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One of the most fascinating aspects of God's work in my life is the inter-weaving of German words and their English translation. The word ER (HE) in this chapter is a classic example; all in God's perfect timing.



12.  HE's me, for eternity

God is amazing! HE truly is.

You probably have never heard of Mr. Shermer. Neither had I until this morning, September 30th, 08, when I commenced this chapter.

It all started so normal, so routine. But is anything routine to those who walk closely with their personal, intimate God? After prayer I listened to Chuck Swindoll's interesting talk on the biblical hero Daniel. I ate breakfast while watching television. The news was dominated by the world's financial woes.

The House of Representatives had rejected the proposed bailing-out of the big banks. Mr. Bush had given the OK for the 700 billion Dollars rescue package. It was rejected by 205 votes to 228.

A guest author (Mr. F.) appeared on the breakfast show I was watching. The man was irate about another man, Mr. Edward (surname). According to Mr. F. Edward was making millions of Dollars by claiming he can 'cross over' and talk to the dead. F. expressed very passionately, how this man must be stopped from playing on the vulnerability of bereaved people.

He asked the show hosts to clearly say, yes or no, if they did not agree that it was all a non-sense money-making scheme. The breakfast presenters were not so sure. They suggested F. should attend one of the session by Edward and then make up his mind.

From the passionate way this segment was played out I sensed that something fishy was going on. I stopped writing my diary, which I often do while watching TV, and payed closer attention.

Toward the end of the interview Mr. F. mentioned, the website of the Skeptic Society of the USA. He even gave a sceptic's name, which I understood as Schirmer (Schirm is German for umbrella).

Aha, just typing this I noticed the extra 'er'. Had not God shown me a magic ER in the previous chapter? There will be further revelations in this chapter, based on the small German word ER, meaning He in English. (Read on).


Googling the sceptic's website I saw the gentleman's name. It was spelt Shermer. He obviously was a big name among sceptics. On the same page was a photo of Mr. Sceptic himself - Richard Dawkins.


I'm sure the Sceptic Society is an easy target for emails of scorn from well-meaning religious people. Once before I also had emailed their Australian Branch with one of my magic, paranormal experiences.

According to their website they had offered the sum of 100 000 Dollars to anybody who has experienced what can't be explained rationally. I sent them one of my magical experiences. (I can't recall which one).

Surprisingly, they had taken me seriously, but no money. In their reply they wrote back: "Your experience was of a religious nature. The 'reward' on offer does not apply to religious practices." (Or words similar).

I'm sceptic, if you pardon the pun. Would the sceptics pay the miracle man, who can raise a dead person back to life right in front of them? I doubt it, because they would class it as a religious activity.


It took less than 10 seconds of playful letter juggling with Shermer to decode it.

The clue was in the two R's. I emailed at 9.24 am on 30/9/08 (I just noticed the mathematical link between date and time-sent):


Subject: Nice name Shermer

Hi all,
I drive a vehicle called Suzuki Wagon R+. So if I were to add two r's to HE'S ME - we could create the name Shermer.
Now we'd have to ask, who is HE?
Frankly, I find it harder to believe that there is nothing out there, all is co-incident, no intelligent being (God) behind it all - than to simply admit and submit:
"God - you are greater than all"
Kind regards from Adelaide, Australia
Dieter Fischer
PS  If you are on a journey with God, nothing is co-incident. 



As I understand the meaning of the word sceptic it has actually a positive side to it. One has to assume that a genuine sceptic has considered all the facts concerning the issue. Only then does he or she decide - no there is no God. May many become believers, by just reading these lines.

How I wished my family were true sceptics, thinking it through, then make up their mind. Instead, nothing is happening. No discussion, no admission that God truly is doing something special; a theophany right under their noses. Unlike a sceptic, the unbeliever does not think through the core issue and therefore remains blinded to the truth, which may just not be rational.

Both sceptics and unbelievers would genuinely be satisfied, if they were to hunger for truth. If they opened their closed minds to that higher power - God Almighty, this same God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel will reveal Himself personally. What an offer - free to all !

- - - - - - -


Somebody understood that God can reveal himself in a sports shoe.

aadidas Davao do not exist - the advertised running shoe should be adidas Davos.

