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After publishing the previous chapter I marvelled how the word MAYO fitted perfectly. Mayo = the 5th month plus 0. In the same chapter I saw the Olympic Rings as 50.



11.  Thinking It Through

You have heard of writer's block, where you sit and stare at a blank piece of paper, wondering what to write. I have the opposite problem. As I peruse my current diaries, with its pages of codes, cut-outs, observations and stories, I don't know which would be of interest to others.

As a writer I cannot view my work with the same eye as you, my readers. I trust it is not too tedious getting your mind around my lines, my patterns, my magic links. This book, however, is unfolding in the same way. I write as I perceive the word around me with brutal honesty, no doubt creating the impression in many, as I did in one of my own family, only moments before editing this chapter, that I have a confused mind.

Yes, occasionally I do make a mistake, as I did in the previous chapter. Examining a newspaper article I had written: The ages of the grandchildren (of the elderly lady who was killed by a drunk driver) add to 40. This is incorrect. So 4C and 4X don't make sense. (My apologies).

The correct number (42) makes sense, if it were to link her story to that of the crime-scene only a few streets away in the same suburb. 

The address I mentioned was No. 57 B. The house has 6 windows. Here it is:



Scene of alleged stabbing of ex-bikie gang member.

- - - - - - -


The code is here to stay, numbers, letters, pictures are coming alive, often in perfect timing. It amazes me, almost daily, to realize how far and wide, to the highest levels in the media, my code has climbed.

Two big names appeared on Australian television on 22.8.08. Two megastars had re-united to perform from Las Vegas on the OPRAH Show: Cher and Tina Turner. One of the stars commented she was wearing black fishnet stockings ... (I had seen her perform once in Adelaide - on 16/3/05 - Book 3, Chapter 28).

My diary says about her appearance on Oprah: "Cher sang these lyrics: "Take me home, I want you here".

In my mind I am confused only about one thing - How can a society make such a huge mistake and lock up an innocent man for 25 years. If my brazen writing seems like a war I am fighting, it's against corrupt police and the media, which is not reporting the full truth.

My style of warfare, however, is no way violent, but peaceful. Delivering persuading words is stronger than inflicting penetrating wounds. You can shoot the messenger, but never destroy the message. The message is truth. Truth as solid as a rock, the Rock. I ask HIM every day to please reveal the truth, release the prisoner with your truth.

In July 08 another murder occupied my mind. It was a triple murder in the New South Wales town of Cowra. The last three letters, re-arranged, spell war. The Sun Herald Newspaper has two articles online about this alleged horrific act of violence.

The first article is at: (,,23957208-661,00.html).No name of the writer is given in the first article. All it said: Staff and wires, July 02, 2008 01:15pm.(I see 228, 000, 7 and 511.

Ephesians  5,11 is how I regarded the core of my mission: "Have nothing to do with the works of evil, but rather expose them". This is  the core of my mission, my war.

The article neither mentioned any names of the victims or perpetrator. Other details are very sketchy. What had happened?

On Monday afternoon, June 30, a 31-year-old policewoman returned home. She had picked a bad time. Her 69 year-old father had just killed her 52 year-old mother and her two children, aged 5 and 7. He now turned an axe on her and injured her, inflicting a wound to the head. He then fled.

The second Sun Herald article on the case at


was written by Clementine Cuneo and Paul Anderson. The date and time - July, 02, 2008 12.00 am. I was confused, if 12 am meant it was written before or after the first article, written at 1.15 pm?

Either way, the murdered woman aged 7 years. She has now turned 59 years. Plus the time of the crimes changed to Sunday. (Here are some quotes in italic from Sun Herald's website).

THE father of two children slaughtered in what should have been the safety of their own home has revealed the horror of his loss.

I'm still waiting for somebody to switch the remote and turn the movie off, because that's what it feels like - somebody else's bad movie," the ex-policeman said after the death of his children in a horrific attack in Cowra, NSW, on Sunday. 

Later the two journalists reveal that the devastated man actually had not had much contact with these two children:

A father of two other girls, 10 and 13, the children's father said contact with his younger children had not been as frequent since they moved to Cowra with their mum four years ago.

No word how far away he now lives. But there was more, which wasn't explained.

Police believe that neither child was slain by the axe used to attack their mother and grandmother. So how did the children die?

