Who is it all about ?

My road safety website www.driving-school.com.au/family.asp describes my background in brief. This website, despite bearing my name, is ultimately not about me. Read on who it is all about.

(Please Note: Above mentioned website is no longer in my hands. See link on bottom of homepage).

At present I am writing a book about the incredible circumstances that lead to the creation of my website and the amazing journey since. It started with a few ideas on road safety and my opposition to our government's privatized system of driver licencing. When I realized I was spending too much energy fighting something I could not change, I used my time more productively and wrote my book: "Low-risk driving, a skill for life". The work-book is available free online. It is a must for anyone learning or teaching someone to drive.

The highlight of my huge 'all you can read' website is car crash No. 7 and the strong message at the end. It was uploaded the same hour exactly one year after the Sep. 11th attack on New York. My main mission in life is not road safety, despite the passion I  have in that field. The amazing message of crash 7 says it all.

The story of this website is not about me, but about the person I would like you to meet - Jesus. Many young people only hear this precious name as a curse, when a parent shows anger or it has been included in a Hollywood movie script. How sad!

When did I start asking why?

We all know that co-incidences happen every day. At first what happened to me seemed not very unusual. When it started to escalate about three years ago or so, I tried to explain some of the complex links that my brain produced. Nobody fully understood my amazement of the dozens of 'miracles' that formed my daily life and still do. When the level of stress at work, plus other areas increased to breaking point I found myself in a lock-up ward of a mental hospital.

Once I had crossed the threshold and entered the system of the mental welfare machinery it was a daily battle to break free. (Even you, as you read this, I can read your mind. You are doubting my sanity, just because I once had mental problems). But thanks to my special friend, I found freedom and can now tell this remarkable story to anyone who will listen.

When my book is fully uploaded on this website, it will reveal many extraordinary events in detail. To make some sense of it all I reasoned like this: "God if you know how many hairs I have on my head, then you are interested in all areas of my life. Now look what I see! If this is co-incident, why did I see it? You know how it tortures me?" (May I point out here, that I was not questioning God's will, but rather the methods HE was using. I trusted God that HE knew what was the purpose of all I saw and dreamed of).

The following facts are just a few examples when I started asking - why?

          Five missing

The number five had become a symbol for my struggle for freedom. (In my book I will tell many number-incidences). Three years before I attended a workshop to learn business skills. The year-long program cost me $ 2850.- . My enemies, all of whom I have sincerely forgiven, worked against me to have me leave. It seemed that everyone was working against me. I discovered only just before resigning, that in the list of participants my home phone number was missing. My work number had the digit 5 missing.

No dash - lost cash

The 2000/01 Yellow pages entry by mistake omitted the hyphen in my web address, despite my written confirmation and telephone follow up. One mistake can happen and I did not take the matter further. Months later I found out, that my business partner in Melbourne also had our web address (he shared mine) messed up.

His expensive ad appeared without the .au. (A year's online business down the drain). Chances of this happening must be a million to one. Otherwise the Yellow Pages must be making lots of mistakes.

Same name is the name of the game

Later, in 2002 many positive incidences would occur almost daily that left me simply amazed.  What are the chances that the person that is your greatest asset in business has the same Christian name and surname (except one letter) as the person who did you enormous damage in the past. (I have since forgiven that person).

Perhaps it's the same probability as the male winner of the Boston Marathon having the same name as the female winner. I saw God behind this co-incidental name. More remarkable ones would follow.

What a difference a nd makes

The slogan for my business name is 'Your safety is driving PL us'. The letters PL happen to be the initials of a person in prison. He says he is a Christian and all through his trial pleaded not guilty. Either he should not call himself a Christian and confess what he had done or he is innocent. His name is Peter Liddy. Take the third letter of the five and replace the d with the n. The result reads Lindy.

Those Australians over 30 or so, will well remember the spectacular drama of Lindy Chamberlain. A Dingo had taken her baby from a tent. She was accused of murdering the 10 days old baby. She suffered in jail for 3 years before the evidence of her innocence was found: The jumpsuit the baby had been wearing at the time of the disappearance. 

By co-incident, perhaps, about a week before his sentencing, as I passed  Adelaide's Radio station 5DN I heard a news item about the Liddy case. I parked my car and scribbled a note on the back of my business card to the effect: 'I think Peter Liddy may be innocent'. I handed it to the receptionist to pass it on to the radio host on air at the time.. Much later I would hit me, the letters of the station are D & N. I have heard of numerology, but perhaps I had discovered 'letter-ology' without knowing it?

Call to Life, call for death

On Friday August, 10th  2001 I phoned, The Soapbox Talkback program on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) Radio 5 AN. What prompted me was a discussion about two Australians facing the death sentence in Afghanistan for spreading Christianity. My mind recalled the time I was reprimanded while working for the MCA (not the real name) and given a warning for telling my clients about God.

I made the point to the radio host that I got into trouble for talking about God right here in Australia. He sided with my employer however, saying that in a professional capacity talking religion was inappropriate. Off air I told the program producer that one of my teenage clients committed suicide and how I had regretted not having had the opportunity of telling Joel, the deceased teenager's real name, about God.

In the midday news an hour later, the headline news was:  'Euthanasia Campaigner Dr. Phillip Nitschke advocates voluntary Euthanasia to be made available to teenagers'. I could hardly believe it: An hour earlier I had been talked down for telling my students that there is hope and to trust ones life to God. And here is this doctor saying the exact opposite Ė that if there is no hope for a future life, letís allow kids to choose death.  In my mind I believed the timing was not co-incidental but arranged by my unseen powerful friend.

(On the news recently it was reported Dr. Nitschke built an apparatus for people who wish to die, to do so peacefully! How outrageous for a doctor, whose profession ought to be dedicated to preserving life!)

Why I called myself Bob

Many times since my arrival from Germany have I expressed the thought that I ought to have called myself Bob after landing here. Australians found my name hard to pronounce. Mostly it sounded like Di-ter. During a social outing on 26/5/02 I casually mentioned to the person beside me: 'If you turned Di-ter the other way, it would read ter-di. (There was a time when I was paranoid to the point of thinking I had to die for the cause.) ' To this day I don't know what made me say it, but I was amazed at the timing when I said it: 

The newspaper next reported the death of a man on his motorcycle. His name was Bob, he was exactly my age, had four children like I do, and his name and middle name all had a meaning for me. His death occurred at exactly the hour I was telling my friend about the twisted meaning of my name Dieter. I believed Bob died in my place!

The God-incidences were getting serious .. My book will tell it all !


The events described in this book are true as I understand them. The names of most people involved have been changed to protect their privacy, except where events took place in the public arena, which can be verified by the printed press or media watch. Any similarities between real people or names are co-incidental.


No part of this publication may be copied, reprinted or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the author.    

Please note: This website is not a medium to take revenge on anyone. I hold no grudges toward people, no matter what their role in this saga. The ultimate aim is to show that God's truth prevails. He can use every situation and turn it into something beautiful, something good.

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

Copyright  Dieter Fischer 2002