How amazing: Researching this I learned that these shoes are light-weight - they weigh 305 g. (Read on, why 305 is significant in this chapter).

When I bought my Tommy top in the USA in 2005, I never knew the rest: Hilfiger.

Another German/English twist:

Hilf in German = Help - HE.LP

- - - - - - -


The biblical journey does not end with the Old Testament. The fulfilment of God's eternal plan continues right through the New Testament. The grand finale is the second coming of the Saviour Jesus, foretold in the last book in the bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

To anyone still doubting may I say this: NOW is the best time to start your journey. How? With a wilful admission that without HIM, without God, you are totally helpless and hopeless. No matter how rich, how influential, how powerful you are - you still need God, now and for eternity.

A turn-around in your attitude, let's call it repentance, brings with it inexplicable, deep joy. Some have described how it felt - like a weight had been lifted off their shoulder.

A move toward God often brings with it a healing of the emotions. When repentance leads to forgiveness against those who wronged you, you will find you can even love your enemies. Many year-long feuds have seized, families restored, after people wilfully chose God's way.

Psalm 46, Verse 9: "HE makes wars seize to the end of the earth ..."

God's way is the only way to world peace.

Why do sceptics bother trying to disprove God or to re-educate those who trust in HIM? Psalm 116, Verses 1-2 expresses how I feel about God, who hears when I speak to HIM and answers my prayers.

"I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice and my supplications. Because He has inclined his ear to me, therefore I will call  upon HIM as long as I live."


You're invited to do the same.


- - - - - - -


From left to right: Mil, Bil and Tril - paying, sorry playing for the ... lions?


Adelaide United football fans in red, blue and yellow.

Amazing, how our mind works, what it registers: A few days after the last chapter's 116 magic I saw  No. 10, 16 and 7 on the front page of our newspaper.

 On the TV News a politician queried, how is the financial crisis in the US affecting our state? "We are not told, if the damage to our state's finances is 1 Billion or 1.6 Billion Dollars."


On Sunday September 28 I cycled to Birdwood. It was the big day for the bi-annual vintage car rally. But I noticed more than just shiny chrome, polished brass and wooden spokes.

In Modbury, in a driveway I saw two traffic cones behind a van with registration plate 810. I reasoned - if two traffic cones = 200, this adds to 1010. Sounds OK, but so what ...?

Cycling again past the same van on my return I took another look. There it was - perhaps another fan, who believes? Beside the van, I had not seen the other vehicle before, in the same driveway was a Ford, registration plate ... 116.


- - - - - - -


The calendar turned to October 08. On this first day of the month, I woke at 3.05 am and could not get back to sleep. Surfing the channels on my transistor I heard something, which didn't make sense.

It was on Adelaide's Radio 5 RPH, broadcast from London via Deutsche Welle Radio. The story was exploring the formation and background of Stonehenge, the huge circle of rocks, whose original function remains unsolved.

The latest theory, according to archaeologists, was that the mysterious place was a kind of hospital, where the sick sought healing. One pilgrim is believed to have limped all the way from Switzerland to Stonehenge.

Did I hear correctly? I did not need to be an A-grade geography scholar to ask: "How did the limping man cross the English Channel?"

Another question my sceptic mind asked: "How can archaeologists determine from bones, where they had come from at the time they were still attached to each other?

With these doubts in mind I did a little googling. A name popped up. It was the place, where it is believed some of Stonehenge's rocks had been transported from: Preseli Hills.

Apart from the name itself, a comment I read in Wikipedia about the place made me wonder: "Preseli Hills, also called Preseli Mountains ..."

Within seconds I changed the two e to a in Peseli, added another e to create an interesting three words (see the PS below).


Date: 30/9/08:

Hi all,

The Stonehenge suggestion that it was a kind of 'hospital' where people travelled to from all over, ran about a week ago (on 23.9) here in Australia (ABC Radio AM).

What it didn't include, but I heard it this morning (about 3.30 am or so Adelaide Time) that one sick chap had all those years ago limped all the way from Switzerland to Stonehenge.

How did they know where he had come from? And how did he cross the Channel? Then again, I know of someone else, long ago, who walked on water ... 