The story goes on how the grandfather, the alleged murderer was caught:

It was also revealed yesterday that a motel owner instrumental in the suspect's arrest for the murders had been a Victorian detective who once guarded Indian premier Indira Gandhi.

Retired Det Sen-Sgt John Whitehead called police after the suspect booked into his motel at Hay, about 400km southwest of Cowra, several hours after the slayings on Monday.

Mr Whitehead recognised the man's car from a media report and when the first two officers arrived, he enacted a sting.

Armed with a carton of milk, he led the officers to the suspect's room.

"I knocked on his door and said, 'Look, I've got your milk', and he opened the door and the police went in," Mr Whitehead said.

"He had the latch on the door so it would have been hard to get in.

"The old policing came back."

A former head of Fitzroy CIB, he also served as a federal policeman and guarded Mrs Gandhi during the 1981 CHOGM visit.


Note - the slaying is now back to Monday!

The Hay police was not sufficient law enforcement for the retired police officer. Good old police tactics had to come to the rescue,  an additional secret weapon - a carton of milk. (Mr. Whitemilk, sorry Whitehead, may have learned this trick during the time he was guarding Mrs. Ghandi.)

It appears whatever Clementine and Paul tried to tell us, their report confused serious readers very much. I did some googling of my own and found some interesting facts.

The alleged crime took place in a house in Brougham Street, Cowra. Nearby are Darling  and Denham Streets. Not long before this alleged attack, I had written in Chapter 6 about a Darling Street and about Denman Street. Like the retired policeman, these streets are linked to Melbourne. 

In the vicinity of these two streets in Cowra (+D = Coward) is a Clubhouse. I found a few names, associated with the Club, which sounded interesting,

On 2/7/08 commented on my findings in an email to a TV station:


Subject: God knows it all

Hi all,

For a man to wait until age 69 to carry out such a horrific act remains a mystery. Just like the sentence on the SBS website I read: The bodies of the victims remain in the building. No explanation why or for how long?

What puzzles me also is the location - not only Cowra, but Brougham Street. You see, Brougham Street is located right in between Darling and Denman Streets. Both these street names are mentioned in my last chapter of my autobiography. One is in Glen Iris, the other in South Yarra, opposite Fellini's

Oh the wonder of it all !

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer
Ephe 511

PS  The President of the Croquet Club Cowra is Chris, the Secretary's Katrina. Mr. Google knows all. 


Ironically, at the time of writing this, hurricane Ike is wreaking havoc in the Gulf of Mexico, hammering the city of Galveston, Texas. New Orleans, Louisiana, only two weeks earlier survived Gustav. Almost 3 years to the day, many feared a repeat of the Katrina disaster,  which at the time in 05 had flooded the city.

More irony - at this time in my writing (late morning Sun 14/9/08) I went to watched the BBC program Songs of Praise. The first song I listened to: Wonderful Saviour ... you are the way, the truth, the life ... Immediately after Songs of Praise, how amazing timing, the ABC News was read by Katrina Blower... (I had noticed her name before).

- - - - - - -


On a wall in Mann Street, Mount Barker (SA) - Foundation Stone


This stone was laid by JOHN FR ME  SQ.

January 18th 1939.

The building this stone is attached to is a business named Mjoy.

Hey, it came to me, just as I wrote, Mayo minus Mjoy = AJ. 

(Background story previous chapter). 


The Federal bi-election for the Federal seat of Mayo in the Adelaide Hills brought me to Mount Barker in September 08. The marathon Adelaide MP, Mr. Downer (note the name)  who was also Australia's longest serving Foreign Minister until 2007, had held the seat of Mayo for 24 years. Why did I note the name?

On the way to church some weeks ago I discovered two street names. Both streets were next to each other and C-shaped. The location is Salisbury Downs, which makes this tale even more unusual. Here is a map of Salisbury Downs:


Adelaide UBD Street Directory - Map 70.

(Note postcode 5108 - magic 518 stories later in the chapter)

Grid letters shown in blue. Note, the publishers did not include letter 0!

                     N               P               Q

Mayo Cr. and Down Cr. C-shaped off A 13 (Salisbury Highway).

Code: ER (=HE).

The location is Q 7. Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet -  Code: 70/177.

