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After publishing the previous chapter I marvelled how the number 7 fitted perfectly into the Wonder No. 23 / 273. The previous Chapter is the 273rd chapter of my auto-biography overall.


10.  But God

We had already found a small table in the cosy little German Cafe-Restaurant and were studying the menu to order lunch. The meals on offer were just what we expected. But grandma decided it was a little noisy. Her hearing aid was playing up. My wife suggested the three of us move and find a different place in this Barossa Valley town. It's called Tanunda, the hub of the Barossa Valley, the popular tourist and wine-growing region, about an hour's drive from Adelaide.

It may have look insulting to the Cafe owners, but I knew it was the right choice. From previous visits I remembered there was another dining facility just a short distance away. The place was much quieter and more spacious. The waiter offered us either table No. 5 or 19. We chose table 5; or should I say I did.

After we were seated I noticed the name of the place was called 'The Clubhouse'. Researching to write this I re-read chapter 17 of Book 4. An amazing horserace had stunned Australia. At the time the number 5* had stunned me. You will also find a photograph of another place of significance in that chapter - another Clubhouse.

It did not greatly surprise me that after our delicious roast meal, a motor car drove by with a personalized registration plate. Slightly changed I read OKOKT 5. How could I ever explain to grandma or her daughter, my wife, that this registration plate meant that for us to choose Table 5 was OK?

But my codes, my world of magic which I saw and wrote about here online, showed no signs of slowing or going away. The opposite seems to be happening. I see things everywhere, near and far, in the media, on the streets, on the airwaves. Thankfully, I was not allowing IT to control me. I am determined to not let it become an obsession. Rather,  I give IT all to HIM in prayer.

The problem was during prayer more links and codes emerged, more adventures to follow in this journey of twists and turns. Therefore what you read here is a fraction of what I see and digest in my diary. Nobody knows, but God.

- - - - - - -


Cover photo: Our Daily Bread - Bible Reading June-Aug 08

A picket fence with a message?

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." (Matt. 5, 8).

I also saw 2:10, not counting flowers.

- - - - - - -


Radio personality Peter G. (Radio 891 ABC Adelaide) on Thursday 3/7/08 had a guest from the Adelaide Magician's Club on his evening show. Magic is a word used often among my pages. I was all ear (note ear) as I listened in. My interest rose even more after the magician boasted that he could read people's mind's over the airwaves.

I didn't write down all details, but from memory his challenge to listeners went something like this: He asked listeners to draw a simple shape on a piece of paper. He gave two examples, a square or a rectangle. He then asked listeners to draw another shape around it.

He guessed that most people had drawn a triangle with a circle around it.

The trick, I think, is this. Having suggested two very basic shapes, there was only a limited number left, the triangle and circle. 

Something deep inside stirred my mind. What was it about these two shapes, a triangle and circle? What was so peculiar about these?

Aha, it came promptly. It had been less than a month that I had written and published the joke about the Vicar of Dibley (shaped: round) and her sermon on the Trinity (shaped: triangle, see Chapter 6).

In the email to Mr. Magic, who was easily located, thanks to Mr. Google, I took the opportunity to asked the magician about those peculiar synchronicities, which happened to me regularly, straight out of the box, as it were. 

I emailed the Adelaide Magicians Club on 3/7/08:


Hi Mr. Magic,

I used to work with a chap, Mr. Day. He used the word magic a lot. Lately, I have too.

After you gave the answer did I see something interesting, perhaps even magic? The answer, circle and tri-angle could represent the Vicar of Dibley (all-round) and her sermon about the Trinity (tri-angle). 

Oh, what a co-incidence! Her husband , on today's front page Advertiser, was (and probably still is as I type) performing in Adelaide during your interview on 891!
Would you regard the following as magic? Driving along Magill Road today I was talking to a lady regarding baptism in church. She had a niece, who wanted to be baptised in a church in Elizabeth. The same moment we were talking I spotted on the side of the road the wife of the Pastor of our Baptist Church! Her name is Elizabeth?
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
Ephe 511  
PS  For years I have been plagued by the question - when does co-incident end and magic (a supernatural power) start?


Unless I do not receive all my emails, no magic email has as yet arrived from the Magicians Club to answer my questions. Perhaps their President or Secretary-General could wave a magic wand ...?

Aha, wand? In German wand means wall - I know of a wall, which leads to magic. Click PLAY on next to the magic wall. It will lead to more than magic, it will lead to LIFE and the REAL worker of wonders - Jesus.

- - - - - - -


Exhibition at John Harvey Gallery, Salisbury by Artists from Tyndale Christian School.

Let There Be ...

One group of  5 pictures took my attention. The names of the artists:

Mark (Tennis),

Clare (CL.are),

 Timothy (not),

 Amy (Share N iD),

 Tahlia (Hail a T).

The schools motto: God's truth prevails, best rendered by bees.

- - - - - - -

On the day of writing in Adelaide a gentlemen will speak at a large Baptist Church in a  suburb south of Adelaide's. The occasion is the annual LIFE WELL Conference, organised by the Enfield Baptist Church (but not held at their premises).  God willing I shall be there to h.ear the LA-based international speaker.

