with the name Cook, in large letters.

At the big M (McDonald's) I ate a chicken wrap for lunch. Later I chatted with a driving instructor, who was just getting into his vehicle. His name was Rob. I was reminded that only two hours earlier I had chatted with a gentlemen, called Rob, near the cemetery in the first picture above.

Just before reaching my vehicle again, parked in Acre Ave, I spotted a registration plate B ...369. Behind it, quite conspicuously on the roadway, lay a discarded (10c refund) carton. I picked it up, more out of curiosity than my love for clean streets, or ...coins, the secret weapon to beat the financial crisis ...! (Read on). 

The use-by date was interesting - 14/5. This was the date (2001) in the Liddy files, I had requested to view, which I had planned to do the very next day. Note the campaign the company ran at the time:    


Golden Junk cartons - worth 10 cent each.



I just noticed the word Pass - without giving an address away, it fits right into the bigger picture of this chapter...

Searching my diary I can't find where I found the other carton, use-by date 5 days earlier 09 May. (I scanned them together, after arriving home).

- - - - - - -


Back in the car, I had just turned left, out of Acre Ave, to drive back home via the nearby Expressway. My mind was ready to let it all out with my pen into my diary. The day, however, around 4 pm wasn't over yet. On turning out of Acre Ave, on my right in the distance, I spotted a person wearing the distinct colours of the Surf Life Saving Association. Silly, but it made me turn around and drive east, instead of west. 

Where do you want me to go, Lord, was my silent prayer. A picture flashed through my mind - the car park of the Edge Church in Reynella. I had only been there two or three times, but knew the Minister Danny G. from years earlier. I didn't know what or who to expect there, only that this was the place to go.

I parked on Old South Road in Old Reynella, a lovely, old township. I always had wanted to stop and stroll around this nice spot, rather than just cruise by, usually on the way to or from Victor Harbor. It was a lovely, sunny afternoon. Here was my chance for my desired walk, just a short stroll to the Edge Church. 

Walking south on Old South Road, past the Garden Centre, and Vine Street I came to Corn St. Near the Mary Bywater Kindergarten I saw on the ground a blue piece of paper, much smaller, but the same colour, and similar shape to my play money. I picked it up. It was totally blank? Still I put it into my pocket, you never know ...

At the oval another football match was under way. Walking by I only saw that one team was called Tigers.

To reach the Edge Church I exited at the far end of the oval, aptly named Oval Street. The registration plate of a parked vehicle made me realize it held that day's date ... 530. Another vehicle exited the Edge Church car park, registration plate ...486.

What came next, I have no explanation for, except I was lead by the Spirit, the ONE I pray to constantly.

The Edge Church is one of those modern, large congregations, who converted a shopping centre into their church facility. The sloping car park, my guess, would hold a few hundred cars. That afternoon, I only noticed one, parked in front of the huge supermarket cum House of God. It was surprisingly quiet.

In my mind I was no sure, why this remote guide inside me brought me here. I simply prayed quietly and walked up to the only vehicle in sight (there may have been one other further up?)

For a moment I thought, perhaps I came here to pick up a five cent coin? A silly thought but, friends, I tell it as it was. Walking back in the direction of my parked Suzuki, still in the Edge Church car park, I suddenly looked on the ground and saw not only a 5 cent coin, but a 10 cent coin right beside it. That's right, 15 cent on 3.5!

Readers may recall, how on 5/3 some years earlier, by sheer fluke I had picked up 35 cents near our house, riding my bike around the district.

35 + 15 = L. (Aha - the significance just struck me - donate the money to the Lions Club. Would make sense - recently I felt led to donate 5 cents to the V.incent Society... (just joking). 

- - - - - - -


Talking about the big L and V...

On the morning of publishing this chapter I happened to watch TV, while eating breakfast*. Within minutes I may have cracked a code. 

The presenter said: "Our next guest is the funniest man in Hollywood. He is here in Australia and will be in our studio ...

Next I was looking at pictures showing none other than Steve Martin. Wow, I thought, Steve Martin in their studio? Slowly, however, during the segment another name and face came up, Martin Short. For a moment I was confused as to who their guest would be. It was Martin Short. 

How, I don't know, only that it was so. Either it's nothing or magic; take your pick. For a few seconds my mind went into play-mode. I disregarded the common denominator Martin, which left me with ...

Steve / Short minus S T = EVEHOR = HOER + VE

HOER = hear in German. (I hear) VE = V5 = 55 = LV = Love it!

- - - - - - -


*Am I paranoid or what? The second I typed breakfast, on radio Cruise 1323 the word breakfast (show) was spoken. 

Now, minutes after having typed the above incident at the Edge Church car park, a song on the radio played ... about a parking lot! (At 6.06 PM) 

(Mr. Google knows it all: Joni Mitchell sings: "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot!")

Stop Press: Now that is again amazing! The pastor at the Edge Church used to be the song leader at the Paradise Church (I was playing the trumpet, that's how I know him). They indeed built a big church in the Adelaide suburb of Paradise, and paved the area around it for a huge parking lot! 

Must check it out for coins!