Kind regards from Adelaide

Dieter Fischer

PS    Preseli Hills (e>>>a) (+ e) = Para Hills lies ... (about 15 kilometers north-east of Adelaide)



Only four days earlier I had stumbled across a rare find. At first I was led to an article in DER SPIEGEL. Next, a German sounding name (literally) made me do some research online. This led to the Woods Hole Oceanic Institution, which abbreviated - WHOI - could be a question, who won?

How I wished my brain was not thinking things through so much! The article about oceanic exploration was in DER SPIEGEL, Nr. 7, dated 13.2.06. The story was front page. The featured article commenced on page 132

Titlepage headline: PLANET TIEFSEE (PL, AN & T, Deep-sea).

The subtitle: Vorstoss in eine unbekannte Welt (Breakthrough into an unknown world).


Finding WHOI was no problem. Neither was finding the German sounding name, Chris German. Now you may understand, why I was excited somewhat.

The name Chris German was listed among one page of 30 WHOI staff. Scrolling down the page I first thought the names were listed alphabetically by Christian (take note) names. But they were listed alphabetically, as usual, by surname.

Here is the list of the 30 staff  on the same page as Mr. German. (The actual page includes much more info, such as email addresses and phone numbers):


Christopher A ... Christopher C...  Christine C...  Carl C ... Reed C ... Christina C ... Christopher F ... Chris R. G ...  Christophe G ... Christopher G ... Christine L H ... Christine M. H, ...Mary C. L ... Christopher A. L ... Christopher L ... Christopher L ... Christian A. M ... Christine M ... Christopher M ... Christopher M ... Christopher M ... Chris M ... Chris R ... Christopher M. R ... Christopher R ... Christopher T. R .. Melissa S ... Christian S...Christopher L. T ... Christopher L. W.


Don't you find this peculiar - out of 30 staff on this page of WHOI, 26 have a Christian name starting with Chris ...? Only four, shown in blue, do not.

Notice there is one name Christophe. Is the missing R the initial in Mr. Chris R. German's name?


Wind back the calendar to 2001. In Chapter 24 of my first book I had met two young men, twins Doug and Chris.

I had marvelled, because Doug and Chris Thompson (not Sampson, as I had called them then) were just the people I needed. They animated the car crashes on my driving-school website.

In a peculiar twist, however, the man who bullied us driving instructors, the one I struggled to forgive, was also called Chris Thomson, but without the P.

Christ is the son of Peace. 


Since there was an email address listed in the WHOI staff webpage - all their phone numbers started with 1+508 ... , I sent Mr. German the following email: 


Date: 26/9/08

Subject: Does it pay to be Chris?

Hi Chris,
I just happened to view .....


where I noticed your name among 29 others. At first I thought they were alphabetically listed by Christian name, (no pun intended). You're listed as No. 8, but your MailStop # is No. 24). 

This raises the question, why is Chris, Christina, Christian, Christophe, Christopher (did I forget one?) listed 24 times out of 30 names? If my maths were up to standard, I'd work out a percentage. There's even a Chris Rauch. Knowing Rauch is German (again no pun intended) for smoke, the whole staff page smells of Holy Smoke!

So is it all co-incidence, a joke or am I ... to bother you with this question?

In the German Magazine Der Spiegel I read that they are working on a exploration sub, which can search the ocean floor deeper than 11 000 metres. If the deepest point, the Mariana Trench, is 10 924 metres, will they use a digger and excavate a little more?

The Spiegel (title page) report of 13.2.06 also says that WHOI is regularly meeting with NASA to discuss exploration of Europa (a star, way out there somewhere).  Don't you agree, we first ought to try and solve the problems on this planet, before spending billions on possible sources of water in the never never?

Fresh water on earth, so African children won't die drinking polluted water, would be good start.

Kind regards from Australia

Dieter Fischer

PS   Research scientists, probing deep or high, ought to first and foremost acknowledge that there is a God, who is No. 1.     


Please note, in my haste I wrote Chris ... is listed 24 times. There are actually 26 names out of 30, all starting with Chris.. .

Maybe some other time we shall dig a little deeper to unravel the mystery of the Chris' at WHOI?