The LIFE WELL centre at Enfield holds a special memory. In Book 5, Chapter 12 I tell the story how the little word ear, the remains of ALL CLEAR, did not burn.

Last evening as the US gentlemen made a brief appearance at the opening of the conference did IT click. I made the connection from my incredible All C.L.ear story to his surname -  Arterburn - Are(r)tburn.

This morning, the day of Mr. Arterburn's public talk, I experienced again the uncanny phenomena where I wrote a word, which at the same second came out of the TV or radio. At 7.40 am I was writing my diary about last evening's meeting. The gentleman, who directed me to a car parking space at the venue is called Steve. As I was writing the name Steve, the same second, on Channel Nine TV, the presenter was saying: "We received an email from Steve..."

I wanted to tell someone, so sent the TV breakfast show the following email:

Date: 29/8/08

Hi all,

No, this email is not about driving or religion, it's about co-incidences. As I was writing my diary this morning, at 7.40 am Adelaide time, Karl said: "We received an email from Steve ..."

At the same second Karl spoke the word Steve I was writing it in my diary; not a second before or after.

You see, I decoded a name - Arterburn. US preacher/educator Steve Arterburn is speaking in Adelaide tonight (Edwardstown Baptist Church) during the Life Well Conference.


At the Life Well Centre, a few years ago now, I attended a session where we had to write down our worries and burn them. My piece of paper didn't quite burn - the letters 'ear' remained unburned. Ar(e)ter.burn. Weird code, but all as true as Karl's pink tie and pink striped socks.

Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
PS 24 - (228+4C+202)
PS  Your colleagues at Channel Nine News gave away tickets to Football yesterday. But you had to be at 8.30 at 202 Tynte Street. Made sense - the game is tomorrow - 30.8. (Flat tyre on bike - no tickets!)


Please note that the day of writing is Aug. 30th (8.30). The male presenter Karl did wear a pink tie and at one point showed off his matching pink socks during a little dance.

The comments in the PS refer to free tickets for a football match played at Hindmarsh Stadium on the day of writing - the date 30.8 or 830. (I went and bought my won, sorry own ticket. Adelaide United won 3:0 - on the 30th).

Maybe someone at Channel Nine had read the first few paragraphs of my previous book and saw the code 4C = 400. It all adds up to 830.

PS 24 under my signature stands for Psalm 2, Verse 4 - "... God laughs ...". (How ironic - 15 minutes ago I placed an order for a CD online - the subject: Laughter).


The numbers under my signature really ought to add another 1. Not only because PL 1 (won) but 831 has multiple meanings, from Crimestoppers' phone number 1800 333 ... to 1. John 3, 8: "For this purpose the Son of God was manifested , that he might destroy the works of the devil".

(The verse is on page 315 of the bible I am using at present - 1979 Rex Humbard Prophecy Bible - Rex Humbard Foundation, Akron Ohio - even the postcode fits in here - 44331, just put 4 and 4 together.)

How ironic again: 10 minutes ago I touched base with a salesman, who sells (4 WD) 4 X 4 vehicles. Their address is ... 1097, which I drove past last evening, on the way home after hearing Mr. Arterburn's talk. His one-sentence summary has been the one thing, which helped me cope with all the turmoil, which almost crushed me 10 years ago: "Be totally honest to your inner self."


But there was more; more numbers 513 and more letters e.a.r. Only a day or so earlier reading my emails I happened to spot a link to a website called 'Operation 513'. Curiosity made me check it out. It was a Christian website. Their index page, how ironic only days before Father's Day in Australia, showed white gravestones. One name clearly readable was Charlie Stargell Sr together with a flower arrangement and three letters - DAD.

Next my brain played with names again. One name on this website was Hemelaar. Normally, this would have meant nothing. But earlier that same evening, on the news, a lady with the surname Hamel drew my attention. She had delivered a baby on an airplane. Her surname was familiar. During my world-tour in 2007 I stayed with friends by that surname outside Amsterdam.

Why I did it I don't know. I took Hamel from Hemelaar. Within seconds I arrived at the magic three letters - ear.

- - - - - - -


Letterbox outside No. 57

Why is the number 7 so much larger than the 5?

The clue is in the street name. Number 7 belongs to a Royal (but not the journalist, read on).

Within an hour of inserting above photo I was driving past the junction with Royal Ave. Out of habit I read the registration plate of the white Toyota, who was just turning out from Royal Ave onto Bridge Road -  ... 057.

Royal Ave had featured some years ago in Book 2, Chapter 52. (I had picked up a box of blue gloves, at this T-junction).

- - - - - - -


This is only the beginning of the number 75 in this chapter. A few weeks later, on the morning of Tuesday 26/8/08, I typed an email to Channel Seven, as I do perhaps twice a month or so, commenting on issues close to my heart. That morning I recalled the photo with the large 7, which I had snapped while cycling by a few weeks before. I promptly attached above letterbox-photo to the email.

