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Later in this chapter we conclude the Tasmania/VIC Jan. 09 journey.


22.  ANZAC two-up & 7

"I must not make every number a story", I wrote into my diary on Thursday 23/4/09. Two days later would be Anzac Day, when Australia remembers its war heroes. In my calendar Anzac Day 1999 marks the beginning of my eventful, supernatural journey, ten years ago. 

As I wrote the word story into my diary it came out of the TV at the very same second. An Australian actor Shane Jacobson, also known as Kenny, spoke the word story on Channel Seven's Morning Show. 

Normally a female presenter, Kylie, hosts the show with TV personality Larry. That week Larry was replaced, each day, with a male celebrity. Kenny was it on Friday 24th, the day the word story popped up. It started the following chain reaction:

Seconds after the word story took my attention so abruptly, I recalled a mistake, an unintentional misspelling, in my previous chapter 21. No doubt, readers noticed it. In the poem of Mary and Max, which I wrote in about an hour, I forgot a y in the last line - storm seas. 

But God can use a mistake, as I have experienced many times, to turn situations around and create something good. The reason I say God turns things around, I don't class myself smart enough to invent the magic, or plan what HE keeps coming up with.

And how could I have manipulated, days later, the misspelled word story to be spoken on TV at the same second I wrote it into my diary? Any doubter would have to call me a liar!

God was at work that morning. I typed up what had taken place and emailed it to the TV program, while it was still on air. It think this was my first ever email to this show:


Email to Channel Seven, Morning Show - 24/4/09

Subject:   My Storm Story

Hi all,

There are only two letters (the word my) between storm and story. Recently I made up a poem and in my haste I made a mistake in the last word - storm. Instead of stormy (stormy seas) I just wrote storm (like Larry).

About 1/2 hour ago I was writing my journal when during the susan (sorry Susan) Boyle subject, Shane J. spoke the word story, when at the same second I was writing it into my diary. IT still happens.


Two points before I print the second part of the email: One, the reason I wrote susan with a small first letter, on the shows website the word subject was spelled in small letters, which was inconsistent with all other headers.

Two, I suddenly remembered during typing that years ago I had an encounter with a prostitute ... in the gallery of Adelaide's Parliament House. The lady's name was Stormy (Summers). Here is an extract of Book 1, Chapter 41:

The Sunday following our victory we sang the hymn: “My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus blood and righteousness… Verse two says: “When darkness seems to veil his face, I rest on his unchanging grace; in every high and stormy gale, my anchor holds…”

(End extract).  

Therefore, my email continued with the word Hey:

Hey, I just thought about something - this morning in Ezekiel 23 I read about the two prostitutes. It came to me - I have written about an encounter with one - named Stormy Summers - in the gallery of Adelaide's Parliament House.

Kind regards from rainy Adelaide

Dieter Fischer

PS  Amazing what comes after you just start writing ...


To add to the bizarre nature of all of this, on the morning of writing, 26/4/09, unintentionally, in church I sat next to a lady named Gail, pronounced like gale.

Likewise bizarre, the morning I had send the email I indeed read the R-rated Chapter in the Book of Ezekiel, which describes, without trying to whitewash anything, what the two prostitutes were doing.

As I came to Chapter 24, Verse 2* I read this: "Son of Man, write down the name of the day, this very day..."

Wasn't this the same concept I had applied many times, marking a date as being significant? Had I not over the past ten years written my story just as it was; nothing whitewashed, no barriers? 


*As I wrote this, I clearly recalled, on the morning of writing, only seconds before arriving in church, I saw a man place something into his garbage bin, outside his house. In large letters on the side of his bin I read I the number 242.

The next morning, as I drove to into the city, I spotted a sign on a busy Adelaide suburban road:  'Life without Barriers'. It was at No. 242 ... (Love it).

But there's more - during writing this chapter (22) I received my Bank Statement for my credit card - I owe the bank $ 242.22 ... (Don't love it). 


On Anzac Day morning, Saturday April 25, despite the weather forecast predicting rain, I cycled into Adelaide. It was one of those mornings, where I had lived life to such an extent, my diary filled 3 pages with events up to 9am. 

It was still dark when I left and not raining, yet. Only a few drops bothered me along Bridge Road, Pooraka. I was dry still when I arrived at Kintore Ave, corner North Terrace, where the dawn service was taking place. According to news reports approx. 5000 early risers had gathered for the commemoration service to remember the fallen. 

When I arrived the atmosphere was quite eerie. Five thousand standing in silence, a solo trumpeter playing a simple tune. As the band struck up the National Anthem one could not help the feeling of national pride, with a degree of emotion.

Australians all, let us rejoice for we are young and free.

With golden soil and wealth for toil, our home is gird by sea ...


