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19.  Am He and i.

In the previous chapter the two short words am he crystallized after an unusual find near Lake Burleigh Griffith, Canberra.

What follows is another, perhaps even more unusual turn of events, which brought out, once again, these two little words. This time, however, there was an unexpected, perfect addition, the little letter i. As if the powerful voice behind this writing is emphasizing the same message, the one I was inspired to write over 4 years ago, I AM HE. 

I am amazed myself, finding it hard to formulate and put into print, what I observed only hours after after publishing Book 7, Chapter 18. (Note 7 + 18).

It is necessary here to use the full name of a real person, otherwise the impact of the message is lost. I became aware of this person's name only on the day of publishing Chapter 18, on 21/2/09. See for yourself, if what I saw can be classed as divine inspiration or as a simple co-incidence.

Having laboured on Chapter 18 for almost two weeks, I finally uploaded it around 5 PM that Saturday. I had approximately half an hour to get ready, before going out. My wife and I had tickets to watch Adelaide United Football team play against the Queensland Roar in the A-League semi-final.


- - - - - - -

In a little twist of magic, I noticed this, after giving this chapter the title - Am He and i:

Read the title without Am. Does it not sound much like the major sponsor of the A-League?

- - - - - - -


Whoever would win the semi-final in Hindmarsh that night, qualified to play in the grand final in Melbourne the following week. Plus, the winner would gain a spot in the Asian Champion's League tournament.

Driving to Hindmarsh Stadium neither my wife nor I had any idea what amazingly timed events were to unfold that evening. My wife, of course, does still not grasp IT, nor wants to become part of the mystical side of my story, which is taking place right under her nose. At Hindmarsh that night it literally was right under our noses.

The Roar's goalkeeper's name was to produce an amazing twist, linking right to the chapter I had just uploaded.

We sat right at the isle, at the southern end, behind the Queensland goal. About ten minutes before kick-off I was watching Adelaide fans, red haired, red faced or just wearing red, slowly walking by, taking their seats around us. Among the mostly young people I recognized a face, a young man around 30 years old. He seemed to notice me also. We made eye contact.

I asked: "Aren't you a friend of (my son) Ben?" He wasn't, but his brother was. I recalled how years ago he and his brother had joined Ben and I, plus other teenagers, in impromptu football matches on many Saturday afternoons. I have fond memories having fun with those teenagers, most whom were 30 years younger than I.

Isobel recalled the surname of that young man at Hindmarsh stadium - Barbero. (Note the name!)

About half hour later Adelaide United scored the first and only goal that night. That is, if you don't count the goals HE scored that night. Let me explain:

The winning goal was on the of most spectacular I have seen in the A-League, a real cracker from the edge of the penalty box, precisely into the top left hand corner. Roar's goalkeeper had no chance of saving it. Adelaide's lucky striker was No. 18.

Things slowly unfolded. Had I not only an hour or two earlier uploaded Chapter 18? Not only was the goal scorer Number 18, his winner came in the 25th minute!

But the most surprising fact was the name of No.18 - Barbiero. Taking away the name of my son's friend's brother, we are left with only i.

But this was only the beginning of the name-game. Another name completed the amazing picture. The Queensland Roar's goalkeeper was not far away. I could almost read his name on the back of his jumper. At first I only could make out ....DDY.

Not ... Liddy, I thought?  Would it not be amazing, if this young man were a nephew of Peter Liddy, my friend in jail, who has a brother in Queensland? My mind was, for a moment only, irritated by this possible, albeit remote, connection.

But no, of course it wasn't. To check his full name I watched the names of the players scroll across the stadiums scoreboard at the northern end. The Queensland goalkeeper's name was LIAM REDDY.

I had been right about ...DDY and almost forgot about it all. But minutes after the first goal was scored, before half time, I did make out the name LI ...DDY. It actually was part of the keeper's name. It did not take an Einstein to see this in the first 2 and the last 3 letters of his name.

Then came the real winner. Just look at the letters, which are left - AM RE!

Did I have an unseen ally in my struggle for justice - AO in between two R?

- - - - - - -


The Advertiser Newspaper, Feb. 24th 09, Page 22:

Liddy case ' Fresh evidence'.

Text: DISGRACED magistrate Peter Liddy is considering an appeal against pedophile convictions due to "fresh evidence".

The 62-year-old has yet to enter pleas to charges of unlawful sexual intercourse, gross indecency and indecent assault.

   The 10 charges date back to January, 1969.


Hope! I could hardly believe my ears. It was only 2 days after having uploaded my 'evidence' about this case in Chapter 18. On the ABC radio (and later the TV) News this brief item was broadcast.

It basically said the above, except - the newspaper did not include an important statement, which I had heard on radio and TV:

"Peter Liddy's lawyer  (i.e. the new evidence) cast doubt on the reliability of one of Liddy's original abuse victims, as well as that of the police, who investigated the original, as well as the new charges".


When Peter was first charged his case dominated the newspaper's front pages. This time, a mere 42 words, right back on page 22, was it.