Little did I know that within days the number 57 would spring onto the arena to put on a performance. Sorry friends to sound repetitive, but that's how my life had unfolded, in numbers, and is doing so to this day. (The title of my first book 'More in number ...' may have been prophetic?)

That night a murder was reported on the TV News. It had taken place in the same suburb as a hit-run car crash only two days earlier. The only connection I saw at first was the close proximity.

The crash that Sunday, according to news reports, killed an 83 year old lady who was struck by a speeding, intoxicated motorist on Port Rush Road. She was allegedly crossing the road near her home to walk to church.

The hit-run driver, it is alleged, had a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) reading of .199, close to 4 times the legal limit. (C 99? I did).

Hearing about this hit-run crash my mind went back to the Kapunda Road Royal Commission. (How well does Royal fit in here?). I had some input into this Royal Commission - Book 3, Chapter 44). One of my arguments in that case was the fact that a vehicle, travelling at high speed and swerving all over the road at the same time, did not go well together.

The other logical point I expressed before Commissioner James at the time (June 2005) was that if a driver is intoxicated it is unlikely this driver would drive home at high speed. No matter how drunk, underneath they know they are doing something really wrong and drive really slowly. This fact often draws attention to police and these potential death drivers are caught.

The Royal Commission at the time, to the best of my knowledge, did not investigate in this direction. A police expert may have statistics at what speed police catches drunk drivers?

While researching the death of the elderly church goer that Sunday morning I read other facts, which raised questions. According to Adelaide Now (the online version of the Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper) the dead woman's name was Nadia Udina. Don't both names look a little like ndie?) She was a very intelligent women, according to the newspaper online. She spoke many languages, including Latin. (Nobody in the world speaks Latin).

It also did not make sense that, according to Adelaide Now, police measured skid marks 75 metres long ...( Aha, another 7/5 connection here ...).

How is it that for 75 metres the driver locked his brakes (skid marks), yet the unfortunate church-goer was still hit hard. So hard she was thrown 30 meters through the air. In my amateur estimation I could not imagine that there was still enough impact for the old lady to be thrown this far, not on Portrush Road.

Weird name, but nobody is in that much of a rush to the port. The suburb's name is Payneham South. Mrs. Udina's pain was near home.

Another online report gave the police spokesman's name as Fairney, that of  the hit-run death vehicle as Ford Fairlane. I put the two together, eliminating letters and arrived at the question: Y LA - in a rush? LA maybe, but part in a rush?

Further reported facts in this matter (from Adelaide Now online):

"She also beat breast cancer when she was 35, after the doctors told her she had a 25 per cent chance of survival.

"She said to the doctor: `I'm not worried about me but my husband is a bit of a ditherer and I'm not sure how he would survive without me, so I have to pull through'. And she did."

Ms Udina was also adored by her three grandchildren: Hannah, 16, Michaela, 14, and James, 12.


The age of the grandchildren adds to 40*, not 4C, but 4X. Aged 35 she had 25 per cent chance of surviving breast cancer. I deducted one one from the other to arrive at 10 or X .

*Correction 13/9/08 - see Chapter 11)


But would a lady of that age, an immigrant from Czechoslovakia, call herself a Ms? We can't ask her, she's dead. Perhaps I follow the trail and ask her partner, Mr. Urdina (sic - Adelaide Now found an extra R somewhere ...

Aha, now I get it! The extra R from the previous chapter, perhaps? (Well timed; today is the First Tuesday)

On editing may I comment: I watched and saw round necklace, saw L name, saw Germaine behaving herself, unlike during her appearance on a show called Q and A 12 days ago! She insulted 4 Billion people on National live-to-air television with this sentence: "I think the Bible and the Koran are both bullshit".

Ms. G. what you think does not matter one iota. But what God thinks!

- - - - - - -


From my diary: Montage of leaflet, Adelaide 36ers Basketball Team.

I WANT TO BE AN ...     ... or A J perhaps?)

- - - - - - -




It is my son's 19th birthday on the day of publishing - here is 1 to it!

Players from this Adelaide basketball team, which I had watched lose a game 111:99, appeared at Tea Tree Plaza to promote the team.

9/19 makes sense. So does the name of the gentleman I bumped into, Mr. Sako ... His basketball-junior was having a ball (pardon the pun) throwing baskets in competition with big Luke.

 - - - - - - -


(Back to Payneham South)

But it was the second incident at Payneham South, the murder the following Tuesday night, which struck a chord. A man, allegedly an ex-member of a bikie gang, was shot dead outside a house on Luhr's Road. Two days later I happened to drive near the place for my voluntary work. It required only a slight detour to drive via Luhrs Road and let my observing eye find the house, which had been shown on the TV News.

On the TV screen, as the two storey-house came into view, I had cracked the code - 24: Two windows downstairs, four windows upstairs. This was one of the reasons to check out the place.

My hunch that something was brewing seemed confirmed, unless we again argue along the line of co-incidence, when I saw the number on the bone coloured letterbox - 57B. (Picture Chapter 11).