At this point, caused by the word sea, my mind flew away. I saw a big C = 100. The evening before on Channel Seven News the sports commentator, under the heading - One to watch - gave viewers the name of a racehorse, to try their luck on. 

The way the reporter read the name Ronorik, very fast, I sensed something... But what did I sense? Should I place a bet on this horse? One website named a J. Lyons as the rider of Ronorik. 

I played with the letters instead. Before I had calculated the total value of the  letters (R = 18, O 15 etc. I suspected they might add to 100 - They did. Ronorik = 100 = C. 

The latest: Checking the results for 26.4.09 - Horse No.2 Ronorik came 1st place, according to - S.P. 2.80, Best Fluc 2.80. (I have no idea what SP or Best Fluc means, and saw 228 in it, read on). 


During the Anzac Service an announcement made my antenna go up. How and why, I do not know; only that I heard a minor detail, and it stuck. The speaker had invited guests to take a look at (...something) on the corner of North Terrace and East Terrace.

After the remembrance service I remembered. Instead of cycling straight home, I decided to take a look, what was taking place on the North Tce/East Tce corner. On the way I distinctly recall seeing the large letters 101.5 above a shopfront to my right.

I had seen the premises of Adelaide Radio 101.5 FM before, years ago. That morning a little magic centred around this place. Within a few minutes I arrived at the North Tce/East Tce corner, right opposite the Botanic Gardens gates. I had passed it a hundred times, but only that morning did it register - another war memorial. From a short distance away I could read it was dedicated to the 'Light Horse Brigade'. 

A few people stood beside the tower-like stone structure, about 5 metres in height. Before my two-wheeler named GIANT reached that point, I had to stop about 10 metres away and give-way to a vehicle turning into East Tce. Had I not paused for that brief moment I may not have seen it. On the ground, right where I had stopped, lay a black & white object.

I got off my bicycle to pick it up. It was a clip-on name tab, complete with plastic cover. It was in clean, good condition. According to the name tab the male person who lost it (or placed it...)

Hey, don't they place things onto war memorials on Anzac Day ...? Flowers, why not name tabs? 

Once in church, I was watching everybody placing their offering money into the collection bowl. For a lark I placed my plastic name tab into the bowl instead, thinking, all should place their name tabs into the bowl, plus their offering money.


 ... was a staff member of Adelaide Radio 101.5. The name was interesting. IAN ... with a likewise Da Ninci surname. Moments earlier I had spoken very briefly to Peter Goers of Radio 5AN.  I must have come to the right place - code 15! Without delay I cycled back in a westerly direction to drop my find into the studio of Radio 101.5 FM.

Another find, however, seemed to confirm, something was going on. A tiny brass pad lock, key inserted, lay on the roadway of North Tce. I turned back and picked it up. The brand name METROSEN  didn't ring a bell, but I still loved the Da Ninci version - N Rose Me & T. (Photo below).

After leaving the plastic name tab under the radio station's locked front door I noted the address: No. 228 North Tce, another oc-incident!

Cycling home on O'Connell Street, North Adelaide I recalled a strange series of events earlier that week. It's a long, bizarre story, linked to Channel 9, which was just around the corner. Let me try and give the brief version:


I was cycling north near the busy Gepps Cross intersection, when I saw what looked like a $ 2 coin on the road. I turned back and sure enough, not only a $ 2 coin, but a 20 cent coin near it. (Had I not written a chapter - The 2.10's of Jesus? Considering inflation we could well be up to 2.20 by now). 

Perhaps 2 kilometres further north I had a very close encounter with a huge semi-trailer. I never saw or heard it coming, but suddenly enormous wheels, reaching almost to shoulder-height, loomed beside me. Luckily the truck was not travelling fast, as it was preparing to turn left (not right) onto Montague Road.

There was not much room between the kerb on my left and the truck's wheels. It frightened me a little. Luckily I stayed upright. Later at home I emailed the company, whose name Kelly (mark the name) and registration plate ... 202 I kept in my memory.

The name Kelly led my to 20 Tuck Street, Seven Hills, NSW. The number 202, through a complex link, led to No.7 Second Ave. 

When I looked up this address in an Adelaide Western suburb, I saw the name of a nearby street was Kelly Ave. My inquisitive mind wanted to check out 7 Second Ave. When I did (on my bike) I found next door to No. 7 (at No.9 two vehicles whose registration plates added to 900 or C 9) Are you still following me, or am I pedalling too fast?

The address (No. 7 Second Ave) had originated at Channel Nine, which, working backwards, is situated at 202 Tynte Street. 

Sounds like numbers doing donuts (going round in circles) and they are. If there was a test to be passed somewhere on my round, HE passed again, with flying numbers. 

The chief prosecutor in the trial of Peter Liddy in 2001 had been a lady named Kelly. 

