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Crash of the Month -  Road Safety the Fun Way!

Animations created by Doug and Chris Thompson

Road Safety by Dieter Fischer


   1. View animation by clicking links1-7 below. Roll curser over the text box to enlarge.

   2. The text box will ask a question about Vehicle A. Tick the correct answer.

   3. Repeat for vehicle B. 

   4. Find the correct answer by clicking the   = button.

After crash 7 watch the animation to the end. You will be surprised where the road-map will lead to!

 1.  Wrong approach / right-hand-turn.


 <    FROM THIS .... 


Texting or using the mobile

phone while driving is

becoming a major cause

of car crashes !  NEVER DO!

 2.  Entering traffic fails to give way.
 3.  Blind right turn at traffic lights.
 4.  Right Turn - forgets pedestrians.


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  NOW YOU take the HOT seat ! (3-Danimations)  

5.   Overtaking and safe following distance.
 6.   Indicator Confusion.
 7.  Turning right under pressure.                          

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Disclaimer: Road Safety on this site could vary in your part of the world. We take no responsibility for any accidents. We recommend you take on-road lessons with a professional driving instructor.



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