Thank God I have a reasonably good memory. Among my 273 chapters so far I knew there was another incident - a drug related murder. It had happened on my 57th birthday - at No. 57 and in the suburb where we live - Para Hills.

Here is an extract of what I wrote on this case from Book 6, Chapter 1:

The door of the trailer had been left open to only read Y HIRE. Hi, why HE?

The murder suspect was her partner, who is understood to be a member of a well-known motorcycle gang.

Bikies and their gangs do a lot of harm in Adelaide. But may I point out to Mr. Rann, our Premier, not all evils in our State can be fobbed off to bikie gangs and their activities.

But the average, non-thinking citizen loves to hear what they want to hear, especially when it comes from the lips of the Premier himself.

That there is possibly corrupt police (and lawyers) working for the bikie gangs and making lots of money assisting them, is not a popular line to win votes with.

The address was 57 Sleep Road. The man shot, at or outside 57B Luhrs Road, was reported to also have had previous connections to a motor-cycle gang.


May I express here another thought on the law and order policy, which the present Government is advocating? Mr. Rann has indicated that an alleged murderer named Bevan Spencer von Einem would not be released after he had served his 34 year jail sentence.

I agree, if the man did what is alleged he did, he is a very bad man. His punishment was 34 years locked in a cell. After this time, even this man should be given a chance of rehabilitation! To use this man, keeping him locked up forever, as a way of winning votes, is not right!

Keeping him locked up, however, achieves another goal. It stops the man from speaking out, what really went on in prison? Did he really obtain women's clothing? Was he really caught writing fantasy stories about a sexual relationship with a boy? Was he really in possession of child pornography and drugs?

All this was reported about him not that long ago. A man who used to work inside Yatala Labour Prison told me plainly: "It's impossible. Nobody in G-Division could obtain women's clothing."

We both agreed, fabricated stories of this nature sell newspapers.

In June 08 von Einem (what a Da Ninci name) was cleared of child pornography charges by a court. Adelaide read the story in their only daily newspaper.

What is the truth? Was von Einem really dressed in women's clothes while writing sexual phantasies with young boys and doing drugs? If they don't release the prisoner after he did his time, we can't ask him.


The third No. 57, how could I have planned this, came later that same Tuesday 26/8/08. After much soul-searching, if I should take part in the political arena, I volunteered to help the Family First candidate in the Mayo bi-election. (The date in a moment).

Long standing Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, Australia's longest serving Foreign Minister, had held this South Australian rural seat of Mayo since 1984. He retired in the middle of 2008. So I decided ...

Aha - the circle is closing. What just came to me all makes sense! Friends, this is not my doing. These are revelations from the Holy Spirit for one purpose - to destroy the works of the evil one.

In Book 5, Chapter 27 a photograph I took on Christmas 06 came out to reveal L - Real. It was the sign of a Real Estate firm. In the same chapter I had earlier played little games with letters etc. Here is what I wrote:

(As I write I remember thinking a few nights ago - SHADY - HAD5 Y, then I see the word DAY ...etc etc...).

Now I am glad I decided to volunteer for this candidate, Mr. Day. Not only the name linked perfectly, so did the location at Mount Barker, where I did duty. It was right outside a Real Estate Office, which belonged to the same chain as that in Chapter 5, First National. Even the names link together Family First - First National. I was assigned to simply hand out 'how to vote cards' outside the small pre-polling booth.

And here is the link to that magic number. The address was house number 57A.

One last clue, a Master's mind was behind all this, right opposite was a business called 'A Tuscan Touch'. During a previous visit to Mount Barker, I had noticed it, deciphered it and written about it in Book 5, Chapter 29.

Can you take in one more piece of pure magic to complete this amazing puzzle:

In the chapter, where I had noticed and written about the Tuscan Touch, I had attended Haendel's Messiah at Cornerstone College auditorium. I had quoted the scripture, which prophesied, years before the event, the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus, the Messiah - Isaiah, 6, 9.

The Mayo bi-election, God willing, is to be held two days after publishing this chapter - on 6.9.

O May God put into out Parliaments mature, passionate people who love HIM, who pray for HIS wisdom, who are totally sold out to the teachings of the Bible. God uses such people to bless whole nations for HIS glory! Go for IT Bob!

- - - - - - -


Tourists in Hobart's Salamanca Place.

Photo: Tasmania Calendar, Steve Parish

The gentlemen is pointing to a window with metal bars across. It's the place where they sell artwork ( 

A day or two after turning the calender from August to September I saw this artwork: No parking? between 6 -10. Speed limit 5 km/h. Tasmanian drivers are very cautious. They wouldn't do more than 3 km/h - following (John) 3, 16* closely.

The way the letters SA (vertical on the blue sign) and LA NE (horizontally) came out made this into a Da Ninci artwork:

 SA LA MAN CA - man sa(w) LA, Ca.

Of course, this makes the lady in black Carol W. Calabash.

One last puzzle: Changing an a to e, creates a word in John 3, Verse 16. (Think outside the square picture).