If it's all madness, it's a strange kind of madness. Can we agree on that score? 


The short reflection about this incident earlier that week made me turn into Tynte Street on Anzac Day 09. I cycled toward Wellington Square. Outside No. 202, the studio of Channel 9 I turned back. There was one vehicle parked nearby, a red station wagon, by the TAM company.

Interesting, I thought, the next letter after M in the alphabet is N - TAN International sounded OK too. I made a point of remembering the web address for a little goggling later.  

Pedalling back toward O'Connell Street a small, cylindrical shaped item on the roadway looked like a lipstick. Curiosity made me pick up this golden junk. It was actually a AA Size rechargeable battery by Sanyo.

I picked up a clue, not in the brand Sanyo, but in the brand name on the battery - eneloop. The location, precisely where I had picked up the battery, had in 2001 played a role in the court case of Peter Liddy. That's why it rang a bell. 


eneloop,  AA-size battery ... found in Tynte Street


...and Melrosen padlock and key, found on North Terrace. 

One of Peter Liddy's main accusers* had worked at the Tynte Street post office. Unless my memory fails, the bribe money was exchanged at that place in an envelope?

Correction 6/5/09: It was a young man, Brett F. who had worked at this post office. He was one, who had to continually deny seeing any wrongdoing by Mr. Liddy, after detectives pressured him repeatedly to claim abuse! The money was exchanged at a Surf Shop, where Adam D. had worked.  

Does eneloop not sound much like envelope? 

My recent writing about the Liddy case centres around the bribe money and the envelope ... 

But then again, another possible meaning - elope -ie. run away with a lover? Leaving two letters - no. 

- - - - - - -


To the north I could see dark clouds gathering. It started to rain rather heavily. The best rain Adelaide received in many months fell on Anzac Day 09. Because of the rain I wheeled my bicycle under the shop's verandas along O'Connell Street. Should I still ride home in the rain or phone Is to picked me up, I contemplated? 

At the end of O'Connell Street, waiting for the rain to ease under a shop veranda, I read the shop's business name. It was that of another word whose letters add up to 100 - Attitude. 

Stephen Covey in his Seven Habits for highly successful people wrote about the importance of attitude: Not what comes toward you is what counts, but your reaction to it - the right attitude. 

The bible is filled with heroes of the faith, who with the right attitude - total trust in God - overcame even the worst of circumstances.

(One such modern-day hero comes to mind: Nick Vujicic - no arms, no legs, no worries!- see Chapter 5). 


After waiting 1/4 hour or so, feeling the cold, I mounted my Giant to face the rain and wind. As expected I was soaked to the bone within minutes. In Liberman Road, close to home, the roadway was covered in water, a minor flood. I stopped right outside my friend Jack's house, hoping to clear a blocked drain to ease the flooding.

His neighbour stood outside his house, watching the water rather helplessly. I wheeled my bike closer to chat with the man. That's when I noticed a $ 2 (gold) coin on the ground. It was on the premises of Jack's neighbour, so I handed it to the young man and cycled on.

Just around the corner I remembered to visit another address. This is where the 2, or should I say 22, like the number of this chapter comes into play. From North Terrace's No. 228 I had been to Tynte 202*, then found the $ 2 coin in Liberman Rd.

(*If you think that's not enough, minutes before this editing on the TV News Dominique read today's weather - Adelaide's temperature today 20.2 deg. C).


Before going home to shower and change into dry clothing I needed to visit one address - 22 M.... Road, just around the corner. The gentleman was celebrating his 50 year's weeding anniversary. (He obviously loves gardening, spelled with a big L).

When I finally got under the hot shower, it wasn't yet 9am. I did not forget to google the TAM company later. Via a rather complex surfing and linking process, I may have cracked a code - 486 / 229. It's the date/time of a conference in Canada on 26/4/2009 - 8 am.

If TAM is magic plus 1, so is 229 - it's 228 plus 1.

On final editing, a brief surf revealed the location of their Aberdeen, Scotland, branch, right between Riverside Drive and ... aha, Wellington Rd. Had I not spotted the red TAM vehicle in North Adelaide, right near Wellington Square?

(That's amazing, friends - Had I not done that little extra surf on final editing, this little bit of magic - Wellington Square to Mt. Wellington, below, a pure fluke, may never have come up).

- - - - - - -


Hobart from Mount Wellington - best view in Australia, and you can drive (or cycle) right to the summit!



(Back to Tasmania - January 09)

It was Friday 23/1, the morning I had taken a photo of the 23 reflections on the bedroom wall (See previous chapter). I spent the morning enjoying Hobart as a tourist.