In a well-timed item on the day of writing the news was that scientists have noticed snow falling on Mars. They just were not sure, if the snow would be melting or settle on its surface.

So we won't dream of a skiing holiday on Mars just yet.

- - - - - - -


I was not specifically searching for the following photos or for any particular meaning. How it all evolved and interweaves like a complex puzzle is a mystery to me also.

Inspired, perhaps? All I know the words  er (he) in both pictures fit perfectly.


There are two He's in this photo. I deciphered a message, after reading the Salvation Army's Warcry Magazine:

  Agent he heard

(Photo: Warcry Magazine)

Above: ABC TV Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes


Below: German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich (Home) plays Hannover (96).

(Photo: DW-World / Sport)

Ah, I just noticed, after scanning - er, the keyword in this chapter. The colour scheme in the background happens to match the player's shirts.

Q: Why did I see magic in these pictures?

A: If we added L (50) to 96, it becomes our postcode.

Where did L come from? Check the name on the photo above: Holmes - L's Home.    

- - - - - - -



Mars is a long way from Para Hills, Postcode 5096. So is Worlds End, depending if you call 115 kilometres a long way. Let me turn the calendar back to 10/11/04. On that day for the first time (and so far the only time) I had joined the German Club's walking group on a mid-week excursion.

Normally, they walk Sunday's, so I welcomed the invitation. What I did not know at the time the walk would take us to the end of the world, to Worlds End, to be precise.

I recall the long hike on that warm November's day. I had forgotten to bring my hat. Another walker lent me one, which I lost when taking it off for a photo. My numbers brain recalls the embroidery on the hat:  5UV - 531. This was a Radio Station, which at the time broadcast on the AM Frequency at 531 k/Hz (Kilo Hertz).

At the time I found it odd that those walkers would drive that far, just to go hiking. The journey took us via Kapunda, where we left one vehicle parked in the carpark of the Assemblies of God Church, right under the sign: Jesus Christ is Lord.

Just now, during research, I found out that Worlds End has a postcode. Don't worry, I'm not going to predict the date of the end of the world by it. I just found the similarity in the numbers amusing - 531 and the postcode 5831.

Another locality we passed on the way, according to my diary, was Tothill.

That's interesting. In the next chapter, God willing I tell the story, which started with the name Tod (German for death).


One final link to Worlds End concluded this most unusual day four years ago. In the evening I attended a regular bible study group I had been attending for a few months. The preacher's name was Jim. His theme that evening: The Second Coming of Christ.

 I can't recall, but a yarn that I had been hiking to Worlds End that day would have caused a some smiles, or a few raised eyebrows.

So why the story about the Worlds End now?

Before I come to the ER twist, wind the clock back fifty years. As an 8-year old boy, back in Germany, I was taking in a song being played on the radio. My Godfather sang it often in jest.

(A Godfather is a man present at the christening of a baby who promises to help raise the child in a Christian manner. If my Godfather promised anything I do not know. He was a heavy drinker, who had a negative influence on my early childhood).

 The lyrics of the song went as follows:

Am 30. Mai ist der Weltuntergang. Wir leben nicht mehr lang, wir leben nicht mehr lang ...

Translated: On the 30th of May the world is going to end, we won't live much longer then, we won't live much longer then ...

Note the word: Weltuntergang (World's end).


My Godfather sang another song whose lyrics were even worse blasphemy, making fun of Jesus. Even at this young age did I not feel comfortable with such lyrics. I was going to Sunday School and had learned to love God, fear HIM in a respectful way. I knew to mock HIM was wrong.

As a child for many years afterwards, every year toward the end of May, in the back of my mind I asked this question: "What if God was taking those mockers literally and end the world on 30.5....?


Fifty years later, God is not mocked friends,  God chose the same numbers in that song - 3 & 5 - as the catalyst for this, my weird numbers story.

Amazing, unbelievable! Yet, perfectly so. The evidence is all written down among the pages of these books.


But there's more. Coming back to the German Magazine Der Spiegel. In the other edition (Nr. 45 / 6.11.06, see photo last chapter) two letters on the front page stood out:


 Can you see the code ER?

The warning triangle blocks out the letters ER in DER SPIEGEL.

 ACHTUNG, WELTUNTERGANG (Caution, world's end).