- - - - - - -

(4/9/08 - 7.01 am, hours before uploading this chapter):

Stop Press! On the day of publishing I woke early. Within minutes of listening to the radio I heard the first part of the segment called 'What the papers say'. Two words on ABC Newsradio jolted my brain - Tasmania and Artwork.

This is what I recall hearing next: A Tasmanian man between 2001 and 2006 embezzled 500 000 Dollars ... (I just googled the article in the Hobart Mercury. All I read was the surname of the journalist - not ARE, not EAR, but RAE ...

  What thoughts does this provoke inside me?

"It could all be one great big co-incidence."

"I'm glad I'm not making any money from my writing, people will suspect a conspiracy (computer scam)."

"As I had suspected long ago, my writing and my photos are accessed well before I make them public. Another word for it is theft. But this may be done legally, since I suspected, even before I started writing this website, that I was on a list of persons of interest."

(In Book 1, Chapter 7 I acted naively. What I did could have been interpreted as trying to blackmail the Minister of Transport. From then on I felt I was being watched.)

- - - - - - -   



At the time of writing Adelaide's Christian community is reeling from a scandal, magnified by the public exposure it received in the Press. (How hypocritical of the press that the scandal of the man, who had his life ruined by false sex allegations was shoved into the back pages! More in a moment).

At least one reporter  in the Advertiser Newspaper tried to use this latest Adelaide scandal to damage the Family First Party. Exactly a week before the Mayo bi-election a double spread article on pages 20/21 by Michael Mcguire carries the headline:

Fame, fortune and * business of religion.


*How ironic, I just see it: There obviously was no room for the word THE. Instead it shows a small picture of HE on Cross, a crucifix.

The Advertiser 30/8/08 Page 20.

Leviticus 27,30-32 speaks about giving tithes to God. I see 272, which leaves 3 0 3, which leads me to Jeremiah 3, Verse 3 - God withheld the rains because of the wickedness of the people.



Just below noig (reli.gion backwards) is the bald head of an Assemblies of God, Pastor G. whom I know well. He was often leading the singing, I played the trumpet, in the church orchestra between 1983 and 1996; every Sunday, almost, mornings and evenings.

The overtone among Mcguire's writing could be summed up like this: Churches and Pastors are in it to make lots of money; all tax free!

The picture of a double story house, Pastor G's residence, featuring a newly landscaped garden, was just the graphic to strengthen the innuendo.

Why is it  we seldom read or hear, at least not to the same extent, how many of those young people rocking in church every Sunday have come out of drugs, crime, sex, alcohol etc. and have turned their lives right around? How much money does this save the community, when even one delinquent, and there hundreds, if not thousands around Australia, finds a new way of life - drug-free, crime-free, following Jesus' example?

- - - - - - -


Recently I discovered an unusual link to Pastor G's church, which I had only visited once or twice. I sat on a table with two German men. Their names were Manfred and Siegfried.

Some time later, while I wrote it in my diary or during prayer, can't remember, I deducted the doubled up letters of Manfred/Siegfried and came up with: i siegman (Sieg is German for victory).

Next I recalled the time when I had attended Pastor G's church, one evening in November 06. I had sat near a gentlemen I recognized from years ago from another church. His (real) surname - Siegman.

- - - - - - -


Pastor D.G. himself was not the catalyst for Mcguire's newspaper article. It was the scandal his son Michael had stirred. A week later it was still big news, which shows how much mileage the media made out of this story. Michael, a successful musician, allegedly having made hundreds of thousands of Dollars selling his music DC's, pretended for two years to be suffering from cancer. In a bombshell announcement he confessed to church authorities, and his totally unsuspecting parents, that he had lived a lie. He was not suffering from cancer at all.

Maguire writes about Michael's father:

"According to ASIC files, Mr. G ... has listed his birthplace as both Adelaide and Montevideo in Uruguay."

Unless he was born in an airplane, which happened recently (see text above pic. 57 above) the article makes the Pastor a liar.

A curious journalist would not have left this discrepancy in the air (if you pardon the pun). Surly, one phone call to Pastor G would have clarified the matter? But then, the Pastor, whose son was caught telling lies looks better, if he also was portrait as a liar.

The very next sentence, however, is scratching the bottom of the barrel, possibly to influence voters on 6/9/08 in the Mayo bi-election. Mcguire writes:

"The Assemblies of God, which has a close association with the Family First political party, is also financially strong, recording 16.1 million in revenue in 2006.

True, the founder of Family First, Mr. Evans who recently retired, was an Assemblies of God Minister. However, none of the present Family First MP's, both in our State Parliament and Senator Fielding in Canberra, have any connection to the Assemblies of God. Bob Day, the candidate running for Mayo, as have the other Members of Parliament from Family First, have a Baptist Church background.

May I suggest to Bob, if he does enter Parliament, put forward a new law to make the tabloid press accountable for what they write. As I see it, the Government's hand's-off approach, self-regulation, allows newspapers far too much freedom. How can an industry regulate itself?  

- - - - - - -


Aug. 1st 08 - outside Parliament House, Adelaide.

In yellow: Nick Xenophon (left) and myself, the writer/crime-fighter. In my books I had called the gentleman Mr. T.