A brief walk around the quaint village of Bellerive led me to the Fort. The magnificent views revealed how pretty Hobart nestles under Mount Wellington, my next destination. I had cycled to the top of this mountain a few times; but not that day. I took the lazy way, the Suzuki. From the summit the city and the Derwent River, with its numerous waterways provide visitors with a million Dollar view. 

There was a reason I didn't take up the challenge to cycle up this mountain. I was to meet old friends for lunch and didn't want to arrive sweaty, windblown and exhausted. 

My friends, Herman and Yvonne, chose an interesting place to take me for lunch - the 'Jam-packed' Cafe. It was located right in the basement of the IXL building, where in by-gone days, jam was manufactured and packed. (Photo previous chapter). 

It was a very thoughtful choice of restaurant. So was the invitation to take me for a brief drive to Blackmans Bay, where they now lived. The address was 2/28 C... Street. We drove there in their red Ford Focus.

I couldn't help noticing a side-road along the way - Talone Rd. I'm glad this road is not spelled with two L and called Drive; otherwise readers may think this tale by DR is a tall one.


Just before returning to Hobart I remembered the day before at Hadspen, in northern Tasmania, I had seen a truck by Coles, Kingston. They are a long way from home, I had thought to myself. 

Since we had to drive right through Kingston, with their consent, we took a brief  stop to shop at Coles Kingston. I never found out, why the red balloons, red T-shirts and a band was playing, or indeed if I was meant to be there. If I was, I was.  

Before leaving Tasmania's capital there was one place I wanted to drop in at - VIP Driving School, on Hobart's Macquarie Street. My career as driving instructor had started with this company in 1980. The gentleman, whose L J Torana I had purchased, my first teaching vehicle, was now the boss. We had an interesting 20 minutes together.


Bowden Street, Glenorchy. We lived next door to the first house on the left from 1975 to 1983.  

Looking from the Bellerive Fort, Victoria Esp. across to Mount Wellington. When not shrouded in cloud the mountain can be seen from just about anywhere in Hobart.

Australia's second oldest capital, after Sydney, rises from the water's edge far up the slopes of their 1270 meter high summit.

At the end of every year the pretty Derwent River takes centre stage, being the finishing line for a world famous yacht race. The Sydney to Hobart starts every Boxing Day in Sydney's equally beautiful harbour, and ends at Hobart's Constitution Dock.  

- - - - - - -


Saltwater River, near Port Arthur, Southern Tasmania (ca. 1981) 

My friend Doug (centre) sadly passed away 15.1.09. Doug's passion for the Tasmanian wilderness made him a legend in Tasmanian bushwalking circles. I had the pleasure many times to go walking with him between 1976-1982.

Visiting this superbly situated ruin at Saltwater River my two children Ben (far right) and Michelle, next to Doug, came with us. 

I recall seeing a huge black snake not long after this photo was taken. All snakes in Tasmania are venomous, Doug told us. 

- - - - - - -


The days were still long in January. I took my time to drive back to Devonport that Friday (23/1/09). Had I travelled the day before the highway would have been closed due to bushfires. Around Launceston I could still see fires burning, the smell filling my Suzuki's cabin. It was an eerie sensation, driving on a road with fires still smouldering on both sides.

It was well into the evening when I drove into Deloraine, an artistic town on the Meander River. When I say artistic, the town is full of small statues. As I was driving through the town, on my right, I saw a large sign above a shop - PEACE MAN. Nice name, I thought, and promptly indicated left to pull into the kerb. 

After stopping I noticed I had parked right beside a small statue called 'The Peace man'. I regretted not being able to take a photo. My camera needed a new battery and the only shop still open did not stock a CR123. (I know, they invented digital ... one day ...)  

I don't think it had anything to do with Delo'rain'e, but there was a fair amount, as I slept in my tent not far from the ferry terminal.


 (A slight-rain detour)

A few weeks ago I was cycling through the suburb of Pooraka. The day had looked promising for a little rain to fall, but hardly any arrived. When I finally felt some drops on my skin I had to laugh at the absurdity:

At that moment I was cycling through the only street in our entire city called Rains Drive!

(Aha - they should have named more streets in Adelaide - Rains ... perhaps it would rain more?)    


The caretakers at the Devonport Caravan Park, for some unexplained reason, issued me with a toilet key that didn't fit the lock. It was a little embarrassing, after the office had shut, having to ask another camper for a key. (Still better than begging for coins to do business, as they do in Mexico).

There was an interesting twist, however. The key was engraved with a number (B29), plus in small letters drf - the initials for my name.


A moment ago, writing this, I made an interesting discovery - giving those letters drf numbers (like Ronorik = 100) my initials drf pan out as 4 18 6.

In three years, since Larry caused havoc in Innisfail, Postcode 4860, had I not seen this little twist. Does this not prove I'm not purposely searching out codes? I simply observe and report. 