- - - - - -


Typing this number reminded me of an incident, which happened exactly 24 hours before typing this. Saturday September 13 was the warmest day Adelaide in months. For the first time I asked nursing home staff to sit Mrs. H, my elderly German friend, into a wheelchair. We went for a walk in the sunshine, the first she probably had in years.

I wheeled her through the back streets of Enfield to a little reserve, where we sat and enjoyed the sunshine near a children's playground.

Suddenly I noticed Mrs. H had lost one shoe on the way. Since she has no feeling in her leg, plus she can't speak, neither she nor I noticed the missing shoe at first.

We walked back the same way we had come and after a few minutes saw her shoe on the roadway, right outside a small church. I am reporting this, because this church to me had history. The address became famous during Easter 06, when I didn't even know Mrs. H. At the time I was also going for a short walk and was led to this church by the Holy Spirit.

Was there a message, why Mr. H lost the shoe right there, outside No. 71 Branson Ave? I had my camera with me. So I asked Mrs. H. if I could take a photo of her and the shoe on the road. Where would I start explaining why? (Full story in Book 5, Chapter 4 - Title: Enfield Streets A 1).

Picture and more of this amazing incident see Chapter 13 (written on 24/10/08).

- - - - - - -


The day of the bi-election was the best, weatherwise, since winter had officially ended. This made the 50 minute journey into the Adelaide Hills very pleasurable. For a fleeting moment I had been thinking, how enjoyable a hike or bike-ride through the Adelaide Hills would be on such a superb, cloudless morning! At the time I didn't know that I would be hiking and experience magic later that day.

It started driving along Portrush Road, the same road I wrote about in the previous chapter. Nothing interested me on the radio, so I switched it off and entertained myself by singing some songs, just for fun. To make my singing a bit of a challenge, I started the first song with the letter A. My next song had to start with the letter B, followed by one with the letter, you guessed it, C.

After a few minutes I was singing "Great is thy faithfulness", followed by "Have you been to Jesus..."

What came next was kind of weird, not in itself, but the timing. As I sang the third line of this hymnal, I looked across the road and noticed a cyclist pedalling in the opposite direction. Had he been dressed in cycling gear, I may not have noticed him, but was wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt. At the moment I looked at him, I was just singing the third line of my song ...are your garments spotless, are they white as snow ...!

It reminded me when not so long ago (in March 08) I had felt prompted to wear a white shirt to church. The song in church minutes later was: "Would you be whiter, much whiter than snow, there's power in the blood...".


It was as lovely 45 minute drive on that crisp September morning ...


* Unbelievable - it really is:  About five minutes ago I changed to Radio 1323 Cruise. Just after typing the words September morning (at 16.28 - on 15/9/08) I was thinking: Didn't Neil Diamond sing a song by that name?

Within two seconds the announcer on Cruise 1323 said: "This was Neil Diamond singing ..."

I am gob smacked! (Or should I say God smacked?)


My task that day was to set up the sandwich-board and some posters for Family First Candidate Bob Day (note the name), and to hand out 'How-to-vote' cards. The polling booth was right across from a little Anglican Church. It was a perfect day (pardon the pun - but even Neil Diamond's September Morn includes the word day) for the church to hold a jumble sale.

During a coffee break (50 cents) I bought two James Last records. Maybe they were there just for my collection. Each record has 28 songs. The first was a "Hammond a gogo, 28 melodies for dancing and dreaming. The second; Non stop dancing (No. 7) 28 hits for your party.

The other purchase, neither of which broke the budget, was an interesting looking word-game. It was much like scrabble, except the letters on the board are fastened magnetically. At two dollars it was a bargain. By the pictures on the box it was possibly 40 years old, but in as-new condition.



Unpacking the box I noted that those who last played the game left the letters in place:


The day before Father's Day this? DADS HOT - or is it DAD SHOT? Maybe, that's why BIN twice?

- - - - - - -


In the middle of the day I had a four-hour break. It was an ideal opportunity for a cruise through the Adelaide Hills, something we used to do, when the children were younger. I decided to have another look at the foundation stone at Mount Barker, perhaps there was something more, a clue which I had not seen the previous Sunday.