Many call him Mr. X. He was the recipient of the 'Nothing-is-too-hard-for-God basket'.



After a Save-the-Murray rally, outside the steps of Adelaide's Parliament House, the Senator agreed to pose for this photo. I put on him my hat 'In the driver's seat Sandown 2003'.

Yellow was the colour that morning. The only yellow I could find was an old Adidas T-shirt. How magic: all that came out in the photo adid.

Q: Why magic?

A: D in Roman numerals is 500 >>> (2+3)+00.

Almost perfect, except Mr. X is not of Italian, but Greek decent.

(The full story of Sandown 2003, blind people in the driver's seat of motor cars, is in Book 1, Chapter 63)


Australians will hear the name Xenophon a lot in the future. The South Australian Senator's vote may become crucial, if the Green Party and Family First Senator Fielding may want to pass legislation. His could become the casing vote.


Stop Press: At the time of writing 4/9/08 in the 12 noon News this scenario has happened. The Government failed to pass their first major piece of legislation (an increase in the luxury-car tax) in the new Senate. But it was not the above Senator, who opposed it. It was Family First Senator Fielding (of Chapter 5).

This is history-making news, friends. A new political party, barely seven years old, given this much power. None of the founders could have dreamed of such a rapid rise to political power. But God ...  


Channel 9 TV Crew reports on Teacher's Strike in Prospect.

In red: Teachers protesting on Prospect Road, Adelaide.

Jane is not the name of the Laundry. It's the sign outside the Minister of Education's office. Her name is Jane Lomax-Smith.

The Teacher's Union body, called AEU (an AE story later in the chapter) had conducted a series of rolling strikes in August 08.

Shortly after taking this photo I chatted with the striking teacher, wearing the EVER LAST (not James Last*) top. I said to him: "There is more to this strike than just money." He agreed.

As I wrote (the clock on the P/C shows 8.13 - the date is 3/9/08) I saw something - EVER!

If he were a FF politician his slogan could be: James Last for Family First!

- - - - - - -


What letter do you see, besides O !


I see 50 (Five O's), which is 50, the Roman Numeral L.

Read on for more Olympic O magic!


                                         (Picture:, Olivier Morin/AFP)

Five fast men inside 7 white lines.

The man at the centre (Lane 5) is Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt (like bolt of lightning). The fastest man on earth broke the world record, winning gold in the 200 m in 19.3 sec.

But my Olympic moment came in the pole vault. The date was 22.8. Australian athlete Steve Hooker wore shirt No. 1044. He was struggling through the elimination jumps, but beat the Russian favourite Evgeny Lukyanenko.

His next achievement exceeded all expectation. He jumped 5.90 meters and won Australia's first gold Medal in track and field in 40 years.

But there was more, Steve's attempt at the Olympic record. He surprised everyone and brilliantly cleared 5.96 metres.

O, how I love ... postcodes!

- - - - - - -


There was a really weird, very weird, story which took place only two days before writing. It features the two colours red and yellow. It culminated in three emails to the BBC in London, all within 12 hours.

Driving home from a function on Sunday afternoon (31/1/08) I listened to the radio. On the BBC London two gentlemen discussed names. Not specific names, but where did names come from, what do they mean etc. I was hoping one question would come up, one for which I had not found an answer since I wrote about it in my Book 1, Chapter 17:

"Why are the colours green or white or brown used so often as surnames, when red, yellow and blue are virtually non-existent in the Adelaide phonebook?

This question was not at all brought up during the radio program, so I emailed this to the BBC at 7.50 pm that evening:


Hi all,

On the subject of surnames I have long ago asked this question: In the Adelaide phonebook are columns and columns of Brown, White and Green. Why is it there are only 19 Blue and 0 Red and 0 Yellow?

Isn't red as much or more of a colour than green?

Unless it has something to do with our Surf Life Saving Association. The colour-scheme of their flags at the beach is red and yellow. Looks nice under blue Australian skies.

PS  Somehow a white and green flag under a brown sky wouldn't look the same.


I had had a long day. Sundays usually (still) start at 5am with the Hour of Power, broadcast on Channel Ten. Later that evening I had planned to be at a special combined meeting by the Churches of Christ in the Northern Adelaide District. But as much as God can prompt a person's mind to action, HE can also make us forget things. Whoever was at fault I stayed home.

My wife and I were watching a UK TV show Midsummer Murders. Murders there were; and pretty graphic too. But one murder, that of Mr. Lawson, the son-of-law, had me sit up in my seat. It wasn't the name, but the murder weapon, which for a moment made me think, I am seeing things!

I even double checked with Isobel, making sure of the facts. Mr. Lawson was shot with a bow and arrow. The colours of the fledgling (the feathers at the end of the arrow) were red and yellow in colour. This was a clue to help identify the murderer in this episode, titled Blood Wedding.

How weird, I was surprised myself, about an hour and a half earlier I had sent an email (the one above) to the UK, where colours red and yellow played a central role. Immediately, I sent this second email to the BBC.