Stop Press (one day later): Moments ago I was searching for my VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone number, to give to a close friend. It was the first time ever I gave it to somebody.

Weird, but true, I discovered  that the last 4 digits are 6 4 1 8 = F D R. 

- - - - - - -



Unintended message? - Spirit Ta M.ANIA.

(Ta is an abbreviation for 'Thank you') 

Stop Press: Take M A N I A and change the letter M into last position  =  A N I A M. Those are the letters in the introduction in Chapter 17 - (plus son).


Back on the mainland, disembarking in Port Melbourne around 7 PM I took a slight detour, just for fun, via St. Kilda. I followed Punt* Road, found a supermarket and did a little food shopping. The check-out girl wore a name tab - Zena. A nice name to enter into my diary. 

*On the morning of writing, I recall clearly, the weather-girl Fifi (F for frog) on Sunrise was broadcasting her reports from Melbourne. When one of the hosts mentioned Punt Road, the whole team seemed to get into a

giggle  _ _ . .. _ _ . _ _. ._.. .  

which takes me to google.  _ _ .  _ _ _  _ _ _  _ _ .  . _ .. . 

Today, Monday 27/4/09, on the home page of Google the word is written as  Morse Code. 

But why today? Aha, Mr. Morse's first name is Samuel . This morning I spent an hour in the Samuel Morse, sorry Samuel Way building, on VIC Square.



It was still very much daylight, when I exited the Eastern Freeway to make my way through the suburbs to the Crystal Brook Caravan Park. I had been very optimistic however. The map I had with me was totally inadequate. Twice I had to ask for direction to this caravan park. Neither a Service Station attendant, nor staff outside a restaurant knew, where to direct me. 

It was now getting dark. The street directory I carried was ancient and difficult to read in the dim light of the Suzuki. I drove around for miles. At one point I knew I had to drive via Anderson Road. Next - hallelujah - I saw a street named Anderson Road. 

I shouldn't have shouted hallelujah just yet - it was the wrong Anderson Road. I felt a real fool, driving here and there, all over Melbourne's semi-rural eastern suburbs. I was as lost as one could get.

Around 9.30 pm or so, I met up with a kind motorist, who was parked on the side of the road in a Ute. He seemed to know where I needed to go. 

How strange he sounded, but I heard him say: "Please wait a moment. I'll be back and guide you, I'm going your way. I'm just waiting for the owners of the lost dog I found."

So that evening this gentleman not only helped a lost dog to get back home, but also a complete stranger, who was lost.

When I finally arrived at the caravan park, I put my tent up in total darkness around 10 PM. Checking the maps the next day I realized, I had passed the entrance to the park right at the beginning of my search, but not seen the sign. 

The next morning I took the amazing, brief walk I reported about at the beginning of Chapter 17. I had seen two alpaca's and picked up ... (golden junk, linked to Kinglake/Whittlesea).


Amazing timing - as I type the ABC's Investigation program Four Corner's is screening a documentary titled: 'What went wrong on Black Saturday' (Feb 7th, the day of the Kinglake etc bush fire - Chapter 17 and 18).


My diary for that day, Sunday 25/1/09, starts with this sentence: "Does the magic ever stop?" I simply see magic in things, which others just brush over and forget". And who is to judge what is normal and what is magic?  Those who still spell co-incidence, instead of oc-incidence, perhaps don't keep a diary or a blog?

Still resting in my tent early that day, I had been listening to Christian Radio. Pastor Charles Widdowson presented the hymn of the week. The chosen one for that week was the same hymn I had been touched by very early in my writing - When I survey the wondrous cross... I was blessed by this. But there was more. 

Two hours later - I just love this kind of magic - I arrived in church very late. I had not realized the starting time was 9am. (But had I known, I would never have taken the early morning, far-reaching walk).

I arrived at church right on survey time! When I write I arrived at survey time, I didn't mean they sang my hymn - When I survey - but an actual survey was under way at that time.

There a many ways to worship God in church. Prayers, hymns, choruses, prophesies, sermons, speaking in tongues - and then there are surveys, filling in forms! Why not?

I was glad to be a visitor and not have to answer this question:

 24: In the past 30 days, how many times did you volunteer at church?

1 time..... 2-4 times.....more than 4 times..... none that I can recall.

I saw codes in the numbers. But the last option took the code-cake: IT at cross I HE c all. (Remember h or H* becomes IT, re = HE).

*The day after writing  -H becomes IT- I found a piece of silver junk on the roadway - a shiny silver metal letter H. In my imagination the rest reads ARE.V.ES.T.ER INTERNATIONAL.


Since I had arrived very late at church I stayed afterwards for a coffee. I chatted with a friendly man, Tony, then went back into the auditorium for the first part of the second service (until survey time). 

