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The Code


When I survey

 Book One    >    More in number than the sand
You needed me  Book Two    >     ...and of a sound mind 
No one ever cared like Jesus

 Book Three  >     ...but now I'm found

The impossible dream  Book Four    >     Candle and the wind
Why me, Lord  Book Five    >     The whole realm of nature
I'd rather have Jesus  Book Six       >     All in HIS hand
The wonder of it all  Book Seven >     The wonder of it all
I'm forgiven - Amazing Love  Book Eight  >     To think that God loves me
Above all powers  Book Nine   >     The Name above iL
Because HE lives  Book Ten     >       Healing in His Wings
You'll never walk alone

Book Eleven  >    The sound of Hope

Give them all to Jesus Book Twelve  >   All things 4 good
Come to the water Book Thirteen  >  Set free indeed
And I know, yes I know Book Fourteen > Walk on never alone
Written in red Book Fifteen  >  Heed the call
Book Sixteen  >  Live

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How precious also are your thoughts to me, Oh God, how great is the sum of them, if I should count them they would be more in number than the sand! (Ps. 139, 17,18)

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