On the way I stopped at Hahndorf. Much magic had happened in Hahndorf in my previous books. Oh, how long ago it all seemed! After a toilet stop next to the German Arms Hotel I saw a blue sign, the name of a Bed & Breakfast House. It sounded very Japanese: Tsuchi No Yado.

I can't recall what I first queried in my brain, the two letters No (number) or the four letters Yado? When I realized this little word was O DAY backwards I had to take a photo. It was after all Mayo Day!


Aha! I think I just cracked another code: According to the Tsuchi No Yado website the name is Japanese and means: Inn of the Earth ...

Rewind the clock 5 years, 5 months and 1 Day - on April 5th 03 I stayed in a Motel called: Days Inn! (Book 1, Chapter 66).


For some reason I didn't drive straight to Mount Barker. I followed the road to Littlehampton, the place my bicycle had taken me, almost 5 months previous. It was a great feeling, this walk down memory lane on a sunny day, plenty of time, no pressing appointments; my kind of relaxation.

There was no polling booth at Littlehampton, so I drove on, until I saw a large sign: Bald Hills Road. I had never been on that road, so I turned right and followed this lovely rural road flanked by green, rolling hills. In moments like these I always promise myself that one day I shall return this way to enjoy this road on a bicycle.

To my right suddenly was a blue sign P, a car park. Bordering it was an inviting looking lake. As if on auto-pilot my finger pressed the right indicator. Why not a lovely walk in the sunshine around this gem of nature?



Right: Outside the Mylor Polling Place, handing out how-to-vote cards for Family First Candidate Bob Day.

Left: Was I guided once again by my unseen friend? The vehicle on the left ..YU 500 was parked in the same small carpark by the lake I had discovered on Bald Hills Road. The vehicle was sign-written. It belonged to the 'Test ... Company'.

Only the day before I had seen another vehicle by the same company at the place, where I do my voluntary work.


Ready for just such an occasion I had packed some lunch and a book to read. But first I decided to walk right around the lake. Surprisingly, there were only a handful of people, who also made use of the fine weather.

My first observation, still in the carpark, made me think: Was  I led to this place, was I meant to be right here, right now? What puzzled me was a T-shirt, worn by a teenager not older than 14 or 15 years. Why would somebody of her age wear a piece of clothing from a pop group, which was in the charts 25 years ago - Led  ??? Zeppelin.

A few minutes later, a few hundred metres into my walk, a small family came walking from the opposite direction. Their young son, only about 4 years old, was riding a toy cycle. The number on the front was huge in more ways than one - 316.


Believe it or not - On the day of writing - 15/9/08 - I was driving a small bus with mentally disabled people - as part of my volunteer work. I had done this for some months now, once a week. This morning I decided to stop for morning tea at a new location, at a shopping centre on Gorge Road, Athelstone.

As I entered the Mall to purchase the food and drink for the group I saw a van parked, right there; registration number ...(Coded, but very plain - You Mister 316 !)

Later during the same trip, a rego plate (coded) -  De Good (500 good?)

More came while writing this (the details are not even in my diary yet): Another fitting registration plate today - MR 50 (it was a Porsche).


Sitting on a bench seat, reading a book is something I had not done in years. How enjoyable it was! The tranquil lake was not very far from Mount Barker. After a few minutes drive I parked the car in Mann (note the name) Street. I took another look at the foundation stone (shown above). It was still there without the letters a / E.

I took a closer look at the church sign opposite. It was a Uniting Church called the DUNN Memorial Church - Mann / Dunn.


This made perfect sense. The founders of this church chose the location in Mann Street (German for man) to remember what THE MAN on the cross had done. Since they probably were Germans, who didn't know to spell it any bedder (sic) they called it: Mann Dunn Memorial Church.

Local historians probably will tell you the church was named after an early settler, John Dunn, who arrived in 1840 with 4 children, and who accomplished much good for the church, who in 1844 built a flour mill in Mount Barker, which then expanded all over South Australia to become the largest flour mill company in the colony. (But remember, local historians thrive on stories like that).


Just around the corner, at another church, was a polling place. Not knowing what to expect I parked my vehicle and walked over to find the man with the white hat. He was also handing out 'how-to-vote' cards. I knew the gentleman from years ago. He had been a member of the Liberal Party. His Da Ninci name had me fascinated - Bob DNA & ALL (plus R). 