During his talk the preacher Rev. Lawton (loved the name) showed a video clip. To illustrate how lost we are without God, he played the video clip, an anti-smoking ad, aired frequently on television. (The same ad screened during Sunrise on the morning after typing this chapter).  

A young boy, obviously separated from his parents or guardian, stands alone in a busy airport terminal, looking lost and starts crying. As the seconds go by he becomes more and more anxious, crying even harder. The 7 year-old (just guessing) was not acting, but placed in that real-life situation, camera hidden.

Some people, including my wife, thought to do this to this child, was cruel. Talking to her about it just recently, she said, however, she'd heard many people gave up smoking through this. Maybe in later years people will thank him: "I gave up smoking after seeing you cry at that airport terminal.

(Do I detect a hidden message here? Smoking may cause an illness - terminal illness?)


The punch-line in the anti smoking ad: "What if he would lose you forever? Quit smoking!" I was no longer a 7-year old, but after watching this ad I thought of my state of lost-ness the night before. It had felt good to having found someone, who guided me along.  

At one point, after viewing the video clip, the preacher said: "...being separated from God ... breaks the Heavenly Father's heart!"

There was a slight pause, during which a toddler, a very young one, said clearly and audibly, just one word: "Daddy". 

It was most beautiful. Most of the 1500 or so in the auditorium must have heard it. A kind of echo, quiet laughter and giggles, was heard. Even the preacher interrupted his talk to comment. 

(This clearly showed, may I add, that even two-year olds understand what adults are watching on their screens).


After church I was looking to buy a battery for my Olympus camera. I just drove in a general direction, hoping to strike a shopping centre sooner or later. (I find this liberating sometimes, just moving not knowing where it leads to, but only in daylight hours).

On this occasion it lead me to a sign of one church, called ONE Church.

Hey, it just came to me! This morning reading my bible I came across a verse in Zechariah 14, 9: And the Lord shall be king over all the earth, in that day it shall be - "The Lord is one, and his name is one."

Awesome: When I had read it this morning I had not seen this, the footnote 26! One 2 6!


The denomination of ONE Church was 'Church of Christ', the same one I attended in Adelaide at the time. There were still cars in the car park. So I drove in and started talking to a gentleman, Neville and his wife and son. They seemed so friendly, it made me think they perhaps recognized my odd looking green Suzuki?

In the end they directed me to a huge electrical place, where I should be able to get my battery. I found it, bought it, loved the name, both the batteries CR123 and the shop - Powerhouse!

In the afternoon I had to catch up in taking photos. Here is a selection, a few in and around Melbourne:


                         ...Melbourne by code-numbers:


Cafe start with a big C. 328 is my Suzuki's rego number, plus C.

Seconds after this photo a vehicle parked nearby, rego J..528, made sense.



Another big C (Citroen) with a big number (5).

 Never until then had I seen this: 5 times 316 = 1580     (O, 158!)

I had just taken a photo of (ISSO) tram No.5015 in Acland Street, St. Kilda.

Minutes later after cycling along Beaconsfield Road I took this photo of (St. John) tram No.3016. It was the 109 route to Box Hill. (109 hides inside 3016!)

Taxi 2051 outside Como House, South Yarra. I had to smile, just prior to taking the photo the car radio had announced a song by .... Perry Como! ....Melbourne and it's radio tunes!? 

25.01 - the taxi no. was also that day's date.

- - - - - - -

As if somebody was placing things purposely in my path, when I arrived back at the tent site at the Caravan Park I suddenly saw a piece of a jigsaw puzzle (photo below) under my table. If it had anything to do with the shop in above photo I do not know (The shop behind the yellow taxi above is called JIGSAW).

As if the L was also trying to fit into the jigsaw. On a subsequent trip in late February I noticed that the fashion shop JIGSAW was situated right on bus stop 50! 

My diary that day ends by telling it with simple honesty: 'I only write what I saw - what else can I do?'

- - - - - - -


The next day was Australia's National Day - January 26th. On radio I had heard of two events. One, the team of Channel Seven's Sunrise (based in Sydney) was broadcasting from Federation Square, Melbourne. The other big event was the annual prayer meeting, organized by 'Rise up Australia''. A leading figure was the Pastor of 'Catch the Fire Ministries' Danny Nalliah.


Danny Nalliah (Nice name: All N AI) was the outspoken, brave Sri Lanka born pastor, who was taken to court by the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) for alleged vilification of Islam. He eventually won the case on appeal, after long, costly legal battles.  

Here is some news I had not known about the Pastor's court case:

Quoting from Wikipedia: The Christian Community was split, with the Catholic (the Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission of the Catholic Archdiocese) and Uniting Churches (actually the Justice and International Mission Unit of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania) supporting the Islamic Council, and Pentecostal and evangelical organisations alleging that the law inhibited free speech.