To the best of my knowledge, the ABC, our Australian Broadcasting Commission, was the only electronic media to broadcast this news. All Adelaide commercial TV channels, Seven, Nine and Ten, did not bother.

At the time of writing - 5/3/09 - I am waiting for a reply to my letter to Justice Margaret Nyland, asking for permission to view the Liddy file of 14/5/01 (see previous chapter).

- - - - - - -


A slight distraction regarding media reporting: Yesterday, on 5/3/09, a man was shown on the TV News, who allegedly had abused young boys some 30 or even 40 years ago.

If the man is guilty or not, I do not want to comment on. But why did Channel Seven have to include the fact that the man committed the offences at a Salvation Army Hostel? The alleged perpetrator could have joined any organisation and carried out his deeds. 

Not only that, but the court reporter found it important to highlight that the abuse allegedly took place, while a young victim was supposedly reading the bible. Those reporters know, how to play on the emotion of viewers, stirring up animosity.

I wonder, if Channel Seven would report it, if one of their employees was charged with abusing a junior at work? If such incident were to have taken place 40 years ago, would  they mention the fact that Channel Seven was the employer?

- - - - - - -


Three years ago in Australia a controversial drug made headline news. The abortion pill RU486 caused a heated, public debate. Eventually, our politicians in Canberra caved in. They gave the green light to what many, those of my persuasion, believed it to be - a medicine, which kills human life, legally.

Readers may recall, not long afterwards Australia experienced one it's most destructive storms ever. I hinted that it may not be pure co-incident that the town of Innisfail, one of the devastated towns, has the postcode 4860 (Book 4, Chapter 31, 32).


- - - - - - -

Did I hear correctly? At this point I used the edit/search tool searching my archives for RU 486.

On ABC Radio 891, 2.55 PM 6/3/09, on Carol Whitlock's afternoon program, a lady from the Animal Welfare League was interviewed.

Just at that moment she mentioned a pet (cat?), a breed by the number ZL 468!

- - - - - - -


Around the time of the latest news regarding the Liddy case, I emailed a TV program. One of the hosts had made a mistake in pronouncing Marysville. She called it Maryville. This small tourist town, in the hills country east of Melbourne, was almost totally destroyed by fire on Black Saturday, the day Australia will never forget.

Since the TV program originated in Melbourne, I found this most unusual. On one occasion in 1993 during a bicycle trip with friends, we visited Marysville, so I knew the correct name, Marysville.

How ironic was this? Reading the email to the TV show, after I had sent it, I saw a typing error. Totally unaware, I had typed the word come, instead of comes!

It may have been the attention Marysville received, that I looked up the town's postcode - 3779. For a few days I saw nothing unusual about it, and certainly did not try and bend it or make a fancy calculation to find something.

I can't recall when, but the following fact occupied my brain:

Just as I had found a link from the Liddy case to Innisfail, I suddenly noticed a numerical link from the postcode of Marysville to the Liddy case: 3779  -  3+7=10 (10 could represent the year 01).

79 as a date is 7th September. On 7.9.01 Peter Liddy was sentenced to a long, long, long jail term.

But there was more, friends. I only report facts. How the reader interprets these facts - if inspired by an intelligent mind or purely co-incidental - is up to each one to decide for themselves. My life certainly would be simpler, if I could just ignore what I see.

But as in the past, I see God at work, making HIS presence felt very strongly.

- - - - - - -


Kinglake was another town, which experienced apocalyptic conditions on Black Saturday. Thousands of unfortunate victims lost homes and/or loved ones in the inferno. All of Australia grieved for them. 

For days there was little else on the news, except stories of utter devastation, unimaginable hardship and grieving families.

There were also reports of unprecedented kindness. Within a short time Australians donated 200 Million Dollars for the victims.

Listening to talkback radio I heard how one man drove his motor car from South Australia 800 kilometeres into the fire devastated region. He found somebody in need, and promptly handed over the vehicle as a gift, no questions asked.

A moment later a lady rang the talkback show. She had offered to donate a caravan, complete with generator, annex etc. How noble, I thought. 

Unfortunately, she told listeners on the radio, authorities insisted that the caravan must first be inspected, if it's suitable. The lady could not understand, why they did not take her word for it, that her caravan was in excellent condition. Why should she have to take time off work (because of bloody bureaucrats) to inspect her perfectly good caravan?

- - - - - - -


The Advertiser Newspaper, Feb. 12th, 09, Page 13:

Sloppy reporting or deliberately misleading?

Text - "Spectral sight: The burnt bush of the Kinglake region looms in front of the Melbourne skyline."

How far does the fire zone in the foreground look from Melbourne? My guess, 5 - 8 kilometers?

However, since I had travelled through Kinglake, during the Marysville bike ride, I knew the distance was far greater - 61 kilometers.

An explanation, as to the actual distance of the Kinglake fire to Melbourne's CBD, should have been given. If above photo was a montage, and it certainly looks like it, it should have been stated!

(Spectral means ghostly, ghostlike, nothing to do with photo-montage)

- - - - - - -


On the morning of writing this chapter (6/3/09) on TV's 9AM show, I briefly heard mention of the Melbourne Motor Show, which ends in two days. One concept car, shown off by pop idol Eric Bana, was called FR1.