But another Da Ninci name, that of a co-leader in the church youth group, almost 20 years earlier, stuck me even more that day. He was on duty at another, very busy polling place in Mount Barker. Only two days earlier our paths had crossed in the city of Adelaide. It was totally unplanned that I recognized this man, a tradesman, while he was at work beside a city street.

Later, as I recalled our rare encounter, his Da Ninci name blew me over: (In code): O see the cross & body. His first name pointed in the same direction - JIM.

Leaving Mount Barker I still had over an hour before I was expected back at Mylor. There was enough time to make a dash down to Strathalbyn, further south on the Angas River. I started wondering, who I would meet next at a polling place. I had never been on the road between Mount Barker - Macclesfield - Strathalbyn.

As a city slicker, who grew up in a crowded city, who had always lived in an urban environment, I always appreciated lush green meadows with grazing black and white cows and a country road, winding it's way between towering gum trees. I vowed to do this road by bicycle, one day.

The polling place at Macclesfield was right on the main road. To my surprise another familiar face greeted me as I got out of my car to say hello. The gentleman, who was handing out how-to-vote cards at Macclesfield, also carried a real Da Ninci name - Paul D&N mad.

This may sound mad, I know, but the fact remains that P / L and D / N were two letter combinations, which had triggered my brain and since mushroomed into the giant it has become. Friends that's just how it was and still is.

The Liberal Candidate Mr. Briggs claimed victory in the Mayo Bi-election the same night. It took a few days, however, for a second, Green candidate Lynton Vonow, to concede defeat.


(Rumour has it, or did I just start it, now? Lynton liked his surname so much, he began to read it backwards from the age 0 5.)


Mayo had been a Liberal seat for 24 years. That they would retain the seat was expected. Family First candidate Bob Day commented on the News the next day that he had increased the Family First vote by 11 percent.

Australia needs a conservative party, one who does not compromise on solid, moral values. Family First fills this void. 

- - - - - - -


Following the previous chapter's discovery in the German Magazine Der Spiegel there was more. I came across a few German language magazines, which were available for the taking. I took them home and, you guessed it, found things, that didn't add up. Or should I say - they did add up, because they fitted into my code. Judge for yourself, if my active mind could make all this up?


Der Spiegel 6.11.06, Page 66.

                                                    Photo: Frankfurter Allgemeine

On the left: Marathon Mann, Mr. Neuling, Aubis Chief.

Marathon Mann hardly needs translating. Neuling is the word used for 'new comer'. Aubis is his company which was allegedly involved in a shonky Real Estate deal, loosing hundreds of millions of Euros.

What do I see:

re al - F

as ...

 ...the last two letters of adidas, hidden behind the knee of the lady runner, who is looking at her watch. 

 According to the article the Marathon Mann's full number has an additional 4. It is hidden by the elbow of the runner with the DANMARK shirt.

The fact that Mr. Neuling was into re-al estate makes complete sense. The letters re-al, emerged in a magic way at Christmas 06: Real Estate First National (Book 5, Ch. 27).

Is this a prophetic picture? The date of this edition DER SPIEGEL was exactly 7 weeks before I took the photo at Port Adelaide, where RE AL emerged.

How weird, I just saw it: In the previous chapter is a photo, where all that showed was adid... - In above photo I saw ... as!

Could God show himself in such an ordinary, down to earth way - a brand of running shoes?

- - - - - - -


Among the free magazines I took home was a publication called Afrika-Kurier, the February/March 08 magazine for German-speaking migrants in SA. SA in this case stands not for South Australia, but South Africa. Even in a magazine from this part of the globe did I discover things - strange things.

Under the heading: Woher kommt eigentlich der Ausdruck (translated: where does this expression come from) the Afrika-Kurier on page 13 explains the origin of  Nullachtfuenfzehn (the number 0815). In German it's used when talking about something very common, un-original.

Well, would I have a 0815 story for this magazine? (The tale about tomatoes, see Summary to Oct 05). Those who read it must agree, it's all but un-original. Then again, the editor may already have read this piece in this my blog? The internet makes such connection quite possible.

In other chapters 813 is one of the most mysterious of numbers. 815 is its twin, a code in a code.

Knowing the code so well, I found it quite logic that on page 18, I read a name, which sounded very familiar: Joschka Fischer. The gentleman for 8 years had been Germany's Foreign Minister. Since retiring from German politics he had moved to Prineton (sic) in the USA.