Who needs a roaring lion, when you have Christian brothers? How ironic, uniting by name - but causing division?

And the Justice unit joined in? Well, if they are really in pursuit of justice, would they do something for my friend, innocently jailed for 25 years? I may even ask them?

One last point - Don't Muslims not also claim to believe in the prophet Jesus? Why then take a believer to court, who follows the teaching of ONE who taught L & P - love and peace? 

Pastor Nalliah was to again speak out, and get into hot water, regarding Black Saturday ... read on!


The plan for my final day in Melbourne was to park the Suzuki close to the City and ride to Federation Square by bicycle. I would then check out Sunrise, take part in the national prayer meeting in the Town Hall, before making my way back to my vehicle to motor back to Adelaide. As usual, I made an everyday-ordinary decision a matter of prayer: Where should I park, Lord?

I drove along the Eastern Freeway into Melbourne, turned into Punt Road, left into Swan Street and left again. After I had parked I noticed a large sign opposite DU CHAMP. The champ bit must have referred to the address, right at No. 51 ... (Actually, if 51 were the letters SI, in Italian that's YES).  

It was a lovely, sunny morning; not hot or cold, just right for a large crowd of early risers to make the sunrise an excuse to get up and go. One of those was a mature-aged bike rider, 9 years more mature than my 59. He rolled up on his two-wheeler, Giant brand.

We got talking. He was a Dutchamp, sorry Dutchman champ, who cycled more than I did, all over the world. His name was Hank. On the morning of this writing, 3 months and 3 days later, Hanks name popped up in an unexpected way. Read it for yourself and judge me.  

My wife and I were watching Sunrise. I made the mistake of telling her the little magic I was seeing. She accused me of being childish. I should not make anything of it. It happens to everybody, why don't you just get on with life.

My ears heard:  "Just forget you're alive and die, Jo (b)". 

But I know that my redeemer lives!

Here's what happened to cause our division: I sat down after breakfast to read through my diary. I needed to think through a conclusion to this chapter you are reading. Channel Seven's Sunrise was on TV in the background. 

As I came to January 26th TV presenter NAT read the news. Just as I read the name Hank (the 68-year-old cyclist) in my diary, Nat spoke the name Tom Hanks. 

Not only that, but the co-incident of the name Hank, meeting the man during a Sunrise outside broadcast, and then the name Hank in my diary, as I was watching the same program, just struck me.

My crime has been all these years to not just let such incidences to go, but marvel and see HIS hand in IT ALL. If my family wants to condemn me for that, I can take IT. 

(Moments after the above - unless I am mistaken - on the same Sunrise edition I heard a lady talk about inventions, inventing things. I thought I heard her say: "Why do buildings have to be round, can't they make them in a circle".

She meant to say, which makes more sense: "Why do buildings have to be square, why not in a circle?"

But it may have only been me, because I was thinking about Federation Square and Hank! 


Back at Federation Square, in my bum-bag, I had a little gift for a Sunrise presenter, a CD by the Gaither's. I didn't get near enough to present it and really, the person may not appreciate it, especially the theme song: "The King is coming".

Before the 10 am start of the Town Hall prayer meeting I spent a few minutes cycling around the Kings Domain. Hundreds of vintage cars had gathered, perhaps for the Australia Day parade later? I admired a red Wolseley 444 and asked a bystander to take a photo.


DUCHAMP, loved the name after I had parked right opposite.

Shiny red Wolseley 444 on Kings Domain - CH 2202. In the window a For Sale sign - only $ 8000. 

Friends, only as I scanned the photo (I wasn't even going to show it at first) I saw an awesome link crystallize. I feel stirred to write it, but I must.

Since the vehicle registration No. 2202 includes the number two and the vehicle is a 444 I saw 24 24 24. Amazing, even a 0 shows up here!

Stop Press: On the morning of publishing, another amazing link to the number O came: The chapter, where I feature the Wolseley 444 we used to own, ends as I discovered the number - O.

(In Book 5, Chapter 3, another oc-incident, you will read that the chapter also features a Sunrise outside broadcast!)

- - - - - - - 



Unless you believe in co-, instead of oc-incidents the above photo points to Black Saturday 2009 on 7.2. The Kinglake and Marysville tragedies happened 12 days later.

Minutes after above photo was taken I went to the 'Rise up Australia' prayer meeting in the Melbourne Town Hall. For the first time I heard Pastor Danny Nalliah of 'Catch The Fire Ministries' speak.

Pastor Nalliah was one of the brave men (I don't know of any others, but I haven't searched for any) who said that Almighty God was speaking (he used stronger words) to the people of Victoria through this tragedy. He was very much criticized for doing so.