Hi all again,
One hundred minutes ago I sent to you an email, where I question names - Red and Yellow. Not one is listed in the Adelaide phonebook.
Moments ago my wife and I are watching an episode on our ABC TV of Midsummer murder.
The estate manager, Mr. Lawson, was just shot with a bow and arrow. The arrow fledgeling? Inspector Barnaby noted (so did my wife and I) was red and yellow.
I had no idea when I sent you the email before. Spooky - real life interacts with scripted drama on TV.

PS  Must get back and watch whodunnit.  



It was the rich aristocrat who did it! He first murdered his lover, then a half-brother (Mr. Lawson) who nobody knew about, except the midwife, who had delivered him. She also had to die, because she knew and urged him to claim his part of the estate.

But my third email to the BBC the next morning (1/9/08) had nothing to do with the murders or the colours. It simply had to do with arrows.

Our Pastor that Sunday morning had preached on the Book of Habakkuk. He had suggested we read the whole chapter at home. I did so on Monday morning, even before my prayer time. The little book of Habakkuk had been a major catalyst, which took my life's journey onto this twisted, complex path you are reading about.

To me it all made sense what the third email to the BBC tried to say:


Hi all again,
Not often I email the BBC three times in a short space. Last evening I emailed what I perceived an amazing incident - the colours red/yellow and 100 minutes later I was watching a British Crime Show (Midsummer Murders, the episode was called Blood Wedding) featured a red/yellow arrow.
Well, because our pastor in church yesterday urged us to re-read the biblical book of Habakkuk, his sermon, I did that this morning. In Chapter 3, Verse 11 it says: "The son and the moon stood still in their habitations; at the light of your arrow they went."
Could it be that the word light here could be translated - colour? In many verses of this little book (Verses 1-5 tell how the story of my life started) I see parallels everywhere. Co-incidences have their limits. God doesn't!
PS   Habakkuk Chapter 3, 15 could almost be interpreted as an underwater earthquake, much like happened on 26/12/04. An even better description of a tsunami is in Amos 5,8.   


Habakkuk starts with this introduction in Verse 1: "The burden which the prophet Habakkuk saw." Habakkuk's burden was the same burden God showed me - injustices.

The most recent came on our ABC TV program Stateline on Friday 29.8.08. The case was very similar to that of carer Tom Easling. Here is part of the introduction to the report from the ABC's Stateline website:


"The Ombudsman says the investigation of Mr Burgess was unreasonable and oppressive. Even the department concedes it was unsatisfactory.

But as Simon Royal reports, that only came after a five year battle with a bureaucracy that had accused Steven Burgess of raping an 11-year-old foster child."


The reporter's name smells sweet, but the case he was reporting about stinks to high heaven. Foster carers Stephen and Karen Burgess loved children. Besides raising 8 of their own they had cared for over 200 since 1988. These people, as had Tom Easling, did the Government a huge favour, giving wayward children a loving home.

They should be given all the assistance and thanks possible from the Government. Instead, sloppy, overzealous bureaucrats ruined the Burgess' life. The details of the allegations were never thoroughly checked. Stephen found himself accused of having had sex with an 11-year old girl under their care, and impregnating her.

Had those incompetent officers of the special investigation unit been researching facts, they would have found, the gentleman accused had had a vasectomy two years prior. He could not have made the girl pregnant. But instead of admitting their blunders Government officers are good at covering them up. They kept the Burgess case moving along for five years, before realizing there was a mistake.

During that time Stephen and Karen's marriage ended. The family went through hell. It is scandalous how government fat cats can ruin the lives of innocent men, and get away with it. The case is much like that of Mr. Easling, another gentlemen who served the community, as has Mr. Liddy, and overnight finds himself a villain.

The officers responsible for these stuff-ups should be held accountable and publicly made to explain their action. If it means losing their jobs, so be it. Mr. Easling must be paid compensation for having his life ruined. So should Mr. Burgess. But what price tag do you put on a ruined marriage?

In the Easling case it was reported that those officers from the Special Investigation Unit are immune to prosecution! How outrageous!


While I am on the subject of foster care: On radio recently a lady from the Department 'promoted' their services. In conclusion the reporter asked the lady: "And can anyone, even same sex couples, apply to take in a foster child?" The woman replied: "Absolutely. We welcome anyone to do it". (Or words similar).

Whilst one can not say that gay people are child abusers, I find it totally unfair to a young child to be placed in the care of two men or two women. God has created us male and female. Therefore, both the male and female input is necessary to raise a normal child.

Will we in 20 or 30 years find ourselves with class actions, lawsuits by children who were denied a male role model, simply because females waged a gender-war in the dark ages of 2008? Lawyer would love it!

Where are the Wilberforces of the 21st century?

Same sex couples, who want children, are unreasonable to want to have the cake and eat it. Their chosen lifestyle is one that does not produce children. Elementary, Einstein!

Children produced out of test tubes etc, is a classic case, where scientists thought they came up with a brilliant break-through, yet politicians failed to see the implications or legislated without considering the long term consequences.