Subtitle: Wie gefeahrlich ist die globale Erwaermung wirklich? (How dangerous is global warming really?)

This issue (No. 45) cost Euro 3.40. Re-arrange these digits - 30.5 ... 44.


One question on global warming: The experts tell us that the burning of coal, the emissions from vehicle exhausts etc etc. is causing the current world-wide droughts. If this is so, what then caused droughts thousands of years ago, when the world population was far lower, when the globe was not yet industrialized?

Friends, ultimately God is in control of our earth. God knows each individual, HE knows all about us, HE knows what causes the earth to heat up, if indeed this is what is happening.

He also sees the injustice, the oppression, the lies, the murders. He watches each individual, what they do and what their motives are. What HE sees is not good. Should HE keep silent forever?


By chance on the morning of writing my bible opened to Psalm 119. I discovered this gem of a verse, speaking of God's judgement:

"It is time for you to act, O Lord, for they have regarded your law as void".

I could not help feeling stirred, when I noticed it was Verse 126 !

It reminded me of the Tum .. Turmoil,  I witnessed on Floor 1, 26 Flinders Street, Adelaide in June 2006 (during the KRRC*, Book 4, Chapter 15).


*I just played with the letters KRRC - they are No. 11, 18, 3 in the alphabet. 1, 3, 8 - either all or nothing!


What I read in Jeremiah Chapter 3 is plain enough to understand. God was very displeased with HIS people. Through the prophet HE called them to repentance, because God's people did wicked deeds. They were not even ashamed, but boastful and arrogant.

Could the world-wide droughts be caused by a world turning away from God? Is God calling the people of HIS world back to HIM? Is God saying through the drought, through the dying rivers: Turn away from false Gods, who preach and teach hate. Turn back to me, the real God, the God of love!

I want to follow this God, who calls me to love; even love my enemies.

Why do Governments think they can fix the world's problems themselves? They waste billions of Dollars in fancy schemes, on huge projects, in endless talk-fests, when a simple turn-around, from lies to love, from deception to devotion, will bring back God's blessings to such a nation.

God is the answer. HE is IT. The simple teachings of Christ bring healing to a wounded world.

HE is, HE was and will be for eternity.

Why do we have a word expressing eternity? No human brain can get their mind around the concept. To really try and fully understand eternity is a forever endeavour.

Stop and ponder the word - eternity.

Thank God, HE is not into putting fear into people, but hope. The theme scripture on my websites, John 3, 16, has a sequel. The very next verse, which is not often quoted says:

 "For God did not sent HIS son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through HIM might be saved".

God not only gives a global warning - HE offers a global rescuer - Jesus.

- - - - - - -



Two words ending in ER.

Recently I felt strongly guided to a certain place at Tea Tree Plaza Shopping Centre. On a display table was information material for carers of stroke-victims. I picked up a little booklet called 'The Other side of Stroke'.

On page 14 I saw a misprint: "Alter three years I continued ..."

Playing the letter-elimination game, I think I arrived at a possible clue. It's something that all those, who look after a disabled person deserve:  HALO.

- - - - - - -


"Guide me, O thou great Jehovah" brought tears to my eyes when a 300 strong, male-voice choir, which included the Adelaide Liedertafel (ALT), sang  this hymn during the 2002 Saengerfest, Mount Barker (South Australia).

The story is told in the aptly titled, emotion-charged chapter "Why Panic" (Book 1, Chapter 46). Looking back over these past 6 years and 4 months God indeed guided me; over high mountains, down deep valleys, through many battles. Many times I felt like giving up. Each time HE comforted me.


In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.

(Psalm 94, Verse 19)


God indeed is great. Trust HIM to guide you.

I have no doubt God guided me to complete this writing at this time, publishing this Chapter 12 on 2/10. The focus is on HE, meaning ER in German.

Heer is the German word for army. Reading it backwards it becomes a name, a well-known name in the Adelaide Liedertafel, the oldest male-voice Choir in Australia.

One day after publishing this chapter, Mr. Reeh and his 44-member choir will celebrate a milestone in the history of the Adelaide Liedertafel 1858. Congratulation on 150 years.

I shall watch out for the HALO tomorrow ...


Chapter 13