Truth hurts sometimes, but God will find voices who still speak it, while they are looking death in the face. Perhaps the outspoken Pastor should have waited for a few more weeks before speaking out and/or pointed to God's love, not merely God's anger and punishment. But he had good reasons to speak up.  

It had only been a few months since Victoria's politicians, under the umbrella of  democracy, legitimised the killing of the unborn, at any stage of pregnancy. Not only that, the legislators included a clause, which could make a criminal out of a medical practitioner, who refuses to be part of this barbaric law. 

As I understand it, instead of advocating against an abortion, doctors must refer a pregnant woman to another abortionist, even if they feel like talking the expecting mother out of an abortion altogether.

Unless the law changes, it may only be a matter of time, before a doctor will be prosecuted and fined, or jailed, for refusing to be part in the killing of a human life!

This is Victoria, Australia in 2009! Welcome to the end times!

God created the earth. HE gave us laws to live by - though shalt not kill, though shalt not steal, thou shalt not take your neighbours wife etc. A Government who overturns any these fundamentals of a civilized society, democratically or otherwise, is fighting Almighty God. 

A nation which turns its back on God, or invites false Gods, is doomed. Wake up, Australia. Rise up!

Friends, Australia is extremely fortunate that God Almighty Himself intervenes, that He shows Himself and speaks, albeit in tragedy! But they have not listened. There is a price to pay. Have I not written many times in my earlier books: Whatever man sows that He shall also reap?

Sowing good seed will lead to an abundant harvest. Fighting a good fight will lead to victory, abbreviated VIC.

Here is a scan of the puzzle piece  I had found in the camping ground in VIC. My diary shows how I explored the roman numerals I saw:


Tilting your head to the right. It makes it easier to see VIC!

The black lines could be a V & I. One cut-out is shaped C. But I saw more, I saw T & N. How?

VIC 106 minus XCVI 96 = X = 10 = T & N.

I just remembered Chapter 6: Seven Victorian Puzzle Pieces? You'll love every piece of Victoria. Do they still? 

Stop Press (The time is 6.13 PM): I just returned from taking our little Fox Terrier Becky for her walk. At Bayview Pde (off McIntyre Road) I looked up and saw a cloud in the otherwise clear sky. 

Part of the cloud formation looked like above puzzle piece, which I had only hours earlier scanned. Still pondering about it, just after Clearview Road, I found another puzzle piece beside the road.

On the back, in handwriting, only part of the words are visible: for your lov 

If there was an e r code (for you love) I saw it. 

 - - - - - - -


It's puzzling, but the letters VIC in Roman numerals add to 106. Add an X (the cross) and rearrange the letters, they become XCVI = 96.

The man on the cross was prophesied in Isaiah 9,6 ... unto us a child  is born. Without HIM Victoria and all the world is doomed. But there is HOPE. HE is our hope. 

Earlier I referred to Book 1, Chapter 41. The song in church, the one which included the stormy gale, starts with: "My hope is built on nothing less, but Jesus' blood and righteousness ..."

- - - - - - -


I left the prayer meeting in the Melbourne's Town Hall at 11.15 am. It was a quick trip across Westgate Bridge, commencing my return to Adelaide. About an hour later, the name of the small town Ballan, plus my empty stomach, made me exit the freeway and have lunch in the main street.

I had not seen a public park, and could not be bothered searching for one. I parked and ate lunch right in the centre of town, near the Post Office and War Memorial. Casually looking at the names engraved on the grey stone of the War Memorial I spotted an interesting one, right on top of the list - ALFORD. I was glad the camera was loaded.


War memorial Ballan, near Ballarat.

Only after writing this chapter and scanning the photo did I notice the 4th name on the war memorial:

Alford JM   Allen GE    Anderson AM     Ashman K     Baker J

- - - - - - -


Australia Rise Up may be interpreted as a call to battle; and it is. How did Christ teach us to do battle? What weapon did HE advocate in using against the enemy? 

"But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you ..." (Matthew 5, 44).

In Verses 45-47 Jesus says plainly WHO it is charge of the sun and the rain:

"...that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for HE makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust" (Verse 45).

Next HE forbids the human tendency to look after your mates only. He preaches against nepotism, favouritism, much of what cults thrive on:

"For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others?" (V. 46, 47).


A Christian claiming to be following Christ's teaching would never contemplate acts of terror. No true believer should even think of sidelining, or harming somebody, simply because they do not believe.

Australia and all nations, including the nation of Israel, have only one hope and future - following the laws of the real God of Israel, the Father of our Saviour Jesus Christ. The first and foremost of which is:

 "And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength and...

... love your neighbour as you love yourself". (Mark 12, 30-31).


Chapter 23