- - - - - - -


Coins in back-cover of my diary: 

Top left: $ 2.20 (outside Gepps Cross Drive-In Theatre)

Bottom left: 5 cent at Adelaide Markets on 1.5.09.

Right: 15 cents at Edge Church, Reynella, 3/5/09. 

It ALL adds up - $ 2.40 in Chapter 24!

- - - - - - -


The little drawing above the 15 cent on the right is to indicate what happened next. Had somebody indeed played a game and left 15 cents, I wanted to leave a clue, as to what happened to the coins. 

I took out the little blue piece of paper I had found, only minutes earlier near the Kindergarten. I ripped it five times on one side, and 10 times at the other. I placed it carefully at the spot where I had found the coins. A piece of wood, placed on top, would ensure it would not blow away.

The letter I found on the A15 was still in my pocket. It had been sent from No. 352 Shepherd's Hill Road. That's where I headed for next. Perhaps there was something I had to uncover at that address.  Driving through the beautiful foothills of Adelaide's suburbs took about 20 minutes or so to reach Blackwood. 

Without knowing where No. 352 was I parked only a few houses away, beside the supermarket. As soon as I saw the name of the business premises - Reflections - I knew it referred to the 23 reflections I had seen and photographed on 23.1 (see Chapter 21).

It all slowly unravelled in my mind, as I strolled around the shopping precinct of Blackwood. It brought back memories of an earlier excursion in my journey. In Book 2, Chapter 34 I had travelled a considerable distance only to arrive at 'I'VE BEEN FRAMED'. 

Just up the road lived, and still lives Mr. Easling, the subject matter of the first part of this chapter. 

But something else I discovered, and took a photo of, while strolling around Blackwood that Sunday. The name of the Minister was shown on the sign outside the church - Rev. Ian Hunter. It was the same name, but a different man to the MP, who suggested that prayers is Parliament are a waste of time and should be abolished. Doesn't God have a peculiar sense of humour?  


Left: Just before leaving Old Reynella, a photo of the numbers - 3 5 1(0), plus 1(00), after all my next destination was No. 352. 

        Right: Sign outside Blackwood Uniting Church. It was D-Week and UNDAY.

Mr. Hunter's mobile phone starts with the same digits as mine 0414, except his has a 9 in it.

Adult Art? In a church?  No - Adult Art Classes!

It so happened that just prior to taking the photo I saw a large banner advertising a meeting in this church for 21.5.09. This was two days before this writing, the day I started this chapter. 

On the way to this meeting (the subject was the Financial Crisis (which I refuse to participate in) Peter Goers on his radio show gave the children's quiz. 

The same moment he asked a boy the question: What is the 7th letter of the alphabet, I passed a stationary vehicle, lights on, a driver at the wheel.  The yellow, personal number plate read - M...R..007.

It was at the bottom of Old Belair Road, by the Cemetery. (Well timed, Peter and James Bond). 

- - - - - - -


One final piece of news, just before returning home from Blackwood. As I turned the corner from Shepherd's Hill into Main Road, Blackwood a familiar face greeted me: Hi mate! He wasn't really my mate, but I knew the gentleman. He appears regularly on our TV screens. (Just moments before this writing, during the TV News I saw him. His initials - CC).

That evening, back in our Para Hills residence, I wrote it all down. My wife was watching the 51st Logie awards, which are like the Oscars, but for Australian television performers. It was a long night. But then, I had a lot to write about. 

It happened three times. What I mean is on three occasions, as I was writing a word into my diary, they were spoken on the TV screen.

It still puzzles me, and has done so, ever since I had typed the words 'supernatural powers' into the keyboard, and moments later they were spoken on radio EBI FM. If this was a normal thing, considering that I have written diary for over 40 years, why have I not noticed these phenomena before?

During the Logie's broadcast that Sunday evening 3/5/09 a gentleman mispronounced the word hunger. He said Hunder before correcting himself. Just then I was writing about Mr. Hunter. The second incident was the word people (this was during a brief switch to another channel).  

The final oc-incident of this nature was when Rove McManus, the host for the night, introduced the winner of the Logie for Outstanding Actess - Kat Stewart. Just at that moment I had written the word cat into my diary.

The very next day, Monday, I spent some time sorting the dozens of photos I had taken over the past year or so. I went and bought a couple of albums. Here is what I bought:


Reflections. I noticed the brand name only after I had taken my purchase home.



96  [23X4]+4 - pockets for 4" x 6" (10x15 cm) photos.


As I reflect what is happening, my amazingly timed walks, the strange connection that come to my brain, the things I see in my everyday surroundings, I marvel at HIS greatness.

At times I feel ALL of IT is growing to the point of overwhelming my capacity to cope. In those moments I look away from my frail self and draw strength from HIS word:


"We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance". (Romans 5, 3).

- - - - - - -

"...let us hold fast to our confession" (Hebrews 4, 14).

- - - - - - -

"Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD? Or who may stand in His holy place?

He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his soul to an idol, nor sworn deceitfully.

He shall receive blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation."

(Psalm 24, 3-5)

- - - - - - -


Chapter 25