At this point I took a break in my writing and pedalled for a few minutes on my exercise bike. As if it was scripted - the odometer turned over to 1581 kilometers.

I took a closer look at this old piece of equipment, which I had bought at a garage sale for $ 5 some months earlier. The make reads - Akawa EB130.

E is the 5th letter of the alphabet - Weird? Yes. True? yes!


Mr. Google informed me that Mr. Fischer came from Gerabronn (so far so G.era good). He not only shared my surname, but most likely my dialect, since Gerabronn is in Wuerttemberg. In fact, in my youth, when I first was challenged with the Gospel of Jesus, and gladly accepted this liberating message, it was during a boy's camp in that very district, about an hour's drive north-east of Stuttgart.

Having noticed the missing c (in Prineton) I started to look at this magazine more closely. As expected, there was another code to be discovered on page 15.


Stop Press: As I was writing about what I had discovered, I discovered more (read on):


Astronomy Update: Dr. Barbara Cunow, Unisa.







Text: What does a Comet do, when one is tired of moving around the sun and, for lack of glow, is no longer visible by stargazers on earth? One starts thinking. On October 24th 2007 a small comet named Holmes, who until then peacefully had circled the earth, started thinking. He exploded.


My earlier discovery was the name Dr. Cunow. Reading backwards (I could again start a rumour) the doctor's name also starts with won. I saw the name as a short sentence:  DR C you won!

The letters beside Dr. Curnow, Unisa, triggered a bolt of lightning inside my brain. It played a little game of scrabble and came up with - Usain. Usain Bolt was the name of the Jamaican sprinter, the fastest runner on earth, who had won 3 gold medals at the Olympics in Peking only two weeks earlier.

As mentioned, I emailed the editors of the Afrika-Kurier, the German language magazine, pointing out the spelling error in Prineton. In the PS I drew attention to the 0815 code, and how it would have better fitted onto page 15 (the last words on the page would have read: Feb/ March 2008 - 15)

Later that night I was reading my Daily Bread for that day, September 12th 08. Once again, as if a script had been written in advance, the numbers matched up. The bible reading was 1. Timothy 5:8.  The headline was LIFEWORK.

Whichever way you chose to interpret what I see, more magic or madness followed. Under my email signature (shown below) I included a few numbers and wondered, if anybody would know what they meant.

Just to clear up any misunderstanding let me try and explain. The clue is in church windows:

Viele Gruesse aus Adelaide, Sued Australien
Dieter Fischer / 9


Afrika Kurier Feb/March 08 - Page 13

Church towers, on the same page as the 0815 story.

I counted windows, starting from the top - left: 5, 3, 1, 2, 3.

The church tower on the right shows 9 windows. Only after scanning on the day of publishing this, did I notice a 1. 4. 4 pattern, the magic number associated with another church - Zion at Angaston, SA (South Australia)

Above churches are in Centocow KwaZulu-Natal. The first church, on the right, was built in 1892. The foundation stone for the new, bigger church on the left, was laid on 24th October 1910. (Holmes comet exploded that day 97 years later - see above).


On the same page of the bible reading booklet, Our Daily Bread, a section on the bottom was headed: Thinking It Through.

Each daily reading in Our Daily Bread has a section at the bottom, written in italic. The one on September 12th had the additional words - Thinking It Through.

Only one other reading in the 3-monthly publication has those 3 words (Thinking it through): November 6th, written by Philip Yancey. I was thinking it all through.

Alert readers will recognize the date Nov. 6th ....

Aha - I just thought something through - write 9 I I on a piece of paper and turn it upside down - voila:  I I 6.


Thinking It Through:

Text: Paul says we are to help those who "are really widows" (1. Tim. 5:3-5). What does he mean by this? (vv. 9-10). Who should help before the church does? (v.16). (End Text)


Now, start counting the widows, sorry windows, again - 5, 3, 1, 2, 3 (add), next 9 then ... 

Yes, yes, yes .... I can hardly believe it myself ...  I just completed the circle. 116 completes IT. WOW - AMAZING!

I really thought I was up the creek earlier, but this can't be all co-incidence!


This writing really has become my Life's work.


Chapter 12