Of course, nowhere do we read in the Bible that same sex couples should not be allowed children. This is where our politicians need wisdom and foresight. How far have our lawmakers wandered away from God-ordained basic principles! They traded morals, much of which is simple common sense, for political expediency!

Whatever man sows that he shall also reap! Unfortunately, often those responsible for the damage have gone long ago, while their thoughtless deeds are impacting generations to come.

As I write another debate is on the menu in Adelaide - child care. Placing six week old babies in all day ....

I said it all before. Will we ever wake up and return to normality?


(Back to Habakkuk)

Just as well Habakkuk does not live in Adelaide in the 21st century!

In Chapter 1, Verse 4 he writes: "Therefore the law is powerless and justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous and perverse judgment proceeds.

It started with a wrongly convicted man, a magistrate. His name, Mr. Liddy, was again on the news on 1/9/08. My hunch in the previous chapter was correct. It was he, who I suspected had fresh charges laid against him. This time they date back to 1969. The man was in his mid 20's then.

After I heard it on the midday ABC Radio News I felt like Habakkuk in

Chapter 1, Verse 3: "Why do you show me iniquity and cause me to see trouble?"

In those moments I wonder, why I have ever gotten involved in the case. But I had gone far too deep into it to just drop it. Soon after hearing the latest news, I phoned the prisoner's mother.

The elderly lady didn't know. She loves her son dearly and writes to him every day. She feels powerless. Likewise, her imprisoned son seems to have given up fighting and appears to be taking his fate with an incredible calmness.

I feel like screaming at God:

Habakkuk 1, Verse 2: "O Lord, how long shall I cry and you will not hear? Even cry out to You: "Violence!"  and You will not save us (him)."

But there is Verse 5, the Lord's reply:

"Look among the nations and watch - Be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days, which you would not believe, though it were told you."


That's my story. You find IT hard to believe.

How about this under the heading, Woe to the wicked?

Habakkuk Chapter 2, 5."Indeed, because he transgresses by wine ..."  

Would you believe, when I read this I could not help thinking of the man I traced to Melbourne, the initial accuser of Mr. Liddy, whose mother thinks her son was never actually abused, had been charged with drink driving - transgressed by wine?

Verse 5 continues: "... and he does not stay home ..."

No, he moved from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Verse 5 continues: "... He gathers to himself all nations ..."

Even this passage would make sense, if you knew the gentleman concerned is in top management for an organisation, who gathers people from around the world to Melbourne every year. Hard to grasp, it really is.

Many passages in Habakkuk did I link to my writing. The most marvellous are then names of places, Mount Paran and Teman (Book 4, Chapter 33).


The A/E story alluded to earlier happened on Sunday 31/8/08. Soon after lunch I drove into the Adelaide Hills. As mentioned early in this chapter Family First was launching it's election campaign in the town of Mt. Barker.

On the way up the freeway the numbers on the blue Emergency-call-sign teased my brain - 1800 018 313. Somewhere hidden inside there (1+1=2) was that day's date - only a 3 left over.

But the A/E letters discovery I made, falls under the category 'hard to believe'. I must emphasize I had no part in any planning. I simply write what I notice, how my mind sees IT. What I discovered in Mount Barker that afternoon I linked to the scripture in Habakkuk:

"Chapter 2, Verse 11: "For the stone will cry out from the wall, and the beam from the timbers will answer it."

The beam from the timbers ... sounds to me like that wooden cross, those two large timbers, which became the symbol of Christianity - the cross where HE died.

The stone will cry out from the wall ... After the political speech and a few minutes of chatting with old acquaintances, I needed some exercise. It was a short one, because I wanted to attend another function, where the Attorney-General was guest speaker, and because it was cold.

During my walk, just around the block basically, a business name read Mjoy. On the stone wall on the side of the building, which was located in Mann Street, a stone plague commemorated the laying of the foundations. The inscription read:

This stone was laid by

John Frame, Esq. 18.Jan. 1939.

The two letters a and E had been chiselled out. Was somebody playing tricks, the AE game? -   (14/9/08 - Picture next chapter).

If so, 99 saw it!

John Frame according to Mr. Google was an early farmer of South Australia. He won a gold medal in London for his wheat.

My 99 brain remembered immediately that I had earlier parked my vehicle in the first parking spot available - right behind (I think it was a 4 WD) registration number XEA ...

Habukkuk's BMW registration plate is 15 HBKK. (Check it on the index page - - Press Play!

In Chapter 3, Verse 16, not John, but Habakkuk trembles. He had just seen a trauma, not unlike a tsunami. He is frightened to the bone, wishing he was dead at a time like this.

But God. Two of the most powerful words in the English language. Habakkuk returns to the best place he knows for comfort, to regain strength to keep going.

Hear what he sings in his hymn of faith (Verse 17-19):

"Though the figtree may not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines; though the labour of the olive may fail, and fields yield no food.

Though the flock be cut off from the fold, and there be no herd in the stalls; yet will I rejoice in the Lord. I will joy in the God of my salvation.

The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer's feet."

"And He will make me walk on my high hills."


Chapter 11