My outside the box mind sees FR1 in two ways - Minus R it becomes F1, as in Formula 1.

Secondly, if the 1 changes to i and we add end, we make FRIEND?

From there my thoughts drifted to Fried Rice and the story in the previous chapter, which I revisited. Next, I discovered some IS magic:

The Chinese Restaurant was called TANGS. Change S to I, scramble the letters to create GIANT. Giant was the bike I was riding at the time, guided by my GIANT FRIEND to Tangs.

- - - - - - - 


At first I had no reason to even think of looking up the postcode for Kinglake. But circumstances, controlled by forces outside my human understanding, took over. Together with another town's postcode, IT created another, inexplicable numbers / names mystery. (The other was at Hindmarsh Stadium, where names and numbers scored together).  

I can't recall, but it may have started after the wonderment of Marysville that I looked up the postcode for Kinglake - 3763. With the simplest of additions, putting 2 and 2 together, I arrived at 100. As a Roman numeral 100 is C, or as I have often used it in my outside the box writing - see.

See in German means lake.

Here is one, a postcard from a lake. My German friends, they live at number 15, regularly send us postcards from their alpine holidays; usually skiing in the winter, swimming, cycling and hiking in the summer.


Heartfelt greetings from Tegernsee (Bavarian Alps).


Does it not look like the ideal place for an early morning jog on the lake,

... followed by a bike ride to the surrounding villages (chosen according to their postcodes),

... the day topped off with a hike through green meadows, up steep, winding paths to watch a spectacular sunset, beside a mountain's summit

V (see top right).

All sports-loving Germans would say: Ja,  g e r n. (Yes, love to).

- - - - - - -


Around the same time as I noticed the Kinglake photo (above), I happened to look up something on the map of Australia. It was on the same map, where I had spotted the mistake in Wynong, which should have been Wyong, but somehow gained an extra n.

For a split second I read a place name in Western Australia - Lake King. Logically, I took more notice than I would have otherwise. Kinglake, Victoria, around 3000 kilometres east, had been in the news non-stop that week. My playful mind took over.

This did not mean I was actively trying to twist something, manipulating data, to fit the story. As I have written many times, I regard myself as the typist, the messenger. The force behind my writing, the author of ALL, decides what is going to print. 

Among my seven books are numerous places, where the digit 0 crystallized. Probably the most prominent place is in Book 5, Chapter 3. It happened at Easter 06 and is one of the most eventful chapters in my long journey.

Only on the morning of writing did I see the 0 with an A/O twist: Zero = Z.era.

Did not those letters  e a r  crystallize years ago, in a most unusual way - by fire? (Book 5, Chapter 12).

How about turning the letter Z 90 degrees, clockwise? I can see N.era.

So how did this latest zero appear among the postcodes of Kinglake and Lake King?

 Here is what came to me:

Kinglake - postcode 3763:   37 + 63 = 100.

Lake King, postcode 6356:  63 + 56 = 119.


The fact that I write this in Chapter 19 (even though I just noticed this) is not as significant as what came next. I added the two postcodes: 3763 + 6356 = 10119.

The difference -  a zero!

A verse in the scriptures comes to mind, God's sovereignty, even over names and numbers:

"He counts the numbers of the stars, and calls them all by name". (Psalm 147, Verse 4).


In Verse 11, of the same Psalm, we read the sum of all I have been trying to say in these chapters: "The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear HIM, in those who hope in HIS mercy."

There is a God who sees. HE loves you beyond your human comprehension, regardless of the bad deeds you have done or how bad you feel about yourself.

Return to the Lord, while it is daylight. The night is coming.

Friends, what an amazing thought - You can give God pleasure, make HIM happy, by simply taking HIM seriously! This is what is meant by fear HIM. Other translations read: "HE takes pleasure in those who honour HIM."

What I see in the world today are pleasure-seeking individuals, who only care about themselves. Nations are turning their back on God. Governments make laws that go directly against HIS commandments. When trouble comes, they ask, why does God allow this. Why did HE not stop this and that from happening?

Those who honour HIM, who are giving God pleasure, are scorned, often singled out by the media as freaks. Many are persecuted and tortured, even killed.


Even in our enlightened age, the 21st Century, Christians are killed, very often with governmental backing. Their only crime: Believing and honouring the God of Israel and bowing the knee to HIS only son, Jesus, who said: "I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father, except through me". (John 14, 6).

Believing and confessing this simple truth, refusing to bow to any other God or political regime, is risking death in some countries. Owning or reading a bible could spell imprisonment. Yet, ardent followers of Jesus Christ count HIS intimate friendship of far greater value, than the suffering it brings.

Friends, a war is raging - truth against lies, good against evil, love against hate. 

When will sleeping Christians wake up and see IT? When will they start praying, and reading their bibles again? It's all written in the scriptures.

Don't be surprised to see IT all happen? Stay faithful. Keep trusting HIM.

We are living in the end-times, the Z-era, the N-era.


Chapter 20